Singapore 1975.

The trip to Singapore lasted 16 hours, due to a stop over in between. I was glad that the kids slept in the plane, it gave us a chance to rest during the flight, and when Fritz was there, it was so much easier to handle the children.

What was God plan for us? The new adventure was hidden in the future. Fritz sensed that Fritzli would walk on his feet, before we were to leave the country, sometime in the future. It also confirmed, what I felt, and I wondered a lot about the new situation, that where about to unfold in our life.

I opened the window, in the taxi from the airport to the hotel, and inhaled the mild damp air, thankful that it was not so extremely hot and dry as in New Delhi. The taxi drove up in front of the hotel, which did not look as nice and luxurious as the Oberoi hotel in New Delhi. We both got a bit disappointed; as we walked into the small lobby that look like it needed a facelift, and reported our arrival in the reception.

It soon became apparent that everything was smaller here. The kitchen was smaller, there where fewer cooks and fewer parties to organize. Fritz was, for various reasons, not too exited about working together with the Chinese in the beginning.

We moved into an apartment near the hotel, Fritz could reach the hotel in 7 minutes by foot. Unfortunately it was small and had only two bedrooms. In front of the building a very busy road passed, and the noise was often unbearable. I was not too happy about this arrangement done by the hotel.

One of the first days in our new apartment, as I was cleaning the fridge, Silvia asked with sympathy in her voice: You do not really like it here do you mammie? We will all get used to the new environment, I answered. Soon after I hired a young girl, which made me look at the situation a bite more optimistically.  

Meier, the pastry chef, had arrived one month ahead of us. He would, in a couple of month, return to New Delhi to marry his fiancé Rava. She worked in the pastry shop in the hotel. We had noticed a change in him, but we really did not know how to interpret it. He smiled more and, with his 40 years of age, had begun to buy new cloths and dressed after todays fashion. We only got the news about the engagement, after everyone in the hotel had head about it.

The Swiss colony in Singapore had bought a lot of land long ago. A club and a school with a kindergarten nearby had been build on the land, at the end of Bukit Timah road, in the midst of the jungle between kampong houses and monkeys. The area became exclusive with nice houses along the road to the club as the time past by. 

I registered Silvia in the kindergarten, not really knowing how she should be transported the 20 km to and from the school, because there were no school buses available in the beginning. The mothers brought and picked up their children themselves. I was fortunate to find two mothers who were willing to share a taxi with me. 

All in all, we might as well stay here for a while, since we have arrived here, Fritz commented one day. I felt sorry for him, he was a bit disappointed about his job. He did also not shove the same enthusiasm about his work, as he did in Ethiopia and India. It somehow also changed him outwardly. 

There were not the many big parties and the many apprentices who were very keen to learn something. It happen I visited him in the kitchen just to feel the atmosphere. Sometimes he would just seat in his office reading the newspaper. I had newer seen him doing that before and knew what it meant, he was bored at work. Over the next six months some cooks were replaced. It somehow changed the situation and the working environment.  

During this time Fritz also had a bad skin rash, possibly due to the subtropical humid climate. It did not make it better, that the kitchen was not air-conditioned. He came home one afternoon and told me, that a cook had advised him to see a Chinese doctor. I encouraged him to do so, because he was very unhappy about his rashes. He came home from the doctor with a brown colored herb medicine that had cost only five dollar. In the afternoon, after getting home from work, he put some of it on the exposed part. We could see, already on the third day, that improvement was taking place, and on the fifth day the rashes were completely gone. We were very surprised, over the last half a year the treatment had already cost a few hundred dollars. Thankfully we invited the Chinese doctor and his family for lunch in the hotel on a Sunday. We expected him to come with his wife and a couple of children. Great was our surprise, when he shoved up with a wife and a group of children. Fritz began counting them and asked: Do they all belong to you? The Chinese doctor explained with a smile, that the children all belonged to him. He belong to a generation who had more than one wife, he had three wives. Fritz was now curious and wanted to know, how he was organized with three wives. The doctor explained, that only one wife with children visited him in his house one week at the time. He admitted, he had a favorite wife, it was the one he had taken along.  I could not help to observe her secretly. She looked very civilized kind and intelligent. Why did she agree to such an arrangement? I asked my self.  

There is a special atmosphere around the Chinese people. As to the older generation, perhaps the closets thing would be to compare them with the stiff decorated Chinese furniture.  

To day the younger generation are different. They are also taller, and many have got a taste of western culture. The Chinese make up 80% of the population in Singapore. In general they are not as open and hospitable as the Indians and the Africans. Many foreigner’s find it hard to adjust in the beginning, because of the somehow stiff culture, in a country were people are busy with many things around the clock. 

At first we visited the zoo the bird park or took the ferry to one of the islands with the children. It took time to feel at home. Singapore seams to be a bit boring the first year we lived there. Foreigner’s relationship towards each other was also different. They were more reserved and everything was about business and prestige it so seems. 

We had newer gone to church regularly, but Fritz began to visit different churches on a Sunday morning together with Silvia, because he did not knew what to do on his day of. We were strolling, one Sunday afternoon, with the children at Fort Canning Park, close to home, as we had done so many times before.  We walked past the small Methodist church near the road of the park and discovered that worship was going on. Curiously we stepped inside. The church was half full with young people waving their handkerchiefs in the air while singing and praising God. A young man stood in front of the altar playing a guitar, while the rest gave the impression of being completely absorbed in worshipping God. Very attracted to the way the worship was being held, we sat down on the last bank by the door with the children. On the way out we noticed, at what time the service was conducted on Sundays. This visit to Wesley Methodist church became the beginning to our knowing and growing in Christ. Silvia attended Sunday school, and the maid looked after Fritzli, until we came back from the church service. We had found something that had got our interest on Sundays and was at the same time being planted in good soil.

The Chinese like to eat out in restaurants or in hockey store, a simple place where the food is prepared beside. We began to try the food in some of the many restaurants. The hotel Cockpit, one of the oldest in town, had an excellent Chinese restaurant in the basement. One Sunday we decided to have lunch there. We ordered different dishes including a soup. The Chinese do not eat soup as a starter. Everything is placed in the center of a round turntable. At the more exclusive restaurants one dish after the other is usually served. The lady serving us dived the spoon deep into the soup bowl and came up with a few nice chicken feet, which she with a smile served in our mini soup bowl. I knew the Chinese eat everything, but I was not prepared for the nice feet, and my appetite disappeared like a cloud from the sky.

Fritz had now come to the point, were he like to cease. He told Silvia, he had forgotten his wallet at home, and suggested that Fritzli and I should as the first leave the restaurant. Then he would slowly get up and walk out. As soon he had left, she should run out as fast as she could. She had in the mean time got up on the chair and supported by her knees, she looked Fritz directly in the eyes. Disbelief was printed on her face. Fritz searched his pocket again and found the wallet. Relief was written on her face. When we ate out in the future, she newer forgot to ask, weather he had enough money in the pocket.


Robert is born.

I became pregnant after about a year in Singapore. It was a bit of a wonder, because since I had been sick in India, my monthly time had become irregular. I was told by the doctor, that a pregnancy my correct it. It turned out to, that his prognoses were right.

One day as I was out for a walk with the kids, I asked Silvia: What do you wish for your birthday a baby or a new bike: She though for a moment and answered: Mammie I want a new bike, because the baby I may get anyway. I smiled within myself; with our little daughter everything was ok. She was a healthy, easy to go along with child that rarely made any trouble. 

We now had a good excuse to switch to a bigger apartment.   I was invited to coffee with a mother to a girl whom Silvia shared taxi with one afternoon. Their apartment was pleasant cool and very airy and not so humid hot as in other places. At that particular place, the wind seems to turn around and so making the place cooler. I asked the mother to let me know, if an apartment became vacant. I got a call shortly after with the good news, that one was free on the fifth floor. That was how we came to live in Dragon View, before the new member of the family was born. That meant more space for all of us. The apartment had three bedrooms and a big living room. Downstairs was a big area with grass and trees. Best of all, there was always a fresh breeze circulating on that spot. The floor downstairs under the apartment building was solid covered, giving the children the opportunity to ride a bike or run on roller skate or skateboard. There was no need to buy a car, because Fritz had only 10 minutes with the bus booth way s. Anyway taxis was always available everywhere.


Silvia and I often spent the afternoon by the pool in the hotel on a Saturday afternoon. Silvia had on this occasion swimming lesson. Adelbert pastry chef from Shangri-La hotel and Rosemarie his wife became our best Christians friends. They had a very lively daughter, who was a few years older than Silvia. The two of them got very well on together and became best friends. Very often Rosemarie and Francis would come by on a Saturday afternoon. When Fritz finished in the kitchen, he would also come out to the pool for a swim, before we all drove back with a cab.          

Saturday was somehow a special day. At lunchtime a boy from the hotel arrived with a big box with a lot of good food and a nice portion of Indian curry with Nan. The food was put on a bill and redacted at the end of the month.  

It was such an afternoon we again sat in a taxi on the way home. It was also the 18 of October our anniversary day and Silvia’s birthday. Fritz had not mentioned one word about our wedding day all day long. I became more and more convinced, that he had forgotten it. I felt, I had to say something. I said: Fritz you know very well what for an important day it is for all of us today. I looked at him, he looked like a lam at that moment and apologized, and Silvia did the same. It was too much to say sorry, when Silvia also had a birthday the same day. A bit ironically I said: Next year I may forget Silvia’s birthday. It became very quiet in the taxi. Fritz put a finger in his mouth and stirred up the roof in the taxi. Arriving at home I opened the door to the living room and surprised stood still. The most beautiful bouquet of roses was on the table next to it a card with an invitation to dinner for two in Shangri-La hotel. I hurried to apologize. Fritz replied: Did you really think, I dared to forget such an important day. I realized, that he had planned everything the day before, yes he even got Silvia to say, that she had forgotten the day to. 

From experience I knew, I could not handle the last few month of the pregnancy, and at the same time look after Fritzli. On the other hand the household and Fritzli would be too much for the maid. I therefor decided to look for someone, who would come for a few hours a day to do Fritzlis nursing like exercise and bathing. Fritz mentioned the situation to an Indian taxi driver in the hotel. The following afternoon he turned up with his wife. Without hesitation she took the job. It became the beginning to a long lasting friendship between hers and ours family. 

Silvia had her tonsils cut during Easter before starting school. Fritz got the idea to surprise her with two small rabbits, when she got home from the hospital. The throat pain was immediately forgotten, as soon she saw the rabbits one black the other white. We placed them in a corner in the laundry room near the kitchen. It was a big surprise, when we one morning found four naked pink creatures in a nest. When Silvia came home from the kindergarten the following day, she asked without looking at me: Have you got a baby today. I replied: Take a look around. She opened the doors came back and said: No it’s not jet arrived.  

With the third child everything was different. I had contractions over the stomach already from the six months. At times, they where so strong, that I had to stand still for a moment. The doctor told me, that everyone had to wait nine month. Adelbert came to visit us one Sunday afternoon. Rosemarie and Francis happen to be on holiday by them self. We played card for a while. My thoughts were all other places as by the game. At last I said: I better go too lay down for a while. After half an hour I knew I was in labor. I called on Fritz who quickly put a few things in a bag. Adelbert supported me out of the door, while Fritz went downstairs to look for a taxi. Finally he came back with one. I had to hold back the contractions, the best I could, I had otherwise delivered in the taxi. Arriving at the hospital I was quickly wheeled up to the delivery room. Few minutes later the doctor arrived, just early enough to guide the delivery. For the second time I had born a baby without pain in a very short time.

Fritz had just finished checking me in and arrived in the last minute, as Robert was born. He stepped in with quick steps and gave me with thanks a big hug. I in my heart thanked God for a healthy child. Back in the room he noticed: You look so good, do you want to go to the cinema. I thanked him for the compliment and advised him to go home to cook for the children, hooping he were able to feed Fritzli, since the maid was of.  

For the third time I considered our future after I had delivered. With Fritzli it had been our life as a married couple, and how to coop with Fritzli, if something had happen to him, that was very important. With Silvia we were over joyed for a healthy child, but our future and Fritz work was at that point very important. 

Robert was from the beginning different with his big feet and long fingers. The skin around his neck was to big like a puppy who would grove fast. The pediatrician assumed, he was born three weeks prematurely, because he did not have too much fat on the body. He began to pull his legs up and turning over to the side already after two weeks. I had always been thankful to God for giving me an easy child with Silvia, after all the difficulties with Fritzli. Somehow I sensed that this baby was different. There seems to be a lot of energy in him.

Silvia showed a lot of interest in everything concerning Robert in the beginning. The interest was combined with her own children the rabbits. She was already up, when I early in the morning nursed Robert. She sat together with the rabbits eating carrot with a rabbit mask on. She would come running, as soon she heard us and with great interest followed everything, I did with Robert. 

Robert and I were taking a nap one afternoon in the bedroom. I was about to fall a sleep, as the door slowly opened and Silvia stretched her small hands towards me, as she pointed to the rabbit’s neck. With a pitiful voice she said: Look mammie what has happen. The pink naked skin was clearly seen on one side of the rabbit’s neck. I asked: How did it happen? She explained, that she at first had closed the dog out on the balcony, otherwise it would harm the rabbits. Then she had put the rabbits in her doll pram and played children with them, all the while the dog had watched jealously from the balcony. As she took the rabbits out of the pram she grabbed them by the neck. That’s how it happen. We fixed the skin with a plaster and after sometime it grove back. Only a triangular scar shoved signs of exposure to something. Silvia and her girlfriends had much fun by playing with the rabbits, and Fritzli had much joy and pleasure as well by watching what was going on. It was on such occasions I arranged him on his stomach over a cushion on the floor, so that he had to lift his head a bit to keep up with what happened. He shoved great excitement, when one of the rabbits came close to him, because he too loved the small mini rabbits. 

Fritz overheard a conversation one day by our Chinese neighbor. It was about, that we had a dirty mist in our apartment. It was not all wrong, six soon grown up rabbits in a humid hot climate did smell, our washroom was closed with iron bars, toward the corridor living the area open. We decided to get rid of five and only keep the white one. The rest was given to a rabbit farm. It gradually became very friendly and skipped around everywhere in the apartment. When we sat around the dinning table, it was often next to. It got taste of cheese salami and bread. Soon it was round as a sausage. When we watched television, it would without hesitation jump op on the coach next to us, and with the ears standing strait up, it watched as well. If a violent situation happens, then it turned around and put the ears down. It was completely clean and made its thing on a newspaper in the washroom. We just had to fold it and put another one.

Fritz was the one who feed Robert the last bottle in the evening, when he arrived home from the hotel around eleven o clock. He would take him on his arm, and for a while the two of them would enjoy music or a television program. Fritz enjoyed this time alone with Robert very much, and I think important ties where made at this point of time in life.                


 The locals are part of our life.

The ahma stopped working six month after I got Robert. I employed a Chinese woman in her place. I had now two elderly ladies in the house with Satwan who came for a few hours to do the most important thing for Fritzli, like bathing and doing exercise. I could see the elderly woman enjoyed working with him, and observed that she began to look happier and more cheerful. The Chinese ahma was from character a bit loud. I explained to Silvia: Lets talk softly, maybe she notice the difference and stop talking so loudly. It did not take very long, before she adapted to our domestic climate. She usually went for long walk with Fritzli in the afternoon and entertained herself with the guard and the other ahmas downstairs.

