India 1972 – 1974

We came to live in a house in Nizamuddin, a neighborhood populated primarily by Sadhachis. The women’s in their beautiful colorful saris or pantaloons with matching blouses and shawls looked very exotic, and so did the orthodox Hindu men with turbans in corresponding color to their clothing.

The owner of the house, a Sadhadchi family, lived upstairs. The family consisted of an old couple and two married sons with their wifes and tree children. A boy named Mammu,who had the same age as Silvia, soon became a very good playmate, after we moved in on the ground floor. 

Along with the house came a cook Refindern. He had worked for the previous food and beverage manager in the hotel,  He placed him in the hotel kitchen as a cook, before he left, which he really was not suited for. The second best option was to transfer him to our house.

On the first day in our new home, a sweeper belonging to the lower caste, knocked at the door and volunteered to clean our floor. I asked Refindern to explain, that I really did not need her help.

Shortly after another woman knocked at the door and demanded the kitchen waste. It was thrown together with the waste from upstairs on the floor in the backyard. I tried not to look out of the kitchen window, when she came to pick up the bucket, after I had seen her young children rode in it. Sometimes she took her buffalo cow along, and the left over was thrown in front of it, which I could better tolerate.

At first we bought milk from the second milkman. He announced his arrival by ringing a bell loudly at 9 o’clock in the morning. The first milkman came already at 5 o’clock. It so seemed that the quality of the milk dropped after a few weeks.

Fritz arranged for us to buy milk and some other nice produc from the hotel. We were not the only ones, who did not trust the milk business. Shortly after we changed our milksupply, did milkman number two turned up with his buffalo. The cow was milked on the spot  and the milk changed hand to the customer.

It was a little strange in the beginning, to see the elegant white grey cow slowly and peacefully wander around every where except in the middle of the city, sometimes gazing over the fence, but we quickly got used to it.  If the horns where painted red, then it was a sign to keep safe at a distance. It is said in old Hindu scriptures, that when the white cow also eat paper, then humanity move toward a major crisis. It is like that today, the white cow eat almost anything also paper. I sometimes took a scooter, a three wheeled cab to the market.

I don’t think, that I ever saw so many kind of fruits and vegetables in my life, also later on in other countries. It became very interesting to walk around and discover new things about people and things that was sold.

A large variety of desserts were displayed before Indian feast days. They were mostly made of milk, with ingredients such as carrots, raisins, nuts, sugar and spices. More exclusive dessert were wrapped in sheets of thin gold and silver paper, which can also can be consumed, it is considered a delicacy.

One day as I was at the marked, I senced right away, that the air was loaded with expectation of something rather difficult to describe. A little later drumbeats was heard, and the crowd began to pull back from the vide road that lead through the middle of the marked. People without arms and legs and painted with strong colors in their faces rolled and tumbled down the road to the drums violent strokes. Something sworn was in the air, and it pulled the crowd with it. This act was without doubt in favor to some sort of a god. I could not help but to cast a pitiful glance at them. These people where cut and put in invisible ties. Fritz later told me, that he had heard, that that some parents damaged their children’s limbs, so that they where better suited for begging.

Pictures of various idols and garlands where frequently sold on such occasions. Jesus Christ is also potraid as one of the many gods in the Hindu religion. I could hardly believe my eyes, when I first saw his picture between the many Hindu gods lined up in a row. Now where in the bible is it said, that all kind of faith is the same.  God is a jealous God. To him and him alone belongs all honour.  Jesus said: I am the truth the way and the life, nobody comes to the Father except through me.

The white cow is not to welcome in places where fruit and vegetables are sold. She is allowed to walk everywhere, but is not always welcomed. If she decides on a good meal of some of the exhibited items, is she often chased away.

The same week we arrived a gardener knocked at the door shortly before sunset. He was a very kind old man who understood children the same way, he understood his plants, Silvia soon loved to copy his way of talking.

Refindern showed no interest in helping with the children, and so began I to look for somebody to help with the children. Fritzli needed a lot of help with his daily nursing. Word quickly spread in the neighborhood, and soon after I chose a slightly older lady.  After a few days I asked her if she could wash the floor. She flatly refused, her husband was a taxi driver, and he did not allow her to wash the floor. When I asked her to help with Fritzli, she explained, that she could not, because she had stiff knees. I asked her, why she tough, I had hired her, she answered, that she would look after Silvia. I explained that it was not necessary, and that it was better we parted, since I had no work for her.

There was a knock at the door the next day and outside stood the sweeper with a big smile on her face. I gave in to the cast system and hired her under certain conditions. I would pay her half a time more than the others in the neighborhood, but she should take time to wash the floor thoroughly. How long it would take to make the round, I also told her. When she finished, she could empty the coffeepot and take two slices of bread with butter and jam. Refindern explained the conditions to her. She smiled and nodded  happily with her head. Her smile was like the sunshine, even though she barely had teeth in her mouth. Many Indians chew a kind of leaf that colors the mouth and teeth red. Unfortunately the juice also destroys the teeth little by little.

A laundry man had also made his round by our house. He came once a week and took all the sheets and towels. He too was very cheap, and the laundry always looked clean and neatly foulded, when he delivered it. My household started to be very interesting, with all the people coming and going.

I found out through the Danish embassy, that an elderly Danish couple lived nearby. I decided one morning to pay a surprise visit and hired a scooter with the children to Anna’s place. She heartily received us and right away offered a cup of coffee; Silvia got a glass of lemonade. Anna gave the impression of being thankful, for the chance they had got to work abroad. She had been active in helping building a school in the slums on the other side of the river. I knew our sweeper also lived there. She continued to explain about her two sweepers who came twice a week. One she had picked up in the slum and had set her self the goal to make a good person out of her. Before she left, she got all she could eat and drink. When she was gone, the second sweeper came to finish the first ones work, because the first one had not yet learned how to work properly.

Anna gave me the tip to hire a really good help for the children, as she said: Here you can pick and choose. As I stood up with Fritzli on my arm, Anna offered, that the driver should drive us home, I thankfully accepted. I knew then, that I had found a good friend with a big warm heart. The driver appeared from the corner of the terrace, and soon we where sitting in a comfortable car.

I decided to follow Anna’s advice to look out for a qualified help for the children. There was a knock at the door one evening, as we  were sitting at the dinning table. When I opend a young girl from Goa named Daisy almost fell in the living room. Behind her stood her aunt, who had heard about us. I knew after a moment, that this girl was the right one, she was different from the others. Daisy moved in with us already the next morning. My impression was correct. Daisy did everything as good as possible, and she was, in addition, a friendly smiling person. It was a great plus, that her English was very good, and soon Silvia began to learn from her. I began to teach her how to do physiotherapy with Fritzli. She quickly became as good, as I, that gave me more time to spend with Silvia. Daisy began to exercise Fritzli outside on the grass with the big therapy ball on the big red mat. It was not long before the neighbors observed it, and soon Daisy was admired for the good work she did for us.

I arranged for a nice amount of sand in the corner of the garden. We took Fritzlis’ hand in ours, when the children were playing with the sand, and in this way let him have the pleasure of playing along with the others.It was not long before the garden was full of children playing with each other, because I did not make any difference between rich and poor.

That seemed to annoy the neighbors upstairs in the beginning. They would come down, when I was not around, and sent the poor one’s away. I explained to Daisy to tell the children, that when they were sent out by the neighbors, they should obey, but as soon they were gone, they could come back. It continued a few weeks this way, then the neighbors eventually gave up.  

Behind our house a poor woman were ironing cloths for the neighborhood. She used an old fashioned iron with glowing coal inside. She had a baby, which she very carefully took care of. I came to know through Daisy, that three of her older children had passed away, all at the same time due to an infectious disease. She was not he only one to iron in the neighborhood. Another couple was also in the ironing business. They had two girls named Bimla and Gamla, who very soon came to belong to Silvia’s circle of friends. They looked like Cinderellas with rags and bare feet, but they always seemed happy and content. They never made any strife, in the two years they went in and out of our house. It became a fix rule, that they could have two thick slices of bread with butter and jam once a day. I soon found out, that I may as well let the people behind the house do the ironing, they did not charge much and needed the money. At the same time I also knew, that they kept a watching eye on the house, as they where doing their daily work. I even dared to give them the key to the house on a few occasions, and by that  showing that I trusted them.

We were happy with the neighborhood as it was. Only two things disturbed us. Opposite, on the corner, was a big house. Every evening they would argued, just by the time I put the children to sleep. One evening I took courage and went over and knocked at the door. What I saw surprised me. A big room was furnished with beds and every one was sitting on their bed in darkness, having fun by speaking and laughing with each other. I explained that it was difficult to fall asleep, because of all the noise they made. It helped immediately; from that time onward everything was quiet in the neighborhood. The other annoying thing was the scraping of the chairs from upstairs, when they pulled out the chairs after dinner at about 10 o’clock at night. A sensible conversation with the mother to Mammu changed the situation right away, and we were not disturbed any longer.


 Thiefs – beggars and an unexpected visit.

The neighbors upstairs had a boy who cleaned and cooked. A sweeper came to wash the floor, and another sweeper cleaned the toilets. It was no surprise, that many Indian housewives had a big bundle of keys hanging on their waist, because everything was locked.

One day as I was standing looking through the kitchen window out in the backyard, I saw a 50 Rupies note come flying down to the ground. I went out to pick it up. I observed a moment later, how the sweeper for the toilet searched every corner of the yard carefully. I soon heard from the people upstairs, that money were missing, and gave it back. Daisy later explained, that the sweeper had discovered, that the youngest boy had the 50 Rupies note in his hand. She quickly took him to the balcony and shock his hand over the reeling, until the money flew into the backyard. Of course I understood why she had been so busy investigating every corner of the yard. The next time I saw her, I raised my finger warning to let her know, that I knew the truth, and she better not do it again. She gave me a broad grin and turned around.

