Into the Millenium.

Ezekiel means God is strong.

Then they will know that I am the Lord – occurs 65 times in Ezekiel.

The last chapter in Ezekiel ends with the Lord is here,

ushering us in to the millennium.


Ezekiel knew that God was strong.

He also knew that a lot of things was wrong.

For covenant sake God cleansed the land.

Ezekiel was chosen as Gods spokesman.

When time is right Christ will decend,

too live among faithfull chosen men.

Jeremiah and Daniel lived at the same time as Ezekiel.

The 3 Major Prophets: Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel,

have the same basic messages:

Jeremiah speaks about the father-heart of God.

Isaiah reveals the Son of God.

Ezekiel was used strongly by the Holy Spirit. He was able to grasp large issues and dealing with them, as God directed him.

He was willing to involve himself personally in the divine word by acting it out in prophetic symbolism and thereby shoving us, how far a person can move into the Holy Spirit.

If we do not believe, what God did in Ezekiel’s life – then it is a good opportunity to dike into the word of God, and find out more about a saving Godhead that want to rescue humanity into eternity.

There exist nothing more truth than the word of God.

Jesus said: I am the truth the way and the life.

Nobody comes to the Father except through me.

Ezekiel was exiled to Babylon 597 BC.

Chapter 1 verse 3 – 28 – the hand of the Lord came upon him in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar, where he received the vision of the Cherubim and the divine Glory of God.

Chapter 1 – the Cherubim represent Gods creation and transport system of His Glory. It is recommended to read the passage of the 4 living so called creature with a human form. They occur several time in the bible always described the same way.

The powerful experience must have changed Ezekiel’s young life as a priest. We see, that he is totally loyal to all of Gods command.

In Old Testament time the Holy Spirit came upon people for ministry, and then it left again. Ezekiel did also see and feel Gods Glory, which is Gods presence and love for him and mankind.

Act chapter 2 – the Holy Spirit was given freely in the New Testament time, that means we have the Holy Spirit within us. With the baptism came also the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Today the Holy Spirit also takes hold on believers for ministry like in Ezekiel’s time and thereafter lives again. Where as the Holy Spirit in us stay. Jesus said he would newer live us or forsake us.

Ezekiel prophesied 6 years before the fall of Jerusalem.

Chapter 3  – Ezekiel is, in a vision, commissioned to eat a scroll.

It become sweet as honey afterwards in his mouth.

He so received the impartation and the ability to perform Gods will as a watchman to the house of Israel.

He is strongly commanded to warn the people, God will otherwise claim their blood from his hands.

The Holy Spirit also impart gift to believers through dreams and visions today. God has to trust mankind. No wonder he allow testing in our life to happen.

Verse 25 – Ezekiel is told, that he will not be able to speak unless God open his mouth and gives him a word, which he shall speak to the house of Israel. People will also put ropes on him, so that he cannot move among them.

It was very hard conditions for Ezekiel, but it also shows Gods sincerity towards his people. He is longing to be accepted and understood.

Chapter 4 – Ezekiel is further told, that he is to lay on the left side 390 days for the sins of Israel – a day for each year.

For the house of Judah, likewise  – 40 days on the right side.

He also received instruction about what to eat and drink and how to manage himself during those days, he is bound to lay down.

To make people understand, why they where moved out of their country, the Holy Spirit used Ezekiel as a sign and told him what was going on among the people.

Chapter 33 verse 30:  Your fellow servants who talk about you by the walls and in the doorway of the houses: Come now and heard the message from the Lord.

To understand the numbers of days and years in Gods sight, we would have to study the numbers in bible history. Impressive is, that God planed mankind’s history from the beginning to the end, with a sudden structure of years linked to the history of the Jewish people.

 God deal with the people and pronounce judgment.

Chapter 5 verse 5: I have set Jerusalem at the center of the world with nations around her.

It was like that from the beginning of creation. The earth was plain in one piece with Jerusalem in the center. Only later on, after Noah’s flood, did the earth start to drift apart into continents.  