I woke up, one early morning, feeling a heavy burden on my soul. A dream had hit me right in the heart, and I was not able to shake it of right away. I got up and went into the living room. There I sat for a while praying for my self. I promised God to do, as I had been shown in the dream. Little by little the oppressing feeling left. I dreamed as follow: Our Chinese ahma was expecting a baby and should resign in a month time. I observed her carefully over the next few days. Suddenly I realized she was pregnant. At first it was a bit of a surprise, why had she not said anything? I did noticed that she had got a bit of a stomach, but she was fund of cooking and about 40 years of age. I considered it normal, that she had put on some weight. At first I talked to Satwan about it, she had already noticed it. Shortly after as I paid her monthly salary, I asked her, at what time the baby was due. She replied in a two months time. I think it is best you stop working to the first next month, I answered. she right away became very nervous and asked to borrow the telephone. What was discussed in Chinese I do not know? She explained, she would like to continue working for us, after she had delivered. Her mother would take care of the baby, I agreed. She gave birth to a little girl, three weeks after she left us, and wanted to come back to work already after two weeks. I realized she had not told the truth about the timing of the deliverance. She had purposely lied about a month. Occasionally we asked about the baby. She responded quickly, as if she did not really like the question. When Satwan asked her straight out, if we could see the baby, she turned around without answering. Satwan was convinced, that the girl had been adopted. I suppose God had a special place for the little girl, so he carefully made sure that the mother stopped working at the right time. She was very active in the house and carried Fritzli at times. I thanked God that everything went well. It would have been terrible, if something had happen to the baby in our house.

We did not ask to the baby anymore, she had, as far as I understood two adult daughters. She did not live with her husband but had a younger friend, that’s probably why the baby was adopted, we thought at first. It soon turned out to, that the story was not jet finish. We received a letter and a fine, because we had not paid her CPF, for the time she had been working for us. CPF is retired insurance, which is paid out with interest as much as is paid in at the age of 55. Fritz paid for the months, she had been working for us plus a fine of 500 dollar. Often people working in the household prefer to have some more salary, by saying that they themselves cover the CPF, as was the case with this ahma. The saved CPF can be used to invest in an apartment – HDB flat.  They are cheaper than the private ones. They therefor go back to the government, when they are 100 years old. It is a good system, because in this way even younger people can buy their own home. The ahma stayed a couple of weeks after this story. Then she got cold feet and found another job. It was also the best solution for everyone, for it had become a difficult situation. We assumed, she had also received something for the baby, because she started to tell, that she had bought an apartment. 

Somehow I felt sorry for her, because the story may have been architected by the younger friend, to whom she may have become obedient. God had warned me, but I toke her back.  

After the ahma left, Satwan took her young daughter Gurme along to help in the household for about a year. She left school to save some money before continue her education. Gurme was very good at telling stories. Soon Silvia also wanted to come along, when she was out for a work with Fritzli. After a year a sister to Gurme took over for another year before getting married. By then Satwan also stopped working and I took over the duty with Fritzli. Soon Silvia was best friend with Refindern too, because she also was good at stories. Fritzli listen with great interest on those walking tours. Television and music was also a big part of his life. I sometimes asked him about, what he just had watched. He would answer with yes by blinking with his eyes. If he meant no, he would blink with his eyes and turn his head. The work with him in the morning took several hours. Feeding took about an hour each time then baths and therapy. After finish the morning ritual, he sat in the garden in his wheelchair for about an hour. Later he had lunch and after resting a while a walking tour. He usually watched television at the end of the day.


 A deeper dimension in the faith.

Deep in my soul a search for something deeper stronger and more fulfilling had begun to manifest. I had always looked forward to something in life. By now we had the children we wished to have and had started to settle down, in a place, were we could live relatively well as a family. I had every reason to be happy and contend. Why this feeling that something still was missing. I spent some time examining my life only to come to that conclusion, everything so far was all right. What I sought for could not be acquired nor could it be purchased. It was something between heaven and earth, something my soul thirsted after. Apparently there was nothing I could do about it, which was very sad and so I began to file the same way despite the joy of child number three. As a believer I knew the answer was with God, and so I poured out my thirsty soul before the throne of God, every time we went to church.  I did not mention anything about my condition to Fritz, but he somehow felt it. At times he just took me in his arms and held me tight. It felt good to have a husband to lean and love to.

After our visit to Pittsburg I knew God also heals today. It was therefor with disappointment, I read a Sunday morning in the church bulletin, that Jesus healed people in the past, but it did not happen today.  We prayed much for the pastor at that time. We later found out, that many others did the same thing. A small group of young people in the church had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongue and wanted eagerly to spread the Gospel. It was the small group of young people we had seen, the Sunday we so happen to step into the church for the first time. It did not take long, before the second pastor doctor Toni Chee under the influence of the first pastor Ong got pulled along with the fire, which had started to spread among the young people.  Step by step many things started to change in the church. Tony Chee, who took over from pastor Ong, invited other pastors from Singapore to come and hear about the revival, that had begun to take place. At the same time the number of church members started to rise drastically. From about 250 on a Sunday morning service we were soon up to 1000 people with several services on Sundays. It was obviously, the church had to be expanded. In Singapore churches, mosques and temples are private enterprises. Because the church existence depend on, what the people give, it is sometime necessary to talk about money during the service. Singaporeans have sense for money, and many gave generously to support, what God had started in their midst. After a while enough money was collected to start on the extension of the church. 

When the renovation began, the church service was held in a large school on Mount Sofia. It was in one of these services, that the power of God overwhelmed me. During pastor Tony Chees preaching I sensed something like a long tube over the head of the pastor, it pointed directly at me, and at the same time it told me: This is what you need, you can accept it and you will feel better. If you do not receive it, you will continue to feel depressed at times. Because I knew, the pastor was on the right path, I accepted and received the gift from God, without really knowing before hand what it was. The moment I said yes, the power of God flouted through me, and at the same time God showed me, how much I meant to him. It came in this manner: If sky and earth disappear, I will still exist, that was how much God loved me. A wonderful feeling that exceed everything I ever had known in my life, manifested inside me. If we feel like this in paradise, it exceeds everything life can give. Again there was a message: I leave you now, but I am there, when you need me. 

Jesus told us to be baptized with water and the Holy Spirit, because God want to have a relationship with us. The greatest  commandment: You shall love your God from all your heart soul and mind and your neighbor as your self, I newer really understood until that point of time in life. 

The church was by now completely renovated. Instead of fan air conditioning was installed all over the place. The ceiling had a deep red color, it should remind us of the blood of Jesus Christ which was poured out for all mankind. Changes continued to take place. The church became the first in the country to introduce praise service on Sunday evenings. Singapore was at that time also a very young country. Many came from other churches for the evening service, and people began to testify about, what God had done in their life. Often when we entered the church on such evenings, the love of God was like a thick cloud in the air and could be felt of all. People began to confess their sins, and many tears were whipped away by the altar. People knew they were forgiven and began a new and better life. Healings started to take place, because God is faithful. The church became active in many areas. Several classes with Sunday school and kindergarten were organized. Every one was very interested to learn more from Gods word. The teaching from the pulpit became spiritual meat for rest of the week. The church continued to grove in number. An extension was done later on. Several services on Sundays and during the week were arranged over the next couple of years. 

It was a very exciting time, so much was happening. When we arrived at the church Sunday evening, the pastor usually stood by the door and welcomed everyone, all the while he swung his arms in tack to the music. With a breath of joy we sat down on the bench ready to praise God and learn something new. 

We began to understand, why we had come to Singapore. God had something completely different for us this time. 

I came to know a young girl from the church who worked as a social worker, she told me how it all started. God had told a prophet in a vision, to travel to a country with the shape as a diamond. God intended to pour out of his Holy Spirit on that country. The prophet had studied the map, and with a diamond discovered that I fitted on Singapore. He traveled to the country without knowing anybody and visited different churches. He just sat on the benches and prayed during the service, God did the rest. Today after many years one can truthfully say, that the country has become a diamond. It has a high living standard; even so it does not have any resources except good educated people.            


The breakthrough.

In this so important time in Singapore’s history, spiritual as well as economical that seems to go hand in hand in this so blessed times, pastor Tony Chee began with his outreach victory. After the first two, three followed. Many found a new and better way through faith in a living God. Victory four became the most successful of all. The reason being the Holy Spirit was poured out on the crowd as promised in Joel chapter tree, were it says, that God will pour out of his spirit upon all men in the last days. Prophetic utterence, dreams and visions will be multiplied among the young and old before the end of the ages will occur.   

It is difficult to describe the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is a wonderful healing strengthening atmosphere, a state that can intensify and can be felt of all.  God was very close those evenings, and it was therefor very easy to proclaim Gods word. The outreach was held in an open theater almost in the middle of the city not very far from Oberoi Imperial hotel where Fritz worked. The choir sang, and some testified in between, what God had done in their life. The Holy Spirit did his work among fragile people who opened their heart for him, as he preached the masterpiece from God him self with signs, wonders and healings.   

I had fasted half way three weeks before the victory. I only took small portions of onion soup, bread and some salad. I thereby wanted, by fasting and prayer to show God, that I still remembered his promise to me about Fritzli. I saw in a vision, during our two years stay in Switzerland, how Fritzli became transformed, as the scripture promise in 1 Corinthians 15 – 51. I had always wondered a lot about this strong open vision that came in an explosion of fire.

I believe God saw my effort of fasting and praying. I had an unusually dream the last night before victory four. In the dream I realized clearly, that there exist two dimensions, and that most people do not realize, that everything they say and do will be recorded and shown to them on the day they have to give an account for their life. God will show us, that without Jesus Christ it will be very difficult to stay before him. If only people realized this secret, they would live life differently, fear God and accept his son for their sins, I thought, as I meditated on the dream.

Victory four was just the beginning of the revival. Evangelistic meetings started to happen all over the country with visits from preacher from other countries.

For Fritz it was not all that easy at times to understand what was going on in the church. Sometimes when we walked home after praise and prayer Sunday evening, Fritz considered what he just had heard and tried to understand. He did not want to talk about it, because he himself would figure it out.  One time I noticed to my surprise, that his eyes were bloodshed, and he whispered: Something just beat me in the food, I think, scorpions are running around between the benches. As soon we came outside, he breathed in deeply and felt better. Scorpions are found in Singapore. Another time he whispered: I know that the man up there on the pulpit is lying. Surprised I looked at him. What was happening? Everything the man said was completely biblical. Fritz had given his life to Christ, but he was not too serious about it in his daily life. He rarely read in the bible, and God was very lucky, when he put something in the bag for an offering, because he had himself earned the money, and I better not talk about it.  

I had prayed a lot for him one evening. On a piece of paper I wrote in German, that he should ask God to fill him with the Holy Spirit. I placed the paper on the entrance door and went to bed. When he got home at 11 o clock, I pretended to sleep deep and well. Next morning he had the following to tell. He had in a dream been to a small church. Every one sang and praised God in an unknown language.  Soon he joined them and also began to praise God in an unknown language. The dream had gone on the whole night. He had not been able to turn in bed but had been lying straight on his back. He added: Everything is now OK between the Holy Spirit and me. There was something about it, for when he came home from work for a couple of hours in the afternoon, he hurried to change cloths, and then he rested on the bed and read the bible. Sometimes he would say: Do you know, that this or that is written? I thanked God for the positive turn in his life. 

Jesus had once again done everything by himself. How much we allow the Spirit of Christ to enter our life shows in our outward appearance. God’s purpose for us is to be Holy Spirit lead, because he has a good plan for our life.

One Sunday after church service some Americans advised us to visit St. Andrews cathedral in the evening. The Spirit of God was doing a great work among young people. An American doctor was preaching that evening. He leaned over the pulpit and observed the people for a while, before he started to read from the book of Exodus. God warned the Israeli people about sinning after they came out of Egypt. Each time the doctor mentioned a sin, he stopped reading, looked at the crowd and encouraged those who had sinned in this area to stand. When he came to a scripture, which warned about sex with animals, no one stood up. The doctor waited for a moment, then he knocked on the pulpit and said: I am not wrong, God said there are people here who need to confess, no one is to look around. My heart started beating fast, I did not think that modern people did such thing to day. Suddenly one young person after another stood. When he had come through the list of sins, those who stood were called to the front, and the doctor prayed for them. 

This experience made a strong impression on me. I clearly understood, that if people are willing to admit their sins, God is there with open arms to forgive like in the parable of the lost son. I do not think, we fully understand the grace of the almighty God. 

God was angry with the people in the Old Testament, if they turned from him and did not follow the commandment after the book of Moses. In the New Testament the price for sin is paid for, and God is pleased, when we return to him.

There will come a day, were God set a stop to this age and make a new heaven and a new earth, were righteous people will live and reign with Jesus Christ forever.

I was part of a German bible study group for many years, and I also got my best friends there. Because we stayed 24 years in Singapore, I occasionally had the opportunity, to invite others who were either new or had difficulties to feel at home in the big foreign city. Many foreign mothers are often alone with the children, because the husband’s travel around in Asia for the company they work for during weekdays. The double responsibility to carry for everything them self and to be alone without anybody to talk to, can be a burden they have to learn to live with.    

We the ladies invited every fortnight in turn to the different homes for coffee and tee. We also toke turn to prepare a subject, which we eagerly discussed afterwards. Christian friendship has always been very special to me.   

It became clear in top circles in the country, that a charismatic movement had begun among the Christians. The prime minister Lee Kuan Yew said at one time in an interview in Australia, that Singapore need to have a strong police department, because a charismatic movement had begun among the Christians. It happens, that Muslims changed their faith, which the Muslim leaders did not so easily tolerate. 

Singapore has been successful in promoting peace, stability and freedom between the various nations and religions represented in the country.


 Dark clouds pulls up in the family.

I received a letter from home, that my mother was ill, but she optimistically promised to be healthy for our summer vacation. Fritz had likewise received a letter from his family with the news, that his mother was ill. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The doctor had told them, that there was not much hope. Fritz therefor decided to take a trip home. He spent two meaningful weeks with his parent and sisters and had the opportunity to pray with his mother and comfort his father. After two month in bed his mother peacefully went to sleep for not to wake up again.

I arrived in Copenhagen Mai 1978 with Robert and took a small airplane to Odense, were my father picked me up. My mother was happy to see us, but at the same time her eyes reflected anxiety: Had I come home to see her for the last time, her eyes seems to say without words. She did not live very long after my arrival; she too died of stomach cancer.

Before Robert and I continued to Switzerland to make a short visit with Fritz father, we visited my mother’s grave for the last time. The white Lilies in the middle of the grave were still fresh and beautiful. They were my very last gift to my mother. All other flowers had fade away. It made me very happy to see that. I took it as a sign, that she after all had returned home. In my heart I knew she was a believer. 

Our mother was in her younger days a lively, happy and intelligent person. Unfortunately, as the years past, she started to withdraw herself into her own world. It was said at her funeral, that she newer said a bad word about anybody, that’s truth. We children also newer got a scolding from her. She would correct us with insight and understanding, which is wisdom, I also think the effect is better. In a way she was deceived in her thinking and on the other hand like innocent, because she refused to be judgmental. 

Back in Singapore I told Fritz about my difficult vacation with all its ups and downs. Because of his fathers helpless situation he decided to visit him together with Silvia that following summer. I supported him in his decision. It became the last and most meaningful vacation Fritz had with his father. He died the following year of heart failure.

20 people past away in the family on booths side over the next two years. All the elderly departed.


  Children experience.

We had life and happy days now, that Robert was running around in the apartment. He climbed up everywhere and hung in the bars in front of the windows. When he climbed up on the dinning table and balanced on the edge, he sensed, that I became nervous. His childish naivety got some extra care by putting us to the test. I had to take all my nice things away from the bookshelf, but I left one vase and told him not to touch it. He immediately began to run up and down in front of it, while he assured me, he would not touch it.  As he run up and down, he came close to the vase, and suddenly he snapped it and run into his room with it.  