I heard from Refindern, that money was stolen again. The boy who worked upstairs was missing 50 Rupies. Refindern seemed very worried. Later the mother to Mammu told me, that she had discovered that 50 Rupies where missing, and who else should have stolen them if not the boy who worked for them. She had sent him away to do some shopping; in the mean time she searched his room and found exactly 50 Rupies. She was convinced it belonged to her and took them back. They mistrusted each other, even so they were living in the same house. I preferred not to interfere and therefore kept quite. I made sure, that nothing of value was laying around in our house.

One early morning an Indian woman from the neighborhood came hurriedly to our house with her daughter, who attended the  same kindergarten as Silvia and Mammu. She nervously asked if her daughter could wait for the school bus at our home. The mother in law had been murdered, and her jewelry stolen. The driver had vanished and they where calling the police right away. I once again got a clear sense of how easily poor people are tempted to do stupid things.

A big problem was beggars. They stood in front of our gate from the first day we moved in. At first we gave some money and sent them away, but those who came took others with them, and so the crowd grew. One of them had the bright idea to stay in front of our house day and night. It had become too much for us. The problem needed to be dealt with. Fritz and I agreed to give a little amount to an old man once a week plus a sandwich. Daisy explained the conditions; also that he did not need to come on other days. The rest were sent away without getting anything. Usually we gave to those, whom we meet on the road. It was not possible to help all the poor people in India, some are also professional beggars, but the bible has a lot to say about helping the poor.

One day Bimlas` and Gamlas` father stood in front of the gate with two Hindu monks in long yellow gowns. Daisy translated, the message was very clear, they had come to pray for Fritzlis healing. Daisy explained, that I was a Christian, and did not mix with other religions. With that I open the gate and let them out. Bimlas and Gamlas father was very disappointed and angry, but I had not asked them to come and I knew they meant it well. There where still many things in the bible, I did not understan, but I was not going to go along with something, I was not sure about.

I finally found time to read the bible, thanks to all the help I had in the house, and I did it from the beginning to the end. I made myself comfortable on the couch in the evening and read for hours, when the children were sound asleep, and Fritz was busy working in the hotel. The books of the prophets and Revelation I  began only to understand later on. The gospels and the books of the apostles made most sense to me in the beginning. Fritz remained also true to the faith, he knew God had helped him several times in life and he did his best to act it out in his daily life.

He quickly felt at home in the Indian environment, it was also not his first position in an other country. There were times when he expected too much discipline from his staff. One morning he woke up with a song on his lips. When I asked what the reason was for his happy mood he started to share a dream, he believed was from God. He dreamed , that he was in a beautiful Indian palace. The floor was covered with beautiful Indian carpets, which all were very dusty. In his dream he took a vacuum cleaner and began vacuuming them. By doing so he fell through the floor, and in that moment he woke up. What does it mean I asked ? He explained: You know, I have been too critical towards the staff. I have sometimes to let things slide, as they best can.

 Fritz Work

The hotel had various restaurants like the bar, coffee shop an Indian a Chines restaurant besides the French restaurant. The later had a nice buffet lunch consisting of a mixture of culinary dishes. Fritz made the last cheeck, when the buffet was set up, by slowly walking from one end of the buffet to the other. If something looked or smelled suspicious, he pointed to the dish and the chef who was responsible came forward, Together they discussed if or not something should be changed. Fritz enjoyed his authority, and he made sure that first class food was served in all the restaurants.

He one day had the idea to make sausages. The quality of meat was like in Ethiopia rather bad or tough. It was therefore a bit of a lottery to find out, what was needed to keep the meat together and to get it to taste like sausages. After a few weeks of experiment Fritz announced that tasty sausage were on sale in the shop. At first he started to make the sausages ready for Fridays. Then he phoned to the various embassies to let them know that tasty sausages and other product could be bought in the hotel shop on Saturdays. Later on he handed over the work to a few trained cooks, and sausages were sold all week with great success.

In Ethiopia Fritz had a brigade of 60 cooks who had learned by simply cooking in the kitchen. Only Abebe, his first sou-chef, had been to Germany for training. In the Oberoi hotel the 170 cooks where properly trained in a hotel catering school belonging to the hotel. The school also provided staff for other Oberoi hotels. An Oberoi airline kitchen catered for Lufthansa and the British airline. Together with the many parties the catering business was quite exciting on all levels.

Occasionally some did not come to work for one reason or another. Of course reports was necessary,and Fritz made it a rule, that they could tell him why, as he sat at his desk doing office work. For the most part their stories were exaggerated, and it was hard to distinguish, how much of it was the true. When they had finished their explanation, he cast a glance at them and nodded with his head. He once said: You cant imagin, what fantastic stories they sometimes tell. Of course absence could not be misused a great deal, but in India there is no shortage of people.

The housekeeper for the store department, a friendly determined lady, gave Fritz a nice chair for his office. The chair had in the past belonged to Mr. Oberoi himself. It was missing one early morning, as he opened the door to his office. He made a round to the different offices and finally found it in the residence manager’s office, who also was a relative to Mr.Oberoi himself. The next time the residence manager appeared in the kitchen, Fritz told him straight out, what he thought about the theft, as he called it. The quarrel ended with, Fritz showing him the way out of the kitchen. The story came to the ear of Mr. Oberoi who called Fritz up to his office. After he had listen to the story, which apparently amused him, he promised Fritz his own chair, as soon as he had bought a new one for himself. As soon Mr.Oberois chair arrived in Fritz office, he chained it to the table as a precaution. He explained afterwards: It was not so much the chair that mattered, but who has the say in the kitchen. The residence manager newer appeared again in the kitchen, from that time on, and was shortly after transferred to another hotel.

The party life flourished greatly in this part of the world, because Indiens love parties. Parties up to 100 persons were called baby parties those his assistants toke care of.

At times I went to the hotel to watch one of the beautiful marriage taking place, together with my Austrian friends, who booth where married to Indiens.The hotel had a special arrangement for such occasions. It was designed as a beautiful garden with a small nicely decorated house in the middle open to all sides. The garden was shielded with large glas windows all around. Here on the other side guests where allowed to sit and watch the ceremony.  

The biggest and most impressive wedding held durring our time was Modis wedding. A daughter to a very rich business man from Calcutta  got married. 6000 guest were invited and flown in from different part of the country. The wedding occupied the hotel for a whole week. The food and beverage managers’ Austrian wife suggested, that we should dress up in saris and mix with the crowd on the wedding day. It would give us an opportunity to observe Indians best-dressed women in their saris and expensive jewelry. Her remark: You may never again get such a good opportunity to experience Indien high society life, removed my last doubt to give it a try. Of course our better half knew what was happening. The gap between rich and poor is the most striking, when living in this part of the world.

 A treatment at the dentist and in the kitchen.

Fritz got a toothache and asked the Chinese chef, if he could recommend a good dentist. Both of them got into a scooter that same day and were of to the dentist. Fritz had no idea as to, what kind of adventure was waiting ahead of him. The scooter stopped in the old part of Delhi in the middle of an open space. From there both went by foot through narrow streets. They stopped in front of a small shop that sold everything. Fritz noticed that extracted teeth were lying around on the floor. In the corner of the shop was a small dental practice furnished with an old fashioned baber chair. A Chinese man treated the teeth on an Indian customer. Five other Indians where sitting on a bench along the wall. The dentist spotted them right away. The Indian fellow had to jump down and the dentist pointed directly at Fritz. Quite surprised that it already was his turn, he climbed up on the high baber chair. Apparently the dentist unferstood his job. Since there was  no access to electricity, he pumped with one foot on a pedal which was linked to a drill for boring. He thereafter took a rubber balloon, filled it with water and put a tube on top of it. Then he sprayed the water into Fritz mouth, who in turn spat it out. Two treatments were necessary, before everything was done properly. The cost was 60 Rupies today five Swiss Frank. The well-done plumbing held for 15 years. The Chinese chef politely asked, if he was satisfied with the treatment. Fritz answered, that he though he was a very good dentist.

The hotel had its own doctor, a friendly old sadhachi. It so happened, that one day a cook cut himself deep into the palm of his hand. Unfortunately the wound got inflamed and swollen. The doctor advised the cook to have the wound treated in the hospital, but since he was short of money, he instead complained his case to Fritz. He called a few of his chef together, and explained what he was up to. Peter, one of his sous-chefs and also the hotels champion in body size, put his arms firmly around injured cook, so that he was not able to move at all. Fritz sterilized a razor blade over a candle, took a deep breath and cut into the wound. Pus and blood splat everywhere, also on his white jacket. He hastened to sterilize the wound with alcohol, all the while the cook loudly lamented. Then he calmly applied fresh-grounded pepper into the wound and thereafter covered it with the inside of a shell of a fresh onion, and finally bandaged the hand. The cook got a few days of, Fritz advised him not to take the bandage of, until he came back to work. He was perhaps the one who was the most surprised, when the cook showed his palm. It was completely healed without a scar, only a white strip in the hand, confirmed that something had happened. The treatment method is typical Indian, and fresh pepper should have a healing effect. Fritz was completely convinced after trying it out.


42 degree Celsius in the shadow.

The hot season had started. All of a sudden a strong wind would blow and swirl the dust around in the air. We closed the windows and doors right away, but there was always a fine layer of dust everywhere in the house, when the storm had settled down.

