Interlaken 1970 – 1972

We arrived at the train station in Kölliken, on a late afternoon with Fritzli on the arm and two suitcases, and walked the short distance to the restaurant, together with Frits sister Doris.

Back in civilized Switzerland our first priority was to give Fritzli a medical cheek up. An afterwards conversation with the chief doctor confirmed that he had suffered lack of oxygen during birth, and that the result was epilepsy on the left side of his head.

The most important thing for him, at the present time, was intensive physiotherapy together with parental love and care.

I was relieved, because Fritzli needed me very much, even so it was not quit clear to me, how I would manage, if we got other children, but if I could not imaging, what would become of him, if he were to live in a home.

Fritz did not say much, my impression was, that he purposely let me take this decision all by my self. I was aware of, that it was not because he loved Fritzli less than I did, but it was a fact, that Fritzli took much of my time, since he was completely paralyzed and not able to do anything.

The next half a year turned out to be quit turbulent in every aspect of our life.

Fritz had accepted a position in Stockholm, but he very quickly found out, that the job was not for him. We packed the car after one month and drove back to Switzerland. The main reason – there was nothing left moneywise at the end of the month, and Fritz figured out, that it did not pay of to live and work there.

Fritz father who’s name also is Fritz got seriously ill that winter. He suffered a heart attack and had to take a months rest away from the family and the daily duties, it was therefor convenient, that Fritz could help out in the restaurant, for the time being.

When Fritzli had his nap after lunch, Fritz father and I usually cleaned the dishes. I would thereafter put Fritzli in his wheel chair and take him for a walk. For booth of us this time of the day was the highlight, because we forgot all the abnormalities about his helpless condition by watching people and scenery around us.  

Some improvement had taken place in the second year of his life. He seems happier and he slept better than before. I was thankful that his breathing had improved. We did not notice any more of those awful attack. Once in a while I even heard him laugh, when he slept, it felt very good, I was comforted as well, and hope for him began to take root in my heart, I loved him very much.

We decided that winter to have a second child and I soon became pregnant.

I felt absolut sure in my heart, that the babys delivery  would work out well this time.

Our new home

Fritz managed to get a chef position in hotel Beaurevage in Interlaken. We began looking for a place to live as a family, and found an apartment in Niederrid close to Brienzer-see. I think we felt completely in love with the beautiful scenery around us. The apartment was small and did not have much comfort, but that did not matter much. We began to paint and put things in order. I moved in already a month before Fritz where to start working.

Our future began to take shape. We had made up our mind to stay for a few years in Switzerland, to see how Fritzlis condition would improve, and to be sure to have a good delivery for the next baby.

What we did not knew was, that the devil still had a few trump at hand, and that he still seems to be allowed to interfere in our life.

Fritz visited me regularly every week, until he was due to start working.

He drove fort and back in his beautiful new reed Opel Commodor sport car. The car was some sort of a compensation, because he had to take a lesser job due to Fritzlis condition for the time being. I did not say much to he’s choice to bay such a luxurious car. He had earned the money and had the right to spend it, the way he wishes, at least I thought so.

It was on one of those trips the accident happen. The car began to slide, but Fritz managed to escape by jumping out of the car, just before it hit the railing to Thuner see. He afterwards told me, that his only thought in that very important moment was, that he had to survive because of Fritzli. I was very thankful that nothing had happen to him, but I could not help to mention, that since we where a family by now, the money should not be spent on expensive cars in the future.

He called me not long after, and started to explain about an  American car called Firebird. It was absolutely incredible, what that car was able to do. I answered calmly, that he could chose between Firebird and me, by that I put the phone down.

This time Fritz choice was an old big car. He got a very good deal from a school friend. Soon the day came, when he started to work in hotel Beaurevage. Unfortunately he was fired after only one month, his assistant took over. In spite of the situation Fritz did his best until the day he left. I admired him for putting work before personal feelings. The hotel director may have figured out, that he could save on Fritz salary, since his assistant could do the same job.

He explained the matter over the phone to his father. That Fritzli was handicapped weighed heavily this very moment, and bitter tears found their way down his cheek.

Somehow comforting he’s father recalled the time after last world war, were he served 5 years in the military service. He had at that time written over 40 applications to get a job.

There seemed to be something special in the air,  for Fritz got two other offers before the end of the week. He’s father did not understood anything and wondered what was going on in our life.

One offer was from hotel Regina in Interlaken. At that time it still function as a tourist hotel, the director was a Christian. The other offer was from his former manager in Ethiopia Mr.Teufel who was working in Iran. We decided to accept the offer from Regina Interlaken for the time being.  

