Singapore 2 with Romania.

Singapore 2.

Silvia had begun her education in Switzerland; we all missed her a lot. Still to day I am not to sure, if she was not to young for that decision, even so she managed well. She came to share room, with a girl who kindly invited her home on weekends, as often as she wanted. I was very thankful for the kind attitude of the family.  She came to Singapore on every school vacation, or we meet in Spiez, were we usually spent our holiday. Our reduction ticket by the airline was a good deal, when we lived far from each other. Soon a letter came with the news, that she also visited the weekly bible study at the school. Now every body knows, that I am a Christian, she wrote. It is strange, that there is something special admitting being a believer, when we are baptized in the Christian faith.  She had, by now, reached the age to be confirmed and followed the confirmation teaching in Shiers but was confirmed in Singapore, in agreement with Wesley Methodist church. 

The church baptized children and adult after free choice. If someone were baptized as a child, confirmation followed as a teenager.  Adult can chose being baptized by sprinkling or in a swimming pool located inside the church under the floor. The bible teaches us to be baptized with water and the Holy Ghost. The water cleanses us, but it is the blood of Jesus Christ that saves us. 

Silvia was confirmed together with 100 others on that day. I think the oldest was about 70 years old. Those baptized as adult, where on the same day also confirmed. The pastor mentioned, that it was enough to start a new church with.

Afterwards we had lunch with friends at the Swiss club. On such occasions relatives are missing, but we made up for it on our vacation.

We all went to an evening service in the church not long after. The pastor announced, that God had put on his heart, that there were many young people who sought the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He therefor called such to come to the front to be prayed for. Without hesitation Silvia got up and went to the front, I admired her for it.  

Wesly Methodist Church.

The church had by now 7 services and had grown to about 5000 visitors on Sundays. 4 services were traditional with a beautiful choir. 3 with a band with free style worship in a second extended building. Because the church was next to Fort Canning Park, there were plenty of free parking spaces along the road. The church also had been well organizes with space for the many children and young people who went to Sunday school. Many bible studies and weekly evening prayer as well as seminars spread though out the year, were some of the things the church continually offered along with a bookstore.   

Suddenly the word bible groups became relevant. An American lady was invited to give a seminar about the topic. That year the church got organized with 30 groups through out the island. It was a good feeling, to be witness to the many who got saved like in the time of the Apostles. 

The beautiful choir, in the traditional services, has always been very special for the Methodist churches in Singapore. The great interest in music later emerged into a music school that developed into publication of theater and concerts with Christian contents.   

I could go on describing what happen in the church, but let me just add: Had the pastors not listen to Gods voice of renewal, then all this had not happen. 

On tour as a missionary.

When the church had been established, it heard Gods call to expand to the mission field, primarily in Asia but also in countries like India and Africa. 

Later on I joined a group of people who went on a mission trip to northern Thailand.

A special trained pastor, who lived among the people and had learned their language, pastored 28 small villages. We testified in 3 small churches build of bamboo and straw, of course the pastor had to translate each time. 

We prayed for the people for hours after each service. They came one after another and told their problems. The pastor translated, then we placed our hands on them and prayed, as we felt lead by the Holy Spirit.

I clearly remember an elderly woman who explained, that she had chest pain. I told the pastor, that I felt, she had problems in the family. She came back after a while and explained, that her daughter had moved to a big city, and she had not had a word from her for several years. In joined prayer we committed the daughter into Gods hand, proclaiming her to return home safely. 

The women’s were dressed very beautiful in their traditional black dresses decorated with colored ribbons and on their head a kind of ornament with silver bells.  It was that day; I realized that for years, I had three painted pictures, on dried leaves of these beautiful decorated people, hanging in our living room. I had sometimes wondered, who they were, and now I was standing in their midst telling my life story and praying together with them.

In another village a new little church had quickly been build, I think because of our visit.  We testified, prayed and preached for them. The church was full to the last seat. The people even stood outside and watched the service through the opening between the bamboo roof and the bamboo wall.  We prayed for an elderly man who had been addicted to opium for many years and who wished to be set free. I felt clearly the mercy of Jesus, as we prayed for him. Something was different in this village, somehow less harmonious compared to the other villages we visited. The pastor explained to our questions, that only half of the population was believers, 

We slept the on a thin madras on the bamboo floor with a thin blanket as cover and ate unpolished rice with some green vegetable and chicken. One meal was enough for not to feel hungry for the next 12 hours due to the unpolished rice. The houses stood on posts and pigs were grinning underneath. Chickens were chopping around the cooking pots hoping for something to be left over for them. This experience will always have a special place in my heart.  


We decided for a trip abroad the following spring. Fritzli were to stay at home with our ahma Jossi in Singapore. Fritz secretary and another girl were to come every evening to stay over night in the house. We called regularly, to make sure everything was all right, which also was the case every time. thanks be to God.