Looking at Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 12 – God also had a garden and a holy mountain, until something happen that came to affect generations of Gods creation.

Lucifer is mentioned as the most beautiful perfect creation that God ever made.

Verse 14 – you where on the holy mountain of God.

Verse 15 – you where blameless in your ways until unrighteousness

was found in you.

It affected one third of the angels as well, those who married the daughter’s of men and produced giants. See Genesis chapter 6.

A lot of bones have been found of such great people, but strange enough it is rarely shown in the media, were as everything that could link us to a monkey gets a lot of attention.

It became the beginning of a cosmic war, which is still going on today. God is testing Adams children to see, weather they will follow him. Forgiveness is provided through Jesus Christ as a free choice.

Chapter 5 verse 6 – She (Jerusalem) has rebelled against my ordinances more wickedly than the nations around her.

Verse 12 – I will have no pity on her.

Because of her arrogance violence and wickedness, I will punish her with plague, famine and the sword.

The word of the Lord to Ezekiel chapter 6 verse 8: However I will live a remnant among you. You will have those who escape the sword among the nations, where I scatter you.

Chapter 11 verse 17 – there will come a day, when the Lord gather them again and give them a new heart and a new spirit.

Chapter 8 – Ezekiel has another visitation. He is by the spirit in a vision brought to the temple in Jerusalem, were he is shown, what is provoking God to jealousy, regarding temple service.

Verse 10 and 11 – all kind of idols was standing around and carved on the walls. 70 elders of the house of Israel was there, with their censers worshipping saying: The Lord does not se us, he has forsaken the land.  

Chapter 9 verse 4 – The Lord said to an angels: Go through the midst of the city and mark the forehead of those men who mourn and groan over the abomination, which is been committed in its midst.

Another angel followed and slew the remaining of the people young and old. It was Jerusalems last hour before judgment – the Glory of God reluctantly left the temple, chapter 10 verse 18.

Revelation chapter 1- 2 and 3 – Jesus message to the 7 churches in Asia. They represent churches through out the centuries.

What happen to Jerusalem, will happen world vide – the church will one day be judged too. After the Holy Spirit has closed this age, will a total reverse from mans plan to Gods plan lead us into a new era with Christ in our midst.

Chapter 11 verse 24 – Ezekiel: The spirit lifted me up and brought me in a vision to the exiles in Chaldea.

There I told the exiles all that the Lord had shown me.

Ezekiel moved by the speed of thought. He described it as moving in a vision. The Holy Spirit moved Ezekiel from one place to another outside time zone. This sort of wonder will again occur more often in the end time.

Up to chapter 24 – God is dealing with the people through Ezekiel as a spokesman, and God had a lot on his mind.

Chapter 24 verse 15 – Ezekiel’s wife as a sign.  Again Ezekiel received a command from the Lord. He’s wife will be taken from him, and he is not to morn over her in public.

A very hard message to go out to tell the people the same day in the morning. In the evening his wife suddenly died.

With her Jerusalem also died. She was captured the same day. The temple and the houses was burned by Nebuchadnezzar’s captain  Nebuzaradan – see Jeremiah chapter 52.

Verse 19 – when Ezekiel was asked about the meaning of the death of his wife, he answered: Your sons and your daughter’s whom you left behind in Jerusalem will fall by the sword.

Verse 27 – Gods word to Ezekiel you will be mute no longer, on the day you get the news about the fall of Jerusalem, from one who has escaped.

Even so we are not able to se the Lord face to face jet, this testimony should convince us about, that God always will give a sign ahead, if something destructive is about to happen. Question is – weather or not we are able to receive or even be interested in hearing from God.

Since God has good plans for us, we will have time to repent beforehand. This was also the case with the people of Israel.

It does not pay of too overlook Gods existence, because one day the devil will come around and ask for permission to test our faith. 

Chapter 25 to chapter 33 – records judgment on surrounding nations.