Silvia had decorated her room nicely in girl manner.  Her irritation sometimes got free run, if he started to touch her things and pull her hair. A strong will was slumbering in him, Fritz started to be active in his child education in a determined way. He came home for a few hours in the afternoon, because he was also on duty in the evening. 

He saw to it, that Silvia and Robert had their dinner, as I was feeding Fritzli in the kitchen. It was at such time that it often came to conflict with Robert. He would to say: I don’t like the food. At time I though Fritz was too hard on him, but I talked to deaf ears. What Robert do not learn know, he will pay for later on, was his motto.

We took many trips to the see while the children, when they were younger. Fritzli also enjoyed those outings, 20 minutes in the water was just right for him on a hot day. When I went with the kids alone, I first went to fetch a cap. The driver would take a look at all the things that I had ready to go into the car, then he would the say: It is not possible. I would answer: It can, I pay extra. With that remark he followed my instruction, and together we loaded the car before sitting down and with happy faces drove of to the east cost beach.  

Silvia started piano lessons at the Yamaha music school. The teaching was very spontaneous the first year. 

Sometimes the teacher would ask, if someone would like to come forward to sing a song. Very eagerly Silvia always put her hand up. Many of the Chinese children were shy and dared not to step forward. After Silvia several times had been promoted to sing, the teacher began to ask, if anybody could sing a well-known Chinese song. Again Silvia’s hand went up. Apparently the teacher was surprised. Silvia was called forward and sang fluent the Chinese mentioned song.  She had learned it from a Chinese girl, whom she sometimes played with. I had heard them repeat the songs over and over again. The next time the teacher asked, if somebody would like to sing a Malaysian song. Again Silvia’s hand went as the first up. Very surprised the teacher called Silvia forward, who again song the Malaysian song fluently. I looked around at the local mothers and enjoyed the appearance of my smart little daughter.  

One Friday evening we were again in town. The queue at the taxi stand were unusually long that evening. We decided to try the luck on the road, maybe a taxi would happen to come by. An old man on a rickshaw bike drove up on the side of us. A rickshaw is a three-wheeled bike with a caliche. Should we try this one for a chance? I asked Silvia, while I looked at her face. She nodded excitedly: Yes mammie that could be fun. I agreed to a nice price with the man, and soon we were sitting under the caliche. The old man was tramping hard, and after a while he told us to step out of the rickshaw, because we were to heavy and the road to long. At the same time he demanded his money. Then I pay half I defended my self. The man started to get angry and aggressively demanded his money. Silvia looked at him with a compassionate look: Mammie he is old give him the money, she pushed on. The old man stretched his hand out to get the money. I could not help but feeling selfish at that moment, and without any further argument I paid the amount. The man got on the bike with a swung and quickly disappeared. Silvia and I continued the last few kilometers on food to River valley road and arrived sweating at home. 

Sometimes we took a taxi to the hotel, were Fritz were working, when Robert was old enough to come along. Friday evenings were barbecue night by the poolside. The kids and I enjoyed a delicious dinner, and when Fritz was finish in the kitchen, he fetched us at the pool, tired but happy we went home together.  



The first few years we lived in Singapore, the Christmas preparations was not felt very much in town. As the numbers of Christians grow, the interest in everything concerning Christmas increased. Soon Christmas became a major tourist attraction. The main street Orchard road became like a fairy tale land. Shopping centers and hotels competed with each other, and prices were given to the finest decorated ones. The decorations always varied from year to year. It paid of to take a trip down the crowded main street, because it was like walking in fairyland. Everywhere Christmas music was heard, and in the shopping arcade all sort of entertainment was happening.

November and December is holiday season in Asia. Many came for a holiday shopping trip from the surounding countreies in Asia. There were also great programs to choose from like concerts ballet, theater and so on. 

It was an exiting time for every one. With Frizzle in his wheelchair and the children along, we usually toke a stroll down the road at evening time. In Singapore we experience the sweet Christmas time a bit differently without snow, frost and cold weather.        

At home we decorated the apartment early December and backed cookies. Christmas music was heard in Danish English and German. December six the Santa Claus came to the school with a big bag. He distributed nuts and chocolate and knew everything about everyone.

The children and I participated in Christmas parties by the Scandinavians, the Germans and in the hotel. The kids enjoyed all of it. The best day of course was Christmas Eve. For Fritz it was a very busy day. He used to come home for only an hour in the afternoon. We hurried to lighten the candles on the expensive imported Christmas tree and heard music as everyone got a present. At six a clock evening time, the children and I went to the hotel and heard a choir singing in the lobby. After that we went to the cafeteria, were a beautiful buffet was set up with everything that could tempt the eye. The restaurant was next to the kitchen, Fritz would pas by once in a while, too see how we were doing. 

For Fritzli it would have been a bit too much to come along to the hotel. He stayed at home and had his dinner with the ahma, and afterwards went to bed as usually.

Fritz usually took a day of after Christmas Eve, together we went to the Wesley Methodist church and the afternoon was spent in the family circles.  

The kids wished for new bicycles for Christmas. It is of course a gift that cannot be hidden easily in an apartment. As Christmas came closer, we sensed that they were not too sure, if they were getting their bikes or not. The different rooms were examined regularly. Silvia reminded us, that they hope to ride bikes at Christmas. I answered: You are allowed to wish.

Finally it was Christmas, Fritz asked, if they had seen some big packages somewhere. Again the apartment was investigated. Hopefully they do not disappoint us was clearly written on their faces. Fritz said: Go to the bathroom next the ahma room and look up at the ceiling. The bikes were in pieces packed in Carton and fixed to the ceiling. There were cheer and dancing as Fritz took the cartons down. They admitted, that they had given up all hope of getting bicycles.

Fritz enjoyed his victory. He had managed to hide the bicycles in the apartment without them discovering the hiding place. That Christmas a lot of cycling was done.

Fritzlis Christmas gifts were a bit different due to his handicap. He got things, he was able to enjoy. New clothes and things for his room was always among the gifts as well as music and stories on cassette. He also had fun of electrical toys. Silvia and Robert made cassettes with self-told stories. It is still fun after many years to listen to them.

Fritzli loved his toy animals. We often arranged them around him, when he was resting somewhere. Therefor there were always some new exemplars among his present for his great pleasure. 

We had a dog later on called Spotty. He was an unusually play full dog, a kind of Japanize Spaniel with one eye black and the other white.  He too got Christmas gifts, a toy dog which he at once felt in love with. The old one landed in the dustpan due to hygiene reasons. Another gift was a tissue box, which made him very exited. He would tear one piece of paper after another out, until the box was empty and at the same time having great fun. I had to think twice, what was to hang on the lowest part of the Christmas tree, because he had an eye for glitzing decorations, and before long they landed under a chair.  


Chinese New Year

In town the Christmas decorations stayed to after the first week in the New Year. Then they were replaced with Chinese decorations for the Chinese New Year. Usually reed lanterns were everywhere together with flower, children and the new years animal sign. The Chinese calendar has 12 symbolic animals signs. Every Chinese New Year a new sign begins until 12 years has past by, and then it starts all over again. There are also other important rules, which I do not understand. People are characterized by these animal signs, and horoscopes are made accordingly for the coming year. Who did start it? Buddha did, when he realized, that he did not have long time to live. Twelve animals were put together for a race. All after how fast they arrived at the goal, were they divided into rank. The rat arrived as the first at the goal followed by the others. 

According to Chinese custom as much as possible have to be new in the homes for the New Year. New clothes preferable in festive colors, the red color is very popular, is bought. Special food is served on the table every-were, and of course the house has to be cleaned very well. China town is crowded with a lot people, many whom hope to make a good deal, because everything has to be sold before the New Year for the sake of happiness through out the coming year. The many restaurants are constant full, as a lot of different things have to be eaten for good luck. Singapore is known for the roe fish mixed with cornflakes and spices it taste delitious.

It is popular, for hotels and shops but also private families, to invite for dragon dance. A red banner is placed over the entrance door to welcome the dragon. If there is a mirror on the wall, it has to be covered, so that the dragon do not get frightened by looking at himself. The ceremony starts with a group of young men, dressed in red blouses and black trousers arriving with noisy musical instruments. Under a big blanked, in muster like a dragon, they moves fort and back and up and down in twisting snake manner in accord to the noisy music. It is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. 

Parents are respected on this occasion. The oldest son has the responsibility for the parents, when they get older. Other children contribute regularly with a monthly amount. 

We lived in a compound called Dragon view. There were many older people in the area. It happens that somebody past away. Then a tent was set up with a red altar and a picture of the diseased person with a lot of smoking sticks arranged around it. People came to visit over several days bringing gift and showing respect.

The car with the noisy music arrives again but this time without the dragon. With laud music and spectacle the best is done to bring the diseased person to another place. The dead is cremated together with the things, he or she possessed in life in form of paper. Singapore has special stores who create everything in paper, like houses, cars and so on for this special purpose. In this way the dead is equipped for the next life.

One of Fritz assistants asked for a few days of, because his brother was getting married. Surprised Fritz answered: I though your brother had died. The cook explained, that a marriage had nevertheless been arranged between his brother and another diseased girl. The parents on booth side had agreed to it. With members of the families they would together go to the temple and give their blessings. The date had been set by the monks, as is the custom.


Malay New Year

The Muslim New year is happening in a rather quiet way. A month of fasting is the rule. In Singapore it begins right after the Chinese New Year in the month of February or Martz. Eating and drinking is done before the sun rises and after it has gone down. The fasting time ends with a big feast. Now it is in the Malaysian quarters, that a lot of things are going on. In the Muslim area were also the big Moshe is, marked with food and cloths is available in great variety.  

On my way around in the city, Singapore is one big City, I sometimes chatted with the taxi driver. On one occasion I discussed the Christian faith with a Muslim. He seems to be a very good Muslim believer. He commended, that Jesus could not be God, since God could not die. I answered: He did not die, because he went to the underworld for thereafter to be resurrected bodily and was seen for 40 days, before he was taken up alive in the sky. Can almighty God not say this part of me I call my son. 

The taxi driver handled the situation by saying: Son or not,  we do not pray to Mohammed or to Jesus, we pray only to God. It so happen, that I came to drive with him on several occasions. I assured him, that I had been praying for him, he in return answered, that he had also been praying for me. 


The Indian New year.

Indians have sense for dramatic happenings. The New Year in autumn does not pass without great entertainment. 

Singapore has become known for the Hindu festival. Early in the morning mostly young men start to decorate themselves in the square in front of a famous temple in the city. A big bow is placed above their head supported with their arms and with many little arrows stuck into the skin on the chest. An arrow is also stuck trough the tongue, so that the mouth cannot close. With drums and encouraging cry from the spectators, they slowly march almost in trance to another temple four kilometers away. Here the whole thing is taken of, and they recover on the ground. 

In this way they hope to please the gods. If women have special wishes, they have the opportunity to march along with a milk jar on the head. If they manage, their wishes are fulfilled, it is said.  

One can almost be sure, that older people in the Hindu faith are very religious. One day I was again sitting in a cap with an older Indian taxi driver. I could not resist the temptation and started a conversation by saying: The Christian faith is the most merci full in the whole world. One only needs to live once, and God himself pays for the forgiveness of sins. By accepting this we have eternal life, with the one who created everything.  

The taxi driver answered: Yes, yes that is right for you, because you believe it, but there must be somebody who has managed to come into eternity trough the Hindu faith. 

Are you sure about that, I replied? If people would be better by repeating their life, there should be super people around today, such have I newer meet. There are also getting more and more people on earth. The Indian taxi driver became nervous. I sensed, he had done a lot of thinking, about what would happen to him in the next life. As we continued our discussion, he lost the direction. It became a long drive, but I paid without discussion praying, that something of what we discussed would stay with him.

It is a common believe in the Hindu faith, that Christ did not die on the cross but immigrated to India, were he married and got many children, before he died. 

Every religion somehow have there own explanation about the resurrection of Christ. That there is an enemy around is obvious, because of the anger and the punishment Christians sometimes get to experience special in non-Christian countries. Even not very convinced so-called Christians sometimes act strangely and disbelieving.  


The Miracle of a small Finger

There were only two European families in the building, were we lived. The rest consisted of people from different countries like Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia and of course from Singapore. The children made many good friends, between the Asian children, during the 10 years we lived in Dragon view. 

There were roller-skating, cycling and other things going on downstairs in the afternoon. A small cliché of children became friends. One evening, as the moon was full and big looking down between the palm trees, a big boy got the idea to make a fire. The younger ones rushed fort and back eagerly to help collecting sticks. Then the boy sat down by the fire with his guitar and played, while the younger ones were sitting around the fire. I watched it all from the kitchen window, as I was preparing the dinner. It later became a roller skate show with grill supported by the mothers afterwards. We noticed, that the residents had begun communicate more with each other. 

In the beginning it was not so. The Japanize, who represented the majority of children, remained hostile towards the rest. If they could get away with it, someone was plagued. After Robert a few times came home crying, because of the stupid Japanize who made it impossible to play downstairs, I began to pray about the situation. Something changed, for the many hours of freindship and fun with other children of different nationalities I thank God from all my heart. 

When Silvia was finish with her homework, she often went downstairs to play with Karin, a German speaking family lived nearby. The mother to Karin was as proud as I was for the many good friendships, the children had begun to maintain among the Asians.              

Sometimes schoolmates came to visit. They came with the bus directly from school together with our children. Later in the afternoon the mothers would fetch them. When someone visited us for the first time, I usually took Fritzli by side. Before they went home, he was introduced, and at the same time I explained his condition, and that he otherwise was grateful, if he got a bit of attention, usually it worked. When they came the next time, it was easier to arrange him, so that he also spent some time with them. When Robert was playing with his friends, he often was on the floor backed up with pillows. The pure presence of healthy playing children around him was good for him. He could forget about himself, and the things he knew, we were supposed to do for him.

I read bible stories for Robert and prayed with him in the evening, before he went to sleep. Afterwards I read and prayed with Silvia. Fritzli also had his special time. Sometimes like once a week we all prayed together with Fritz. Often it was nine o clock before I had finish with the children. Those moments were also enrichment for me, as I planted seed that would form their life in the future.

Robert asked one evening, if the white elephant was the strongest. I got the feeling, that what I had just told him went in to one ear and out the other one. When he gets older, he will understand, I thought. I knew, that he at that time was very involved with two Indian boys belonging to the Hindu faith, and could easily figure out were the idea came from.  

In the year 1981 as Silvia was 10 and Robert 4 years old, I decided to take a trip to Tioman an island eastern side of Malaysia with the children. It was December month and the rain season had not jet started, as it was supposed to in November. We got on a bus one early morning. I let Fritzli stay at home this time. Shortly after taking of the rain started. It rained and rained without stopping. Instead of two hours to Mersing as is the schedule, we had several hours because of the heavy rain. Arriving in Mersing I decided to cheek into a hotel instead of continue to Tioman. It was still raining the next morning, what should we do? We stayed one more night in the hotel and awaited the situation. It was obvious the following day, that it was better to return to Singapore. Soon I discovered, that there was no bus connection available because of flooding on the highway. I complained my situation in the hotel reception. After some calling around a cap was found who was willing to tray the tour back to Singapore. It would cost a bit more but never mind. Very relived we started the drive back. The sky was black and clouded, but the rain had stopped in the main time. Doubtless the rainy season had started, this time a bit late, but it seams as if all of it came down at once. After an hour of driving we noticed a group of people in the front. It turned out to, that about one kilometer on the road was flooded. For 40 Ringgit the group of people was willing to push the car through the water. The taxi driver looked at me, I nodded, if we wanted to celebrate Christmas at home, we better get along with it. Three men on each side of the car pushed us through the water that also sipped into the car. We pulled our legs up on the back seat. The car whipped fort and back, and the water came all the way up to the seat. The taxi driver looked worry, as he opened the door for us. He explained, he first needs to clean the car for water and added: I hope it does start? Right away we started to pray about the situation. The first time the driver turned the key, the motor worked. We continued our trip back to Singapore happy and relieved. First we visited Fritz in the hotel and had a well-deserved lunch, as he listened to, what we had to tell, about the trip that fell into the water. The road connection to Malaysia was now totally cut of. A few days later Christmas was celebrated in a slightly cooler and humid climate. Singapore temperature is constant, 28 – 35 Celsius all year around.