The heat wave continued into July and August. About midday the air shimmered with heat. Many preferred to take a nap at this time. When I got up in the morning, I often felt a bit sick. I started to losse weight, but so did everyone else. It dawned on me why there are so many different kind of spices in India. It is because that’s simply the only thing; one can digest in the hot season. It is too hot for meat, milk and eggs. Of course the most important thing is to drink enough. Many also consumed salt tablets to balance the body fluid. Water was sold everywhere on the streets. All visits, regardless whom, could ask for a few glasses of chilled water. It was therefore very practical, that the refrigerators often was placed in the corridor, als also in our home. We cooked large pots of water every morning for about an hour. I made sure to cook the water long enough, because worms were very common in India. We never had fresh salad during our stay in India.

Every household were allowed to have two air conditioner. We had one in the bedroom. Silvia therefor moved in to us. The seecond one was in the living room, where Fritzli and Daisy slept. If we had guests, then the children where brought to bed in our bedroom. We moved Fritzli back to the living room, afterwards, when the guest had left. As soon Fritzli discovered that Daisy slept in the same room as he, did he start to wait for her. He chuckled happily, when she opened the door to crawl into bed on the mattress placed on the floor ahead. Daisy said: Godnight Fritzli sleep well. It happened regularly, that the electric power was shut down for a few hours at night. The cities own way of saving power in the hot season.

Our Indian neighbor upstairs and those on the other side of the road had their own way of organizing their sleep. The houses usually had a big terrace on the roof. Bedtime in India is for many  around midnight. They therefor take a good nap in the afternoon instead. During night time the terrace floor is covered with a good layer of water. The beds are also made wet, and with a wet piece of cloth around the body, they sleep for a few hours this way. They often repeat the whole procedure over again after a few hours of sleep

Along the roadsides and in the parks bloomed a certain kind of trees in bright blue, reed and yellow colors. It is absolutely magnificent to the eye, but that is also the only positive thing about the hot season. This special kind of trees needs a very high temperature to bloom; otherwise they do not bloom at all or very rarely.

Silvia started to feel very hot, when she came home from  kindergarten. We had therefor a cool bath readig waiting for her. The marble bathtub in the floor was filled with water already from the morning in order to cool it down, because the water came warm out of the tap. I noticed after a few weeks, that she also was hot, after having a bath. I toke her temperature it was 39 degrees C. She did not seem to feel ill or be affected by it at all. The best know pediatrician in town lived 10 min from our home. After he had examined her, he explained bluntly, that in the hot  season most children had elevated temperature. It would normalize again, when the temperature dropped.

Fritzli seemed to feel even better in the hot climate. His limbs where not as stiff as usual, and he seemed to enjoy the hot wetter. One afternoon, as Silvia was playing with the neighbors children in the garden, I noticed, that she kept falling. I started to get an uneasy feeling. We went to the pediatrician before dinner. A blood test showed, that her white blood cells had gone down a lot. Something was about to break out. The doctor proposed to wait to treat her, until the symptoms had broken out, he could then better treat the disease with the right medicine. I felt quite uneasy as I went home with her.

Children catch a cold once in a while, but this time I felt very worried. The next day her throat was red and swollen. Again we where of to the doctor who prescribed a strong antibiotic. The fever continued to increase in spite of the strong medicine. When it reached 41,2 – I desperately called the doctor. Since the medication did not have any effect at all, the doctor suggested taking her of, as he suspected typhoid. It was necessary to be without antibiotic for 5 days, before a test could be done. He advised me to put her in the hospital. I decided to keep her at home. In any case the doctor’s clinic was not far away. The fever continued to stay high for the next few days, but it was, as she was not affected by it at all. She played cheerfully as usual, except that she did not want to drink because of the swollen throat. I arranged a tray with different kind of jus in the air-conditioned room. Sometimes I took her on my lap, held her arms tight as I  squeezed some liquid into her mouth, which she eventually swallowed, this I had promised the doctor. We gave her a bath with ice cubs from time to time, and some medicine against the fever, which did not have any effect, the fever stayed at 41,2 C. On the third day with high fever, which she still seems unaffected by, Fritz was so concerned, that he stayed at home from work and played with her all day long.

I got a very strong impression on the fifth day to have a very honest conversation, with the one who sits on his throne in heaven. His eyes are watching everything on earth, he is omnipotent and knows everything. That is what the bible tells us about God. I waited, until I was in bed that evening. Silvia was sleeping next to me or rather snoring due to the swollen throat. As I prayed, I saw a large door for my eyes; I knew instantly, that I was not able to open the door. Something in me screamed: My God does not have closed doors. At that moment it was, as if the ceiling in the bedroom disappeared, and angels where looking down smiling on us. I actually saw a crowd of angels. Suddenly I noticed, that Silvia was not snoring any more. I quickly put my hand on her forehead, the skin was cool and normal, and she slept soundly. A deep sense of thankfulness rose up inside me. God had not failed and it had been worth trying to knock on heavens door. It was now time for me to sleep. I woke up at 6 a clock the next morning and right away took Silvia’s temperature. It measured 38. I told the devil: You have lost the battle, Silvia is healthy and without fever. Because I was fast asleep, Fritz did not sleep the whole night. Every now and then he had cheeked on Silvia, yes he even cheeked on me. He felt puzzled about what had happened. Very relived he went to work the same day.

A little later the doctor called and asked about the situation. I told him, that the fever had disappeared from one minute to the other. He was seemingly very relived and asked me to come to the clinic right away. The first ting he did was to measure her temperature, now it was absolutely normal. He suggested, I should come along with him to the hospital, because he wanted the test to be done anyway. I answered: I do not have that much money with me at the moment. Without hesitating he put a bundle off notes in my hand and off we went to the hospital. I paid the doctor everything back later. 

As I was waiting for the test to be done, I thanked and glorified God for the healing which had taken place. I started to imagine, how she would grow up, as a healthy person, and study  something that God would like. Then I was told the test was finished, and I would get the result later on – they showed absolutely nothing.

I called Anna right away after we came back from the hospital, and told her the good news, that Silvia was now OK. She said she would come over the same afternoon, she said. We sat and drank coffee, while Silvia happily played around in the living room.  On Anna’s facial expression, I could see, that something puzzled her. She said: Do you think it is good for her to run around bare footed. Silvia was eating a big sandwich with cheese. Anna continued: Didn’t you tell me, that her throat was very swollen. I answered: Yes it was like that, but now it is not any more. I would have loved to tell her what really happened, but at that time I was still to shy to talk about my new discovered faith. There is something about the name of God and Jesus – they are above all other names, and it takes courage to witness.

The next day, Silvia and Daisy with Fritzli and the dog went for a walk in the park next to the doctor’s house as usual. There was nobody there that could tell, what she had been trough. The incredible thing was, that she even did not loss weight after having been on fluid for 5 days. In our heart we knew, that a miracle had happened.

I was sitting in the garden just enjoying myself, while Daisy was out with the kids. I still felt Gods blessing from the night before. It seemed to me, that the flowers never had such a lovely fragrance. Never before had I noticed how lovely the birds were singing. The youngest son, about 16 years of age of a Sadhachi family living next to our house, looked over the fence. Why had I never noticed how friendly the neighbors were. Smiling, I chatted with him, all the while I watched the clouds. An army of angels must have been above our house the night before. I got the feeling, that Silvia’s illness had been a battle between good and evil, but this time Gods protective hand and the many angels had won the battle.

I went to the doctor a few months later, to have Silvia vaccinated. He explained about a German family, with a young boy who had gone trough the same illness as Silvia had. The boy got so weak, that the family flew him back to Germany. He kept smiling, as he observed Silvia. She usually played with his children in the park in the afternoon. There was no doubt, that her sudden recovery had made a deep impression on him. For Fritz and me it was once again a confirmation that when it really matters, Gods protective hand is there.

 Happy days

Silvia started to go to the kindergarten for a few hours in the morning. It was the best in town, I was told by the neighbors upstairs. Silvia was very excited about going and waited eagerly by the window half an hour before the bus arrived in the morning. She joyfully ran to the bus, as soon as it arrived, and had a lot to tell when she came home at lunchtime.

We had regular entertainment in front of the house especially on Saturdays and Sundays. One of the first to turn up was a snake charmer with a lot of snakes in his basket. He slowly lifted the lid of the basket, chose one and threw it into another basket and immediately began to play on his flute. The snake slowly and majestically stood up and turned its head. I was always fascinated by this art. Of course the snake charmer received a few coins every time.

A man with a monkey also came around. Small funny monkeys always excite children, and in now time a crowd of children gathered around him. The funny dressed little monkey began to dance and jump. Once in a while it stopped starred at us and shoved us a grin with sharp teeth. The coins jingled in the hat  when the performance was over. Although we mothers though it was amusing to look at, I felt deep down sorry for the monkey, because it had to work for a persons living.   

It happened that a camel stood in front of the gate and of course a ride was on the program for the day. One day an elephant turned up. I could not help but to think: Does it pay of to the owner to take people on a ride with an elephant. It was early Sunday morning; Silvia was pushed up on the elephant. As she sat up there all alone, she suddenly became frightened and let out a loud cry. In no time she was down again with the help of the guide, who anyway got his Rupee. 

A man with a carousel appeared regularly, and of course all the children got a ride. It was always nice to be part of the neighborhood on such occasions.

We had now been living for some month in New Delhi, and Christmas was quickly approaching. The weather is cooler in December, it can go below the freezing point at night. I took the opportunity in those lovely cool days, to discover the city and the area around, together with Daisy and the children. We sometimes hired a cab with the children, the dog and Fritzlis wheelchair and drove to some of the many interesting places in and around New Delhi.

Just walking in the neighborhood, where we lived, was an experience by it self. At the edge of Nizamuddin tufted a steamy old train usually overcrowded with people on the outside and on the roof as well. Small stores were found along the railway, usually without windows and doors. Here were the most necessary things sold for a household. The shops where closed in the evening with solid metal plates heavily looked to make sure, thieves would not break in.