We flew on our annual free tickets and were so fortunate to travel on first class. We arrived in Hawaii after a short stop over in Tokyo. Robert was sitting next to me during the flight; Silvia and Fritz were sitting just behind. I observed the big full moon through the small window, it looked like we flew past it. Robert stared fascinatingly through the window. All of a sudden he said very loudly: Hold on to the seat mammi, for we are flying into space. I had to laugh, yes, I bubbled over laughing loudly. Fritz made signs from behind and whispered: You can not laugh like that on first class, but his serious face made me laugh even more.  

It so happen, that he came to hurt his big toe seriously shortly before our departure. It also got inflamed and felt sore, when he stepped on the foot. I made a soap bath and put it next to the bed. As he took the foot out of the water after some time, he came to spill some soap water on the floor. He ended up steeping in it and thereby came to hurt the already mistreated toe. By that he started to jump around on the floor on one food, all the while he shouted loudly for pain. I came into the bedroom, and by the sight of him jumping around, I hurried into the bathroom and start laughing. The situation was just to funny, even so I knew, he was hurting. It became very quite in the bedroom. Slowly I opened the door, Fritz was laying on the bed with a sensible expression on his face and had apparently forgotten his pine. Together we examined the toe and decided, that it was best to live everything to the doctor. 

The doctor got the whole story and treated the toe, demanding that nobody was to remove the dressing for the next few days. The toe was healed nicely the day we left for America.  

We landed in Hawaii and were meet by Singapore Airline station manager who also had reserved an apartment for us. We experienced many things the following days, but there is nothing that exceeds Gods magnificent nature. What I remember the best, is the day we spent in the lagoon. We had bought bread to take along, because we were told, that we could feed the fish in the water and the pigeons on the beach. The water was brilliant clear, and the sun shone on the surface like countless little diamonds, when we arrived. Further out the blue water united itself with the blue sky. What a wonderful sight and harmony we experienced here. Fish, in all sorts of colors, sizes and patterns, slipped fort and back and between our legs, as we stood in the water feeding them. We were surprised, that they were not one bit afraid of us. Just imagine, if the world always would be like that.

We rested on the beach afterwards taking sunbath. When the beautiful snow white pigeons discovered that there were bread to pick, thy came flying and landed some were on us. Robert sat like a statue with his arms stretched out and with bread in his hands. Soon we saw only a mountain of white pigeons trying to get a bit, while I took a lot of pictures. 

We cannot experience Hawaii without having experienced Hawaii dances. Barefooted girls, with flowers in the long dark hair and bamboo skirts around the hips, danced with swung in tact to the music. There was joy and happiness in the air, as people enjoyed the performance. When the dancers had finish dancing, the guest was invited to join. Silvia and Robert quickly got up and joined the crowd. They wriggled and swayed with the hips, the best they could, while I used the opportunity to click with the camera.

Our next stop was Los Angeles. It took time to get through the custom office, because in our line a lady with very long nails was sitting at the counter. She could hardly handle the passports because of the long artificial nails. We had the greatest desire to cut them of. Finally we stood outside in the biting wind and asked ourselves: How do we get to the hotel. After waiting for an hour in the wrong place, we got on the right bus. The famous Los Angeles with Hollywood and luxury did not really look like that on the first day. I was very disappointed to see, small simple houses with metal roof, as we drove into town from the airport. 

Arriving at the hotel we decided to take a stroll to get something to eat somewhere. As we walked down the street, a dark lady came hurrying out from a coiffure saloon, all the while she wined: Jesus Christ. I stopped for a moment and asked: Do you know my best friend? At that moment the lady got a sensible expression in her eyes. Should we abuse Gods name in wane, I do not think so. 

We enjoyed a Mac Donald lunch for a change. A big poster on the wall told us, how long we were allowed to sit down. 

We decided to get started with Disney Land right away, as soon we had eaten. It was like living in fantasyland for the next few days. It was also fun for us adult, all that is needed is patience. For every new thing we tried, we had to queue up for half an hour most of the time. The children were untiring from morning to evening. There came a moment, were I said: I just need to sit down for a while. The others disappeared in the crowd, without realizing that they just had lost me. It took 20 minutes before searching eyes caught sight of me. We all strolled together as a family afterwards.                     

We continued our trip to San Francisco. If we had a nice breeze in Los Angeles, it became even worse in San Francisco. The worst thing Fritz had advised me not to take a sweater or a jacket along. Since then I always make sure to have at least one peace to wear to keep warm, we newer know, if we need it. It was on the first day, I stood in the midday sun along a house wall, trying to warm my hand and feet that had started to tingle for cold. Fritz and the children were busy exchanging money. At the same wall a man poorly dressed sat sunken together, like one who had given up every good thing in life and just was waiting for the end. Perhaps he was a victim of the Vietnam War and had started on drugs for not thinking about all the cruel things, mankind is able to do, such thought passed through my imagination. I could not help to compare the social conditions at that moment. Had this man been sitting next to a house wall in Singapore, he would soon be placed somewhere, were he would be taken care of. 

