End – Time

End time in the book of Zachariah.

End times – in the book of Zachariah, who was a great encourager for the people in Judea and Israel, after 70 years in excel in the Babylonian Empire. 

Time has become like a melting pot,

and it is also very short.

Do you dare to search for your self,

to discover the mysteries behind the weile

To be alive for the kingdom to come,

because it is for you not only for some.

At the end of the road Christ stands,

with outstretched hands to the promised land

Zachariah was born in Babylonia. He was a priest and a prophet and was among those who returned to Judah as a young boy in 538 BC, under the leadership of Zerubbabel and Joshua – names that occur throughout the book.

Zachariah worried about what was going to happen to the people and the country in the future. He was aware of their tendency to return to the ways of their disobedient fathers.   

He received many keys to unlock events going to take place in the future – keys that were confirmed by other prophets who also received similar keys.

Angels explained the deep visions to Zachariah – they correspond with the book of Revelation.

Zachariah encouraged the people with the magnificent future that God reviled to him. They relate not only to that particular time but also point to the messianic time.

God created time, before he created Adam and Eve destined to live eternal – see Genesis chapter 1. Had Adam and Eve not sinned, surely over 1000 of years somebody else would, which God knew ahead, because he had the plan for redemption ready, when it happen in the garden of Eden.

God is infinite without beginning and end. He is Alfa and Omega and therefor sometimes relate past, present and future, at the same time as in some cases in the book of Zachariah.

God take mankind very seriously – so seriously that he offered his only sinless son on the cross, so that if possible all should be saved for destruction to come. God wanted a family to love and cherish.

Romans chapter 8 verse 1 and 2 – there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death. 

When the law was given to Moses it was conditional with blessings and curses according to how obedient the people as a nation followed God – see Deuteronomy chapter 28.

Leviticus chapter 25 explain instruction about Shemitah, which runs in a circle of 7 years, and was of great importance in ancient time. The people were given over to the Babylonians, as described in the book of Daniel chapter 9 verse 25, for the same reason. They did not observed the Shemita for 490 years, the result they only returned back to Israel after 70 years. One way or another, God did get what he commanded in the law. 

The great tribulation, as described in the prophets, Zachariah and the book of Revelation, is one week  – 7 years. Those last 7 years, before Christ final return to save the earth and its inhabitants, does not come over night without signs world-vide for all to see and hear.

Are there signs of Shemitah manifested in nations world vide today?

Jesus urged us to watch and be ready and not unprepared when the bridegroom arrived – see Matthew chapter 25.  

The American president, and others high ranking politicians, quote after the attach on World Trade Center in the year 2001, from Isaiah chapter 9 verse 10 and 11, without realizing, that it actually was a verse of judgment on a rebellious country in the time of Isaiah.

It was in the media worldwide, 7 years later came the financial crises. Research done show evidence of Gods hand in the nations affairs linked to ancient Shemita over the last 4 decade or more.

If Shemita point towards end-time judgement today, then it also point toward the last great Sabbath, with arrival of Jesus Christ as king.   

We are to take hid to such signs, because there are similarities on how God deal with America today, as he did and have done with Israel.  It could be, that America has a special calling in the millennium to come. If we judge instead of praying for the will of God, we could be judging our self all together. In the end God is the judge, and he want all to be saved by free choice.

There are only 2 nations world-vide who are established on the Word of God, Israel and America. Eventually they also influence the rest of the world.  

Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 – and he will make a firm covenant with many for one week  – 7 years, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering.

Zachariah chapter 1 verse 7 – visions of horses.

The whole world was at – REST – and so it was under the iron hand of the Persian king Darius who decreed that the temple in Jerusalem should be restored. The temple was finish in the 6 year of the kings reign in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Revelation chapter 6 verse 2 – John saw a white horse, and he who sat on it went out to conquer, but already in verse 4 same chapter, comes the red horse who takes away peace from the earth.

The visions of booth, Zachariah and John, conclude that Jerusalem once again in the end-time will become great and prosperous in a time of world vide peace for a short time.