Fritz sister Doris, who had been to a meeting in the region, announced a visit, on a hot summer day. Fritz picked her up with the old car. It was on the way back, that the motor began to make a strange sound. They managed to get to a garage and left the car there, and came home in a rented car. The mechanic somehow fixed the engine, so that it now drove with one cylinder less, I wondered, but he supposedly should know, what he was doing.

Fritz visited his parents on one of his few days off that summer. Once again the motor started to make a strange sound on the road. Fritz called his school friend from a nearby garage, and explained the matter. The school friend advised him to drive as far as possible, and call him, when the car was not moving any longer. he would then come to pick him up on the spot. As said so done, the car did its last breath in front of a garage and where picked up as promised.

We bought for the third time in half a year a car. The choice felt on an almost new small car, it seemed to be the right one this time.  We got a very good price, because of the trouble with the other one, and because of an honest conversation about cars and friendship with the school friend.

Not far from over house lived an old pensioned Swiss man, who used every opportunity to make a conversation with us in English. He had a problem with his heart at one time, and had therefor traveled to America to visit Oral Roberts mission. The pastor had prayed for him, and he improved after some time. Anyhow he seemed a bit disappointed, because he had not felt anything special. Others could testify of some sort of spiritual encounter.

He started to come around with magazines from Oral Roberts institute. I read them with great interest, because they where written down to earth with a lot of humor. I sometime read the funniest thing aloud for Fritz at night in bed, to our amusement. It was from those magazines, I learned, that there was something called: The end of time. The subject was new to me, because I did not had any bible knowledge at all. In school the teacher took the subject out of the program. I only knew the Lords prayer from home and that Christ was born on Christmas.

One afternoon, as I was out for a walk with Fritzli, black dark clouds started to pull op over Brienzer see. I have newer before or after experienced something like that. At tree o clock in the afternoon, it became dark as in the middle of the night. From many directions flashed warnings signals around the leek, a sign for ships to turn to port as soon as possible.

I began to be afraid of, that this eventually could be the End of time, it certainly did not look good. All of a sudden it started to hail – hails as big as chicken eggs.

I watched the violent thunderstorm for half an hour, then every thing was over. I opened the door to outside, our little dog Adulla crept out from under the bench that stood up to the wall by the entrance door. It jumped up and down extremely happy to see me. I was very grateful, that dogs does not get offended, I had completely forgotten him. I took some is- eggs and put them in the deep fridge to show to Fritz, when he arrived at home.   

He came home by train that day, because the car had got over 30 dents and needed to be repaired in the workshop. Fortunately the insurance covered the damage.

We had almost got used to, that some sort of extraordinary happenings was around the corner, but we came to a point, were we though, that this sort of thing was over, and started to look forward to the arrival of the new baby. We enjoyed the mild beautiful summer weather in this fantastic surroundings, as beautiful as pictures on postcards, sold everywhere to the tourist.

Fritzli continued to take a lot of my time. I spent tree hour a day only feeding him, an hour every time. He had a bath after breakfast followed by his daily exercise. Then he would relax for an hour or two on his red mat outside, which gave me just enough time to do the daily house cores. I would usually over hear his first callings, when he started to get bored, for making him using his lungs and voice effectively.

I had started to take him regularly into town for physiotherapy. My stomach had also started to increase in size, and the many hills around that area was hard to manage, when I took Fritzli out for a walk in his wheelchair.

Our apartment was quit old. Upstairs lived a family with 3 young children. Somehow the relationship between us went wrong. I started to get the feeling, that she did not like me. She was also very quick to get the children out of the way, if they played near Fritzli, when he sat outside in his wheelchair. He was a child himself, and loved watching other children playing. Her disliking me was confirmed one day, as we booth where working in our gardens, that where next to each other. She came with unkind remarks, which clearly shoved her attitude. I realized that not every one like to be around a disabled child.

We decided to look for an other apartment, it would also be more convenient to live closer to town with two children. Our choice was an old big apartment on the third floor, in the building: Zur Stadt Paris, in the middle of Interlaken. There was no elevator, but we where young, and the price was reasonable. The apartment had a kind of a former well to do style. The ceiling, the floor, the doors, even the heating radiator had a sudden touch of past splendor.  

Fritz had inherited some old furniture from his grandfather, when we moved to Niederried, they perfectly fitted into the apartment, giving us a feeling of a real choosy home.