I discovered a tandoori oven on a corner and noticed, that toward evening people came by with their meat and Nan, a kind of flat bread, to be backed in the glowing oven.

It was Christmas evening; we celebrated with the children, Daisy and Refindern. I had together with Daisy made Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree. We enjoyed a well-prepared dinner, sang Christmas carols and read the birth of Christ from the bible. At last every one received a gift.

Daisy had a Catholic background and went to church regularly. Refindern was a Hindu and misunderstood everything. The yellow cardigan I had bought for Fritz as a Christmas present was missing the next day. Fritz went into Refindrens room without asking and looked under the bed, and found what he was looking for the cardigan in the box. Refindern explained, that he did not knew it was inside. He was dismissed the same day with enough money to live on for a while, I had not much use for him anyway. He had many friends who very often stayed in his room in the backyard. They would spit on the ground, as we passed by, if we meet them on the road near our house, something we did not appreciate. I insisted on not having somebody in the house who stole, and I stuck with it.   

Fritz was well dressed in the cardigan, as he cycled to work. We did not have a car those two years we stayed in India. I sometimes visited him in the kitchen, waiting for him in his office. On the way back home, often late in the evening, I would sit behind on the bicycle like a poor Indian wife. A whole family can sit on a bicycle. Two small children can sit in the front and the wife with a baby can without difficulties sit behind. There was something romantic about cycling home in the dark. I leaned my head on Fritz strong back, as I slung my arms around his waist. Fritz told me, that it was in such moments, he realised how small we actually are compared to Gods creation and the many stars in the universe.  

I employed a poor widow with seven children, after Refindern left, and learned a lot from it. I felt pity for her from the first day. I therefore let her work  half a day, for full salary, a little bit to Daisy’s disapproval, because she worked whole day. In addition she got a nice packet of food to take home every week. This poor catholic woman had an unusual gift. Everything she cooked multiplied, it got more than it was supposed to be. When I asked her about it, she replied with a knowing look, I knew her thought, she prayed over the food.

Sadly enough, she too stole food and was dismissed to Daisy’s disapproval. We kept in contact with her, and she once came around with all seven children all nicely dressed and spent the afternoon with us. Daisy was very happy about it; she had been cooking the whole morning for the occasion. She went home happy with a large packed of the cloths I had brought along from Switzerland. From then on Daisy and I manage the household. Sometimes a sweeper from a higher cast, who did not wash the floor, came for extra cleaning.   

Easter where at the doorstep. I had made the decision to fast tree days before Easter. It should, on my part, be a sign to God that, I was still waiting for, what he had promised me. It was the first time I fasted. I knew it was possible; I just had to drink enough. I awoke Easter morning feeling very light and free in my soul. I had tried the best I could, to intercede for Fritzli, but I felt no burden at all. I had instead a strong impression to pray for the last hour, before Jesus second return. I did not understood much of the book of Revelation at that time, but an inner voice testified to me, that God would show me step by step, what those strange stories meant.

We went to an English speaking church nearby on Easter Sunday. I do not know what happen to me during the service, but I could not hold back the tears anymore and they flowed down my cheeks. I experienced a small part of, what Jesus had gone through on the cross to save the world from all its sin. I was totally convinced, that he also died for me; again the tears flowed down my cheeks.

 Kashmir and Buthan

Oberoi was asked to cater for the coronation of the king of Buthan, the first summer we stayed in India. It would also be the first time Bhutan opened up to the outside world. Until that time the country had been a very strongly isolated Buddhist country.

Fritz would be the head chef for the food to the coronation. We decided that the children and I should spend some time in Srinagar, located in Kashmir. Oberoi has a nice hotel there, the climate is pleasant and not as hot as in New Delhi. Fritz would afterwards take vacation for a week and join us.

The sky was blue and cloudless, the day we flew to Srinagar. Unfortunately the weather had completely changed by the time we arrived. It was clouded, and the temperature had dropped to 20 degrees Celsius, which made a 25-degrees difference from the hot New Delhi. I had to get us some warm cloths right away, because we where freezing and feeling uncomfortable and depressed. We continued to sweat a lot for a few days, in spite of  the cold climate, but eventually the sun came out, and our bodies  adjusted to the change of climate.

Daisy and I started to make plans. Often we rented a boat with a guide and enjoyed the view of the beautiful mountains, as the boat gently cruised across the lake. The surroundings was absolutly breathtaking. Small huts on stilts in the water could be seen here and there. Children swam playfully in the water like fish, while the mother was busy inside the four walls of the hut. Some moist earth was placed on stuffing wood. People were growing their vegetables on the lake. Of course it was also possible to do shopping at the same time. Small boats where feverishly trying to sell everything from vegetable to souvenirs. It became a rule, that we always took something healthy with us back. Vegetables grown on the lake is the most tastiest, I have ever had in my life.

I held in turn Fritzlis and Silvia’s hands over the reeling, to let them have the fun of splashing in the water along the boat. The water was not very deep in many places. Small fish were jotted among water lilies and green rockets. Peace and harmony surrounded us on all sides. Undoubtedly nature is bible number two, created for us to enjoy.  When we came back after several hours on the lake, the children where right away put to bed. They usually slept for hours after such a trip. The water and the sun had a healthy effect on all of us. I found a green spot in the garden on such occasions, read the bible, and did my needlework, all the while my thoughts meditated in prayer.

I had once again been on a trip around the area with the children. Daisy had, in the meantime, washed the clothes and cleaned the room. Silvia was running ahead before me. All of a sudden she stopped and starred frightened on a dead crow. They are a few times bigger in this part of the world. Tears trickled down her cheek: Mammie must I also die, she asked. My heart was heavy, I could not avoid the answer, and I had to tell her the truth. Not a bird will fall to the ground without God knowing about it. It is true – Jesus said so – I replied. I will not die, she continued, as she starred at the lifeless bird. I felt the crisis and knew, this discovery would have a mark on her sensitive soul.

My thoughts went back to my own childhood, when I picked up a crow that had fallen out of the nest. I felt a deep disappointment and sadness for several days, when it died. I also did not want to die.

As I translate this script from Danish to English, I am actually convinced about, that we will not all die, because the Lord may-be coming in our lifetime. Some of us are destined to pass over to eternity like in the twinkling of an eye, that is what the scripture teaches about the end-time. See 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 14 for reference.

Once in a while we went into town to do a bit of shopping and to look around. Srinagar seems to be a lazy Muslim town with small old shops here and there. One gets the impression, that here people are not very interested in the outside world. One day, as we where shopping again I saw a dark skinned young man with long hair and glowing eyes walking down the street. His face shone supernatural, while he was shouting something. I could not get my eyes of him. My first impression was: He has the same spirit as John the Baptist, also the same prophetic urge to preach. I began to ask people around me, what he was saying, and recieved the answer, that he was talking about God. The difference between him and the other people was striking. I am deeply convinced, that a prophetic voice of God is heard, in some way, throughout the world every day.  Usually it was almost evening, by the time we where ready to return to the hotel. Instead of taking a taxi we might as well take a two-wheeled horse cart. At sunset we galloped the 5-6 km back to the hotel and quietly enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way.

Anna stood in front of our door one morning. She and her husband had decided to spend some time in a cooler climate for a few weeks. She had managed to rent a nice houseboat; I was invited with Silvia for lunch, together with some Danish UN people stationed in Kashmir. She proudly showed us around, as she explained about the famous people, who had been living there. The houseboat was, something of a masterpiece of wooden art, decorated from top to the bottom with carved wood.

Fritz and the Swiss pastry chef Meier came for a week after their return from Bhutan. Fritz began to explain about their adventure after a good long nap. They had met in Calcutta with the staff from other Oberoi hotels the day before. They had 70 cooks all together waiting for them for Buthan.

Poverty and wealth stand shoulder to shoulder in this part of the world. They were staying at the Oberoi Grand hotel, the best hotel in town. The first morning when Fritz came down in the lobby and stepped out on the street, he saw a family with a disabled child near the hotel. He took some money from his pocket, as we use to do in New Delhi and gave it to the family. He was in no time surrounded by a group of poor people, who started to press in on him. Helpless and scared he began to shout for help. The doorman from the hotel came his rescue running with a big stab in his hand, which he merciless used for safeties sake, Fritz and Meier from then on used a taxi, when they went into town.

Early every morning trucks drove through the poor areas and picked up the dead bodies. The pavement along the streets where rinsed with water for hygiene sake. When the trucks came, people took their few belongings and moved away for a while, before moving back again. This poverty was worse as in New Delhi and made a strong impression on booth of them.

It was not a secret, that the coronation of the king in Bhutan at the same time should be an opening to the outside world. The people had, until that time, lived quite isolated, therefor not much had changed in the course of time.

From Calcutta the entire brigade was flown to Baktograd. From there the journey continued by bus. Fushilling, the first stop inside Buthan, was also the city, where the guests would first arrive. A kitchen was set op in a bigger house, in order to cater for the guest, as soon as they sat food in the country. The trip continued thereafter by bus to Timphu the capital city, only 70 km away from the border. The road was very narrow with slops everywhere, and there where may dangerous curves. It took a whole day to arrive in Timphu. Occasionally the driver would take the coupling of in order to save on fuel. The cooks bid each other  farewell  for fun, in case they did not make it. The view from the hillside was absolute fantastic. Had it not been for the danger that lurked around every corner, the trip would have been very enjoyable.     

They all started to feel excited, as they got closer to Timphu. Just before they arrived, the cars stopped in front of a famous waterfall in the village Tartisher. In front of the waterfall was the world’s biggest pot placed, 5 m from one side to the other. It was explained, that the unity was very strong among the population and at important celebrations all would eat out of the same pot.

