Joshua means victory. He was originally called Hosea, but Moses changed his name to Joshua,  when he became his successor. God had by then told Moses to go to the mountain to depart from life. He was not to enter the Promised Land with the people, because of disobedience.


See Exodus chapter 17 – verse 7.When Moses stroke the rock at Meribah, making the water flow for half a million people, he did it in anger instead of giving God the glory.

In Jude chapter 1 verse 9: The archangel Michael disputed with the devil about the body of Moses. That may indicate, that the body of Moses was transferred to heaven, after he had departed from life on the mountain.

Moses played a very important role in leading the people out of Egypt by signs and wonder. He guided and instructed the people after Gods instruction during 40 years of wandering around in the wilderness, before they finally were allowed to enter the Promised Land.


At that time in history it was eye for eye and tooth for tooth, because Christ had not jet been crucified for the sin of the world. At first the law had to be installed, before the crucifixion for forgiveness could be given. God overlooked sin, before the law was given, because of mans ignorance of sin. When the fallen angels started to marry with the daughters of man and produce giants, God had to do something, otherwise mankind would be lost.   


The first 5 chapters are about Israel’s position in Christ to occupy the promised land of Canaan.

Under Gods strong hand and Joshua’s guidance, the people were able to take territory after territory.


One can doubt Gods justice, when God allows entire nations to perish, men women and children.

God shoved Abraham ahead of time, what would happen to the nations that lived in the Promised Land of Canaan.


Genesis chapter 15:God had promised Abraham uncountable descendants as many as stars on the heavens. Gods plan for the earth, did not include the fallen angels. They rebelled against God, together with Lucifer now called satan.

God made a covenant with Abraham by putting him in a deep sleep and showing him, what would happen to the Amorites after many generations.

The territory of Canaan was populated by the Anakites warriors, who in every area of life, had sinned against God, just like Sodom and Gomorra that likewise was judged on earth.

God use one nation to judge another, likewise he does not judge a nation until the time is ripe. Later on in history whenthe people forgot about God, they too were judged by another nation.



Deuteronomy chapter 7 verse 22:The Lord will give you victory, as you march forward not hastily but gradually. Joshua occupied the land over a period of 25 years. In Moses time the people followed the pillar of fire, but when they entered Canaan, the pillar of fire disappeared as well as manna from heaven and water from the rock.

From that moment on in the Old Testament, the Arch represented the Holy Spirit. It was the place were people meet with God.


After Joshuas instruction, the priests with the Arch were the first to cross the Jordan River. As soon  they put their feet in the water, the miracle happened again. The ground dried up as in the time of Moses and people crossed over on dry ground.

Joshua ordered them to set up 12 stones from the bottom of the river as a monument, a stone for each tribe. The foundations stones for the church of Jesus Christ.


The people encamped at Gilgal on the plain of Jericho and for the first time ate of the produce of the land.

Gilgal means to remove. Here the Lord ordered Joshua to circumcise the people. They were in the second generation, except for Joshua and Caleb, and had therefor not been circumcised.


In the Old Testament the circumcision was a sign of the New Testament that were to come, and was hidden in the crucifixion of Christ. The Old Testament is the foundation for the New Testament. We must always have Gilgal in mind, because with our God given conscience, we need to learn to cut of temptation in order to live a life pleasing to God.


Chapter 5 verse 13 – Joshua meet the captain of the Lord. He appeared and talked like a man and Joshua answered him like a man. He told Joshua to take of his shoes, because the ground were he stood was holy.


The captain might have been the Lord himself, since the ground, were he stood, was holy. He was, from now on, going to lead the people not as a pillar of fire, but as the captain of the army.



Joshua chapter 6 – 12 – describes indirectly our life in Christ. The fall of Jericho clearly show us the pattern on how to follow Christ.


Joshua instructed seven priests to march around the city, with the Arch ahead and blowing a rams horn. The armed men marched ahead of the Arch and the people followed silently behind without making a noise and so they did 6 days.