We repeated our plan to visit Tioman the following April. The children played in the sand and swam in the see. I had taken a fishing-net along for Robert. He eagerly fished everything out of the water with it. There were also horse riding on the program. We watched the beautiful sun set in the evening before entering the terrace for dinner. Everything was, as I had imagined.   

Robert happens to get an infection on his back before arriving at home. In the hot climate it quickly become worse. I always had some powder from the Chinese doctor ready in the house; it helped on every kind of eczema. Silvia had in the main time started school again. Robert was supposed to go to the kindergarten, but I kept him home for a few days because of the eczema. As usually Silvia went downstairs one morning to wait for the school bus, as she used to. Robert pushed on, he also wanted to go downstairs to play with the other children. When they had left, he would come up again, he promised. Not long after a screaming Robert was standing in the door. The skin was scratched of inside of booth his wrist, and the little finger on the left hand was red and swollen. Together we went to the kitchen. I sat down on that chair, I used to sit on, when I was feeding Fritzli. I explained: If you can stop crying for a moment, we just ask Jesus to heal this. He stopped crying, I continued: Now we close our eyes, as we pray. With a few words I asked Jesus to heal him. I opened my eyes, the skin inside booth wrist was completely normal. I could hardly believe it was truth, and told my self: You must have seen wrong Inge. In that moment Robert put his little finger up in front of my nose and said: Now Jesus also heal the little finger. For a few minutes we booth looked at the little finger, as it slowly turned normal again right in front of our eyes. It was definitely a wonder, it did really happen. Happily he went downstairs to tell the guard, a devout Muslim, that Jesus had just healed his hand and little finger. 

It was only later, that I came to know, how the accident had happen.  One of the ahmas had caused him to jump down from the stairs to the parking lot. He thereby scratched his wrist in the fall, because he did not reach the bottom of the stairs in the jump. The elevator was on its way up or down and the door to the staircase was closed with a stone. When he removed the stone, his little finger came in between. It had hurt a lot, that’s why he cried. 

The healing of the little finger made a big change in Roberts’s life. He began to talk directly to Jesus, when we prayed together in the evening. He would say: You are the strongest, there is nothing you cannot do. You made everything except houses and cars, but you could surely do that to. I like you very much. Sometimes he prayed for others. From his whole heart he talked to his creator. I did not doubt, that Jesus like such prayer. It also changed him, he was not so rebellious, as he used to be. Even his facial expression changed.           


A Hindu and A Buddhist gets converted.

After Satwan left us, her daughter Gurme took over in the household for a year. She wanted to save some money before continuing school. All of a sudden Silvia wanted to come along, when she took Fritzli out for a walk in the afternoon. The risen being, that Gurme was very good at telling stories, and Silvia loved stories. Fritzli also listen intensively from his wheelchair. Silvia once told, that Gurme read children stories in the evening, so that she had something to tell them the next day. After Gurme left, another daughter Refindern from the same family came also for a year, before she married. She too was very good at telling stories. 

Then I advertised in the newspaper. One of the first who came for an interview with her sister was Devi. She honestly told, that she could not read and write, because she did not like to go to school, when she was younger. Another sister to her was handicapped like our Fritzli, she had therefor stayed home to help the mother a widow with the sister. On my question weather she could cook, she replied honestly, that she knew how to do fried eggs, but she was willing to learn. She was just, what I needed, someone willing to learn. I would also be sure, that Fritzli, was not a burden to her, as it had been for the previous ones for the first two months. I could always feel, when looking after him, had got into the daily rhythm. Devi understood very quickly everything about Fritzli, even the difficult task of feeding him she mastered from the first day. From the beginning she enjoyed looking after him. She gave him in a natural way her warmth and sympathy. Her priority was always Fritzli first, other things in the household second. 

I later found out, that one of her brothers in the beginning followed her to work and fetched her again, because she could not read the numbers in the lift and on the bus. As the time past, I started to recognize, that I had got a young

woman in the house, that was about to unfold like a butterfly. Already after half a year one could clearly see on her facial expression, that she felt more confident and was about to take control of her life and actions. She could possibly for the first time in her life buy things for her self. She turned up one morning with a heavy gold chain in her hand, which she at the door proudly threw across the living room. I quickly grasp it and asked: That must have cost a lot? She mentioned the amount a little over a month salary. 

The sister, that come along with Devi the first time, had converted to the Christian faith, but the rest of the family belonged to the Hindu faith. I prayed the first half a year regular for the family, especially that God would open a door to tell about Jesus, and what he had done for mankind. One morning after an Indian holiday as I was busy in the kitchen, I took the opportunity to say, that there only existed one God who had created everything. Devi stood in the door opening to the laundry room looking at me with her dark funny eyes, as she told me the following. A Chinese neighbor had visited the mother. They had in the living room a picture of Jesus Christ hanging on the wall, because the deceased father had been a catholic. The Chinese neighbor had pointed to the picture and said, that it meant bad fortune. The mother had, after the neighbors advise, taken the picture down and put it into a closet. 

Later in the middle of the night she woke up to discover, that Jesus was sitting on her bed. At first she got very frightened and became goose skin all over, but her heart melted, as Jesus began to weep for her. She spent the rest of the night sitting in the bed considering the impression of Jesus. The next morning she took the picture of Jesus out of the closet and hang it back on the wall determed to ignore the neighbor’s remark. Then she told her family what had happen during the night and said: Of all the Hindu gods no one had wept for her. Jesus was the only one who had showed her, how much he loved her. From now on they should all believe in that God called Jesus. She had the right to declare her point of view as the oldest in the family, and nobody had anything to intervene. 

I glanced surprised at Devi’s smiling face; Devi smiled even more at my surprise. Once in a while I asked Devi about the mothers relationship with Jesus. The sister had tried to explain to the mother, what it meant to be a Christian like going to church on Sundays, but the mother did not want to give up the daily ritual, she had done for so many years.  She went to the marked every morning to buy flowers, which she arranged before the picture of Jesus. Then she stood and worshipped him, the same way she had worshipped the Hindu gods. With bible knowledge from Devi’s sister she would slowly start to understand more about the Christian faith. I think Jesus understood, the daughter he wept for.

God knew ahead, that it is not enough to believe, we also need to become intellectually informed to know him better. The bible is today the most read book in the world.

At that time it seems as Jesus visited Singapore in person. I came to know a young girl a social worker from the church. She told me the following: She had over a long time prayed a lot for her mother. She had also come along a couple of times to church. To her disappointment the mother did not respond to the Christian faith. She had come to the age, were she was due for pension. In Singapore the amount paid in over the years is also paid back with interest at 55 years of age. The brother would like to study in America, which would only be possible, if she would finance it from the savings from her pension. The mother felt insecure and was not sure, if she should spend a big amount on the sons study. One evening as she could not sleep, she went into the living room and sat and pondered at the situation.  All of a sudden sa white light appeared by the door. She saw Jesus in his long white robe and a feeling of peace flouted trough her. She knew instantly, that Jesus would take care of the son. 

She had many questions about the Christian faith the next morning and came already the following Sunday along to church. She converted not long after. 

It was a season of outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Many signs and wonders were happening all over the country, and it spread to the neighboring countries as well.

I had to go to the Swiss school one morning. I do not remember any more the occasion. After I had finish my daily work with Fritzli and read the bible, I closed the bedroom door and explained to Devi, that she did not need io do anything in the room that day I added: Let the door be closed, until I come back. I was unaware of the fact, that I just had given her an important message. Normally the doors were open to all the rooms, so that fresh air could circulate from the open windows. We rarely used air conditioning, one can sleep without, and it is also healthier in the long run. Instead we had fan attach to the ceiling. Only if it became very hot, would we put on air conditioning. 

I went to the kindergarten and came back with booth children after a couple of hours. Devi was downstairs with Fritzli, when we arrived at the parking lot. She was sitting on part of some supporting pillar, with Fritzli in his wheel chair, watching the playing children. A fresh breeze was circulating as usually. It was, as if the wind was turning around exactly on that spot. If it became really strong, then we hurriedly closed the windows in the apartment, otherwise things would start to fall down. The wind could sometime be so strong, that it lifted the thick carpet half a meter in the air, if the balcony door was open.

I went up with the kids and Devi. As usually I put my handbag on a chair in the corner of the bedroom, it was in the middle of the afternoon, and the sun was backing hot on the windows. I caught sight of a few bees creeping on the glass. They are rare here in town, but I did not think much about it. I opened the window a little and brushed them of. Others came summering and sat on the window. It is strange I thought, I opened the window a few times, and brushed them of. I turned and looked around in the bedroom. Fritz cupboard had a spilt in the middle and was not closing properly because of the humid climate, as it often is the case here with wood. One bee after another was coming out from there. On the door handle I saw a big black one. That must be the queen I thought. I quickly closed the window, walked to the door and closed it after me. I got hold of a spray for insects and opened the bedroom door just enough to be able to spray up and down. I heard how it summed for about 10 minutes. Devi was sent down to the small shop to buy another cane. The bees summing had almost stopped, but to be sure I sprayed an extra time. I put a wet towel in front of the door and only after a couple of hours, did I open the door. Small heaps of bees was laying beneath the window. I had to empty the small vacuum cleaner twice, before the last bee was gone. It was not without reason, it smelled strongly in the bedroom, and it took a whole week before we were able to move back again. We slept on mattresses in the living room in the meantime. 

What would had happen, had I not told Devi, that she did not need to do anything in the bed room, and that she should let the door be closed the rest of the day. The swarm could easily have landed in the living room. Fritzli was often lying on the floor supported by pillows, or he sat in his wheel chair. How had Devi managed the situation alone?

When God is on our side, who can be against us, is what the bible teaches. That day God confirmed his promise, in spite of what the enemy was trying to arrange.

One early morning Robert told us, that he had been into Fritzlis room to get some toys. One the bed beside Fritzli sat a person wearing a white robe. Fritzli had smiled happily to the person, as he gently touched his hair for thereafter to disappear from the window. We were quite stunned at his story, but it felt good to know, that angels were watching over him. At times I had the feeling that he lived on the steps to heaven.


Robert and Tonsils.

The long drive fort and back, one hour each way in a bus without air condition, was a stress to Robert, as he started in the kindergarten. He had continually problems with his tonsils. Sometimes I kept him home for a few days, or I brought him a bit later per cap to the kindergarten.

We considered having his tonsils cut, like it had been the case with Silvia. Something told me, that it was better that Fritz came along, the day we went to the hospital. We arrived early morning without breakfast. Robert was put to bed and dressed in a white gown, one of the kind that is open behind. The nurse explained, that he had to take his pans of, which he plainly refused. He was wheeled into the OP room sitting straight up in bed. We waited outside, I could feel the stress behind the door, but hoped things would work out well. After five minutes the nurse appeared in the door and waved, they had trouble with him, we should come inside. I said: It is yours turn, I managed with Silvia. Fritz came back after a while with bowed head and said: I will newer do that again.  He went in to discover, an angry Robert standing in the bed and making fists ready to fight for his life with every body.  He was forced on his back still refusing to take of his pants. When they came with the mask, he grasp it and trove it on the floor saying, that he would not blow in that horrible mask, because they tried to poison him. He had changed his mind, he would not have his tonsils cut. It was ifficult moments for Fritz. When they came with the mask the second time, he was so to say pushed into anesthesia.

With Silvia the situation had been so easy. The nurse said: We shall play balloon just blow right here. Silvia did so a couple of times and closed her eyes. The next morning the nurse asked her: Do you want to come along, as I distribute the medicine, then you can talk to the patients, and afterwards you can choose an ice in the kitchen. Silvia slipped out of bed and followed the nurse, and afterwards had her ice crème in the kitchen. 

Fritz had gone back to the hotel, when they later came out with Robert. He woke up, as soon he was back in the room. The anger from before was not forgotten. He threw himself back and fort in bed and spitted blood. It did not make the situation better, that he was placed in a bed with sidebars, which to him was a baby bed, and he was not a baby anymore. I stayed until evening, went home and came back early the next morning to discover, that he had not been eating nor drinking, since he was hospitalized. The doctor turned up and explained, that I could take him home, adding maybe we could better talk to him, when he was home.  I packed his stuff together and went down in the lobby. I made him sit on a couch and went to the front desk to sign him out. When I returned and wanted to take him on my arm, I discovered, that he had fainted. I hurried back to the floor, were he was put back in the same bed. The nurses gathered around him, trying to make him drink a little raspberry juice. At least he gave in and drank a little. He rested on his back with closed eyes, I was sitting next to the bed. Some nice white flowers were on the table. After a while I said: When flowers start to drop the head, it is because they need something to drink, otherwise they will die. The same can happen to you, it is better you decide what you want. He did not answer the question, but I knew he heard, what I said. After half an hour he opened his eyes and asked: Do you think they have some cookies here. Happy I went to the corridor and asked a nurse for some cookies. Back in the room he slowly began to bite in the cookies. I encouraged him: Drink something to get it down.

I called Fritz and explained the situation. He promised to come and pick us up. He turned up with a nice portion of soup. Then he told Robert some funny stories that made him laugh, and soon a nice portion had got into his stomach. Arriving at home he started to run around in the apartment happy to be out of the hospital. Every half an hour he asked for something to eat, he had a big, round stomach before going to bed. He was surely not going to die. The next day the throat was forgotten, and we did not ask to it.


Fritzli as Teenager.

Fritzli slowly developed into a teenager. With 17 years of age, his voice had changed, and he had got fine hair in the face. His arms and legs had gotten longer, and he was broader over the shoulder. Since he newer really used his muscle, he was rather thin of statue. Also physically and intellectually he changed. It was obvious he had a lot to say, and at time he tried very hard. It therefor hurts me in my innermost part to write about these things, because he became short of an important part of development in his life. He understood what was said, in German as well as in English, and liked to listen to worship songs, we could see he toke it in, and it baths his soul. He had a lot to say, when we prayed together, and was happy when we prayed for him. 

Before I went to bed in the evening I usually went into his room to see, if everything was all right. If Fritz were the last one to go to bed, he would do so. It was a daily routine for us to check on him before going to bed.  

One evening as I again was checking on him, I stood surprised next to his bed for a while. There was an unusually nice fragrance around his bed. It must come from outside, I thought and opened the window towards the garden, but it did not come from that side. Maybe it comes from another place, I thought, and went back to the living room. I tried to find the nice fragrance from the balcony, but there was no fragrance at all. I walked back to Fritzlis room, he slept deep and peacefully. Now I was sure, the fragrance was like a not visible ring around his bed. I stood for a while wondering and absorbed, what I just had discovered. Surely the Holy Spirit also visited him, and maybe angels kept watch over him. I did not say anything to Fritz, because he might say, that I was getting to spiritual and had started to imagine things.

Fritz mentioned three months later at the breakfast table: I know you are not going to believe, what I am about to tell you, but I will tell it anyway. He had stood half an hour beside Fritzlis bed the evening before, because there had been a fragrance like a cornfield just around his bed. The right moment had come to tell him about my experience, I knew, he now would understand.

