A dialog.

Haggai the prophet.

Haggai- means festal, which indicate that he could have been born during one of the important Jewish feast.

The book has only two chapters and is one of the shortest books in the bible. Recorded known ministry of Haggai is only tree month, but it could have last longer than that.

He may also have witness the destruction of the temple of Salomon and has therefor been in his 70 years of age.

Background history.

In 538 BC the Babylonian imperia had been conquered by

King Cyrus of Persia, todays Iran. The king issued a degree, which allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. Led by Zerubbabel 50,000 Jews journeyed home and began rebuilding the temple. 

Ezra chapter 3 verse 8 – 10:About two years later the foundation of the temple was finish, and the people celebrated with great rejoicing.

Their success aroused the Samarians and other neighbors who feared the political and religious implication of rebuilding the temple. They therefor manage to oppose the project, until Darius the great became king of Persia.

The message of Haggai where given during a four month period in the second year of king Darius. 

It is a message to a disobedience people, to make them understand the calling, purpose and blessing of God himself, because the temple had to be established before the first coming of Jesus Christ.

In comparison to Gods calling of the Jewish people, then and now, one thing is common, in spite of the big gap of centuries past – there is a lot of resisting from all sides. 

Had the Jewish people understood their calling to return to Israel after the Belford declaration in1917 confirmed 1920 in San Remo, my be the life of many people would have been spared. 

Some settlements of the British and the French, of the Jewish promise land, according to the bible, which is a discussed topic today, would not have been done.   

To days political hotspot is the Middle East. Israel has to protect themselves from all sides. What the opponents should be aware of is by fighting against Israel, they fight the creator himself. 

The day Israel has no one to stand by them, they will be a target for the countries mentioned in the bible, Russia, Iran, Turkey and Libya. Their goal is the spoil, which is oil and gas. Today Israel may have the largest reserve of oil worldwide.

That will be the moment, were their Messiah will return to save them and the world from total destruction. 

Haggai chapter 1 verse 1:The word of the lord came to Haggai to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah and to Joshua the high priest saying: The people are saying, the time has not jet come for the house of the Lord to be rebuild.

From verse 3 onward – we see Haggai doing a dialog between God and the people. He had to persuade the people to continue with rebuilding of the temple.

God had tried in different ways to get the peoples attentions.

From verse 4 onward – he explain through the mouth of Haggai: The time was right for you to dwell in paneled houses, while the house of the Lord remind desolate.

Consider – you have sown much but harvest little, but it has not been enough for food, clothing and your wages where also to little.

Why did they not seek God in time of trouble? Instead of saying: The time has not jet come, for the temple to be rebuilt. They doubted Gods word and started reasoning among themselves. It was the old story over again. 

They did not remember the former time, when God brought them out of Egypt, with great signs and wonder.

As they were about to enter the promise land, they doubted Gods word, because of the giants living in the land, and only two, from may be, a million or more, entered the land with Joshua as the next generation leader.

Possession of Canaan was therefor delayed 40 years. 

The history of the Jewish people, is for the world to learn, how to walk with God, through all situations in life. 

The promises, the people had then, can be claimed for us to day as well, by reading the word and listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. 

1 Corinthians chapter 2 verse 14:The natural man does not accept the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritual conceived.

Verse 15: He who is spiritual conceives all things.

This knowledge is a big chapter – in another chapter it says: We should be in the world but not of the world.

When ever God has something important on the plan, the enemy start resisting, which in turn testifies to, that he is also at work in peoples heart and action.

In the Old Testament time people were obliges to obey the law, they were thereby protected and guided. God always had a prophet around to direct and warn them. 

In the New Testament time all can have the Holy Spirit, because the price for sin was paid for on the cross.

Therefor the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament. 

Chapter 1 verse 7:Haggai, through a dialog with the people, persuaded them to go ahead with the work.  

Verse 8: Go up on the mountain, bring wood and start rebuilding the temple, that I may be pleased and glorified say the Lord. 

Verse 13:Haggai, the messenger of the Lord, spoke by commission of the Lord: I am with you declare the Lord.

Verse 14:The Lord stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel governor of Judah and the spirit of Joshua the high priest,

all the remnant of the people, and they came and worked on the house of the Lord.

God stirred up the heart of the people, because the time was ripe to finish the temple.

Chapter 2 verse 3:The lord is asking the people: Who is left among you, who saw this temple in its former glory, and how do you see it now – does it not seem like nothing in comparison? 

The temple Salomon build, was indeed much more glorious than the one they were building on, but the Lord is looking ahead of time, and through Haggai the prophet, giving insight, as to what lies ahead of time.  

Ezekiel 40 onward- describes the last great glorious temple in the millennium, were Jesus Christ will reign on earth.

It will be the last temple for all ages, because when everything is made new, as we can read in the book of Revelation, God himself will dwell among his people. There will be no need for a temple, because sinners will not be around. As long there are people who are not saved, there will be a reminder of holiness and forgiveness through the cross by Jesus Christ. 

Chapter 2 verse 5:God declare to the people: My spirit is in your midst – do not fear. I will abide in your midst, as I did when you came out of Egypt.

Verse 6:I am going to shake heaven and earth once more.

Verse 7:I will shake all the nations, and they will come with there wealth and I will fill this house with glory declare the Lord of host.  

Verse 8:The silver and gold is mine.  

Verse 9:The later glory of this house will be greater than the former, says the Lord, and in this place I will give peace declare the Lord of host.

The lord speaks about 2 shakings, because he says: I will shake the heaven and earth once more. 

1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 51- is the rapture of the church to heaven – the bride of Christ.

The other one is the second coming of Jesus Christ to the Jews.

The Lord is looking ahead of time, when peace is established on earth during the reign of Jesus Christ.

All nations will bring their wealth to Jerusalem to build the greatest and most glorious temple ever.

Chapter 2 verse 15 onward:  The Lord promise, through Haggai, to bless them from the day they finish the temple, thereby reminding them, that he withhold his blessing before because of their disobedience.

Verse 22:Describes the battle of Armageddon by return of Jesus Christ to take over the earth. 

Verse 23:On that day declares the Lord of host, will I take you Zerubbabel, and I will make you a signet ring, for I have chosen you.

A signet ring represents royalty. Zerubbabel will return with Christ and the saints to reign on earth.

We are destined to be a royal priesthood according to the word of God and to reign forever with the king of kings.