At the same time, great wonders and signs are going to take place among believers. God will pour out of the Holy Spirit as newer before. All the spiritual gift will be at work. Signs will follow with healings and raising of the dead.  Believers will travel by the speed of though to other destinations to be witnesses for the gospels sake. All this did also happen in the first apostle time – see Acts chapter 8 verse 39 -40.The scripture also say – the glory of the later house will be greater than the first.

Possibly – before or during the first tree and half a years of the 7 years, is the rapture going to take place. It will be the last hour for the church.

1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 51, Behold I tell you a mystery, we will not all sleep, but we will be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet, for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.  

 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 vers 7-8:  For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. Then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of his mouth and bring to an end  by the apperiance of his coming.  

Isaiah chapter 26 verse 20: Come my people enter into your rooms  and close your doors behind you, hide for a little while until indgnation runs its course.

There are different interpretaion of those scripture. The conditions on earth in the endtime will be so terible that the Lord will choose to take believers out of the situation.

The beginning of the last 7 years starts with peace on the whole earth. Antichrist will go out conquering and for a short time manage to establish global unity, which he after tree and half a year will violate.

Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 – and he will make a firm covenant with

many for one week, but he will, in the middle of the week, put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering.

On the wings of abomination will come one who makes desolate, until a complete destruction, as decreed, is pored out on the one who makes desolate.

Referring to antichrist, who, originally was created as Lucifer, who, after disobedience was found in him became satan. He is in the end-time referred to as antichrist, which means, he posses a person to  become antichrist – see Revelation chapter 13.

We can speculate about who he is, Jew or gentile. We do not know, but there is a prophesy of old from Genesis chapter 49 verse 17 – Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a hornet snake in the path, that bite the horses heels, so that the rider falls backward.

If he comes from the tribe of Dan, then he will be a Jew. 

Matthew chapter 16 verse 6: Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Jesus word of warning, often evil has come from the midst of the people themself.

Even the Jews will follow him in the beginning, he might also be the one to install temple service in Jerusalem.

John chapter 5 verse 43 – I have come in my Fathers name and you did not receive me, if another come in his own name, him you will receive.

It is obvious that the Jews newer will follow a non Jew, therefor it could very well be that antichrist turns out to be a Jew.

Judas who betrayed Jesus was also a Jew.

Zachariah was gifted with visions, which God had given him to encourage the people with. They are futuristic as well as pointing to the present time. Zachariah received 8 visions, one after another.

 1 Vision –  chapter 1, the white horse is already mentioned.

2. Vision – chapter 1 verse 18 – 21, the horns and carpenters, representing Gods destroyer of those nations that had come against Judah and Israel at that present time.

Also pointing to end-times world power, coming against Israel, at a time when Jesus Christ will appear in the sky.

See Psalm 83 – destruction is foretold of the naboring countries – verse 5 and 6 – they have conspires together with one mind, against you they make a covenant. Referring to Israel. Verse 4 – come let us wipe them out as a nation.

Revelation chapter 11 verse 15, the kingdom of the earth has become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. He will reign forever. Who can fight against an eternal God.

3. Vision – chapter 2, the measuring line. Gods call to his people to return from the Babylonian imperial in the time of Zachariah.

The vision also relate to the day, when many nations out of all languages of the earth, shall come to the God of the Jews. Jerusalem will be so prosperous and secure, that it will overflow its walls, for God himself will be a wall of fire around her.

4. Vision – chapter 3, vision of Joshua the high priest clothed with filthy garments. Angels removed the filthy garment, and clothed him with clean garments.

It symbolize, the sinfulness of the people, meaning that their sins are forgiven, and they are accepted of God because of Jesus Christ, symbolized as Joshua since they did not knew Christ then.

It is also a picture of the future time when the sins of the Jews will be removed in one day, pointing to the coming branch Jesus Christ from the house of David.

5. Vision – chapter 4 verse 9, a stone with 7 eyes engraved, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day, declares the Lord. Pointing to the crucifixion of Christ, and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.