Once we took him to church a Sunday evening to be prayed for. After the service the pastor’s wife came and sat down next to us. She too had also observed the fragrance around him and said in full earnestness: Yes the Holy Spirit can be like a lowly fragrance.   

Television and music was also a big part of Fritzlis life. Sometimes I asked him about, what he just had watched. He would answer with yes by blinking with his eyes. If he meant no, he would then blink with his eyes and turn his head. The work with him in the morning took several hours. Feeding took about an hour each time then baths and therapy. After finish the morning ritual, he sat in the garden in his chair for about an hour. Later he had lunch and after resting a while a walking tour. He usually watches television at the end of the day.


Singapore a fast developing country

The first seven years of our stay in Singapore was very important years for the country and the people. Many new hotels were build, also factories began to sprout like mushrooms in Jurong towards the border to Malaysia. To make space hugs areas of forest had to be cut down. Soon shopping malls were seen all over the country. They covered a lot of things from food, cloths, clinics, banks, cinemas, yes, even churches started to have service in those places. For many Singaporean Sunday became the day to visit shopping centers. It quickly became one big interesting city.   

From time to time we read or heard about major companies investing in Singapore. The country became gradually world renowned for politically stable and free of corruption. Small  violations of the law was punished rather strongly, so that everyone was a bit afraid of the consequences, which is ok, because respect for law and order brings good fruit in the long run. In many ways people were busy building the communities, and much was to happen over the next years.

A teacher from the German school told with enthusiasm, that Singapore would newer experience an earthquake, it was proved, also whirlwinds does not come around. 

People enjoy good roads, modern buses, and a nice subway serving as a shelter in case of war. Modern hospitals and many centers for pleasure followed.   

I think, one should sympathize with a people that can build up a country without any resources except for its people. 

The economy started to boom, when the Christians became active in spreading the gospel. We could observe the same phenomena of blessings later on in Malaysia, were churches and Mooches stands side by side today. In the beginning of our stay it was not so, it could be dangerous for locals to be a Christian.

Proverbs 14 – 34: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to many people. 

Many have entrepreneur talent and quickly grasp new chances. With the many new beautiful hotels coming up, tourist started to flow into the city, especially from the nearby countries. It was therefor unavoidable, that in the culinary area things also started to happen. It began with a culinary exhibition in Shangri-La hotel, organized by a small group of hotel chefs. Oberoi Imperial, were Fritz worked, was one of them. The first time only people from the same industry were invited. The exhibition turned out to be successful, and plans were made to repeat it after two years, with awards to the best ones. 

At the same time a chef lunch were organized on a monthly basis. At first 7–8 came, but as the hotels multiplied, the chef lunch also grew in numbers. The chef association became later the basis for Food Asia. 

The second culinary exhibition took place in Hyatt hotel with only invited guest from the gastronomic world.  It became clear, that the functions halls in the hotels were too small for such big gatherings. It was therefor very fortunate, that the World trade center with its huge exhibitions halls were ready to give way for such occasions. The premises could accommodate many thousand people. Three days lasted the regional exhibition that was later extended to the whole world. It gave people from far and near opportunities to meet. Many of the great ideas were later seen in the restaurants. 

We have had many good dinners over the years, because of Fritz position as a chef. I must honestly confess, that we have been spoiled in that direction. Singapore has, in that area conquered a position that is up to world standard.   


New direction in life.  

Oberoi Imperial hotel got the task to open a hotel in Saudi Arabia. Fritz was chosen to be in charge of the kitchen and the different restaurants. He was told, that it would not take more than a month. He called after two weeks and explained, that he did not know, when he would return home, because the official opening was delayed, and the Oberoi hotel had asked him to stay on.

Pray that I will be able to join Adelbert on the China tour: He said. The hotel where informed about his planned China trip, that already had been bought and paid for, as was the custom at that time. Fritz arrived safely at home one day before the planned trip, and I got the most unusual explanation. The sheikh, to whom the hotel belonged, had suddenly got ill with stomach ulcer. He was at once flown to America for surgery. Since it now was uncertain, when the official opening could take place, Fritz was told, that there was no reason for him to stay on. He was relished with an extra month salary. Fritz mention, that his salary was paid in Singapore, but it did not work, he was to receive an extra month.

We looked at each other and had the same thought: Had the sheikh got ill, so that Fritz could join Adelbert on the China tour? We do not know, but Adelbert did need him very much. Something very tragic had happen to Rosemarie and Adelbert. Francis had gone home to her heavenly Father. Adelbert was working in Hong Kong at that time. They had, in their apartment, a gas heather in the baths room. Francis had come home from school and went to take a bath. It was wintertime, and the window closed in the bathroom. What was not supposed to happen did happen. Francis got un conscious in the bath tube, because of lack of oxygen, and died on the way to the hospital. It was a big shock for all of us and very hard to tell Silvia. After she had shed many tears, she began to make a photo album, and shoved the pictures of Francis to all who came to visit.



After 7 years working for Oberoi Imperial hotel in Singapore, we seriously considered to return to Switzerland. We had made a visit to the Swiss embassy and enquired, whether it was possible to take a girl along to help with Fritzli. We were assured, that it was possible in a case like ours and was told, it would take about 6 month to get the paper done. May be I was the one who was the most eager to return. I thought of the children, and that a time would come, when they needed a good education. Why did we decide to stay on in Singapore? Fritz said something that changed the situation, one afternoon as we were out for a walk with the children. He said: If it does not work with a restaurant, then I will take a position. I knew with certainty, that it was not, what he wanted and could sense it may not work out to his satisfaction. He did have an offer to manage a restaurant in Switzerland at that time. 

Something new had caught our interest. The new catering for the airlines was soon to be finish after two years of construction. A suitable chef was required. I did not doubt, that Fritz was the chosen one, I could feel it in my inner most being. Many chefs from Singapore and the surrounding countries applied. It was getting exiting, for it took about half a year, before the decision was made.  

One afternoon, as I as usually went with Silvia for piano lessons, something happen. We arrived a little late, so I said: Run ahead I will come, when I have paid the taxi. After I paid, I noticed a schoolboy who collected money for a good purpose. I put two Dollars in the cane, in that very moment a person stormed towards me and pressed something in my hand and disappeared in the crowd in the taxi stand. Everything happened so fast, that I do not know, weather it was a man or a woman or even how the person look like. May be it was an angel sent out for a special assignment. I stood with a note in my hand. I could, at the basement, buy something in worth of 20 Dollar. I did so, before I took the lift up to the music school. 

I could not help but to ponder on this happening, a light so to say, open my understanding all of a sudden. Everything was very simple. Our future was connected to Gods principle of giving and receiving. Arriving at home, I told Fritz: It’s all very easy give to the church, and God will show you, how the future will be. I will give, when I have got my bonus: He replied. Why not give something to the church now, and then write a letter, that the rest comes later: I answered. I put the cheek book in front of him the following afternoon and went shopping. I so happen to come back from my shopping trip and opened the door, as Fritz was standing in the middle of the floor with a look of surprise on his face. After I had gone for shopping, he had sat down to write the letter to the church. As soon he had signet the cheek, the telephone rang, he was asked to come for an interview in SATS catering. He said: It look like, God had everything ready to get invited for an interview, as soon I had signet the cheek. We did not doubt, he would get the job, and he did the following week.

I went to the ladies chef lunch in one of the hotels shortly after.  Something I had started a few years before and had turned out to become a blessing to all of us. I told them, that we had decided to stay on in Singapore. I avoided mentioning, that Fritz had got the position in SATS, since most of the chefs had applied for the position. It was Fritz assistant Zahn, a Swiss and a keen tennis player, that got the news out.

We would stay on for the time being. It turned out to be 18 years with SATS and 24 years all together in Singapore. A new chapter in our life had began, a chapter that God had woven into our life, and prophesied a year before through the Indian prophet. 


The Indian Prophet.

Fritz came home one dag and mentioned, that the Christians in the hotel had sent for an Indian prophet. He had previously worked with Kathryn Kullmans ministry in Pittsburg Canada. The church was known for the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the many unexplainable healings. He stayed in the hotel, were he also received people for prayer. He always carried the bible with him, were ever he stood or walked. He was a spirit filled man that walked closely with God

Fritz thought it was a good idea to bring Fritzli to see him. I answered: We have already tried much, I just want to believe and see, what God does. If you want to see him with Fritzli, it is yours responsibility. One morning, as I so happen to be town, he called the ahma and asked her to bring Fritzli to the hotel. Afterwards the prophet had asked to visit us, explained Fritz. We agreed on an afternoon, and at the appointed time he came with a few others. After we had prayed together, he mentioned, that he sensed that my mother had been plagued by dark confused thought in her life. I knew, nobody had told him, and replied, that she had suffered a lot, because she had been mental ill. I added, it disturbed me for a long time. He nodded and in an understanding voice said: I know that you felt the pressure. I asked: Have Fritzlis condition something to do with that? He answered quietly: Fritzli is the oldest of you children, and you are the oldest, and so was your mother. I starred at him somehow surprised. He added: God has his own way in the generations. He gave me the year, in which I had turned to God and said: It happen in a rather dramatic way. 

He began to explain, that he would travel to Toronto from Singapore. I have a sister there, I commented. He would like very much to visit her and pray with her as well, he said. Before he left, he looked at Fritz and said: You have always done your best. Fritz hurried to answer, that he had. He was sitting in a corner a bit far away, with folding arms and looked like, that it all had nothing to do with him.

He returned to Singapore a couple of years later and visited us for the second time. He told Fritz, that he was going to see big chance in his work. As he was about to live, Silvia surprised us all with spontaneously embracing him. Mammie, he is like Jesus: She said. It was the last time we saw him. He was an elderly man and went home to be with the Lord during his last stay in Singapore. I attended the funeral in St. Andrew church. The managers wife from the hotel and I shed many tears during the service. Even so we had just meet him a few times, he had touch our life with something very important, something we also had wondered much about. The manager’s wife got pregnant and gave birth to a son, after he had prayed for her.   

Christmas and New Year had past, and Fritz had begun working in SATS. Singapore Airline Terminal Service. Singapore is very proud about the biggest airline kitchen in the world, a building on one spot. It is not only a kitchen, it is kitchens. Fritz was very tired in the beginning, when he arrived home in the evening. Only the task to make a round in the morning took a few hours. One day he mentioned, that he was not to sure, weather the job was the right position for him, had God not given him a sign. 

There were many difficulties to overcome specially in the first few years.  I sometimes had the feeling, he was fighting his way out there. One morning he told me about a dream that occupied him. In the dream he had a diving suit on and a knife in his hand and fought with a big whale. All of a sudden he noticed, that the whale was not dangerous at all, he could even put his hand into its mouth. Relax at your working place, nobody bits you: I said. The big whale, symbolizes the catering, that has to be feed day and night: I spontaneous said.

He was used to have every thing under control. I got the impression, that God was teaching him, to relay totally on him, and less on his own God given talent.

We bought a car, because Fritz had about 20 km to the catering. He got used to listen to the inner voice on the way to work. When he arrived, he first visited the departments God had put on his heart. It happen a few times, that he woke up early morning like 5 o clock and went to the catering, sensing something was about to go wrong. It became a rule for me, especially in the beginning, after he had left for work to go into the bedroom to pray for everything going on out there. 

It all began with 19 foreign airlines, plus Singapore airline which amounted at least a total of about 19,000 meals a day. The brigade consisted of about 100 educated cooks then. Every year new airlines was added, and the number of cooks increased regularly. As time past, the airlines increased to 52 different airlines with 72000 meals a day and a brigade of 400 skilled cooks. Altogether 2500 people were working in the catering before it got divided into two after about 15 years.

The catering consisted of first class, business class and Economy class, as well as the cold and warm kitchen. Also a Chinese, a Malay and a Japanese kitchen was included. Then there was the bakery and pastry kitchen. Special demands and Kosher food was also catered for. All the departments had their own head of chef.

The quantity and quality going out from the kitchen every day was Fritz responsibility. Beside that there was a lot of work with menu planning and many food tastings trough out the year. People representing the airlines would come for food tasting ones or twice a year by appointment. Fritz discussed the menus with them, and the next day everything was prepared, as it should be when served on the plane. From those samples pictures were taken and hang up in the different kitchens. In this way the staff knew, how the menu were supposed to look like. 

It was not always easy to satisfy the different airlines, but as the years past, Fritz also learned this rather difficult task. He put an honor in satisfying every body, which also was his responsibility. Sometime he was asked how it could be done cheaper, but other vise it was the accounting department that discussed the prices and wrote the contracts. 

Fritz was in the committee of the purchase of food products, were it was decided, what to buy, but he newer knew who was the supplier of the product. The final decision was made in the accounting. We were very glad for this arrangement.  


Fritz took over, from the old Chinese chef Ashan, who had been in charge of the catering for many years. He hoped very much, that he would succeed in winning his sympathy, as Ashan continued to work for a few more years, until his retirement. Fritz knew, that to get respect from the Chinese, he needed to show them, that he to could cook. He therefor started, from the beginning, to do some cooking in the different departments, thereby showing them, what could be improved. Bit by bit he won their sympathy and friendship, without he would be lost. After Fritz and Ashan had been trough some food tastings together, they became very good friends. Ashan gave him a good example of, how to give the work over to a younger one, and promised himself that when the time came, he would do the same thing.  

What Fritz did not like to much in the beginning, was the way the catering was run by Mr. Long Fung Seck who had been with the company from the beginning and who had the main responsibility for the catering. He had introduced a system, which was very difficult to work along with. Most of the staff was relatives or friends to him. Long as everybody called him, was of course friendly to every body, and did not want to make any differences in statues. Everybody was working in a 3 days shift, which meant that every third day the staff rotated to another department.

To Fritz it was a system that hindered the cooks to be specialized in an area of cooking. On the other hand he also respected the older Mr. Long, for all he had done over the years. Any attempt to change the system did not immediately succeed. 

The situation gradually disturbed him so much, that he could not fall asleep one evening. He made himself a bed on the balcony and lay there all night gazing at the stars. He could possibly not continue to work in that way. If he did not get the brigade organized, then he would quit the job, he told God. 

When he arrived the next morning at the catering, he was told to go to see the CEO Mr. Antoni. He had studied theology in his younger days and preached at times in his church. He to must have heard something from God that same night, because Fritz was asked to explain the system on how to organize the brigade. Mr. Antonius made notes as he explained, and said at the end of the conversation, that he could begin to introduce the system immediately. 

I had expected Fritz to be tired and depressed, when he came home that night, but that was not the case. He looked like someone who had won in the lottery, which also was the case with Gods help. 

There were many obstacles and things to be done and organized the first years. Fritz kept saying, that the coffee did not taste good. One day he said to Mr. Long’s secretary: Do you want to see how a coffee sample is made. It turned out to, that the coffee did not only contain coffee, but was made of other things. Fritz heard the following day that, the coffee supplier had been fired on the spot. 

The cooks were not used to cook with spices, the way we do in Europe. They only knew two kind of spices salt and Maggi. Fritz put a trolley with different European spices in the kitchen and at the same time explained and demonstrated how to cook with them. When he later came down in the kitchen from his office, he discovered, that all the spices were mixed into one pudding. It shoved the cook’s frustration about this new cooking method, but eventually they learned how to make use of the spices.        

The pastry department had a machine for making cookies. It was not in use, because nobody knew how to operate it. It so happen, that Adelbert was visiting Singapore. Fritz asked him to come and have a look at the mashine. Adelbert solved the problem, now cookies could be made effective and quickly. Soon after heard Fritz rumors, that the cookies were not as good as they used to be when made by hand. New idea sometime takes time to get used to.