Tyre, Lebanon and Egypt are special mentioned.

They symbolize our ego – satan and the world. It is this 3 we need to deal with in order to move into freedom in the Holy Spirit in a balanced way.

Chapter 34  – God judge the unfaithful leaders, the shepherds.

Verse 4  – you have not strengthened and healed the sick and weak.

You have not sought for the lost but you dominated them.

How many leaders today, especially in poor countries, are dominating and using people for their own gain instead of be caring for them. In the end God is the judge of all men.

Wisdom and ideas are freely given, when God is sought earnestly.

Verse 15  – God goes on to say, that when the chosen people are gathered again, then he will feed the flock and lead them to rest.

Verse 22  – I will deliver my flock and judge between one sheep and another.

Verse 24  – I the Lord will be their God and David will feed them.

Here the Lord is referring to the millennium. He himself will be king, David the prince of the people.  

Chapter 37 – vision of the valley of dry bones.

In a vision Ezekiel is brought to a valley covered with dry bones. He is asked to prophesy over them until they become alive step by step and stand on their feet. An exceedingly great army.

Revelation chapter 19 verse 11 – when Jesus come the second time on a white horse, following him will be a great army.

Verse 12 – the vision explained

 I will open you graves and cause you to come up out of you graves and bring you into the land of Israel.

Verse 14  – I will put my spirit within you. Then you will know that I the Lord have done it.

Every believer, who whole-heartedly has accepted Christ, has likewise received the spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit.

Renuval of the body will happen at second coming of Christ. That includes those who have past on.

See 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 51 – behold I tell you a mystery, we will not all sleep, but we will be changed in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet, for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. 

This is good news in a time when trouble is increasing in the world.

Ephesians 4 – the ultimate aim of God is unity of the whole body with

all the spiritual gifts to be established, for the Glory of God to dwell in our midst.

Verse 24 – put on the new self, who in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.

Chapter 38 verse 14 – Ezekiel is prophesying to Gog.

At a time when Israel is living securely, will you not know it.

You will come out of the remote places of the north you and many people with you. All riding on horses a great assembly and a mighty army. 

Ezekiel is referring to Russia, who in the end time will come against Israel together with many other nations.

Chapter 39 verse 4 – Gods answer to Gog: You will fall on the mountain of Israel you and all the troops of people who are with you. I will give you as food to every kind predatory bird and beast of the field

God is referring to the last great battle the battle of Armageddon

See Revelation chapter 16 verse 13.

Verse 14 – for they are spirits of demons going out to kings of the whole world to gather them together for war for the great day of God.

Chapter 39 verse 9 – for 7 years thereafter will the people of Israel go out and make fire with the left over of the weapons.

 Verse 12 for 7 month the house of Israel will bury the corpses in order to clean the land.  

Verse 29 – I will not hide my face from them any longer, for I will have poured out my Spirit on the house of Israel, declares the Lord God.

Ezekiel chapter 40 and onward – describes the exact measurement of the temple, were Jesus Christ will reign as king over all the earth for a 1000 year – before the final reneval of every thing, the earth and the universe.

Chapter 43 verse 5 – the Glory of the Lord filled the house.

Verse 7 he said to me: Son of man this is the place of my throne and the place of the soles of my feet, were I will dwell among the sons of Israel forever. 

Chapter 44 verse 15 – ordinances for the Leviticus priests.

The temple will be restored with all the offerings under the reign of Jesus Christ for a 1000 years.  

Chapter 47 – cleansing water will flow out from under the temple and clean the land.

Verse 13 – boundaries and division of the land.

It will be parceled out to the 12 tribes of Israel.  

Chapter 48 verse 35 – the city Jerusalem shall be 4500 cubits round about and the name of the city from that day onward shall be:

The Lord is here.  All nations of the world will be obliged to visit once a year.

What we believe by faith today, will be reality one day. The Lord God: The only one, will be in our midst, and we will see him face to face.