I was looking straight down to a garden with a pizza restaurant, when I opened the kitchen window. I sometimes went down to get a fresh backed delicious one. It was very convenient to could do all the shopping in a short distance from home. The building belonged to Jewish people, who had a shop fot cloths downstairs. Life seems to be improving, we where glad, that the neighbors where nice friendly people.

In the middle of the season two of Fritz cooks resigned out of the blue. Fritz did not have any clue to why and suspected a better salary somewhere else.  To resign seems to be a sickness in those days. He was now forced to work with unprofessional people traveling around taking jobs here and there. Fortunately one Danish cook stayed along with him, but Fritz was not able to take a day of the rest of the season.

Silvia is born on the 18 of October 1971.

A social worker arranged for Fritzli to stay for a few month in a clinic in Wildersmeth. It was hard for booth of us, but there was no other way. I needed some extra time for the baby before and after the delivery.

I followed the advise from the physiotherapist and went to a professor in Bern for maternal check up. The day came, were Fritz and I drove to Bern. I was due to check in the next day, the contractions had not jet started, but the professor had set the date to the 18 -10, if nothing happen before that. We arranged for me to stay over night with an aunt to Fritz. She would follow me to the hospital the following day.

We drove slowly on the highway aware of not to risk anything. Close to Bern where two highways meet, a hush big truck collided into the door on my side. Nothing serious happen to me. The truck driver ignored the accident and continued to drive on. Fritz speeded up the car, all the while he used the horn continuously. Finally the truck stopped, and the driver jumped down from his high seat. Together we inspected the big dent on the damaged door. The driver took out his valet, without many words, and thumbed some 100 CH out, Fritz quickly took them. I could see on his face, that he considered the problem dealt with. The driver went over to his truck and climbed in, without looking back he drove of.

Shaken but thankful, we continued our trip to Fritz big aunt,  who heartedly welcomed us. Her friendly attitude calmed us down. There where other more important things on our mind right now.

I cheeked into the hospital the following day. Since I was not in labor jet, the professor decided to let the water go from the uterus. I was finally brought to the delivery room in the evening. By then mild signs of contractions had started. Waiting in bed all by my self, I could hear behind the door, a nurse walking up and down the corridor.

Suddenly I could feel how the baby made a big jump inside the womb, and right then strong contraction started. I screamed for help the best I could. The nurse came quickly rushing in, but hurriedly explained, that she needed to call the doctor first. I took a look at the big clock on the wall, to be sure, to see how long the delivery lasted. Silvia our daughter was born,🙂 exactly at 8 o’clock, the delivery had taken only 5 minutes. The professor, whom I had put so much trust in, came afterwards. He congratulated me with handshake and commented that I had done very well.      

Fritz arrived at quarter past eight. His face expressed joy and disappointment at the same time. His was happy because we had a healthy daughter, and a bit disappointed, because her nose was flattened from birth. I comforted him the best I could and promised, that the nose would get into normal shape after a few days, which it also did.

Her skin color was bluish, because she had to much blood, as I was explained afterwards. It normalized after a few weeks. 

Back in the room, there was so much to think about, that I did not slept that night. We had got a healthy baby in 5 minutes, so to say without complication and pain. Silently I thanked God.

Fritz seemed very tired, when he came to visit. I got the explanation, when I arrived home from the hospital. He had been working very hard. The old parquet floor, in the living room looked almost new, it had been redone and polished.

The windows had got new beautiful curtains. An older lady from the hotel had offered to do the sewing. On the dinning table a beautiful big bucket of roses from Fritz and an arrangement of plants were from the director.

Fritz had even done the laundry. I felt completely surprised and delighted. We where blessed with a healthy baby and the apartment looked new, I felt, I had got new life my self.  

We picked up Fritzli in Wildersmeth one month after Silvias birth. Fritz had a few weeks break, before he started to work in Badrut hotel in St Moritz. He was now working summer and winter season in two places. We relaxed and enjoyed family life for the time being.

Rooted in faith

One day he asked me, with a sudden expression on his face, if I remembered, what date we had married. I had to admit, that I completely had forgotten it, and so had he. He looked it up, and with a surprised look on his face, told me, that Silvia was born on our wedding day, and that so happen to be the day, the accident had happen in Ethiopia as well. We looked at each other, quit stunned to find out, that we where blessed with three things on the same day, and had not noticed it at all. From that day onward, the 18 of October became a special day to be remembered.