Fritz caught sight of another machine put aside, because nobody knew how to handle it. He curiously examined the machine and decided after a while: We try it. Wiped cream was poured into the machine, Fritz pressed the handle and started to decorate cakes. You see how easy it is: He exclaimed enthusiastically. All of a sudden a big bang interrupted the demonstration. To every ones surprise, the rest of the cream landed on the ceiling. Fritz stood for a moment in shook, before he broke out in laughter with the others. Unfortunately the machine was put aside, because nobody figured out how to operate it.

That was not the only machine put aside because of lack of knowledge to make it work.   

 All frozen meat was taken out from the freezer in the evening in order to thaw during the night. The following morning the floor was floated with blood, and it smelled of meat far away. A suitable machine to thaw the meat quickly was at hand, but nobody understood its technic. 

Fritz took time one day to look at it. With his small Swiss pocketknife he started to screw here and there. As he worked at it, he over heard the engineers remark behind his back. They said in Chinese: If we can’t do it, then this Swiss with his pocketknife can’t either. Fritz prayed, he would be able to. All of a sudden, to every ones surprise, the machine started to work. With Gods help, things started to get working, as they should. 

Fritz said, from the beginning, that they did not need to pay him his salary, he would show them, before the end of the year, what it meant. He had noticed, that rest cut from large portions of meat was thrown or given away. One day he started to make sausages from it. he had experience from India. The management got very interested because it meant, that they could save the expenses of buying sausages from outside. 

One afternoon, as I was sitting in a dental chair for treatment, the dentist told me, that Fritz was called the moneymaker out there. We booth laughed loudly, when I told him the dentist remark the same evening. 

When Fritz had settled down in his work, he found time to introduce praline, which was served on first class. People with hearing disabilities was hired and trained for this job. He made sure, they felt well in their department, by often visiting them.

All in all it took a couple of years, until this great whale the catering worked satisfactorily. The hard work did pay of, the following year the catering was nominated as the best worldwide for that year. It was a blessing from above, and a nice encouragement for every one.

Every year in December a Christmas party was made for the clients. It was the biggest and most important party of the year. Great effort was done, to show the different airlines, what the catering could present. Fritz got the idea, the first year, to make a Christmas tree decorated exclusively of shell lobster. A lot of lobster heads had been deep frozen ahead for that purpose. He started decorating the Christmas three with the lobster heads, everybody could see it was a good idea. After a couple of hours, it started to smell suspiciously. Fritz had not counted on the stench, which came from the pink Christmas tree. He got the air conditioning switch on too very cold, while he strongly prayed for the stench to disappear by it self. It was one of those times he was very glad, that God hears prayer in the hour of trouble. A couple of hours later the stench had disappeared, and Fritz got praise for his unusually idea.

The catering had a canteen for the staff, but Fritz introduced a daily lunch table in his office in the kitchen for the head chefs. He also had an office upstairs with a view down in the kitchen. He saw to it, that the head chefs for the different department got special uniforms. A party was held to celebrate the rang system. 

What has been the most difficult issue out there? The answer is – to satisfy the different airlines requirements. Step by step Fritz also learned this difficult task.

Fritz did his best not to have dissatisfied customer, but at times it did happen, that somebody was out to bother at any opportunity. It was one of those days, were a customer arrived for a food tasting in a move to criticize everything. Fritz disappeared for a moment into one of the big refrigerators to cool down and to pray for help. He would have to be friendly to the costumer, even if he was unfair. As they discussed the menus the light went of. Fritz who has a natural talent to say something funny in any situation, said to the customer, after the light was on again: Its probably better to take care of what you say, otherwise the light may go of again. He had hardy said it, before the light vent of for the second time. The customer now became angry, he demanded to know, who swift of the light. Fritz replied: We are all here, everybody shall say their name, everybody was there. It was not possible to turn the light of or on in the food tasting rom. After a short interval the light was on again. Now the communication and the work went on reasonably good without to much verbal critic. 

The next day, the food was to be viewed by the customer, before transported to the aircraft. Fritz so happens to be in the kitchen, as the customer from the day before arrived to cheek the meals. He greeted him with a friendly good morning. The customer did not answer but stuck his nose right up in the air. Fritz wondered about his strange behavior. He later on got the explanation from a staff. The customer had been to see the doctor that same morning, because his lover jaw had got out of position, and he could hardly speak. That wasn’t all, the rented car he needed to drive to Malaysia, was stolen. We realized, that his intention to criticize other places, most properly did not work out, because of the problem with the jaw.  

Fritz recounted the event in the car, on the way to an invitation. I could not help but to laugh and said: Think if he saw, how we laughed at him now. By that remark we laughed, so tears were streaming down our cheeks. I think Gods helping angels also enjoyed themselves at this moment. Fritz noted: Isn’t it strange, every time somebody get something against me, I can just step back, and let God do it.


A bit of everything

Working for the airline gave us priority to fly cheap. We had free ticket once a year, otherwise 10% of the full amount. It would be great to have our own apartment in Switzerland, since we could travel for a reasonable price. Along with our savings and with Fritz inheritance from his parents, we began to pray for a suitable apartment in Switzerland. One day, as I had just returned home from a trip to town, Fritz told me, that he had just invested 50,000 in gold. Surprised I asked: Why did you not talk to me about it first? I felt, I should not: He answered. Shortly after the prices of gold began to fall drastic. I became seriously convinced, that Fritz had done the wrong thing this time, but kept it for my self. 

Robert had often throat infections during this time. One morning he woke up with running nose and all the symptoms of another cold with running nose. I said: Oh Robert not again. It is because of a dream: He said. He had been forced to drink water with a straw through the nose in the kindergarten in his dream, and that’s why his nose was running. I was quit troubled of that explanation, and before he went to bed that night, we prayed for only good dreams in his sleep. Early next morning he came into our bedroom, eager to tell about a dream he had. Dad, stood on a mountaintop with a bag of gold in his hand. First he lost it, but he got it all back. He had no knowledge about the 50,000 investments in gold at all. Fritz nodded in agreement and said: Yes, I think dad gets the gold back. I had nothing more to say in that case. I was only curious of what was going to happen.

One of my good friends was a Danish woman and married to a Japanize. We still communicate today after many years. 

She suffered from some kind of allergy. All of a sudden rashes would break out on her body.  After many abortions she finally became pregnant and gave birth to a boy. He too suffered badly from the allergy. I remember, she once visited me, when the boy had a scup of rashes. I felt extremely sorry for the boy. Too make the problem worse, she did not want to admit it could be a genetic problem. The following Sunday evening I went to praise and prayer in the church, as I often did, and prayed very hard for the boy, because I felt extremely sorry for him. After that I did not see them for a while. We are transferred to Holland: She said one day over the phone. I visited her in the hotel shortly before their departure. I arrived a little early and knocked at the door to the hotel room. The ahma opened, she was alone with the boy. I glanced at him in surprise, his skin was totally smooth and nice with no sign of rashes at all. I began questioning the ahma about, when the condition had turned around and explained, that I had prayed for him in church. I came to know, it so happen to be the time, the allergy had disappeared, from one day to another. I knew the ahma would explain everything, so I did not mention anything to my friend When she returned after picking up some guest, she kept saying: Thank you Inge, would you like this or that Inge, I think at least 10 times.  

Singapore is also a big container port. The Danish have a mission station in a beautiful place on a hill. The pastor is involved with people arriving from see and the Danish colony. It happens that Danish entertainers pass through Singapore, and at times give a performance. It was such an evening we once again had the opportunity to participate in. We arrived a little late for dinner and quickly finish the soup, because the main course had already started. I said a few kind words to my neighbor, whom I did not knew. Out of the blue he said: I do not believe in God, that’s also a way to believe. A little shocked I replied: I agree, one need to have a very strong conviction to say so. I whispered to Fritz in Swiss German: Tell him about your horse riding accident in Ethiopia, and how you went out and in of the body.

I thought to my self: We will tell him, some of the strongest experiences we have had with God. People around the table began to listen as well. Our nabour occasionally smiled and seems to enjoy our testimony. 

Before the entertainment began, the man told the following: He and two comrades were stranded on a small island in Denmark’s water. It was too far for them to swim, and they were without anything to eat and drink, it was a very critical situation. They became pretty exhausted after two days. It was then that the man cried out to God for help. After two hours they were discovered and safely brought to land. He admitted the situation shocked him, since he did not believe in God, and somehow he had not finish with the situation jet.

I hurried to say: Without doubt you were on Gods recue list, he was waiting for you to call. Before we went home the man thanked us warmly for the conversation and added with a wink in his eyes: When I choose a faith it will be the Christian faith. 

Without bible knowledge and a living relationship with the savior himself Fritz and I could newer have witnessed in this way. As I write this, I realize, that the angels dropped many opportunities for us to witness the good news. They became jewels on the road to eternity.


We become owner of an apartment.

Fritz started to work in SATS in the year 1982. That same year we decided to try the big jump with the purchase of an apartment. It was summer time in Europa, and we were vacationing in Fritz parents house for the second time, after they had past away. That would be the last time, because his sisters had decided to rent it out or eventual to sell it.  

We had only 2-3 weeks available to decide on an object. Beside that we also intended to have it furnish before returning to Singapore. We could therefor not be to chosy when it came to make a choice. 

We studied the newspaper every morning and made call to enquire. Fritz had a relative in Spiez near Interlaken. We made arrangement to visit them. They would show us some new apartments in the region. Bürgmatt is located very idyllically near forest and a beautiful lake. We felt in love with the place right away. Fritz and I had beforehand agreed about, that the place we booth first liked, should be the one we would bay because of shortage of time. 

We became owner of a four and a half room apartment in a short period of time. The week the documents were signed, the prices of gold began to rise. It was like a wonder, because we had bought the apartment weather or not prices were up or down. We believed, that it was an act of God to show us, that if we trust in him no matter what, he will in the end work every thing out for the best.  Often when I opened the door from outside, I stood still for a moment and just thanked God for his blessings. 

We became owner of our own home on the 12 of August. It was a beautiful day, the sun shone from a cloudless sky, and the bird’s song all day long. The lake of Thun framed the small city perfectly on one side, while the mountains in some distance framed the lake on the other side. The mountain Niesen could be seen in its full height. It is said: That if it has a cloud on the top, the weather will be god. Has it a collar one can try it, but if it had a belt in the middle, it would most likely rain before evening.

As soon we received the keys, a day was set, to take out our old furniture placed in a kind of store, since the time we left for India. Fritzli went on holiday for a month in Wildersmeth hospital, giving us all more freedom and time, to put everything in order. It was great to see our things again, and a pleasure to put them into a new apartment. Silvia was allowed to arrange the nice silverware in the buffet which we bought in Ethiopia. As she was doing it, she said in an admiring voice: I did not knew, we were so rich? It was true, we had always lived modestly, with what we needed and tried to save were ever we could, but at this moment we all felt rich. Being owner of our own home gave us the feeling to belong to Switzerland. Now it would be possible to come on holiday a few time a year during children holiday. It would be a great benefit to all of us. 

Fritz aunt had been so kind to lend us their car. They usually took the train when they went some were and rarely used the car. Hans had been on the rail stirring the train all his life, until he retired. We wanted to use the time, and the mild nice weather, and shove the children something of the beautiful Switzerland. We drove trough valleys up and down mountains hills and enjoyed it all.

Fritzli was picked up in Wildersmeth. We had a conversation with the lady doctor, before we took him home.  She kindly informed us, that one hip was out of joint. She suggested an operation, otherwise it could bother him later on in life. I had noticed, that one leg was just a bit shorter than the other, but he did not seem to bother him. We chose to wait and see, if it would slip back in right position again. The vacation was over for this time, but we would come back to this wonderful place between mountains and valleys. 


God always have good plans.

Life in Singapore went on busy as always. Since the climate does not have seasons, except for the rain season, it makes time run even faster. In the beginning we missed the four seasons, but gradually we became used to it. 

Sometimes I had to think about the vision, I had in Interlaken, were I saw Fritzli totally healed. When was this going to happen, or was the time not ripe jet? I asked myself. I was resting in bed one afternoon meditating like that, when a thought came to me: Would it be a good idea to write down dreams, visions and other things, God had showed me to guide us step by step? I felt a sleep and dreamed: I was in the bathroom. I said: I have a vision. Then the scene changed to my father’s house, were my grandfather mother’s side stood outside in front of the house.

Vision number three: I saw Jesus face, he smiled at me in a very hearty way. Then I woke up and pondered on, what I just had dreamed. Suddenly the phone rang, and my father was on the line. He rarely rang, the reason that he called me was, that he had placed a small inheritance from my grandfather in a bank nearby. I went back to the bed and wondered about the dream, and my father calling. All of a sudden I knew, what it meant. God had given me a hint to a plan in Denmark. A plan, that had something to do with my father. I would suggest to my sister Lise to meet in Denmark. I would also give her the ticket from Canada. That’s how Lise and I meet in Denmark that fall, three years after our mother had past on.

When there is reconciliation in the air, the devil does not feel well at all. He uses misunderstanding to destroy Gods plan. Silvia became ill with high fewer, five days before our departure. She got some medicine from the doctor, but because she also threw up, it was hard to say, how much of use it was. Two days before our schedule Robert woke up with a big swollen eye. Again we went to the doctor. As we sat in the waiting room, his eye became total normal. There is nothing to see on your eye: I exclaimed. Robert sat starring with his hands in his pocket, as I surprised mentioned it. It is not my fault: He meant. It is all right: I answered. At that moment the doctor opened the door and mentioned Roberts name. Since we were there, I might as well tell him the whole story. That we were about to live for Denmark, and that Silvia had fewer and threw up. He suspected, that she threw up because of the medicine. He gave her another kind, and if it helped, we would be able to live in a few days. Silvia was free of fewer a few days later, and with two days delay Robert, Silvia and I arrived in Denmark, were my sister and father was waiting for us. 

God had also prepared our father this time, because he was very interested in the children. There were small cats to play with, and small pigs were allowed to run free around in the yard. Father had always been fun of pigs and horses, were as cows was not exactly his hobby, but there were young calves to feed with milk. The kids were happily following father everywhere, and father was as happy as the children. Especially at dinnertime he often sat and looked at Robert. We could almost read his thought. He intended to sell the farm and hoped, the holiday would give the children good memories. It was most likely the last time we were vacationing there. My sister and I had always a lot to tell each other.  

After coming back from a vacation, we already started to plan the next one. The ability to fly reasonable was a very great blessing from above, which we made use of many a time in future. The next time we would like to experience winter and spring in Switzerland.

On March 27-1983 I traveled alone with all three children to Switzerland. Fritzli was dressed and wrapped warmly in his wheelchair, when we went out for a stroll. I would cheek his legs occasionally, to feel if they were getting cold. I always took a warm bottle along, when we went on a longer trip. I would ask in a restaurant for some warm water to fill in the bottle to keep his feet warm, if nessesary.

Fritzli was as excited as the children about the change of lifestyle. For him to sit for half an hour in the sunshine on the balcony well dressed was something he enjoyed in full. If we asked him, if he liked to sit in the cold, he would answer with shinning eyes and shrugging shoving all his teeth. 

A few days before we were to travel back, it happen anyway.   Fritzli got high fewer. I consulted the doctor, could I take him in the plane, when he had fewer. The doctor thought, I could take the chance. Somehow I was not convinced, and I should have listen to that voice. Fritzli slept in the train on the way to the airport most of the time. Arriving on the airport I saw to it, that he had something to eat and drink before boarding the plane. We were placed in business class. Next to me sat a very tall and heavy person. He had put his glasses and a book on the free seat between us. There was no way around I had to use that seat for Fritzli. Excuse me: I said and made him aware of Fritzlis condition. Politely he removed his stuff. It is the last time I fly this way: I thought. From now on I must have first class, when I take Fritzli along in order to place him comfortably during the flight.