When the Jews see their Messiah coming in the sky then they will cry for him whom they rejected, and a country will be born in one day.

Revelation chapter 5 verse 6. I saw between the throne, with the 4 living creatures, and the elders, a lamb standing, as if slain, having 7 horns and 7 eyes, which are the 7 spirits of God sent out into all the earth. 

6. Vision – chapter 4, the golden lamp-stand and the 2 olive trees.

What is said is meant for Zerubbabel and Joshua. It was an exhortation to take courage in the days of small beginning.

Verse 6 – not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord.

Verse 7 – O great mountain before Zerubbabel you will become plain.

The 2 olive trees, represent Zerubbabel and Joshua, but

Revelation chapter 11 verse 2 – 2, the vision also refers to the future Branch and the church.

The lamp-stand represent the church and the 2  olive-trees the 2 witnesses.  

The 2 witnesses in the end-time could be Enoch and Elisha, because they where the only 2 taken up alive saved for a special task of immense importance to perform in the end of time.

Moses and John the Baptist died. God commanded Moses to go up on the mountain and die. His body was newer found, Jude verse 9 – the archangel Michael disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, but he did not dare to pronounce judgment against him but said: The Lord rebuke you. Moses could have been resurrected bodily after he died. We do not know.

Revelation chapter 7 verse 4 – 144000 of the Jews 12000 from each tribe will have been called to evangelize world-vide, when the 2 witnesses appear in the last 3 and half a year. It is going to be the dispensation time for the Jews, because they miss it, when Christ came the first time.

Revelation chapter 7 verse 14 – this are the ones who comes out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes in the blood of the lamb, referring to the people in white standing before the throne of God. There will be many martyrs in the end time due to the wrath of antichrist, because he himself will demand to be worshipped.

See Revelation chapter 13 verse 8 – all who dwell on earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life – the lamb who has been slain. 

Revelation chapter 11 – is a very interesting chapter.

Verse 1 and 2 – confirm that the temple has been restored, and that the nations of the world will visit it for 42 month which is 3 and half a year.

Verse 3 – the 2 witnesses will be witnessing during that  time with unlimeted power if anyone comes against them.   

When we compare Revelation chapter 13 verse 5

and Daniel chapter 9 verse 27  – then conclusion must be, that until the last 3 and half a year of the 7 years, antichrist will be on his plan conquering the world, he is symbolized as riding on the white horse.

When the 2 witnesses appear the situation change.

Antichrist demonic attitude is clearly seen in

Revelation chapter 13 verse 7 and 8 – he start to make war with the saints, and demand that he himself is worshipped. This in turn will release catastrophic conditions on the earth.

It will be the great tribulation. A time of so great distress as newer before, and there will newer be anything like it again.

The the trumpets the seals and the bowls of wrath and the plagues are described in the book of Revelation.

We must remember that Zachariah in his time, was to encourage the people and not to terrify them.

The 2 witnesses will witness for 1260 days, which is 3 and half a year. They are granted unlimited power during that time.

They can kill with fire – turn water into blood – shut the sky for rain and strike the earth with all sort of plague.

God will stand against all evil of the world, for 3 and half a year, with just 2 persons. Those who know the written word should recognize the timing, a lot does not according to scripture, therefor the church is already in heaven.

The 2 witnesses will thereafter be killed, and their dead bodies will lay in the streets for 3 and half a day. Life will enter their dead bodies after those days, and they will ascend up to heaven in a cloud, as their enemies watch them.

See Revelation Chapter 11 verse 11 and verse 13 – in that hour there was a great earthquake in Jerusalem, and 7000 people where killed. The rest where terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.

It is going to be a grand spectacle for people to watch in the media.

One could imagine this to be a movie – fact is it is going to be reality.

No wonder that God said to Zerubbabel more than 2500 years ago chapter 4 verse 6- what are you O great mountain before Zerubbabel. God knew what was going to happen in the end time.

7. vision –  chapter 5, the flying scroll.