We may as well sign up for a tourist trip, we all agreed about. In this way we see the most in the shortest time and get some knowledge of the city. Our tour guide was exceptionally gifted in talking. He convinced every body, that there had been an earthquake during the night. Fortunately everybody had slept well, and nobody had noticed anything. San Francisco has been plagued by earthquake and fire several times. It impressed me a lot, when he talked about, a big fire that nearly wiped out the city. All the missionaries lived on one street. When the fire had reach that point, the wind turned and the fire stopped, and the street was saved. Today it is the oldest part of the city. 

The new city is divided into four equal squares, and we experienced a nice view over the districts from a road hilltop. On the television we had seen the famous golden bridge several times, and now we drove over it. The tour guide explained everything in detail. When we left the bus after a couple of hours, we also thanked him with a good tip because it had been a very eventful trip.   

Our last stop was Taiwan. Fritz had made sure, we came to stay at the most expensive Chinese hotel in the world with airline reduction. Compellingly he explained: There are times, were we should take the opportunity to enjoy it. I knew, it was his secret wish to have stayed at he best Chinese hotel in the world. We all stayed in one room, because everything was very big in that place. The bed was so big, that all four of us could sleep in it, but Fritz ordered an extra bed and slept at the end of the big bed, that the children and I shared. Likewise the bathroom and the balcony were of an unusually big size. We heard, that it originally should have been a Chinese palace, but instead it was decided, to make a hotel out of it. Perhaps it explained the splendor everywhere. It was a pleasure to walk around and look at the many nice woodcarvings decorating the walls. I sat down for a moment in the lobby and admired the thick carpets on the floor. 

When the door to one of the most expensive apartments was open, because the service people were cleaning, we curiously stepped inside for a moment. Someone very kindly showed us around and explained, that it was mainly head of state visitors that occupied the apartments, and they stayed for free. It was a petty to make trips out in the country, when we stayed in such a nice place, I though by myself.  

Fritz discovered an old sword on one of our trips out in the country. At a distance I observed, that he negotiated with the seller. Hopefully it is not carved with idols, I thought and immediately hurried towards them. I was too late, the sword had idols on it, and Fritz had already bought it and looked pleased with the purchase. Of course at this moment he had completely forgotten our agreement not to have items with idols on in the house. 

I did not felt like to mention anything at that moment, because he looked so pleased. After our return to Singapore I explained, that I was not too sure where to put it, so for the time being it landed on the top of a cupboard. Secretly I asked God to make him forget it, and I threw it into the dustbin after a couple of weeks. 

He later admitted, that he completely had forgotten our agreement.  

One cannot have visited Taiwan without visiting the museum. We used the opportunity the last day before our departure. We strolled through the different rooms and looked at many interesting valuable things. We knew a lot of things was smuggled out of China and stored here. 

The best thing about returning to Singapore was, that Fritzli was waiting for us.

It felt good to look into his eyes and see his happy smile by our arrival.  He was a part of us and we of him, we were as a united family.      

Family Life.         

We had reached the year 1988. Before we realize it, a year has past by. After the summer holiday Christmas is around the corner. Singapore is a big hectic city, and time pass exceptionally fast in this tropically hot climate. My be one of the reason is, that there are no climate seasons too divide the year, and the population is of the busy kind always trying to learn or do something. 

One of Roberts’s teachers called one day and suggested to have his eyes cheeked. I did so, and everything was all right. Then followed an appointment with her. According to her observation, Robert had difficulties in learning. I also knew, that it was not the first time, she tried to stamp children, she herself had difficulties to manage or like. I had been a bit worry, even before she became his teacher. Nevertheless I agreed to let him have extra hours of expensive lessons weekly with a trained Swiss teacher. To make sure he also learned something, I joined the class with him. I did not think, that weather he nor I had learned anything after a couple of month. He had started to read, but it was because we read together in the evening. In the expensive hours we often just played games with the teacher. I told Fritz what was going on and suggested that it my be better to move him to the German school. Fritz in turn mentioned the situation to one of the school authorities. I had asked him not to do so, because I did not want a scandal out of Roberts’s ability to learn, but it happen anyway. The case was examined, and the teachers had to admit, that he really did not need the extra lessons. The trained teacher got fired from her activities in the school. Somehow I felt things had gone wrong, and it could have been different, had the communication been better with the first teacher. She seemed to have an eye on children, which she knew came from Christian homes. Some of the children from the missionaries experience same problems with that particularly teacher. We eventually moved Robert to the German school shortly after this incident, because the German school had grades up to university, which the Swiss school did not.

One day as Robert and I had our lunch together on the big terrace overlooking the housetops of the surrounding area, he again started to talk about the white girl in the class. She had completely white hair and skin and therefor looked a bit different. She and Marco had stood in front of the blackboard doing mathematic. The girl was supposed to pass a piece of chalk to Marco. Marco had let the chalk drop, because the class reacted with not touching her. The teacher had sharply said: Pick up the chalk Marco, which he did with a funny laugh. I knew from the girl’s mother, that she was not very happy in the class.