Timpu turned out to be a city with only two, two story houses. One was the Zoom, the Buddhist temple, which also functioned as the government building. In the other building the palace, lived the royal family.

A large empty hall was presented to Fritz and the staff, it was supposed to be the kitchen. Fritz was more than surprised. From here 10,000 meals were to be served. The interior was seemingly not their problem, and it was up to them to make something out of it. The next day a big tandoori oven was ordered by express from India for the Indian chef. From Darjeeling school large ovens and stoves where borrowed. Fortunatey the school was closed because of holidays.

Meier started to make bread right away but ran out of flower already half way before the celebration. 800 kg of flower had to be imported additionally. The royal family quickly adapted the taste of good bread, and many orders started to pour in. Large quantities of food had been flown in, in advance. Fritz got for the first time the opportunity to compare milk from jack cow with milk from buffalo cow. The difference is very little, compared to cow milk which taste very  different.

Unfortunately no body thought about the need of a meat grinder, but luckily one was found in the city. The hand driven meat grinder worked day and night by the staff to meet the demand.               

Like Meier, Fritz got very busy serving the royal family and ministers. He was asked about a typical Swiss specialty. Without thinking much about it, he mentioned Rehpheffer; it is wild dear cooked in a red wine sauce, after it has been marinated for a few days. The dish is mainly served in September and October, when wild animals are hunted. On the spot a hunt was organized. They drove up the mountain near the Chinese border at night and with spotlight spotted the animals in the hills upwards, so that they would fall down being shut. Already after an hour enough animals had been shot. When the hunt was over, a fire was lit, and hot drinks where served. There was a good atmosphere around the crackling fire, that radiated warmth and coziness. They laughed and discussed and every one expressed their curiosity about the not jet ready-made specialty. Fritz enjoyed the company of the mountain people and was well aware that this experience may be the only one in a lifetime. Wild dear became a pleasant surprise for the king and the royal family.

A few days before the coronation all the chiefs from the country side were invited to Timphu. A gala dinner was prepared  ahead of the coronation, to make them familiar with the customs of the occasion. It turned out to be quit an experience for Fritz and the staff. The mountain people were all dressed like in the ancient Roman time, with a cloth wrapped around their loins and swung over one shoulder. The cooks had to show them, by gesture, how to be part of a royal court dinner, because it was not possible to communicate with them. A heavy silver plate was given to each guest, then they where guided by the cooks to the buffet and served several dishes on their plate. In this way it worked very well. The mountain people and the cooks observed each other with real curiosity.

As the evening progressed, Fritz hurried fort and back to be assured, that everything went on smoothly. In the hectic he took a peace of bread with his hand, and put it on some ones plate, to his embarrassment he discovered, that the person in front of him was the king himself. He was dressed like the others and a young man in his twenties.  Apparently the king was completely unaware by what had happened, and Fritz was quite relieved.     

The coronation day approached, and crowds of people from the countryside came to the capital. The coronation was to be held in the Zoom, the impressive hundred of years old government Buddhist building. It was considered sacred and maintained by the monks. In the middle of the two-storie building, was a glass cage placed with a golden Buddha statue four story high. The high was adjusted to the Buddha statue. The golden Buddha was admired for its size and splendor.

In the heart of mankind is the desire to recognize something greater than ourself. The cooks began to notice the way the monks and the people dealt with each other. One thing was obvious, all where treated the same way, regardless rich or poor. Orphans where adopted by the monks, who also provided and cared for them. Poor families with many children sometimes also gave their children to the monks. For the most part these children also became monks.

To get from one floor to the next in the Zoom, a ladder had to be climbed. The buffet was to be set up on the second floor. It soon became apparent, who was the best suited to run op and down the ladder. The monks toke over this task and did it without much effort. Things like ice carvings weighing 70 kg and more was put in a cloth and swung over the shoulder and without difficulties carried upstairs.

Fritz had given up smoking pipe, before he traveled to Bhutan, but in Calcutta he could not withstand the temptation and bought a beautiful pipe made of Meerschaum. It so happen, that the pipe was very reasonable as well. He excused him-self; with all the stress he had at the moment, by saying, that he needed some tobacco.

On the coronation day, after the buffet was set up, and it was time to serve the guest, he began to feel uneasy.  He had strong chest pain and it spread to his left arm. He began to feel giddy and nervous at the same time. He excused himself to the chefs and went over to his room. It did not get better during the night, and it was even worse, when he moved a bit. Meier who shared room with him arranged for a doctor. After the doctor had examined him, he explained, that he in normal case should hospitalize him for observation, but because of the celebration it was not really possible. He would give him some medicine, and then advised him not to be nervous, and just handle things the best he could.

Fritz helped himself up to sitting position on the bed and started to ponder on his critical situation. He promised God, that he completely would give up smoking. He slowly got up, went over to the window and throw the pipe out. He prayed for help and healing and little by little he started to feel better.

He managed to get up the next morning, dressed himself and went over to the kitchen, keeping in mind to manage everything as easy as possible. Some dishes would be better with wine, so he requested for some. To his great surprise, well-known cognac like Napoleon, and wine from France where brought in. Fritz received it without hesitation and replied, that with this kind, the food would be very tasty and well done. He was assured, that if more was needed, he could just ask for it. It was not long before all the cooks where in a very good mood, and the work went along easy without stress. For Fritz this was a turning point in his life. He had promised God not to smoke again. He was very convinced, that once again Gods hand had protected his life. God is not far away, if we reach out to him.

The king proceeded to the Zoom riding on a horse, accompanied by a military parade and followed by a colorful crowd, in traditional costumes celebrating with songs and music.

The buffet was set up as the coronation ceremony toke place. It was a mixture of food from India and Europe. In a large pot, exactly like the one they had seen before their arrival in Timpho, was the peoples national dish, cooked for the people. The guest proceeded to the buffet right after the coronation. The chiefs of the country and the VIP where handed golden plates and spoons, all other guests got silver plates. The festivities lasted a whole week. Entertainment often toke place, and was followed by a buffet.  All meals were prepared in the banquet hall and sent to the guest, who had been placed in different houses in the city. Some had been placed in houses belonging to the ministers, and others in guest’s houses or in the cities only hotel. The various Asians kings, ministers and ambassadors as well as a few from the west left after eight days. Slowly the city got emptied of guests, and people returned to their daily work.

Fritz and the brigade began to pack their belongings. Before their departure the queen mother invited them all for tea. The son not jet married, was crowned in a young age because the old king had past away. Fritz and the cooks were all sitting in long rows in the palace drinking tea, when the queen mother arrived. They all politely stood up. She shook hand to each one of them and expressed her thanks. Then gifts were handed out. Every one received a national dress, and a nice series of stamps, which were printed especially for the coronation. Fritz got an extra little gift. He opened it and was pleasant surprised by a thick gold medal with the king’s portrait on it. They went back the same way they had come. The only difference was, that they were all a unique experience richer. Fritz added, as he finish sharing his story: If you and I want to visit the country, then we do not need to travel with a group like other tourist, we are always welcome, the queen mother mentioned it.  I was glad to have Fritz back in Srinagar healthy and happy.   

We had all been living in one room until Fritz came. During Fritz stay, Daisy got a small room somewhere else.  It is incredible how little, one actually needs for a daily living, only a bed, a table and chairs a stove to cook on, a fridge, and a bathroom. I could not help, but to think about my complicated household in New Delhi and knew, many things where not really necessary.

We took many interesting trips the following 8 days, together with Meier who had been driving to Srinagar with his car. Fritzli stayed home with Daisy, he was not always happy with this arrangement, but there where situations, were it was better for him to stay at home. He would start to get nervous, when he noticed, we where preparing for a trip, but he got an explanation each time. It was not always easy for him to accept the situation. Usually his face shone with joy, when we arrived at home later that day.

We drove up and down hills planted with rice. In the mountains shepherd tended their sheep’s and lived with their families nearby in small huts. We decided also to visit Guldmar. We had heard a lot about this famous tourist resort which was discovered by the British during the occupation. This time Silvia was also to stay at home with Daisy.

Fritz and I choose to take a small horse guided by its owner as far as possible to get to the top. Meier almost ran up the mountain, and it was not long before he disappeared between the trees. Astonished we later asked him about his stamina and found out that he had been placed in a special group specialized in mountaineering during his military service. He had since then done his best to stay in a good condition. Slowly we set out to walk down the 4000 m high mountain enjoying the overall view. After some refreshments in a restaurant halfway, we arrived at the foot of the mountain and set of on the way home. We completed the evening with a Swiss card game called – Jass.

Soon the holiday was over for Fritz and Meier. I decided to stay a bit longer, because it was still very hot in New Delhi. In August the rainy season would start, which meant it would also get cooler. The heat pressure in that part of the country would gradually disappear. October to March is the best time of the year in New Delhi, because the weather is pleasant and tolerable.         

Daisy had gotten friendly with a cook in the hotel in New Delhi. She assumed, that at one point or another, she would marry, and had therefor bought handmade porcelain in Kashmir. Her extra kilos became a problem, when we started to pack our things – our luggage was over the permitted weigh.