After dinner Silvia said suddenly with a worry voice: Look at Fritzli mammie he can hardly breathe, you have got to do something. It was truth, he was breathing very hard to get enough air. I quickly said: Put your hand on him and pray in your heart, I will do the same. There was no time for long prayer. I prayed: Jesus did you gave Fritz the position with SATS, so that his son would die in an airplane. I am absolutely not responsible for what is happening here. I am stepping out of this situation please step in as quickly as possible. With my eyes closed I saw a waterfall in front of me, I knew it symbolized the Holy Spirit. Tiredness overcame me all of a sudden. I opened my eyes and looked at Fritzli, he was fast asleep and was breathing calmly and slowly. Thanks to God who sits in the highest and hear prayer in time of trouble. I felt tired enough to sleep, but it had been a very critical situation, I therefor preferred to continually thanking God from all my heart. He had again, as many times before, rescued the situation.

The man next to me had also fallen asleep. He was sleeping as deeply as Fritzli. God’s blessings must have struck him as well, because had he not been so heavy, then he would have slipped out of the chair. In my mind I reviewed our conversation. He came from a family of 14 siblings and traveled around the world. He was involved in something that had to do with power plant for electricity. His children had flown out of the nest, living his wife depressed. He apparently enjoyed his traveling around the world, that gave him the extra kike he needed.  

I had tried to turn the conversation, to the influence women can have in the world, if they raise their children in the Christian faith. I thought, it was a very good subject, because he came from a big family. He quickly felt, where I wanted to go and a look at Fritzli, must have been enough to tell him why. Here he sat beside me and slept like a baby with Gods blessings and did not know anything about it. He woke up a couple of hours before we landed, did some stretching and mentioned that he had slept exceptionally well. Usually he did not sleep well at all on a long journey. I had the greatest desire to tell him why, today I had definitely told him, that he had slept with the greatest power on earth, Gods power. 

Silvia sat with the earphone on and enjoyed herself a lot. Next to her was an Indian businessman who also was listening over the earphone, while he did his best to suppress his laughter. It caught Robert attention, and soon he to started to listen. It did not take long, before he laughed at full power from his lungs. It got so bad, that he had to stand on the seat in order to get enough air. Now I also got interested. Soon I to could not sit down for laughter. I got up and walked behind the chair, we were sitting on the last row and put my arms over the chair from behind, all the while I laughed and laughed. I had the feeling to could laugh seven times more, had it been possible. The comedy was about a Cosby show, but as funny as he was this time, I have newer before or after experienced him on film.

Soon all the passengers on business class were laughing listening to the Cosby show. The stewardesses walked around serving breakfast, wondering what was happening. The dangerous situation with Fritzli was like pushed 100 years away. Every one around him was laughing and enjoying him self, all the while he slept peacefully. Where Jesus is, the joy is very great. Maybe he to was listening to Cosby. Had I not prayed for him to come in very quickly?      

Fritz stood at the entrance upon our arrival. We said goodbye to the power full man, he had been so kind to give a hand with the luggage. Fritz got our nightly adventure right away. Yes fine: He said without much enthusiasm. There are sudden things that are too hard to explain, because there are earthly norms, but there are also heavenly norms. It can be very hard to understand, what happen where these two come close together. He did mentioned, that he had heard that another aircraft had to land outside the schedule, because a young child had got respiratory problems. 

At home Devi was waiting for us with dinner. I explained that Fritzli had been very ill on the plan, but that he felt much better now. May be I have to feed him: I said, because he has a very bad throat. Fritz thought, that I should sit down to eat first, and let Devi try to feed Fritzli, she had been waiting for us all day. After about half an hour she opened the door from the kitchen, with her eyes fixed on me, she said, Fritzli had drunk seven cups of tee and eaten a big plate of vegetables. I gave up explaining anything more about Fritzlis throat pine. I will newer forget this special flight all my life.

Devi had been working for us two years by now and in the meantime changed a lot. She had become much more confidant and mature. May-be that was why she showed signs of not being too interested in working for us, and may-be she needed other experiences in her life. One day I asked her straight out, if she would like to learn to read and write. She did not answer, I knew, I had touched something important. For sure she had discovered, she was a grown up person like everybody else, and that she herself could make decisions about her life. 

I decided we should change. I may as well take somebody from the Philippines this time: I though. It had become fashionable the last few years. New agencies had sprung up all over the cities. 

Silvia and Robert looked after Fritzli one afternoon, as I went to an agency to inquire for a maid. I looked around in the circle of young girls in the office. It was the first time I tried to hire somebody this way, and frankly I could not help thinking about slave traders in the past. Perhaps they too had looked around, considering which person would be the best one to work for them. I chose the strongest looking girl in the circle and chatted a bit with her. Her English was poor, but she was young and would learn. It would take a couple of weeks before the papers were ready, but I could take her home right away. This was how Maora came to live with us.      

It so happen, that Fritz had to go on trip to a foreign country, which he rarely did. It was the second day for Maora in our house. I got up in the morning and discovered, that in the laundry room hung men underwear to dry. My first though was: Have I got a boy in the house instead of a girl. I decided not to ask her, before Fritz came back from his trip abroad. In the meantime I informed the agency about my discovery. She was called in to a medical examination. I was afterwards informed, that she was a girl all the way through. After Fritz arrived at home, I asked her, why she did not use girls underwear. Honestly she replied, that she hoped, I did not mind her tendency in that direction. Equally honest I answered, that she could choose between throwing out the pants or stop working for me, which meant I would bring her back to the agency. She choose to throw the pants out. For the next few days she seemed to be a little unsecure. I decided to give her a chance. I had already started to train her for Fritzli, and it meant more work to start all over again.    

I had better replaced her with someone else from the beginning, because the relationship with her was not as warm as it had been with the other girls. She also distanced herself from us and did not talk much. 

One day, after sometime, I suggested to Fritz to ask her, if she would do us the favor to dress like a girl, when she went to the Catholic Church Saturday afternoon for service. We all wanted to se, how she look like in a dress. She spent two hours the following Saturday in the little room next to the laundry room, making herself ready for church service. Most of the servants room are so designed, that there are only space for the most necessary things. I sent Silvia out to see how it went on, and heard her say: Maora you are looking so nice. She came sailing into the living room with high-heeled shoes and beautiful dressed with a handkerchief hanging out of one hand. Her hair was kempt down over her ears, and she had make up on her face. Fritz admiringly said: You are the prettiest girl in the whole building Maora. She quickly disappeared out of the door. We were all very happy and hoped, that she from now like to be a girl. She came back half an hour before the service were supposed to finish and almost fell into the door. Had she been to church at all? I asked my self. She might have been afraid of the other girls discovering her and had therefor hide some were. She explained the following day, that girls also use blue jeans and t-shirt, she felt best, in what she used to wear.   

I had not completely given up my attempt to have her changed, the way she was supposed to be. One afternoon, through the open door, I saw her sitting on the bed. I took my bible, and showed her the scriptures that clearly explain Gods attitude to his creation as man and woman. Tears flow down her cheeks, she took the towel and hide her face in it. She admitted, there were things in her life, that she could not tell anybody. So tell them to God: I suggested. I put my hands upon hers and prayed for her. 

There was a different expression on her face the next day. She walked around doing her daily duties, as if she had peace of mind but it lasted only a few days. On my question about how it had begun, she explained, that her parents had wanted to have a boy, when she was born. The mother had always dressed her like a boy. For a moment my anger went out against her parents. It was no wonder, it was difficult for her to overcome. It would most likely take a good deal of patience and goodwill and with the help of God to turn what the parents had twisted. 

The first pastor in Wesley Methodist church ones said: Gods greatest enemy is not hatred, but it is something that steels our heart from him. Something we set higher in life than God himself.

We went twice a year to Switzerland during the next couple of years. To avoid Fritzli getting seek again, I decided to take Maora along to help looking after him. We were lucky to be able to fly first class. I had to keep Fritzli by the hand during the flight the first time, but he soon became used to flying. He has always enjoyed watching people, and when the flight attendants went up and down the rail, he followed with high interest what was going on.

We arrived in Switzerland just before spring had started. Maora had a small crisis due to the cold weather and would rather stay indoor. I dressed her well with Fritz ski jacket cap and gloves one windy afternoon, and then she had to come along for a walk. Robert was running ahead, I put the long leg in front and told Maora to hurry after Robert. After returning from the walk at home, we lit the fire in the fireplace and with fresh reed cheeks and good appetite we enjoyed our dinner. 

The children were very good on roller skate, so why not let them have experience in skating, now were Fritzli could stay home from time to time. We arrived in Grindelwald on a lovely day. The mountains were covered with snow, the sky was blue, it was still wintertime. We enjoyed it all and were in a very good mood. Silvia had borrowed a pair of skates from a neighbor. Unfortunately the lending of skates was not open until the afternoon, so Robert had to wait for a couple of hours. We were sitting on a bench in the meantime, and watching Silvia skating. She learned to run on skates in half an hour. She seems to have natural talent for skating and was sliding easily around. I expressed my admiration to Robert for in the next moment to look at him quite stunned. He sat with his hands in his pocket and the shoulders pulled up to the ears, and he murmured just loud enough for me to hear: I wish she would fall, if only Silvia would fall. Why are siblings so jealous on each other or is it just this generation? We returned to the ice skating ring after lunch, and Robert got his pair of skate. I advised him to stay close to the railing for the beginning. I can run as well as Silvia: He replied, and with stiff legs he did his best to slide over the ice. I had enough to do with my self, because it was many years since I last had been skating. I watched him at a distance. He too was already much better after half an hour, but not as fluent as Silvia who was five years older.

A group of skater and a teacher entered the ring. Silvia watched them with admiration, and soon she was in conversation with the teacher. Shortly after she slipped up beside me with begging eyes and explained, that it would be possible to join the group for one week before the season was over. If she was good enough, she could even get the first certificate in art skating. Let her have the pleasure: I thought. Ice-skating is something I can watch myself for hours. That’s how Silvia came to get a certificate in art skating, one week after she had been skating for the first time. Lucky Robert did not show any interest in that direction. Something else had caught his interest. Small boys were running wild around on the ice. and soon he had joined them. 

Fritz arrived the last week of the vacation. He stood at the door early one morning. I am very tired: He said, I prefer to go to sleep immediately. All right: I answered, I will take the children to Grindelwald for ice-skating and see you later in the afternoon. On our way back on the train I noticed that Robert was exceptional silent. He was sitting opposite me, and after a moment he said: When I grow up, then I will learn to drive the train like uncle Hans, and I will take you to the woods and play and sing for you. Would you like that? I nodded: Good idea. Do you say anything to dad? He asked. I nodded again: I think I have too, because of the way you have behaved.  He sat silently stirring out of the window. It was obvious something was bothering him. We arrived at the train station and started walking home. Then it came: When I grow up, then I will be a priest. I consulted with Silvia. She suggested, that if he behaved as expected from now on, then we would say nothing. If he did not keep his word, then we would also not keep our word. He jumped happily along the road, when he heard it.

He had got a new fashion after we arrived in Switzerland. When he took a bath, it happen the water run over and sipped into the entrée making the carpet wet. He left his cloth all over the apartment and so on. I reminded him, that papa soon would arrive. Naturaly most boys would act accordingly, if their dad was very strict. Discipline is necessarily, but children also need to learn to make choice of their own free will.   

Fritz was overworked and had a bad flue. He needed the one-week vacation very much to recover. The first few years were very strenuous on him. New airlines came in regularly every month. It was an obligation for him to make everyone happy and satisfied, and to make sure no one complained. In addition, chefs were trained and specialized, and many new things introduced. The discipline the Chinese management reacted with from above could be felt all the way down to those who washed the plates. Fritz did his best day by day. When he finished in the catering and sat in the car on his way home, he often thought about the problems of the day. One after one he throw them over the shoulder and asked God for help to take the pressure away. He was not always successful, it could clearly be seen on his face, when he arrived at home. We would some times talk the matter over before dinner. Mistrust among the staff was something that disturbed the peace, we noticed. 


We went to Switzerland again in the children’s two months summer holiday. Fritz came for four weeks in the middle of the vacation. Again we were able to borrow uncle Hans’s small red car. After living for years abroad, we fully enjoyed having our own home in Switzerland. Just being able to put the key in the lock, open the door and know it all belongs to us was a new wonderful feeling. Best of all God had blessed the place. If we did not travel or visit with friends or relatives, we walked in the area or swam by the lake and enjoyed the cool summer weather. At times we would grill sausage on sticks down by the lake or in the forest. The children eagerly helped Fritz picking up fallen branches for the fire. Before the fire burnt down, an apple fried over the fire as dessert was our favorite. Fritzli also enjoyed what was going on, but dinner he had later on in the kitchen. The children had started to make root in Switzerland. We all need a family a home and a country to belong to. 

Spiez annual summer feast was held down by the lake near the old castle. We went down to take part in the celebration on a lovely mild summer evening.  People able to enjoy fresh fish in big tents. We joined aunt Martha and uncle Hans. Ladies came around to sell tickets as is the custom for such occasions. Uncle Hans advised every one to write ones name on the ticket. The draw would be the following week. Great was our surprise, when we were told, that aunt Martha had won the first prize a sparkling new red car in worth of 10,000 CH. We did not doubt, that God reworded them with the first prize, because they were so kind to lend us their car, every time we came on vacation free of charge. Since they did not need an additional car, it was sold, and for the amount things for the house were bought. Later on, when uncle Hans gave up driving, we bought it for a reason able prize and kept it for many years as a holiday car. 

Robert liked to jump on our bed, even so it was strictly forbidden. It happen anyway, he fell and hit his neck on the edge and it hurt him a lot. The doctor gave him a collar support and something for the pain. I was probably the one who suffered the most. The neck is a very important part of the body, I hope, nothing serious have happen, I told God and prayed for an instant healing on the spot. God heard my prayer. I woke up the next morning with a stiff neck and it lasted for two weeks, were as Robert was completely free of any sign of the accident. In my heart I thanked God anyway. It would have been a great worry for me, had Robert endured the same pain for two or more weeks. God understand everything, even parent’s worry about their children. The Holy Spirit can transfer pain from one person to another, usually for a much shorter time. There had been an article about it in the monthly church magazine. I therefor knew what had taken place.   

Fritzli had been to Wildersmeth for a check up. An x-ray shoved, that the hip was in place. It would have been completely unnecessary with an operation. The same doctor who had cheeked him the previous year also admitted that. Thanks to God. Arriving in Singapore after the holiday the year before, we compared Fritzlis legs to each other, they were equally long by then. That’s fine: Commended Fritz, I think the doctor must have been mistaken.


Plans for Silvia’s education.


How would Silvia continue her education, was a question that came up about a year before she finish in the Swiss school, because they had only elementary classes. Some people solve the problem by sending their children to boarding school in Switzerland. My dearest wish was to keep her home. She was a very sweet and sensitive person and mature beyond her age, but was she old enough to stand on her own feet in another country fare from home. If she continued to stay in Singapore, then there were only two options for her. One would be to continue in the German school what she did not want to. Actually a wrong view that many Swiss people had at that time. Unfortunately it infected her and Fritz. Later on Robert joined the German school. The second solution would be to continue in the international school were the first language would be English. After some consideration I let her take the necessary test to enter the school. She had by then already taken the first certificate in English at her own free choice. The next step would be to get Fritz blessings. 