On the seventh day they marched seven times around the city. After the seventh march, as instructed by Joshua, the people shouted loudly and the walls collapsed by them selves and the city was taken. Only Rahab who had hidden the spies was spared together with her family. They became integrated among the people in Canaan. Rahab is listed in the generation line of Jesus Christ.



The people walked 13 times around the city, God thereby taught them to patiently wait for the right time. God does not immediately give us, what we ask for, because we must be prepared to receive. The fall of Jericho was a great victory and encouragement for the people.

The destruction of the city paralyzed people in other cities in Canaan as they saw the mighty power and miracle of God.


Chapter 7 – God had instructed Joshua to inform the warriors to destroy every thing in the city and not to take any spoil of war for them selves.

A man called Achan did not resist the temptation.

It had fatal consequences, when the next city Ai was to be taken. The army suffered a defeat, lost 36 people and had to flee.

God spoke to Joshua and told him, that Israel had sinned. A cursed object was in the camp and had to be removed.

By casting lot between tribe, family and man the person Achan was identified. Joshua asked him to repent, which he did.

Now the incomprehensible happened, Achan his family and cattle were stoned and afterwards burned with fire. In this way the camp was cleansed.


Genesis chapter 2 verse 19– describe the sin of Eve and Adam, just one sin and all of mankind was doomed to die. One sin brings the same result as all sins. Obvious all men need to be saved through redemption of Jesus Christ. God is the judge of all men. We do not know weather the people in Jericho will be judge again, since they have already been judged on earth. It will be reviled at the end of the millennium, when the white throne judgment takes place.

Throughout the Old Testament time there was the law of the first-born. All first born belonged to God, including the first grain, cattle or sons. No human were to be sacrificed, but they had first right in inheritance.

Jesus Christ was the first to enter heaven, making way for all saints to follow. Until the resurrection had taken place, they waited in another place, according to scripture.

Enoch and Elias were the only two to ascend ahead of time without having to die. It can be, they are destined to serve on earth as the two witnesses, at the end of time, before Christ arrive to save the world from destruction.    

Jericho was the first city to be taken, and therefor all spoil belonged to God. Since it was a cursed city, it had to be burned with fire, as God instructed Joshua, who was to carry out the wrath of God.


By tithing to Gods Kingdom his blessings flows today as in time past. The incident about Achan should teach us not to have any cursed object in the house or to have anything to do with cursed things like foreign gods or symbols. God does not change, but he forgives because of Christ dead and resurrection.


Chapter 10 – is the first time the word king appears in connection with Jerusalem. Melchizedek is called king of Salem, which was the ancient name of Jerusalem.

When Adoni Zedek king of Jerusalem heard about how, Joshua has taken the city Jericho and Ai, he feared greatly. He therefor made an agreement with five other kings of the Amorites to war against Joshua.

Adoni Zedek interpreted means king of peace.

We se the adversary to Christ reviled in his name.

In the end time, according to the book of Revelation, antichrist will seat in the temple and call himself God demanding to be worshipped.

Many countries will, at that point of time, gather against Israel with one purpose to conquer and occupy.


Verse 8– the Lord said to Joshua: Do not fear them, for I have delivered them into your hand.

Verse 10– the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before Israel, Joshua said: Sun stand still.

So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven for a whole day, as Joshua fought for Israel.

There has been any day like that before or after, but there will be another day like that in the end of time, when Christ himself to fight the nations coming against Israel.


Chapter 13 – 23– the land was divided among the tribes by Joshua by casting lot. In this way each tribe was responsible for its own territory.

As a special nation chosen by God to bring fort redemption, they were not to marry into other nations, neither where they allowed to mention names of other so called gods or to follow there customs. They had to remain a holy nation and serve the only holy God by rules and regulations, unto the time Christ where to be born as a sacrifice for the sin of the world.