Rut is a book, which shows the gentile church integration into the covenant of God, and Gods move in the last of last days.

The book ends with a marriage – the last great move in history – the marriage to the king of kings.

There are only 2 books in the bible named after a woman, Ester and Rut. Ester saved her people from destruction during the time of the Jews exiles in the Babylonian kingdom.

In all the books in the bible, only the Songs of Salomon like vise relates a love story to us.

Generations back – after the fall of Sodom and Gomorra, Abraham’s brother Lot and his to daughters settled in the land of Moab.

Rut a gentile from the land of Moab did not have a covenant with God like the people of Israel, but she became an ancestor to king David – son of king Salomon.

There are altogether only 4 woman mentioned in the genealogy of the gospel of Mathew. They are Tamar, Rahab, Rut and Bathsheba.

They all have some kind of a history behind them, but Gods faithfulness is extended to all, regardless of their background.

On the day of Pentecost Gods spirit came dawn on the people as promised by Jesus. Sins where paid for on the cross, and God became personal to mankind through his spirit.

At that time there was more believers in Jerusalem as in the world.

Today there are more believers outside Israel. Even Moslem people start to recognize Isai as their savior often through dreams and visions.

After Pentecost the God News spread at first to Europa then to Africa and Russia, later on to America and Asia.

With a lot of people circling around the globe today – the gospel have been heard in almost all the corner of the earth. When that happens, the Messiah will return first to the Jews and also to the world, as prophesied by the prophets.

Jesus spoke of recognizing the season, whereas the time and the hour only God knows, even Jesus did not knew.   

The Jews did not fully recognizing their savior the first time and it became a stumbling block to the them, with the result that the gospel was given to the gentiles.

The Gospel will be an even greater stumbling block for many nations for those who fight against the king of kings in the end time.

Romans chapter 8 verse 30-33.    

Family background – chapter 1: There was a famine in the land in the time of Judges. A man Elimelich, (God is king) from Bethlehem (house of food) but now empty, went to live in Moab with his wife Naomi which means  (pleasant) and his 2 sons Mahlon and Chillion. The sons took Moabite woman Orpa and Rut and married them.

Genesis chapter 19 verse 36: Lots daughters got sons by their father. The first one was called Moab; the son of the second one was called Edom, names of the countries next to Israel up to this day.

Deuteronomy chapter 23 verse 3: No Ammoniter and Moabite shall enter the Assembly of God until the 10-generation has past by, because they did not meet you after you came out of Egypt with water and bread. Verse 4: They also hired against you Balaam to curse you.  

Naomi’s husband and 2 sons dies, living her alone with 2 daughter’s in law. She begs them to return to their families and their gods.

Orpha left – she represent those who hear the gospel but do not receive it,

she returns to her own people.

Naomi had heard that God again had visited their land and therefor wanted to return. Rut insisted to follow Naomi back to Israel. She said: Your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God.  

She represents the people who hear the gospel and receive it. She shows love, compassion and loyalty to Naomi .

Jesus died on the cross with 2 others. One repented and one did not.

That does make the story of Rut in some way identical with the crucifixion, seen from a symbolic point of view or like a shadow.

It was on the cross that the covenant reached the gentiles, because a new covenant was given enabling the gentiles to have part in it.

Chapter 2: Naomi represent the Holy Spirit. She wisely guides Rut as she starts to glean grain after the reapers in the field of Boas, a distant relative to the deceased husband of Naomi.

Rut works very hard from morning to evening with only a little rest.

Boas comes from Bethlehem to see his field and thereby discover Rut.

After hearing from his servant what she has done for her mother in law, he talks friendly to her and advises her not to glean in another field but to stay close to his maids.

1 stage: Seen from a symbolic point of view Rut represents the church. Gleaning is hard work, and grain is revelation of the gospel.

At mealtime Boas talk kindly to Rut and invites her to deep her bread in the vinegar together with his maids.

2 stages. Bread, win or weniger represent Gods word.

It is powerful because without knowing thee word of God it is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong. The word is the truth, it is Christ. If we do not know the word how can we know Christ?

Chapter 2: Rut bow down to Boas, showing humility and worship, a new relationship has begun.

Rut is having fellowship with Boas and his servants at the table.

Boas instruct his servants not to insult her and to purposely let some grain fall to the ground for her to glean.

3 stages: The fellowship represent deep communion with God, and grain symbolize hidden truth revealed in the word.

Chapter 3: Boas is at the threshing floor winnow barley. After eating and drinking he falls a sleep on a heap of grain.

Naomi teaches Rut what to do, so that her prayer for a relationship to Boas can be established in order to continue the family line to Elimelich her deceased husband.

Rut follows Naomi’s instruction, she wash and anoint herself and put on her best garment. Then she goes and lay down at Boas feet. Later in the night when Boas discover her, Rut says: Spread your covering over your maid, for you are a close relative.

Boas respond positively to Rut, and confirm that he is a close relative.

He tells her not to fear, but he must first ask somebody else who are a closer relative, than he is. Before she leaves, he gives her six measures of barley in her cloak and put it on her back.

Arriving home Rut tell Naomi the outcome. She says: Wait,  for the man will not rest, until he has settled it today.

Boas had to ask somebody else, who was a closer relative than he was. 

The gospel had first to be given to the Jews, before it could be given to the gentiles

6 measures of barley together with the one Rut already gleaned makes 7, which is a godly number.

All the gifts will increase 7 fold in the end time. Every one will have the gift of healing, as it was in the beginning of Acts.

So let us stop listening to the devils activety and pray for the will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Chapter 4 – Boas meet the other relative in the meeting place in the gate. He ask him in sight of the elders, if he wants to redeem Rut and the land, if not, then he was willing to do so.

The closets relative said: I can not redeem it, because I would jeopardize my own inheritance.

He took of his sandals according to custom and gave it to Boas.

Boas spoke in front of the elders: You have witness today, that I have bought from the hand of Naomi, all that belonged to Elimelich and his sons.

The land signifies The Old Testament, whereas The New Testament is spiritual. It was born through Jesus Christ on the cross.

John 4 verse 23: You shall worship me in spirit and in truth.

Shue signifies the gospel – how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good tidings

Boas married Rut, they where blessed with a son named Obed who became father to Jesse who became father to David who is an ancestor to Jesus Christ.

This signifies the lord Jesus Christ marriage to the church in the end time according to scripture of the prophets and the apostles.

Conclusion: Mankinds free choice.

The daugthers in law to Naomi had a free choice as to follow her or to stay back in the land of their fathers and follow their gods.

Naomi did not at all try to convince them.

The gospel of truth is like that. God himself have put a spirit in our inner man and we are able to recognize the truth, if we such for it.

God himself will be found, if we honestly look for him.