It was theater night in the Swiss school. We all went to watch the show. Fritz was resting on Silvia’s bed for a short time before living. The door was open to the living room, and I was busy with something. He sensed me, and without opening his eyes he said: Silvis must be educated in Switzerland. He had decided without discussing the matter with me. I tried to suppress my upcoming disappointment, but I did not really master it. Down on the parking lot I told him still feeling upset: Just drive I am going to take a cap. If I sit next to you Fritz, I am going to explode, that will spoil the evening for all of us. He drove of without making any comment. He made sure to make the children laugh all the way by telling them one funny story after another. I saw them in the school with grinning faces still laughing, because papa had been so funny in the car. Nobody seems to feel my inner fight. It was one of those situation were I felt Fritz had let me down. I went to the cafeteria I needed a cup of coffee to cool down. There I saw Rava, Meier’s wife. She looked gloomy, so it was not hard for me to tell her, that I was angry and disappointed over Fritz. I found out, that she to was angry on Meier. Do not talk to him for at least three days: She advised me. Her angry words brought me back to my common senses. It was right for me to be angry. Fritz should have discussed the whole thing with me, but I would not put fire to my burning feelings, no certainly not. I explained to her, that it would not be good for the children, and it would not make the situation better. I found my family outside, sitting on a bench, the show had already begun. With a prayer in my heart I sat down beside them to watch the show. 

Maora had got fungus on her fingernails and had to wear gloves in the house. I discovered it, because Fritzli and I also got infected. I was told by the doctor, that it could come from working in the field, which she must have done before coming to Singapore. Suddenly she informed me, that she wanted to go back to the Philippine in one-week time. Her departure was decided, after I had canceled her working permit and arranged for a ticket. I took a look at her passport. I did not think she had changed so much, as I wanted her to, during the year she had been working for us, but when I compared her with the passport photo, then there was no doubt, a major change had taken place. She had put on weight her skin was cleaner and her face was much more open, and she looked happier. I just hoped, she had given up playing being a boy. Not to long ago she had showed me some picture of her self, were she was together with other girls. There was especially one picture she kept looking at, her self under an umbrella. The picture clearly showed her female shape. She was looking at her self as a girl, I could clearly see that. Before Fritz drove her to the airport, she promised to give up all the fuss of being a boy and live her life as a girl, the way God had made her to be. When Fritz came back, he told me, that the girls downstairs said, that Maora had mentioned, that she was going to miss Fritzli a lot.

Fritzli understood consciously in his own way to give and take. He probably had helped her to open up to her surroundings.

The best would be to get another young girl from the Philippines and train her, so that she fit into our family. I was very careful with my selection this time. She should be young, smiling and healthy. I prayed to make the right choice with Gods help. A heavy young dark Indian woman helped out in the meantime in the household, until the work permit had been granted. She took a good nap in the girl’s room, before she left in the afternoon. As she explained, it was always very noisy at home. Then she dressed up to meet her finance, whom she was to marry in a short time. Her husband to be was with the military service. His first wife had died, as I understood. I often wondered about their relationship. Without being influenced by it he often mistreated her. She and the family apparently agreed about to tolerate his military manner.  I wished her good luck, she seems to could withstand a lot.

Fritz picked up our new ahma at the airport. He explained afterwards, that two girls were standing waiting to be picked up. One was big and heavy, the other was Jossy. He had been very relieved, that it was not the heavy one. Jossy was all what I had hoped for. She was a girl as girl should be. She too was strong, but she was also very smiling and sympathetic.

She quickly learned how our household worked. She decorated her little room from top to bottom very nicely.  On Sundays, when she meet with other girls, then she were dressed as girls dress. I must confess that for every new maid I employed, I also learned a great deal. 

She was of every other Sunday, and every other Sunday she could live, when we came back from church service before lunch. One of us had to stay home with Fritzli in the meantime.

Those employed by local people had often off only once a month or the most twice a month. Often they had to work from early morning to late evening without fixed working hours. If they took a maid along to look after children, when eating outside, we noticed on several occasions, that the maid was given cheaper food.  


Fritzli ill.

I had lately discovered, that Fritzli showed signs, thatsomething was hurting him, when I did a particular exercise. He did not have fewer and were also not coughing. It must be a muscle contraction: I thought, it might disappear. I should have been more careful, because he could not explain himself. He woke up one morning crying very laud, as if something was hurting him very badly. It was impossible for the doctor to figure out on first hand what was wrong. An x-ray showed, that the left lung was compact closed. He should be admitted to the hospital: The doctor said, but he knew it was best for him to stay at home in his environment. For the next two weeks I did nothing except caring for him. We went regularly to the clinic, and after a few days another ex-ray was taken. The result was positive, the lung was about to open up. The doctor and I discussed together with a lung specialist, how the treatment was to proceed. Should the water in the lung sack be drained out? I insisted on a test. It shoved only minimal bacteria in the water. The specialist explained, that the risk for a stiff lung was only minimal. If that happen, the lungs ability to expand would be obstructed. Another problem was also, that his spine had become slightly skewed, because one side of the body was stiff, and the other side rather weak. He tended to let his head and arms fall to the left. Because of that, his heart had been pushed slightly over to the left. A third x-ray one week later, shoved that what we feared had happened. The lung sack had become stiff, the doctor in the x-ray department told me so. The doctor in the clinic did not mention anything, I kept my knowledge by my self, because if I wanted God to interfere, I better not judge other.

I made lung therapy and gave him plenty to drink for the next two weeks. I seemed to feel an extra force in my hands at times, when I worked on his lungs. I would pray: Dear Jesus help us this time too. There were times were I doubted. I could feel, in such situations, that it would not make the situation better. I therefor hung in with God, and let him comfort me. It was, as there were a week were his body cleansed itself, his skin also got a cleaner tone, and he began to eat better. How I had managed all the difficult situations with the children over the years, without Gods help I do not know. I don’t think very well.

Then an x-ray was done again. The one that took the x-ray came running out waving the result in the air and told me that everything was OK, the lung had open up. Then the doctor came and looked at him, as if he newer had seen anything like that. Thereafter the tour went to the doctor in the clinic. He had not informed me in the first place, and he did not inform me now about the condition of the lung sack. I thought it better to keep quite as well. One thing was sure, God had done a great miracle. I was told everything was OK, of course scar would remain, but we had been very lucky.  I asked the doctor, if the lung had been completely compact closed from top to bottom. He nodded, with normal healthy people such situations could take up to half a year to recover. He did his best not to smile, but he did not quite succeed.

God’s blessings makes everyone happy.


Life on Oriol Cresent.

Christmas and New Year were over again. Here time runs like a wheel turning. That there is no real season is hard to get use to in the beginning, but once time has started to roll time past very fast. We start to ask our self: What have we achieved the last week or the last half a year. Perhaps it is because the diligent population has been affected with achievement. Soon one starts to take courses here and there like the local people. One day we also start to consider weather or not it is worth spending time on the things we are occupied with, because there should also be time for investing the required knowledge. 


The family always had first priority, in those so important golden years. I have newer regretted that. I am fully convinced, that the best investment one can make in life is in the children not just money vise but also in love, time and effort. 

The year 1986 became a bit different for the successful nation, because the income curve on the calendar went a bit down instead of upwards, as it had done since we arrived. The recession had not failed to visit the successful country. Prices began to fall first on cars and then on houses and apartments. The Chinese does not sleep long, it is literally true, many do not need much sleep. They have therefor time for extra work and midnight movies. New conditions were explained over the media. A good way to regulate the wages is the extra bonus many firms pay out at the end of the year. It becomes a welcome gift for many, since the tax is paid on an annual basis.  

A friend, who also attended the Wesley Methodist church, called one day and asked, if we were about to move to another place. Not as far as I know: I answered. She related about a dream she just had.  We had moved into a house, were I had a lot to do. A week later I also dreamed, I moved into a house. I asked myself: Does God try to tell us something. I started to study the newspaper and was surprised to find out, how much the prices on houses had fallen. I made Fritz aware of it. You can check if something suits you, then we can look at it on Saturdays when I am of: He answered. We looked on houses on Saturdays for the next couple of weeks. If we had been out to see several places and did not really like it, then our mood was there after. God had to have a special place for us, otherwise our friend had not called to tell about her dream. Then one Saturday afternoon we look at a house not to far from the Swiss school and the club. The house was on a hill in Spanish style with bowed windows and doors. Best of all there was no stairs in or outside the house. Something we also had to take into consideration, because of Fritzli and his wheelchairs. To the house belonged a large garden with bushes and trees and a large terrace with a absolute wonderful view. The house was approximately 40 years old and well build with thick walls. We will take it: I said to Fritz in Swiss German. He replied: Do not show you enthusiasm until I have discussed the price. He managed to get the price 500 dollar below the first price, on the condition that we would maintain it our self. As they were negotiating, I looked over the sloop enjoyed the lovely view and prayed that Fritz would not run away, because the price did not suit him.  

We got the keys a couple of weeks before we moved in. During that time we very busy painting and cleaning in the house. The kitchen cabinets were not the newest models, but they got a thick layer of paint and looked OK. The bathrooms were the simple kind, but they fitted in style to the house, so I thought. The three bedrooms and the living room were very spacious and larger than in many of the new modern houses. Our furniture from the Philippines fitted perfectly into the living room. We planed to set up an office in the small room next to the living room. Of course there was also a small girl room with attached bathroom next to the kitchen. 

Fritz wanted new curtains for the living room. My first though was, that it was not necessary, because nobody could watch us, because of the way the house was placed. Those who lived here before did also not have curtains: I protested. I do not know if Fritz prayed about it, because one night I dreamed that I hang up the most beautiful curtains. The following Sunday we all drove of to the house to measure the windows for curtains. Fritzli came along, he was put in his wheelchair outside the house. Fritz and Robert drove of to do some shopping. Many shops are open Sundays as well. I turned around to put the key in the door. As I did that, I heard behind me a strange sound. I turned around, were was Fritzli? He was no longer in his wheelchair behind me like a moment ago. I moved my eyes towards the garden. I do not know, and will newer understand, how Fritzli came to stuck his feet exactly in the deep drain between the terrace and the garden. He was standing there with his heavy wheelchair hanging on his back. I think an angel must have been holding his feet, until I quickly pulled him back to save ground. How could it be, that he was able to balance without bouncing over? How did he manage to get his feet into the drain? 

I had overlooked, that the terrace floor slightly held towards the garden. From that moment on when he was sitting in the garden, the wheelchair was always blocked with the break on. It was a lesson for all of us.

Fritz wanted curtains no matter the cost. When they were sewn and hung up, I had to admit, that it made the living room looking absolute beautiful. 

We moved into the house the first of June 1986. The surroundings were some of the most expensive in the country. Mainly foreigners and rich Chinese lived there. Every evening a minister with his family walked past our house, and the police circulated several times a day, because of influential people living in the area. 

Best of all – Robert was one of the last to be picked up with the school bus and one of the first to arrive at home.   

The neighbors looked surprised, every time Fritz and I worked in the garden. I got a clear feeling of, that we were not supposed to do that in this area. After a couple of weeks a gardener past by and offered to take care of the garden. Since there was a lot of work to do with sweeping, cleaning and cutting the grass as well as the bushes, I employed him for once a week. Every thing grows very fast in subtropics climate. Fritz needed to rest on weekends. Flowers and plants I took care of my self.

It became a regular rule for the family to have most meals on the terrace and at the same time enjoy the magnificent view in the beautiful surroundings. It was, admired by many who came to visit over the years.

Birds in beautiful color flew from one tree to another, all the while they made their present known by singing. Often when I was feeding Fritzli in the garden in the morning, I would copy their singing to Fritzlis amusement. Some of them clearly answered. 

Robert asked one day, if he could bring home a cat, it would cost 10 dollar. I agreed on the condition, that the cat should stay outside for the beginning. He happily went of on the bike with 10 dollar in the pocket. A moment later a truck stop in front of the house, and a fellow with thick gloves on his hands brought a cat liking wild animal with reed eyes and sharp teeth and a tick tail and held it up in front of me. I starred at it, is that a cat Robert: I surprised asked. It is a mongo cat: He corrected me. If you had not bought it, it had strangled itself, the workers told me so. The cat had been tied to a tree. Every time it pulled the string, it strangled itself more and more. A not very nice way to eliminate an animal. I got the man with the gloves to set the animal free between the big bamboo threes, were it quickly disappeared. We newer saw it again, although I for some time put a milk bowl on the slop to make it feel home. They easily take up a fight against snakes, so I did not mind it stayed in the area. 

Large lizards of half a meter including the tail slide swiftly between the bushes. We rarely caught a sight of them because they move very fast and are extremely shy. 

For a short period we also had, a small monkey twisting around in the large bamboo threes in front of the slop. Fortunately it disappeared after a short time. 

At times we heard bumps on the ceiling and wondered what was going on, on top of the house. One evening at sun set we saw a long tailed animal of half a meter with a long nose strolling on the electric wire to disappear in the large bamboo threes. After her were three kids balancing. Now we knew, we had neighbors upstairs.  

If Jossy overlooked some crumbs, when she cleaned the kitchen in the evening, she could be sure, that ants found their way to the kitchen during nighttime. 

After a while I noticed, that the slop in front of the kitchen window had become very large, and it had strange holes. When I watered the garden in the evening, I mixed some chlorine in a bucket of water and poured it on the slop. It became the end of their home. 

We painted the house inside and outside several times, during the 12 years we lived on Oriole Cresent. We could not help to feel proud, when we realized, that the neighbors began to do the same thing. After I had painted the gate in front of the house, the doctor’s wife and the ahma opposite the road started to do the same thing. Even the chauffeur to the big Chinese family next door had occasionally to refresh the house with roll and brush. 

It was Fritz hobby to saw branches off the trees, once in a while on Saturday, together with the gardener. We had seven trees in the garden, two of them big Rambutan trees that jilted baskets of fruit twice a year. 

Every Saturday morning Fritz, Fritzli and I drove of to the Pharrer road marked for weekly shopping. While I bought in of vegetables, fruit and fish, Fritzli sat in front of the car together with Fritz, watching people who came and went, all the while Fritz studied the newspaper.

Our small newly bought dog Spotty quickly learned to be a watchdog. He start to bark, the best he could, if somebody stayed to long in front of the gate. There were big dogs on booth side of the house, whom he scolded occasionally, because he did not associate with dogs in that size. He followed Fritzli on his daily walk in the afternoon. If a big dog appeared on the road, then he preferred to sit safely on Fritzlis lap.  



Silvia leave home.

We said goodbye to Silvia on May 12, 1986 shortly before we moved into our house on Oriole Cresent. She and Fritz were to travel to Schiers in Switzerland, were she was to continue her education. Fritz had taken a couple of days of to follow her. It was very fortunate that she was able to come on holiday on a regular basis, but we would miss her very much, she was only 14 years of age by then. 

Before they left, Fritz wrote in my diary book, that we agreed about her continuing schooling in Switzerland. Silvia must also sign: Fritz said calling her. Silvia wrote her name below ours. She was a mature girl for her age, it comes from being planted in the faith. Deep in my heart, I hoped, every thing would work out well. 

In my diary book I wrote: Silvia travels to Schiers today. Jesus keep her save and be with her and shove her the way in school and let her be completely sure of, what she want to do with her life in the future. Give her the right attitude in life, and let the right girl share room with her. Let there be friends who invite her home on weekends, and let it be good years for her. 

I prayed, that she would finish her education with a good  result. I thought for a second and corrected it to a very good result. I prayed for travel mercies, and that she would pass the examinations test and get into the right class. I asked God to encouraged and support her and ended my prayer with an AMEN.