By hearing this compassion for the girl rose within me. This was too much, a whole class against an innocent child, and nobody seems to could do anything about it. Robert admitted it was true, but he did also not know what to do. I called the mother to Marco and explained the situation. She promised to talk to Marco about it. The next day Robert and Marco told the girl, that they were her bodyguard, and if someone troubled her, she should just say so, and they would take care of it. That changed the situation from day to another. Soon no one was acting to her different look. One day the mother to the girl called me to thank me. I answered: For what. She explained, that she knew, I had started something. In my heart I said: Thanks be to God who knew to give the boys the right idea. 

If the class learned to stand together, it my change the situation, because it had got the reputation for being a wild class. Robert told me, that when he entered the classroom in the morning, they all used bad words and fists. What do you do I asked? Then I crawl over arms and legs, until I reach my desk, he answered. 

One day he said: Today I was really afraid, that Mirco and Marco had killed each other. Marco was completely reed in the face, because Mirco had pressed so hard on his neck, until he hardly could breathe. I felt the alarm bell ringing in my mind. This was undoubtedly going to far. Next time, the parents had a meeting with the teachers, the situation had to be discussed. I was not the only one who considered so.  The teacher invited the parents for an extra meeting to discuss the situation in the class. She explained, that it was a particularly difficult class, and there were sudden types in the class that caused turmoil over and over again. I knew it was true, and most mothers also knew who it was. Anyway most mothers too the boys were alarmed, but completely innocent were properly none of them. A couple of mothers stood up and said sudden things. One could feel confrontation in the air. The teacher kept calm but determent. She kindly explained her plan. The class should, once a week, spend a couple of hours together, to learn to accept each other and have fun together. A few mothers should help out.  

The class was a test for most teachers. It was not only the strong and weak side of the class that showed itself but also the teachers. I decided to find out how the German pastor looked at our problematic class. I knew from Robert, how he managed. He told something from the bible, that most of them newer heard, because they put their arms on the table and slept. Therefor it was called sleeping hour. Do you also do so? I asked Robert He honestly replied, that he and Ronny from the mission home did not, and they also did their homework. The pastor apparently agreed with the class to pass the hour in a very calm way. 

His eyes seams to flake for a moment, as I stood before him. On my suggestion to discuss the situation with the class, he plainly refused and said, that it was just the way the children were, and they would grow out of it. He changed the subject and started to talk about other things. Disappointed I left the classroom, it had been a very short visit.

The one that understood and managed the class the best was the English teacher who also was the sport teacher. He was the only one, who admitted that he did not have problem with the class. He understood a joke, and was himself quite good at it. He teased the girls at times, so that they got red in the face. If they did not do their homework, punishment was the result. If that did not help, then there came a time, where they did not have access to the teaching. The class respect grew towards the teacher. The teacher’s interest in playing theater sometimes suited the teaching. At times the class had set up a play, when the teacher entered the classroom, he would then flow along with it.

I come to think about, that God does not wait to we become good enough, he comes down to our level, when we seek him.  One of the teachers began to moderate Yoga in the class. Her solution to get the class under control. Everyone should sit completely quiet and think on a special of her chosen word. I still read the bible most days with Robert, so he was well informed about many things. One day he said: Can you call the German teacher, she wants to talk to you. She explained, that she had learned meditation by practicing Yoga. As she was about to instruct it in the class, Robert had stood up and said hard and straight: This thing comes from the devil, and I do not want to have anything to do with it. I in turn explained our Christian view to her. I also discussed the matter with the missionaries, who promised to talk to the teacher. The teacher gave up her attempt to get the class under control per meditation after a few weeks.

As Christians we do not show respect by bowing down to other so-called gods. The class had been on a city tour and visited a famous temple. The teacher had asked the children to respectfully bow for a Buddha statue. Robert and Ronny from the mission home got unnoticed by, by walking behind the backs of the others.  If we do not give our children Christian values, then something else get them. Should we live this important decision in the hand of others?       

One afternoon, as Robert and I was at the pool in the Swiss club, Tim a boy, a class lower than Robert, came by. I began to talk about Jesus, and that he one day will come again. Suddenly the boy turned around and run away. We got the impression, that something was wrong, and Robert went to find out. He came back a moment later and explained: Tim stood behind the club and wept, he knew, that what we said was true, but there were so many adult people who believed in something else. I felt heart breaching for the boy in that moment. I later on got the chance to talk to his mother on an outing on the east cost with the class and to pass a book to her, before the family left the country for good. 

God newer speaks to late.       

We were sitting together Fritz and I a lovely Sunday morning having breakfast on the terrace. The colorful birds were cheerfully twitting and jumping around in the trees nearby. We newer got tired of admiring the wonderful view by overlooking the housetops and trees in the neighborhood. The sunset in the evening was absolute amazing, considering we were living in a big city. This morning I did not really take notice of the view, because of a very strange dream I had that night and it still occupy my thought. 