Fritz went to St Moritz living me alone with two young children. I think, that winter was the toughest time in my life ever. There was a lot of work with Fritzli, but Silvia also needed me. I got up at night for both of them. Soon I was tired all the time, and negative thought start to build up in my mind. I was surrounded by my children all day long and did not have anyone to talk with. I complained my case to the physiotherapist. She arranged an afternoon with other mothers with disabled children, but somehow it did not really become friendship. Apparently nobody seams to be interest in me.

I got a lot of second hand children cloths from people in the neighborhood. They would give it to me and say: We would like to help you, but we do not know how, but can you use this. Politely I would answer: Thank you very much, I can very well use it. Most of it landed in a big drover. Sometimes I wondered how people looked at my situation. For sure I was a pity for everyone, soon I felt the same way. If I wanted to talk to someone, then I had to do the calling.

I made a photo album with the children in the evening and sent it to Fritz, so that he would think about us.

Before Fritz went to St Moritz, he was asked, if two of the boys from the Roeshli family could stay with us over Christmas. The Roeshlis had moved to Ethiopia for the second time, but two of the boys where back in Switzerland for further education. We agreed, and soon the day came, when they arrived. Somehow I had been looking forward to their visit, because I would not be alone for Christmas. It meant extra work, but I had made up my mind, that booth of them were to give me a helping hand with the daily duties. It turned out to be a good time, in the sense that I was able to puss my self pity aside for a few weeks.

I had made a cake for dinner one evening. The boys where sitting around the table, as I went to the kitchen to fetch the tee, while the boys took a piece of the cake. The first bit I took, I quickly spite out again, because it was very salty. By then the boys exploded with laughter, making us having a good laugther together. I had unknowingly put salt into the cake instead of sugar. After all it felt very good to laugh again.

David and Peter often went skiing in Grindelwald. I had dinner ready for them, when they returned later in the afternoon. They gave me a hand with taking out the dog, cleaning the dishes and helping with the children. I could not help missing them, after they left, because they had brought sun-shin into my lonely life.

The apartment needed a good cleaning and there where also a lot of cloths to be washed, after the boys left. All the exstra work made me very exhausted. One evening, as I stood in front of a hush mountain of cloth that needed to be ironed, I started to ponder about, that it would be better to die, but who would care for the children? I felt very tired, so tired that I had the feeling to could sleep for weeks. I where supposed to go to heaven if I die, but something inside me was very afraid. Why did God allow sickness and misery in the world? When Jesus walked on earth, he healed all the sick, but some how my biblical understanding did not match real life. My neighbor got enough sleep and had Sunday of. Why had God allowed me such a heavy burden to cope with? I leaned over the iron table and told Jesus, that I had tried the best I could. I expected him likewise to do his best for me, if I ever were to believe in him. I told him, it was his last chance. I called his name out laud, to be sure he heard me. It was not me who where calling at that very moment, but the voice of my spirit deep inside me. I saw Jesus for my eyes in long white robe covering his feet. His face was perfect and his dark brown hair covered his ears. It all seemed very real. I got a very clear impression to always have known him, and that he knew every thing about me as well. Something I cannot explain with words. In that very moment I though: He is the same today, as when he walked on earth. I learned later on that exactly the same is written in the bible. I looked at him for a moment, and then he was gone.

I slowly pulled out the electric cord to the iron, left everything in the living room and told my self to go to bed. Peace had entered my soul, it was the best thing that ever had happen to me. I was thinking about it for quite sometime before falling a sleep. I slept trough out the night to nine o clock the next morning, quite surprised to discover, that the children where still fast asleep. I instantly knew, that Jesus had seen my situation. He also knew, I needed a good night rest, that was why, the children where still sound asleep.  

To put things plain, I got up as a new person. From that day onwards the disturbing thought, that had come to my mind, special when I was alone, disappeared. In my heart, I made the doctor and the midwife, who had been present at Fritzlis birth, responsible for his condition. I felt a murdering had, if I allowed myself to think about it too much, but from that day onward, those dark thought disappeared from my mind. I could talk and think about it without being bitter. It felt very good to be free from the destructive burden. I have since then done my best not to let something disturbing cling to my soul. It is sometime hard to let go, but what we cannot do, Jesus can.   

I told Jesus over the next few days, that I had many questions that I needed an answer to. I had got a New Testament to my confirmation. I found it on the bookshelf, took it in my hand and said out loud: Jesus you know, how much I have to do, it is not possible for me to go to church. If some questions comes to my mind, I will just open the book, and you give me the answer. I did that for a couple of time, quite surprised to find out, what was written in that book. I sensed a deep wisdom behind the words, when I read for a while.