After much consideration we packed the porcelain in handbags and hoped there would not be any problem. In the small airport I placed Daisy on a chair with Fritzli on her lap and Silvia beside her. The handbags and the dog in the box where placed behind their legs. I took one last look at my arrangement and went over to the simple table for ticketing. The man at the table had, without doubt, noticed us. Right away he asked, if that was my family sitting over there. That was of course the case. I came to know, that the handbags and the dog also needed to be weighed. I protested, on the way up it was not like that. Daisy’s face reflected disappointment, as she put the handbags on the scale. So and so many kilo had to be paid for extra. What I had feared was now happening; I did not have enough cash. Slightly irritated the man behind the desk listened to my explanation. He gave me a look, as if I was the poorest woman in the world and asked, what my husband was doing in New Delhi. With a sudden pride I answered, that he was a manager at Oberoi hotel, I meant manager of the kitchen of course. Completely unaffected by the word Oberoi, he gave me, for the second time, an unsympathetic glance and added: How could my husband send me on vacation without enough money to come back. Eventually it was agreed, that I could pay for my extra kilos in New Delhi. The man wrote something on the ticket and at the last minute we boarded on the airplan that was waiting to take of. Daisies face lighted up, when she realized, that her porcelain was on the plane. Fortunately Fritz was waiting for us with enough money in the pocket at our arrival. A man picked up our suitcases and followed us, until he got the money for the luggage.

 Back to New Delhi

It felt good to be back home. The house seemed cozier and nicer as before, maybe because we had been living in one room for two months. Fritz had made sure, that the fridge was filled up with delicious things from the hotel, and we enjoied some of it right away.

The rainy season had already begun and it was not as hot anymore. We even felt comfortable in the humid hot air. I walked over to Anna with the kids one of the first days after our arrival. She lived on the second floor in a two-story house. Anna shared her concern with me that day. Next to her house lived an Indian Sadhachi family with a disabled adult daughter. Every day the older friendly mother took care of the daughter. In the morning, after she had fed and bathed her, she would put her in an old baby pram and fix her up with pillows as support. Perhaps it was the same one she had used, when she was a baby. Then she walked the daughter to the first corner of the road. There they both sat for sometime, while the mother friendly chatted with the women in the neighborhood. The family also had another daughter who was working in the daytime. The family radiated a certain peace and harmony, and were known by all. It was usually television time for the disabled daughter later in the afternoon. On such occasions their small living room was full with children from the neighborhood who came to watch television.

The Sadhachi family income, from their small store, had been taken from them. One day a brother’s son had walked into the store and announced, that he took over. The older man finally gave in as Indian customs demands. Because he had not been blessed with a son, the next in the family had the right to take over. The old man had to look for an other job in his old age, what a pity Anna exclaimed.

Anna’s driver had been on holiday and returned a whole month late. She had been so upset with him, that she dismissed him. I do not know, who was more unhappy about it, she or the driver. Anna employed him again after another month. It seems to be quite normal in India to take of a few weeks extra holiday. The reason being – very often people where far away from home and did not se their families to often. I heard from someone in the neighborhood, that the servant had not jet come back, because an elephant had stepped on her foot. In India we often wondered how much was truth of what we heard. A white lie sooner  or later surfaces.  Life is a play, and it depends on, how well we act it out, is the Indian filosofy. We newer heard so many lies in our life as in Indien. Life becomes  an illusion, if it is not based on the truth. An other set back for Anna, was the fellow who did the ironing for the area. One day he suddenly feel to the ground and died. She had noticed that he had been coughing a lot and suspected that he had tuberculosis. I could feel, that she regretted, that she had been to late to do something for him.

I had become very thin after our holiday in Kashmir. I suspected amoeba, a following visit to the doctor and a blood test confirmed it. The test was done in a laboratory. I brought the result to the doctor myself, but first I opened it and read the result. Sitting in the consultations room, the doctor began to explain the different kinds of amoeba. The worst kind was those who capsulate themselves and flow in the bloodstream. It could be very difficult to get rid of them. It turned out to, that I was affected with that sort. The friendly doctor added, that with Gods help, it could be cured, I hopefully agreed. I was given medication for two months. The doctor explained, before I left, that if I should get symptoms of the heart like palpitation, I should come to the clinic right away.   I did get a fast heartbeat, after about a month of medication. The dosage had become too high and was reduced. Therefor the whole cure toke about 3 month. A second blood test confirmed, that I was free from amoeba. I was very grateful to have had a doctor who understood to cure this sort of amoeba. I have never ever since then had any symptoms of the disease, but I have heard of others who suffered a long time from it.

There are many strange things that can attack one in this country of stark contrasts. Fritz told a couple of times, that he had heard about epidemics, which had cost many lives, but were never reported in the newspapers.

Every now and then Fritz and I went shopping together, like we used to do in Ethiopia. We enjoyed the colorful life, and the many things that could be bought everywhere in the streets. The old part of the city is called Old Delhi and is the most interesting. That is where we discovered the silver market, a long street with one shop after the other, all small and without windows. Selections of beautiful silver items was displayed in the front. It ranged from jewelry, plates, candlesticks and many other things. Here silver where sold per kilogram. Fritz had one of his good ideas. He found out from where the silver in the hotel was bought. Together we went to the same store. Fritz thought it would be a good idea to buy certain items like silver plates and candleholders, in case we later on had our own restaurant.

The owner of the shop promised to bring the silver the same afternoon. He turned up with everything in a scooter. I could not help asking, weather he considered it to be a bit risky bringing costly things this way. He replied, that there was hardly anyone who was thinking of such a thing, especially as he was driving in a scooter. Anyway the scooter belonged to him. He explained, that it was often better to hide the fact to be rich. Small shops selling common household items, like clothing and fabrics, could have a back room, where the owner bought and sold for millions of Rupees.

Sometimes, when I went on a shopping trip and left the children alone at home with Daisy, it happen, I would get an attack of fear for their safety. There where so many danger in this country, and I was still new in my faith. I simply began to say the name of Jesus over and over. Little by little the fear left, and I felt reassured. When I arrived at home, usually everything was in order.

Fritz came home one afternoon and told with big scared eyes, that he had barely avoided to be run over by a bus, whose breaks did not work. Suddenly the bus started to race forwards in the rush of cars and other vehicles. He had stepped on the bicycle pedals the best he could, the bus had been right behind him. Suddenly he saw an opportunity to get out on the side and was saved. We thanked God with all our heart. His word says, that in the moment of danger, there will be a way to escape.

We had now been more than a year in India. The hot season was over, and the weather was again pleasant and cool. With Fritzli in his wheelchair, I walked for hours between small simple houses watching street life. Cooks were crowing, chickens screeched with their feet and called on their little ones. Cats basket lazily in the sun and dogs watched who passed by. Women fetch water from a common well, and children were playing in the streets. Here life was different, the houses were small but mostly well maintained, a contrast to the area where we lived which was considered to be for well to do people.

If the small group of children in the neighborhood did not play with us, they would play somewhere else with the neighbors. Now that the weather was pleasant, we would often find them in the park, where Bimlas and Gamlas parents were doing ironing for people in the neighborhood. The park had a few swings and a slide, which the kids enjoyed a lot.

One afternoon, I had not seen or heard Silvia for a while, I went outside to look for her and found her in the park. Because of the rainy season a small pool of water had formed there. Silvia bathed in the cold water having much fun. The parents to Bimla and Gamla stood not far of and watched seemingly puzzled. I could not help getting upset with them. It had been a small thing for them to tell us, what Silvia was doing, I always looked well after their children. I commanded Silvia out of the water and with quick steps dragged her home. After she had got dry cloths on, I carefully explained where to swim or not. Daisy was sent to the ironing people to explain, that when I looked after their children, I also expected them to look after Silvia, when she was playing nearby. She did not get sick after the cold bath. After recovering from the high fewer, we could actually see how it strengthened her. She was growing and bubbling with energy.

Fritzli was also growing but more slowly. The taller he got, the thinner his arms and legs seems to be. It is very difficult to keep a nearly completely invalid child in perfect condition. Muscle wasting would eventually happen in spite of all our good work.

Plans for the future.

After Christmas and New Year was over for the second time, we began to consider, whether or not we should continue in India, when the contract expired. Fritz explained, that the hotel had to pay double tax, of what he earned after two years, but that they very much wanted us to stay with the hotel.  I began to seek God for an answer. I studied the little black bible I had bought in Interlaken intensively in the evening. After I had read for a while, I though about, what I had read and surrendered everything to God in prayer. I continued to do so over the next few months. Apparently the time was not ripe for an answer.

Fritz had seen a position as executive chef in Beirut in the hotel magazine called Hotel Revue. A first class hotel managed by the same director he had worked for in Ethiopia Mr. Teufel, who also had offered him a position in Iran during our stay in Switzerland. Fritz wrote an application, and after a few weeks, he got to his pleasant surprise an acceptance to the position. At the same time I read in the bible, that there would be war in Lebanon. The scripture made an exceptional strong impression on me. That same evening I showed the scripture to Fritz; he to got a very strong feeling not to accept the offer.

One afternoon, not long after, as I was out walking with the children, Meier and Fritz stopped unexpectedly beside me in Meier’s car. Both smiled up to both ears, the case was settled. We would all move to Singapore, where Oberoi also had a hotel. Both had without hesitation accepted the offer, when they were asked. Nevertheless it was with a heavy heart Fritz canceled Mr. Teufels offer for the second time. The Oberoi in Singapore was not such a luxury hotel as the one in Beirut. Again we decided, what would be the best for all of us as a family. Time would soon show, that it was a very vise decision. 

 Trips out in the country.

Now we knew with certainty that our days in India were counted. We therefor considered to see and discover something of the country before leaving. The children where still very young, and it was not easy to travel with Fritzli. One afternoon, as we once again played card with Meier as usually, it was decided, that we should go on a few trips together. The first trip would be to Corpet national park located in the north. The tour would last 3 days, and Fritzli would have to stay at home with Daisy. When she took him out in the afternoon, she should just drop by the doctor’s clinic, the nurse would make sure he was OK. Daisy stood with Fritzli on her arm and a big smile on her face and waved goodbye, as we left. Perhaps she had noticed, how I felt about the decision – a bit unsecure.