Fritz asked: What’s wrong with you this morning? I considered the dream for a moment and decided I had to share it with him. I replied: In my dream Fritzli died. He was lying dead on his bed one morning. I did say to myself: You know where he is, now you must get used to it. Fritz got a strange expression on his face and started to share, what he had dreamed a short while ago. In his dream Fritzli also died. We did not fully agree about where to burry him. I preferred to have him buried in Spiez, but Fritz insisted, Fritzli should be buried in the same place as his parents about one and a half hours drive from Spiez in Switzerland. 

It was not something very encouraging, Fritz had to tell that morning. Would God really allow this to happen, after all he had given me a very strong vision, were I saw his body transformed to a healthy body. God does not lie, I felt sad and confused in that moment. Why had there been no progress for so many years? I asked myself. 

We went to the church again in the evening, because an American evangelist was preaching. The church was full to the last seat, as we arrived. First a little Chinese lady went to the front and explained, that God had put on her heart to fast that day, because so many parents had given their children first place in their life. God himself should have first right in everything. We should surrender our children to him, it would save us for a lot of concerns later on in life. After a few songs the evangelist started to preach. The message was: Can I cross the line that separates life from death. I started to feel very strange. What I had dreamed that same night, and what Fritz had told me that same morning seems to fit together, with what the preacher was preaching. Eventually the preacher gave a call, those parents that felt it suited them should stand up. I felt God had spoken to me, all thought I did not understood, why he apparently contradicted himself. Tears started to flow down my cheeks, and worse I did not have any tissue paper with me. A lady next to me kindly gave me one. It was real, my heart was hurting very much, but I think, it was also an important moment for me in Gods sight. He may have cut some of the ties Fritzli and I had together, my be ties that belonged to the author and finisher of our life. I woke up the next morning with peace in my heart; it was an unusually free peace. No matter what happen, God himself had taken the responsibility on his shoulder. The decision over life and dead belonged to him, and he did not need our help. 

I had another strange dream in the beginning of 1988. I should keep Emma, because I would need her during our holiday in Singapore. What did that meant? As I always did, when something seems to be important, I wrote it down. God knew the future, what I did not understood now, I may understand later on. 

Jossy our ahma had been replaced by Emma in the meantime. Our holiday in Switzerland was due, but five days before our departure, I was so unlucky to get a very painful ear infection and had to take strong medication. 

It was the in the middle of the summer season in Europe, and the airplanes were booked to last seat, because the schools closed and many foreigner vent summer on vacation. I would have preferred to wait another week before living with the children, but Fritz said: It not easy to change the ticket right now, you better live, if you can. I should have listened to the inner voice, because something told me to be careful, I was aware, that I had not fully recovered. I reminded myself about the dream to keep Emma, I needed her in Singapore and not in Switzerland. Perhaps I did not quite understood, what God meant. Why should I not take the children for holiday in Switzerland? 

I left with Emma and the children anyway, flying on first class because of our annual free ticket. Fritz arranged for Emma on economy class, but she could come to help with Fritzli, if I needed her. At the entrance to the airplane Fritzlis wheelchair was taken away for cargo, and as I had done so many times before, I carried him in my arms to his seat. At that very moment, something happen to my back, I felt a sharp pine on my left hip. 

I had always been very thankful to God for restoring my back, every time something happens, but this time it was different. My back was hurting very badly during the entire flight. When we arrived, we were meet by Fritz sister and went with her at first to Braunwald and after a few days to Wicosoprano. I woke up in the middle of the first night in Wicosoprano with a terrible back pine. I called a chiropractor, early next morning, and in a crying voice asked, if he could come to our home, because I could hardly move. He kindly told me, that he only treated his patients in the clinic. I got dressed with the help of Silvia, and slowly climbed down the stairs tripping to the bus stop. I clung to the door, as I dragged myself into the bus. Fortunately the clinic was not to far away from the bus stop in St Moritz, and somehow I managed to get there. I finally arrived in the doctor’s clinic. A nurse untied my shoes, and the chiropractor gave me a treatment that made me moan. Finally a belt was tightened around my stomach. It did help right away, I could now move without to much pain. 

Fritz had a talk with the school principal about Silvia, when he arrived a few weeks later to join us for the holiday. Since she had decided to be a social worker, Fritz and I suggested to her, to continue on a non private school with business subject. The education would better match the studies for a social worker, since office knowledge was included. The second option if she wanted to continue high school was a local school. The school, she attended right now, was private and quite expensive. The company supported with a third, but before she had finished, it would have cost a small fortune. Silvia choose the business school with four languages. When she and I discussed it one evening, as we took a small walk outside, her disappointment made her cry, as she leaned towards me. She had lived two years with wealthy peoples children, and now things should be different. I could feel, she did not completely agree to the decision, and wished Fritz had been there too. It turned out to be a vise choice after all. We were informed half a year later, that from now on the company only supported children’s education in Singapore. 

Silvia was enrolled in the business school in Chur. The school did have accommodation for student, but unfortunately it was closed on weekends.  

We therefor had to find accommodation for her close to the school, and were lucky too find a room on the third floor by a elderly couple. We arranged for her to have her meals at the school during the week.