I sat food in a Christian bookstore one day, and bought a bible with the Old and New Testament. I decided for a good quality, black leather that closed around with a sipper. I had set myself the goal to know the word of God from the beginning to the end.

Today after almost a lifetime I still study the word of God deeply on a regular basis. It builds and strengthen my inner being, the soul and the spirit.

Well dressed in a thick winter coat with furs on the inside, a fur cap and warm boots in the middle of the winter I pushed Fritzli home in his wheelchair.

He too was well dressed well with thick jacket, a cap and boots and sitting in a padded bag. My decision to know the word of God, gave me the feeling to be on the right track in life, an inner witness in my spirit confirmed it.

Interlaken also has it charms in the wintertime, although there are not so many tourists as in the summer time. I loved the trip down the main street with its many nice shops, passing the grandiose Victoria hotel with the hush lawn in front and the majestic mountain Jungfraujoch at a distant. I strolled around the park with the dog on the line and the children well placed in the baby pram one at each end, when Silvia was old enough to sit by her self.  Fritzli somehow had to be propped up in a sitting position, one way or another. He was very happy for that arrangement, he had company and he loved to be near Silvia. I would usually stop at the playground and take the children out in turn to play with them.

Fritzli was very disappointed, when the day came, when Silvia began to help puss the pram, he clearly felt left behind in life.             

I was aware of, that something had happen to me, after I meet Jesus. I began to sing to my daily duties with the children and the housework. I always though I was not able to not sing very well, but I discovered, I actually could sing, even take the high notes. Life was beginning to be interesting, and my courage rose, as I sang to my daily cores.

One day at none after finishing with the children, I figured out, that I just had enough time to vacuuming the floor and do the dusting before dinner, if the children did not disturb me. I took a look through the kitchen window, at the big clock on top of the bank I knew that it always was very exact. After finish my work I took an other look at the clock on top at the bank. It had altogether only taken me a few minutes to clean the house. I sat down stunned and asked my self, what I should do now. The answer was in the air – play with the children of course. It was at that moment, it dawned on me, that it really does not matter, if the apartment not always was perfectly cleaned. Most important was, that the children and I had a good time together. I sensed angels had been around to help and to give me clear understanding.

One evening as I lay in bet, I began to ponder on how the term: Father Son and Holy Spirit should be understood. Why was it said so in church? What was the Holy Spirit in reality, could one pray to it or him also? It all seemed some how mystically. I had so many questions and my bible knowledge was very limited.

All of a sudden something started to tick very loud next to the bed. Could it be the Holy Spirit, fear and horror overcame me. I turned on the light and the ticking stopped. I tried a few times to switch of the light, every time the same thing happen again. I did some hard thinking and pictured at the same time, how I had seen Jesus and the wonderful peace I had experienced then. I came to the result, that something evil was around and by all means, it did not want me to find out, what the Holy Spirit was about. Getting so far I closed my eyes and felt asleep with the light on. There was a smell of sulfur in the apartment the next morning. It confirmed, that a suspicious visit had been around, and as I prayed with Fritzli in the evening, I thanked Jesus for revealing the truth to me.

I had brought along a book from the German Library in Addis Abeba entitled: In harmony with the infinite, the summer Fritzli was born.

I forgot it in Switzerland, so I therefor paid for a new book to the library afterwards. It so happen, that I discovered the book on the shelf shortly after this experience. I knew instantly, that here was the answer. I started to read in the book right away in the evening. I got completely engrossed in the book. I could not stop reading, so I read the whole night, finishing the book by tree a clock at night. I woke up next morning very refreshed, after a few hours sleep, deeply thankful to have found the truth. Next after discovering Jesus as a person a live today, there was also a Holy Spirit to help each one believing on him. The book described his function as a flowing river. Were the river did not run trough the land, it became dry and nothing could prosper, but were the river was flowing, everything would grow and blossom. It seems to me, I had discovered a universal truth, and my heart was filled with thanksgiving.

One afternoon, as I looked over the mountain Jungfraujoch, I pondered in my heart, what would become of Fritzli, and how I would handle the situation in the future. The mountain is covered with snow winter and summer, and it is a major tourist attraction all year around. It was, as if Gods voice came from that direction like words flying trough the air, they where not my words, and they asked me, if I would take care of Fritzli as long as needed. I stood for moment still, where I able to do so? I told God, what had happen to Fritzli was the worst that could happen to a person, and I did not know, if I was able to handle it for a longer time. Again came thise words flying through the air, they said: It is not the truth, there are many worse things in India. You can manage, I give you of the power of the Holy Spirit. I let the words sink into my inner being, surprised to discover that there where worse things. Giving God right, I admitted truthfully: Yes I can with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 121: I will lift up my eyes to the mountains, from where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Interesting Psalm 121 is seen naturally engraved on the mountain side.