The main attraction in Corped national park was a ride through the jungle on elephants. Of course it was the first thing on our program. We climbed the steps on all four and were seated in a large square saddle lined with blanked on the elephants back. The guide sat on the neck. To get the elephant to obey, he hammered it occasionally with a peace of iron on the head. I did not like it and kindly asked him to stop it. He only laughed loud and the ride continued, all the while the elephant had to cope with his torture.

The elephant bowed the head once in a while and tore a portion of grass of with its long trunk and very carefully put it into its mouth. Somewhere we went down a cliff and I was afraid for a moment, that the elephant could not handle it, but I had underestimated it. With its strong powerful legs as solid support, it stood firmly on the ground. I began to admire this powerful animal that yielded to a much smaller creature. The guide pointed to over turned trees and explained, that a group of elephants had recently been trough there. He secretly mentioned, that we might have the opportunity to photograph tigers. I took a quick look at his back; no he did not have a gun on him. The iron rod would not help much, if a tiger decided to taste us. We came to see larger animals but not tigers. Because we sat on an elephant, it was possible to get very close to dears. To our surprise, they hardly moved, because we sat on an elephant. Excitedly we took one picture after another of these beautiful elegant dear with big eyes. Back in New Delhi we found everything in good order. Daisy and Fritzl were both smilinf happily when we arrived at home.

The summer heat had slowly started again. We decided to take another trip this time to the famous Taj Mahal, before the weather got too hot. We were all very exited to see how it looked like, because we had heard a lot about it. We set of early in the morning this time without Silvia, because we planned to drive back the same day.

On the way I watched with interest the women in their bright colored saris. They either worked in the fields or where on the way with big baskets on their heads. After several hours of driving we finally arrived in Agra. We expected to find a tourist place, but this was not the case. Just a cottage with a few houses and a muddy river, that flowed beside the beautiful looking Thaj Mahal.  It is build out of white marble, which makes the building shine almost supernaturally in the sunlight. Pillars are placed around the building. In front is a very large garden with a waterfall in the middle. The water gently cascades towards the main entrance, absolute magnificent.

We were curious, to see how it looked  like on the inside, but became disappointed. There were only two coffins, surrounded by emthy walls, that was all. The tomb was build by a Mughal emperor named Shah Jahan. The queen died in childbirth, after having born him 16 children. He must have missed her a lot, since he decided to build a tomb that took 20 years to finish. He thereafter planned to build a similar tomb for himself in black marble, but it never became reality. He was murdered and placed next to the queen. We heard, that the workers who had been building had their hands chopped of, when everything was finished. No one should ever be able to make a similar building. What a pity.

We made a stop on the way back in the first village after Agra to still our hunger and thirst. Steps led down to an underground restaurant without windows. There were no air conditioning or fans, but the air was surprisingly pleasant anyway. I felt like a mole going underground. We enjoyed a good serving of curry with cold drinks, it had become quite hot outside in the meantime.

The next stop was the pink city Jaipur. On each side of the main road where impressive pink buildings. Fritz decided to take a nap in the car, the heat had made him drowsy. In the meantime Meier and I went to look at a museum that after all did not have much to offer. We all agreed at the end of the day,  that it had been worth taking the long drive.

 Seriously sick.

We planned to leave the country in June. We therefor decided I should not go to Kashmir with the kids that summer. What was not supposed to happen did happen anyway, I got mumps. I kept away from the children for one week, It is not very fortunate to get sick in the middle of the hot season, because ones health is also suffering. At the same time I also got  amoeba. I started to dislike the heat and was glad that, it was the last season we would spend in India. I was well aware of, where I had picked up the amoeba. Fritz and I had been to the cinema and as usual watched a dramatic Indian movie. Afterwards I could not resist the temptation to buy, one with chilly flavored  Shish Kebab, from a man who sold them from his bike.

I started on a strong amoeba cure, instead of staying home, in the middle of all this, I went to the market. Sweating heavily as I went, my stomach suddenly started to hurt, and I felt giddy. I went into a shop and asked them to call for a taxi. Arriving at home Fritz called for a doctor, It had all been too much. This situation went on for about a week. I slept day and night. In between, when I was awake for a moment, I prayed to God for my life for the children’s sake. I slowly got up after a week. Sitting at the table my heart started to beat violently, and there was rushing sound in my ears. I recovered only slowly and eventually started to regain strength again.

The worst thing about iwas, that I had become afraid of the heat and did not dare to go outside. Fritz took me by my arm, on a Sunday afternoon after a few weeks, and together we took a stroll in a nearby park. All went well, I was relieved and dared to go out again by myself. Fear does not come from God, because his word says, that he has not given us a spirit of fear but of power peace love and a sound mind but  fear can be a very bad enemy, and there can be times when life seems to be a struggle, but with Gods help it can be overcome.        

Fritzli was spared from serious diseases during our stay in India. He had grown well in the past two years. Despite good daily care and physiotherapy, there where no changes in his condition at all. I toke him to a trained physiotherapist once every fortnight. We booth enjoyed those excursing tours. The ride in a scooter was the highlight for him. He would press his feet on the floor making his body stiff, all the while he enjoied the fast noisy trip with his mouth wide open. Also the therapy at home done by Daisy or me, with or without the big ball was a pleasure for him. A strong bond was formed between us during this time. His meals still toke a long time, but we noticed, that he liked chocolate pudding a lot, just like all the other children.

  Burglars in the house.

It was shortly before our departure from India, Fritz and I had just gone to bed. Suddenly we heard a loud noise from upstairs, people screamed and shouted all there was a heavy noice at the staircase. I wanted to open the door to see, what was happening, but Fritz said: Just wait a minute. After a short while we heard somebody cry and mourn in the backyard. A look around the corner gave us a clear picture of what was going on. An unknown man was tied on a bamboo bed. The owner of the house, the old man upstairs was beating with a leather belt the man on the bed. The guy was yelling loud for each stroke. There was not anyone who noticed us, so we tiptoed back into the house. Eventually it became quiet outside, and we heard a car drive away. A bit frighten we went to bed again. Fritz made sure, that everything was securely looked.

We got the explanation the next day from the daughter in law. The boy who cleaned and cooked upstairs had just left the house and only the elderly couple was at home. Someone knocked at the door, with the excuse that they wanted to discuse business. The family exported cloth abroad seemingly with success. The old man had opened the door, outside stood two young men. The situation changed right away. The young men pushed the door open and threatened the old man back into the living room with a knife. There they tied him and his wife seated on a chair. They demanded their watches and the jewelry from the wife and began to ask them about other valuables. The situation changed for the second time. The robbers had overlooked, that the door to the balcony was wide open. Just opposite lived a Hindu family with two adult sons, who thanks to God, so happen to be home at that time. As soon they discovered what was going on opposite in the neighbor house, they rushed up the stairs into the living room. There they took up a courageous fight with the robbers, who were surprised by the sudden setback. One of them managed to escape by the staircase and ran of. The second one got tied on the bed, where the older man gave him a well deserved treat with his belt. Then they drove him to the hospital. While he got treated, the police turned up and took over the case.

I could not help wondering if, it was a coincidence, that the servant had gone into town that same night. Could he have given a tip to the robbers about who was at home and what to say?

 Parting hours.

Fritzli was given a small rent, from an insurance in Switzerland, due to his invalid condition. The first few years the amount was 180 CH a month. It gradually increased to 200 then 250 CH a month. This amount remained unchanged over many years. We also did not ask for more. He was our son, and under the condition we lived, it was not a problem to get cheap help. Other things like medication and physiotherapy and his wheelchair was provided for by the insurance.

Fritzli loved music; I had therefor bought a nice stereo set in Switzerland from the the insurance monye, It seemed to me a good choice. It was Fritz idea that, before we left, we should give the stereo set to a home for blind people, where he past by every day on his bicycle. When we came to Singapore, he would buy another stereo set.

Opposite our house was an office for an aid organization. I had often thought about giving them something. Fritz agreed about a fair amount. I felt a sudden kind of satisfaction in my soul, the day I went over to the office to deliver it. At the same time I was also very thankful for the protection God had provided to the family during our stay in India.

Daisy had been a great help to me during those two years. She could manage a household and cope with children; most important she could look after a handicapped child. Her optimism and happy nature was a great plus. It was therefor also important for me, that she continued in a good job, after we had left. The USA embassy had set up an office to help people to be employed. They held record and recommendation of peoples work. I went to their office and got some papers to fill out regarding Daisy’s work for us. I also took the opportunity to explain about the special care, she had done for Fritzli. The lady in the office assured me, that they had the right job for her. Daisy later wrote to me, that she got a job with an American lady married to a wealthy Indian. This lady toke in children from  orphanage in her home to be adopted abroad, she therefor needed a good help to work along her side. I knew Daisy herself had been without a mother from a young age and was very sensitive to such situations.

The neighbors and the kids around us  knew we were to leave in a few days. There was a knock at the door the second last evening, as we sat at the dinning table, in came Gamla. She seemed different this time and did not want to play with Silvia. She only stood in the door for about half an hour. Her large dark eyes where constantly observing me. I knew it was difficult for all of us, but the parting hour had come. I too had come to love those poor children who newer caused any difficulties. I went over to the door looked right into her eyes and said: You better go home now Gamla, it is getting dark outside. Her dark eyes widened, she pulled one hand out from her chest and gave me a silver tee strainer belonging to the hotel. Surprised but friendly I said: Thank you Gamla, it was very nice of you to remember to give it back to me. It must have been something of a test for such a little girl.