Fritz had to live again. I decided to stay unto Silvia was organized with everything concerning the change of school. I had to change that plan because of Fritzli. He got seek with fewer and a bad cough and did not feel to well during the rest of the vacation. For years his lungs had not been to strong, and the dry climate in the summer season in Switzerland did not made it better, the cough could not loosen up. The situation concerning his health became critical. I therefor decided to travel back to Singapore with Fritzli, and as soon he felt better to return to Silvia. I encouraged her to decorate the room nicely and promised to return, as soon Fritzli felt better. 

Together we traveled by train to Chur. I could feel, she was not too happy, she had headache and did not respond, even so, I tried to encourage her. The situation was not very good, there were things she did not agreed too. I prayed she would overcome her disappointment and take a positive grip on everything. I felt that right now, there was nothing else I could do. 

Fritzli suddenly became completely impossibly. He was shouting as something was hurting him very much. We could not figure out, what was wrong and wheeled him out in front of the coupe and tried our best to comfort him but were totally helpless, and he could not tell us why. Silvia left the train in Chur with a short farewell without looking back. Fritzli cried heartbreaking, until he was sweeting, all the way to the airport. I felt as a dark cloud was hanging over my head and wished, we had stayed back in Singapore. God had warned me ahead,

I had better listen to his warnings instead to make this trip with all its difficulties. God knows everything ahead. Jesus said, he will not live us or forsake us until he comes again. He also said, there will be testing on the road, and we should be prepared to stand firm.

As soon we arrived in Singapore, the cough Fritzli had, loosen up immediately, and he recovered quickly. Wisely I asked God, if he would give me a sign, as to weather I could travel back to Switzerland to help Silvia get organized. Again I had a dream: By the door to Fritzlis room a lamp was hanging. I understood and knew, that the Hoy Spirit would watch over him. Two week after I left, I was back again in Switzerland to help Silvia. 

She biked down to the railway station to meet me. Apparently she was happy to see me, but I sensed something was different. She was now 17 years of age and a very sensitive person who knew what was right and wrong in life. I decided to do my best to help her get the most out of the situation. 

Her room was located almost in the middle of the city. She could eather walk or bike to school, as she liked. Through the older couple, were she lived, she had come in contact with a bible group, for young people who meet every Friday evening. She expressed her enthusiasm. I thanked Him who leads everything together for good.   

I sat next to the window and looked around in the room. It had a beautiful view over the mountains, because it was on the third floor. We should do something about that room: I thought. It is incorrectly furnished. The table should be in front of the window, so that she could look over the mountains while doing her homework. I was also not happy about, that she could not do any cooking on Saturday and Sunday, when the school was closed. At that moment I so happen to see, how the bookshelf collapsed. I quickly grasped one of the iron bars that were stuck between the ceiling and the floor. I was shocked at first, because the bookshelf was just opposite her bed. Thanks be to God, that it happen at the right moment, and not when she was a sleep in the bed.

May be we should cheek, if a better room is available somewhere: I said after some consideration. We went down to the railway station and bought various newspapers. We looked at rooms and small apartments over the next few days. They were either to far away or to expensive. We make the best out of your room: I said encouragingly. First the bookshelf and other unnecessary things were put into a small room under the roof. Then we sorted her cloths out, unnecessarily pieces were put into cardboard boxes. Every piece was analyzed, if it were to be kept or not. I held a pair of trodden summer shoes up in front of her: Do you need them? I asked. May be once or twice: She said with a thin voice. What you do not need, we carry to the Salvation Army, I decided. 

The table was placed in front of the window. A bamboo matt, fixed over the bed, came down without difficulties. The bed was pushed over to a corner, so that she also had a view over the mountains from the bed. A large drawer was placed opposite the bed along the wall. Here a television set would be on the right spot: I suggested. The only thing, which was not moved around, was the cabinet for her cloths. Now we go shopping: I said cheerfully. A television set came on top of the drawer. Unfortunately there was no television connection under the roof. A talk with the owner of the house solved the problem. An electrician came around and fixed the connection, and I paid. A small fridge was bought to keep the most necessary things. The small electric cooking plate did not work, because the protector to the electricity dropped out all the time. There was no other choice as a small camping cooker with gas. Silvia promised the owner not to live the room, when it was turned on. I thanked God for the owners understanding. She later said to me: You have a fin daughter.  

The only thing missing, was something for her books and other things. In a department store we saw some modern wooden boxes that could be arranged in different ways. That’s exactly what we need, we decided. It completely changed the view of the room, when they were arranged, and now Silvia began to be exited. What do you need in your little household: I asked. Again we looked around in the department store and found cups, plates, forks, spoons, knives some pots, bowls as well as a breadbox a board and some good knives. An old box was used to store the household. On top of it the gas cooker and the breadbox was placed. We bought some paper with a wooden pattern, which Silvia fixed on the wooden box. It did wonder, the box looked completely new. A large fruit bowl was placed on the small sofa table next to a comfortable chair with one of our black white monkey skin from Ethiopia. Make sure you always have fruit in the bowl, I advised her. Now she could at least make herself breakfast and cook a little on Saturday and Sunday.  