On the second floor lived a family with three school children, two girls and a boy. I started to chat with the children, whenever we meet on the staircase or outside. I got the bright idea one day to ask the oldest girl, if she would like to earn some extra money by taking Silvia out for a work with the dog a few times a week. She gladly accepted, booth girls started to come regularly to walk Silvia. Not before long they also asked, if they could take out Fritzli. I was pleased with their help, and in my heart I thanked Jesus for them. Their mother and I became good friends, she sometimes walked along with the girls.

The old man from Niederried knocked at the door one day. He brought a book with him with the title: God can do it again – from Kathryn Kullman in Pitsburg. I did not have much time to read books, but I knew, he soon would turn up again to find out, if I had read the book. I therefor began to read it along with my lunch and dinner. I soon became totally absorbed in the book, and read whenever I had time. It was new to me, that Jesus also heals today. The book was all about people who had been healed. Whenever the old man turned up, our conversation was about being healed. My hope and trust in God continued to grow. I felt, as if a whole new world was opening op for me, I even started to have hope for Fritzli.

His condition did not improve, with the exercise I did day by day. As he grew, he understood more, that was evident, but it was difficult to say exactly how much, because it was hard for him to express himself.

Our little dog Adulla was not always happy with that. He scrapped his hands gently and with a pit voice tried to make him do something. He found out, that when Fritzli was laying on his stomach on the mat, that he could bite his feet gently. Fritzli would then laugh and trample with his feet, the best he could. Booth of them had much fun of this game. His ears also got a good wash, when I was not watching. It was impossible to make him understand not to do it. He would look at me with big eyes that said: This you do not understand, it is my love and care for him.  

Fritz parents came for a visit between Christmas and New Year, when the boys where still around. Fritz came home for a week in February. It was easier to manage the children with him around. Time past to quickly and soon he where to live again. It so happen that Fritz meet an older lady on the train ride back to St Moritz. He felt right away compelled to tell her about our family situation with Fritzli. The friendly lady listened to every thing and seemed to understand our situation very well. She advised Fritz to write to a missionary in Africa, which she personally knew.

Fritz did so and after some time a man calling him self, brother something, called me and explained, that the missionary had sent the letter to him, he suggested a visit. Since I was not quite sure how to cope with the situation, I asked him to call again, when Fritz came home in April.

The brother called again, when Fritz was back home and he rang our doorbell not long after. He explained, that the first thing he always did, when he visited people the first time, was to pray with them. He asked for some oil in a cup. I I fetch some a bit puzzled. Then he put some oil on our front head and explained, that it symbolized the Holy Spirit. He then kneeled at he sofa table and so did we. He prayed a lot of things, which I cannot recall today. When we got up, he shacked our hands and welcomed us in Gods family. I must admit, that I, at that time did not understood what it meant. I did not realized, that I had just been converted. Then he pointed to a big scar on his front head and told us, that he had been operated on for a tumor. He had even been blind and suffered much, but God had healed him. I looked at him overwhelmed and impressed, could God also do something for Fritzli? Truly this brother was different, he took God seriously, and he spoke with an authority, I had newer meet with anybody before.

Fritz returned to work in Regina, the same hotel he worked in the summer before.

He took time of every Tuesday night, so that we could attend a Christian meeting, sometimes lead by the brother that had visited us.

On such evenings I simply put the children to bed. They usually always slept well in the evening. Silvia was put to sleep in a play court with a net around, and Fritzli could not get out of bed anyway.

It was a lovely summer. We enjoyed the car ride out to the private house in Unterseen, where the meeting took place. A small group of young and old people sang and praised God and gave testimony to each other. Someone would read and explain from the bible. I absorbed everything about God and his word from all my being. The brother that had prayed with us in our home gave a testimony one evening, about how he came to marry his wife. That it was possible to ask God for something, and that he would answer, was new to me.

I thought about it for a week. By then I had made up my mind to ask God about, what was going to happen to Fritzli in the future. Laying cozy in the old big bed with horse madras from Fritz grandfather, I started a very earnest prayer from the bottom of my heart. I promised God, that I always would believe and newer change my mind, whatever he shoved me good or bad, I just wanted the truth.