Verse 3 – this is the curse going fort over the whole land.

Verse 4. It will enter the house of the thief and the one who swears falsely – it goes on to say it will stay in that house and consume it with its timber and stone.

Plainly said – the hour of judgment has come, that house or person will fall apart.

Wickedness is pictured as a woman in an ephor a kind of a basket. She is carried to the land of Shiner – symbolic Babylonia the land of idolatry.

Revelation chapter 18 describes what will happen to her, and those who committed adultery with her. relating evil spirits to be the source, pictured as birds and animals.

Verse 8 – she will be burned up with fire, for the Lord God who judge her is strong.

There are different interpretation about this verse,  it is therefor better to leave it open for the Lord to show us.

Verse 24 – in her was found the blood of prophets and saints and all who have been slain on earth.  

All this should remind us how a holy God looks at sin, and that a day and a time is appointed to make an end to all evil.

Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ and the cross.

Chapter 6 – is about the branch Jesus Christ as king and priest.

Verse 13 – He will build the temple of the Lord, and he will bear the honor and sit and rule on his trone and the counsel of peace will be between the 2 offices.

Ezekiel chapter 40 onward describe the temple to be build in the millenium.

8. Vision chapter 7 – about fasting. For 70 years the people had been fasting in the 4, 5, 7 and 10 month mourning for the destruction of the temple. They where still only existing in there own country by permission of the Persian king.

They where now preparing the 2 temple and therefor question arose as to whether the fast should continued.

Chapter 8 verse 8 to 21 – Zachariah draws a picture of the age to come when fast shall become a joyful feast. The streets shall be full of happy children and old people. All the nations of the earth will be coming to the Jews to learn about their God.

To some degree it is already happening now, and it will be perfected in the millennium under the reign of Jesus Christ.

Verse 19 – the fast of the 4, 5, 7, and the 10 month will become joy and gladness and cheerful feast for the house of Judah to love truth and peace.

Chapter 9 – refers to neighboring nations concerning their attitude towards Israel, and Gods judgment in the end to all of them.

Verse 7 – reveals that in the end the Philistines will be a tribe of Judah. Only God himself can solve the conflict between the 2 of them. – Philistines is todays Palestines.  

Incredible, that all this was told by several prophets more than 2500 years ago.

Chapter 11 verse 15, 16 – the Lord speak about the foolish shepherd, a shepherd who will not care for those who perish.

Verse 17 He repeat – woo to the worthless shepherd who lives the flock. He is referring to satan – antichrist himself.

Chapter 12 verse 1 – thus says the Lord who stretches out the heavens and lay the foundations of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him.

Verse 3 – I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone – all who lift it will be severely injured. All nations of the earth will gather against it. 

See Daniel chapter 2 verse 35 Nebuchadnezzars dream and interpretation of Daniel. 

 Zachariah chapter 12, 13 – nations against Israel,

grace poured out over Judah, the trumpet – Christ return on the mount of Olive. Se Zachariah chapter 14 verse 4 – in that day his feet will stand on the mount of Olives which is in front of Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olive will split in the middle from east to the vest by a very large valley, so that half of the mountain will move toward the north and the other half toward the south.

It will enable people to flee trough the valley.

Verse 6 goes on to say – it will be a very long day, only in the evening will light come back.

The earth may turn back to its perfect position, like in Noah’s time.

Much more can be said, but why not study the word and find out what the future hold. 

Revelation chapter 16 verse 16 – the battle of Armageddon.  

Zachariah chapter 14 verse 8 and 9 – and in that day, living waters will flow out of Jerusalem. Half of it towards the eastern see and half towards the western see, summer and winter, and the Lord will be king over all the earth.

In the beginning, when God was asked about his name, the answer was: I am – in verse 9 he says: My name is: The only one.

God is one person existing as tree in one. He also have 7 spirits and a Glory which is his presence. His creation is always close to him, represented as the Cherubim’s.

On top of that multitude of angels who serve him.

He is also God, who became man to save the world by grace.