Pictures were hung on the walls. A bedcover and cushions came on the bed. Some green plants in the corners, and a mirror finished the interior. 

We invited the owner up to see the changes. She made big eyes her comment: It was impossible to understand, that so much can be made out of such a small room. I could feel, that Silvia was at home now. At least the room was accepted, and in a couple of weeks, she would come on holiday in Singapore. I would visit her in between, as she liked. I hoped very much, she would get used to the new circumstances, the beginning had somehow not been right for her. 

She involved her self with different things over the next three and a half year. Beside the bible group on Friday evening, she also began to be active for children in the kindergarten Saturday morning. She signed up for a choir singing every Wednesday evening. They even made a DVD to help Aids victims. She also got a good Christian girlfriend outside the school. It was good, she involved herself in a lot of things, but it was also to overcome the loneliness, which she was a bit afraid of. Activities cannot quite replace a home, I was aware of it. Special Saturday and Sundays when the other students were at home with their families. There was situations, were she was disappointed and had to coop by herself, because her home was far away, and at that time to call by telephone was also quite expensive.                  

Our Ahma.  

Our ahma is a very important person in the household, because she has to take care of Fritzli, when I am not at home. Emma learned at lot in our household, because she was willing, but shortly after she started to work for us, it became clear to me, that she was not to clever. Because of that, different situations happen, but as mentioned, she was also willing to correct her self. The work with Fritzli demanded a mature person. We explained to her, that we wanted to change, but would help her to find another job. 

With the help of an agency Emma moved to a Chinese family who lived near the border to Malaysia. I had demanded the salary for her and two off days a month. A few days after she had started in her new job, she called me and explained, she had to get up at tree a clock in the morning to give the baby a bottle and baths her. Then she had to wash all the floors and make breakfast for the whole family. Fortunately she was allowed to go to bed by eight a clock in the evening. She did not get a day off the first half a year, because she first needed to get used to the new circumstances. Basically it was a pressure to work hard in order to get a day off. I asked, if I could talk to her madam. I explained to her the conditions; I had done with the agency. Then I added, that we do not have slaves in the household, and that every body is entitled to a day off regularly.

The agency had newer mentioned anything about my conditions to the new employer. I began to boil over on my inside, this was use of poor peoples help for own benefit. I encouraged Emma to try, if she could not manage, then I would help her to another job. She agreed with OK I try. I could feel she was willing, and thanked God for her good will. She would not have been able too coop, had she not worked for me first. I called the agency the next day, and explained, what I thought about their arrangement and finished with, that they just had lost a customer. It would not have been just to keep silent. By speaking out one can hope, that something touch the conscience and hopefully follow it. 

Emma explained a few weeks later, that things were going better. She was allowed to follow the family into town every Saturday for shopping and eating out. Her boyfriend could visit her, and she had a day off every month.

I thanked God on behalf of Emma. It so happen, that she stayed with the family for a number of years. Every time her contract was renewed, she called me to let me know. The last thing I heard from her was, that she had married her boyfriend in the Philippines. 

Emma did have some intellectual deficit. I must admit, that I did not really understood, how she was able to manage the job and have a boyfriend.

Maybe God gave her favor, because she was willing to submit and do her best.  

Once the children and I were on our way to Switzerland for vacation, it so happens, that a Philippine girl about 30 years of age, were sitting next to us. As we often did on our long journeys, we started to chat with those we sat next to. We came to know, that the girl had been married in the Philippine a couple of month ago to an elderly gentleman from Germany. I realized, that the older gentleman, a farmer, did not speak much English, because she repeatedly asked Silvia how to say one thing or another in German. We spoke encouragingly to her and advised her to make the most out of the situation. I added: You are newer alone, when you have Jesus in your heart do not forget that. She nodded in agreement. I am convinced, that God give prices, for how willing we have been to make the most out of a marriage. 

Christmas was once again arriving with bustle and excitement in the air. Robert was looking forward to the four week Christmas holiday from the German school, because they did not have a break in autumn. It was a good arrangement, because the foreigners used the break too go on vacation abroad. My sister Lise from Canada called one day and announced, that her daughter Anita intended to visit. So far only Fritz family had visited us in Singapore. We were pleased for the news, because we had not seen each other for years. I recognized her right away on the airport terminal. Anita had, in the meantime, developed into a charming friendly nice person. Silvia arrived from Switzerland a few days later. It struck me for the first time, how much the girls looked like each other in spite of growing up in different continents.  