I was not prepared for what happen next. It was like a fire explosion in front of my eyes. The wall in front disappeared, and I saw myself on a big screen together with Fritzli, at the bottom of the staircase where we lived. As I often did, I took him under his arms to let him try to stand on his feet for a moment. I knew I was on my way in physiotherapy with him. From above came something like a spiral of electricity descending and covered him for a short moment. I watched, as it left again to discover, that Fritzli was completely healthy. Transformed and overjoyed he cheeked on himself. By that the vision was finish.

I felt, I had just had a very important visit from on high, and that a very important message had been delivered to me. Stunned over this awful sight I lay for some moment silent in bed. Then I asked Fritz, if I could tell him something, God had just shoved me about Fritzli. I had the feeling, what I had just seen was so sacred, that I should not tell anyone. Since it was about Fritzli, he though I could do so. We remained still in bed for a while and just enjoyed the good news. Fritzli was going to be healthy one day, we knew that for sure. A burden was lifted from our souls, we would from now on take one day at the time and make the best out of it.  

The Sunday Silvia was baptized in the protestant church next to the castle, Frau Moser, the mother to the girls on the second floor, offered to look after Fritzli. I really appreciated her help, because we could take to church without bringing Fritzli along and have time for lunch afterwards. It was our first gathering in our home with Fritz family. I started to feel better accepted in his family, with a healthy baby. It was not easy for them, special for Fritz parents to get used to Fritzlis handicap. To me Fritzlis life had a great value, his life was planted inside me. God used this to bless our circumstances and other people throughout our life. Suffering became blessings in many ways, because we sought the Lord and he answered us. That makes me very thankful.


In Hotel Regina worked an old man as handyman. He was a relative to the last reigning Russian czar. His wife were from Mongolia. They fled to Shanghai in China after the czar and his family had been killed. There they had lived for some years by doing business. At one time, when money had run out, he took a work as sailor on a ship, and she had helped out in the household on the ship. They had set themselves the goal to get to Switzerland, like others who feared for there life. We became good friends and visited them occasionally with the children in their small simple home. They where living not far from were we lived. We communicated in English, booth of them where very talk active. He had experienced many things in life, and she could laugh very heartily and was always in a very good move in spite of her handicap. She walked with two cans, because of polio she got years ago.

She called one morning and told the bad news, that he had confirmed cancer of the throat. We had noticed, that he coughed a lot lately. The doctor suggested an operation immediately. The really bad news was, that he would not be able to talk afterwards and would have to learn to talk with the stomach muscles.            

She asked, if we would come to visit him, he was in a really bad shape.

I got the bright idea to go to the Christian bookstore and bay an exemplar of the Kathryn Kullman book. I even was so lucky to get it in English.

With the kids in the pram, the book neatly wrapped in paper and a bottle of good win we knocked at their door in the afternoon the same day. She opened up for us and led us into the bedroom, were he Mike was laying in bed shaking for fear. It was a funny sight to me in the first instance. I newer saw anyone so totally at the bottom because of fear. We recommended him very strongly to read the book right away and strengthen himself with a glass of win.

He turned up in our apartment a few days later as a totally different person. He had read the book and believed everything. He and his wife had made plans. He would not take the operation, because he knew, his heart was not too strong. Instead he would take the Chemo and live the rest in Gods hand. I could hardly believe, that he was the same person as a few days ago.

He was usually hospitalized a few days at the time, when he took the chemo. He read the Kathryn Kullman book over and over again during that time. A lady doctor one day asked him about, what he was reading all the time. That gave him the idea to go to the bookstore and bay some German exemplar of the book and give one to each patient in the room. All of them were treated for canser.  

I will finish the story here by concluding, that he overcame the cancer. They where happy and proud, to show us the result with black on white paper from the doctor, that they considered him free of cancer after five years.

Fritz explained to me about two nice men from Egypt, who were working in the hotel. They did not talk well German and seemed somehow lonely. We therefor decided to invite them. They where quite surprised to be invited. So far they knew, foreigners were usually not invited privately to Swiss homes. For them it was the first time. I felt privileged to could do so, and in my heart I decided right then not to make any difference between people whatever nationality they were from, rich or poor, needy or wealthy, happy or unhappy, sick or healthy. 

Soon summer had come to an end. Fritz worked the next winter season in a sister to hotel Regina in Flims. Röschlis boys came again for Christmas. I accepted them without hesitation, and we had a very good time together.