We left India after a nice farewell party in the hotel and many warm handshakes everywhere. I did not feel any sadness by leaving the country because of Silvia’s and my illnesses. I was honestly relieved to move to another country, and not have to go through the heat season once more. In the end it had been two very interesting years. We have had the opportunity to experience a totally different culture and had lived and worked between the local people and were many  experiences richer which we would remember for a life time to come.

 Switzerland, Canada, Denmark arriving in Singapore.

I was thin as a bean stalk and had black circles under my eyes, due to what I had gone through in India before we left. The fresh air in Switzerland and some good multivitamins brought me quickly back on my feet again. We enjoyed a few peaceful weeks with Fritz parents, who where by now retired and lived in a nice house on a quite road in the same village. They where thrilled to see Silvia, and Fritzli was more and less accepted with his condition.

My four year younger sister Lise had for many years lived in Toronto Canada. We had not meet for a number of years. She was married to a Dane and had two children. We decided to visit her and from there travel to Pittsburg and attend Kathryn Kullmans healing service. The idea came mainly from Fritz, who was very keen to have Fritzli healed. We prayed faithfully for mercy for him every night. Would he be healed or not on this trip, I did not know. God had not given me a sign this time. The day came, when Fritz parents brought us to the railway station in Aarau. We arrived in Frankfurt by train, and after a few hours continued by airplane to Toronto. After about an hour in the air the captain over the loudspeaker announced, that the engine had a failure, and it would be necessary to return to Frankfurt, thy had to let out the fuel over the sea. It became completely quiet in the airplane; everybody sat silent and just stared into the air. Now that the captain had said so, one could clearly hear, that the engine had a very strange sound. I am always a little bit afraid of flying, and this situation was not the best for me, and most properly also not for most other people on board.

We finally landed safe and sound in Frankfurt. The passengers and the flight attendants suddenly all came alive, clapped their hands and smiled relieved. Back at the airport we had to wait once more for a few hours. We boarded the plane for the second time and were assured, that everything was in perfect working condition this time. It had been many hours since we left Switzerland, the kids fell a sleep, as soon they had, had something to eat. We arrived in Toronto in the middle of the night we went through the custom with everything. Someone grabbed me by my arm at the end of the waiting room. I turned my head, and there was my sister Lise. The first thing she said was: I have watched you for a while Inge, and I can not help but to think, that you have come to look a bit older, but the same may be the case with me. I honestly admitted, that my sister also had come to look some older. After all it felt very good to meet again. We arrived at their home after half an hours drive. The tired kids where put to bed right away. We spent the next week together with my sister’s family and came to know each others way of life on both side. We also experienced a city with impressive buildings and skyscrapers for the first time in our life.   

We got on the Grey hound bus to Pittsburg and arrived at the famous Niagara waterfall after several hours of driving. It is the greatest waterfall we ever saw. The masses of water that poured down was a grand spectacle to observe.

Then we began to anticipate our stay in Pittsburg. It went very well with the children despite the long journey on the bus. Silvia had found an elderly lady to chat with. The two of them were totally absorbed with each other. The lady had fruit and candy in her bag. All we saw of Silvia, for the largest part of the trip, was two dangling legs in front of us. Fritz and I took turn to look after Fritzli, he has always enjoyed excursions. We let our thought wander, while we observed the landscape through the window and considered the possibility of his healing. We arrived in Pittsburg towards evening and cheeked into a hotel right away. We were asked already in the lobby, if we had come to Pittsburg to visit Kathryn Kullmans healing service, which we confirmed.     The staff was kind enough to inform us, that in this case, it was better to get up at tree o clock in the morning and to take breakfast early in the room. The door to the church did not opened before 8 o’clock, but if we wanted to get a seat, then it was better to aarrive early.

We arrived at the church shortly after four o clock. We did not have any idea how the church looked like, nothing about it was mentioned in the book. To our surprise, the church was totally black on the outside. A nice crowd of people had already gathered in front of the church. Because people noticed that Fritzli was a handicap, they let us get right up to the big entrance door. There a black lady stood right in front of the door with her face turned upward, all the while she sang for hours praising God with her wonderful voice, completely unaware of the crowd behind her. I could feel her communion with the Almighty. Somehow her voice sent waves of expectation through the many people waiting.  I sat down with Fritzli on the cement floor. A friendly lady from town told me, that God had healed her dog. I knew she prayed for Fritzli. Behind me stood a lady with her adult son. She looked very sick, and I sensed, that it took a lot of courage for her to stay in the crowd. She told me she had cancer and expected to be healed. I prayed in my heart, that God would hear her prayer. Fritz entertained for the most part of the waiting time a German speaking family. Silvia slipped back and forth, doing her best to attract peoples attention. I noticed a dark skinned little man with crutches, and prayed I would see him healed. Him I would be able to recognize among all others. A drunk man with a loud voice joined the crowd and made a kind of uneasiness among the people. A man took him by the shoulder after a moment, and went down the road with him.

The big door opened from inside exactly at 8 o’clock. I took a quick glance at my watch; the time had flown in an instant. I could hardly believe, that we had waited for four hours. People quickly moved forward and took their seats. It was not long before the big spacious church, with large balconies upstairs and with seat for several thousand people, were full to the last seat. It was bright and beautiful on the inside. The sunrays illuminated the large painted windows. The contrast from outside was great and surprising. We were placed in the first third part of the church. A nice man in front of us turned around and put his hand on Fritzlis head and began to pray for him. I sensed he was a very devout believer. Others around us also put their hands on Fritzlis head and began to pray for him and for us. Fritz and I were very touched by their care. Without knowing us, these people stood in for us in prayer.  Elegant ladies with make up and high heels walked fort and back in the corridors and watched everything.

We could sense a holy atmosphere in the church. Never before had we felt the presence of God so strong. Soon afterwards came Kathryn Kullman forward on the podium. I was surprised, because she almost looked like an angel in her long white dress with big sleeves fluttering back and fort because of the electric fan behind her. We joined in with the choir singing hallelujah. It sounded very beautiful, and I was looking forward to more. Kathryn Kullman interrupted already after five minutes and announced, that healing had begun to take place. She pointed in different directions, where she knew people had been healed of various diseases. It where not long before a queue of people where standing in front of the podium waiting to tell, what had happened to them. Kathryn Kullman was exited for every healing and explained over the microphone, what had just taken place. She put her hand on the head of every person, who thereafter fell backward. Somebody stood behind and grabbed them and gently laid them on the floor, where they after a while got up again. I had never before seen something like this, and suspected her to push them backward. In that very moment she pointed with her long finger towards a lady on the balcony and said, that somebody should stand behind her, she was about to be healed. The lady screamed and fell between the chairs to the floor. Now I was convinced, that it was true. After a some time I saw the little dark man, whom I had seen in front of the church, swinging his  protease, while he was running fort and back to the podium. What had happened, I did not grasp it, but he must have been healed?

Fritz sat with Fritzli on his lap. Sometime when Kathryn Kullman looked in our direction, he lifted him a bit higher. Fritzli remained unusually quiet in front of the church as well as in the church. Silvia stood, most of the time, tireless on a chair and followed everything that was going on. A few times she needed to go to the restroom. I found out, that it was in the basement. To get there we had to pass through a hall with many sick people lying on beds, others looked like it was their last hour. All were listening to Kathryn Kullmans voice over the speaker. She announced a few times that someone in the basement was about to be healed. A mother with her blind daughter, who had been healed, was so moved that she hardly could talk. Kathryn Kullman wept tears of joy with her and embraced her, as if they were sisters. The healing service continued like this for hours. The Holy Spirit preached his masterpiece between week people. There was nothing else to do, except to give praise honor and thanks to Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I wanted very much the Holy Spirit to touch Fritzli. Gently I took his hand and asked the Holy Spirit to touch him. At that very moment his arms flew out to booth side, while he inhaled deeply several times. I did not want to disturb, so that’s why Fritz did not came to see what was happening. He sat with his head turned in the other direction. 

The healing service stopped as suddenly, as it had begun after about four hours. The time had passed very quickly. We could hardly understand, that everything was over. People forced their way to the podium for the last blessing. We also hurried forward with the children. Everything was finish after a short prayer by Kathryn Kullman. We went back to the hotel, a little bit disappointed that Fritzli still was the same, but also very strong in faith. We had seen and heard many miracles. No one could ever convince us, that God was not at work on this earth.

We went back to Toronto, the next day, and after a few days with my sister, flew back to Frankfurt. From there we toke the train to Denmark to visit my parents. It was quite a long journey with the children, but everything went well. My parent had a farm. The highlight during this vacation was the harvest celebration together with the neighbors. Fergus children had been my school friends, and it was very nice to meet them again. After dinner was it time to dance as usually. My father swung his legs with everybody, while my mother watched contentedly. I too watched her with satisfaction and prayed, that her stable condition would continue. She had suffered under depression for some years.

We also managed to get to Egeskov marked. It is an old tradition in our area, and it is held every year in autumn. Cattle and horses are bought and sold. Wheels of fortune and stands with all sorts of things to consume are everywhere. Swings, roundabout and electric cars for amusement are highlights. Gypsies and other artists are announcing theirs entertainments. Vagabonds have a big meeting and crown their king, who comes in the newspaper the next day.   There has always been a sudden charm about this market. We children would look forward for this event a long time in advance. As in the past we finished, with Danish red sausage and soft drinks from a stand. Now where in the world do sausages and pastries taste as good as in Denmark, even Fritz says so.

We traveled back to Switzerland with the train and managed to spend a few days with Fritz parents, before we went on the plane to Singapore.The latest News, at that point of time was, that war had broken out in Lebanon. The hotel was positioned right at the border to the Muslim section, where Mr. Teufel was working as director. He got shoot by rebels, as he stood by the window and did not survive the injury. Our impression not to accept his offer was in Gods protective care. Thanks to God, that Fritz had a good position in Singapore.