I was able to visit Fritz for a few days with Fritzli.  Silvia was picked up by Fritz parents in Interlaken, his sister Yvonne came home for a few days to assist them.

By to Switzerland

There was still no progress to see with Fritzli in spite of all my good work. It therefor did not make sense to remain in Switzerland because of his condition. We would be better of as a family, if Fritz had a good position in a country, were I could have help with the children. Fritz studied the newspaper Hotelrevue for vacancies and wrote letters to hotels in different countries. What pulsed us was, that we did not get one replay to any of them. Fritz had excellent recommendations, I knew, that it was not the reason.

I think, he slowly started to accept staying in Switzerland for good. It would not be possible for me in the long run to cope with the children alone. Something had to happen. I was totally convinced, that God would give us the right job at the right time. I could feel that deep in my inner being.   

On one of our walking tours in the wood with the children, Fritz explained all the benefits of being permanently employed by a company. It did not make sense to me at all. I knew for sure, that at some point we would go abroad again, even if he did not bother to look for something at the moment. 

Great was our surprise, when a telegram arrived with an offer to a chef position in New Delhi India. We did not understood anything, it was a totally mystery at first. Fritz quickly switched gears and accepted the job without knowing anything about the hotel and the conditions. It was an open door for us to get abroad again. A few days later a letter arrived from Richard, who had worked in Ethiopia hotel, at the same time Fritz worked in Ghion hotel in Ethiopia. At the present time he worked as a chef in hotel Oberoi in Singapore. The director to the sister hotel in New Delhi had recently visited Singapore and taken the opportunity to ask Richard for a good chef.

Shortly afterwards another letter arrived from New Delhi with all the information needed. The hotel belonged to an Indian hotel chain called Oberoi. Fritz had about 70 employees in the kitchen in Ethiopia, in Oberoi Intercontinental he would have a few hundred. Of course I could have so much help as I needed. We where pleased with the offer, there where just one problem, Fritz had to quit in the middle of the summer season. A sensible conversation with the director solved the situation, and he where allowed to live.   

We decided, that Fritz should live for New Delhi at first. I would come after two month with the children. I had now got something to look forward to, a new country a new beginning and a new experience, I felt very exited, therefor time passed quickly.

Fritz had ordered some large cardboard boxes to pack our things before he left. I started to pack little by little in the evening, when the children where sound a sleep. Some of the first things that landed in the boxes, was all the cloths people had given to me. Had God not told me, that there were many bad things in India. I had no doubt, that I got to use it.

The day came, when I sat in the airplane with the kids, very exited about what the next chapter I our life would bring. I looked forward to reunion with Fritz and the new adventure ahead. Silvia looked trough the window and shouted: Mammi have you seen the big airplane out there, I smiled, she did not knew, she was sitting in an airplane herself. The plan was pretty full, I received two seats, since Fritzli could not sit by himself, but it was a difficult situation for me. The pediatrician had given me a sleeping pill for Fritzli, he got it, and then I put him on the floor, what else should I do. Silvia became difficult, she wanted to be with mammi all the time, but eventually she felt asleep on my lap.

A steward had noticed my difficult situation, together with two other flight attendants they looked at me pityingly. I thought they where giving me a little more space, but the steward explained, that unfortunately the plane was full. After I had eaten hastily, were by I came to los a piece of chocolate cake on my white trousers, I decided to do something about the situation my self. Two rows behind me was the exit door. First I placed the sleeping Silvia in front of the door and then Fritzli. Then I sat down next to the sleeping children and stretched my aching legs.

We arrived in New Delhi next day in the morning. I had to carry Fritzli in my arms, because his wheelchair was sent along with the luggage. Silvia was tired and cranky and also wanted to be carried. I had to speak strictly to her to make her walk. When we got to the duty, she gave up, crying she lay on the floor and demanded that pappi should come.

I did not know what to do at that moment – I lifted my eyes and looked over the crowd. See – who was making his way into the crowd and headed straight towards us. A few second later stood Fritz in front of me. Without hesitation he took the crying Silvia up on his arm. In that very moment the sun start to shone in the little pretty face, while she happily clung to her pappi.

My comment: It was good you came at the right moment, most have made those angels rejoicing that helped him to stand in front of us, when I no longer knew what to do.

Fritz explained, that he could feel, I had a hard time with the kids. The hotel had sent a man with him who explained our situation. He had been lucky enough to get special permission to go through the customs to look for us, it made me fill very thankful. 

God does not let us down, when it really count. It was something we began to learn step by step.