The girls decorated the Christmas tree, newer before had it been so nice. Both have a sense for color, style and beautiful things. Fritz prepared the Christmas dinner as usually, and the girls helped cheerfully. I made the table with our finest china and saw to it, that Fritzli finished with his dinner, so that he also could sit around the table in his wheelchair. The gifts were placed under the Christmas tree. Fritz prayed at the table and thanked for the greatest gift at all times, Jesus Christ. The bells from an old tape ringed Christmas in followed by Christmas greetings in different language. Then happy Christmas music filled the room, while we enjoyed the good food. The young peoples eyes shone as much as the light on the Christmas tree. Robert in white shirt and long pants like Fritz were allowed to have a few drops of vine in a glass and cheered happy with us. Our new ahma Marry also joined us at the table. She had been busy writing letters and sending gifts to her relative back home. For the moment she seemed to be OK.

Silvia and Robert played Christmas music on instruments, and we all joined in singing Christmas carols. Fritz read the gospel from Jesus birth, and then the exciting moment came for the gifts. My gift was the biggest this year, a nice black bike that supposedly could not rust which is very important in this climate. Spotty our dog got every year a new small toy dog, which it felt in love with right away. The old one from the previous year was thrown away of hygienic reason. It newer came out of the age were it like to play. 

I had taken Marry over from a Chinese family. She was from Scri Lanka educated and well spoken. My first impression was good, but it turned out to, that she had a lot of on her mind that plagued her, and she said terrible things at times. 

Fritz told her, that we planed to send her home in a month time. I explained to her, that as she occasionally behaved, I could not recommend her to another family with good conscience. May be, she needed to see her family again.

After having been trough a bit of everything with my ahmas, I started to pray urgently for one that would fit into our household. Fritzli was a full time job, if every thing should be done the right way. Only lifting him many times a day was not to good for my back, if I had to do it on my own, his lungs had become weak by now, and he had also grown and become taller. How do we manage over a longer period of time? I did not dare to think my though to an end. God had given Fritzli a great promise, and there was nothing else I could do. The responsibility was his alone.

His spine had started to twist or lean to one side, because one side was loose so to say, the other rather stiff due to his cerebral condition. I had a plaster bed made for him to sleep in during nighttime, to prevent his spine not to be too crooked. At first he protested strongly for the new bed, and we had to take him out right away. The next evening the plaster bed was covered with a blanket and layer of pillows was put around. Fritz did his best to entertain him, while I arranged him. Eventually he was proud of his new bed and showed it by smiling from ear to another. Together we left the room with: Tonight you sleep like a prince Fritzli. He answered with a happy glad noise.  

I dreamed one night not long after, that somebody was bent over me. The person was dressed in a black robe, with a cape that covered the face. The person said: Go into Fritzlis room or he will die. I woke up, got out of bed and vent into Fritzlis room. Fritzli had managed to get his head over the edge of the plaster bed and was unable to get his head back on the pillow again. He was wet from sweet and had not been able to shout laud enough for us to hear him. I always had both doors open at night, so that I was able to hear him, if he called. I usually would wake up even before he started to call, but that did not happen that particularly night.

Dear Jesus thank you a thousand times. It would have been terrible, if something had happen, because we had not been careful enough about his sleeping arrangement. Bags filled with sand were now placed around the plaster bed. In this way he was not able to move his head over the edge. What he could do in the bed was to stretch and to lift his bottom, which he did at times. Otherwise we saw to it, that he was placed on his left and right side as well on his stomach during daytime. Of course he was also sitting in his wheelchair during the day.

Our new girl had arrived, she was called Lucie. She and Daisy in India became the best girls I ever had for Fritzli and the household. Fritzli by now 20 years of age had begun to look different at girls, and he completely fell for Lucie. Were she stood or walked, his eyes followed her all the time, and he smiled happily if her eyes meet his. The worst was, that for a while he would get upset, if she slipped out of the house, somehow he seemed always to know. Lucie explained, that she liked Fritzli very much but as a brother.

She was a little introvert and didn’t talk much. I got a good idea, I suggested to her to learn swimming. I intend to pay for the lessons, when she had become good at it, she in turn could teach other Philippine girls swimming on Sundays, when they were of. I knew most of them were not able to swim. She chewed a little on the idea at first, I could see, she had to get used to it, but then she finally said yes. She bought a swimsuit and began a weekly hour of lesson at the Swiss club with a teacher. After two month of teaching, she had become good enough to teach other Philippine girls, just as I had hoped she would.

She went faithfully to the Catholic Church every other Sunday, but we newer had long talk about the Christian faith, because she was instructed from home, that those who were not Catholic were not true Christians. Every other Sunday she stayed until we came back from church, then she was free the rest of the day, and every other Sunday I stayed with Fritzli, while Fritz and the children went to church. I therefor attended church in the evening by myself. I newer missed the morning service anyway. For the most part I had to think about something, while doing my work with Fritzli and praising God from all my heart. It was at such moment the Holy Spirit witness to us with joy and thanksgiving. When Fritz and Robert came back from church, I would usually ask them about he subject of the preaching. Most time it suited what the Holy Spirit had witness to us. In this way we also had a meaningful time with the Lord.

It also explained why, Fritzli although he was handicapped, could radiate such happiness and satisfaction, that he was able to comfort us as well. The time we spent together every morning got a deeper content, as time went by. For my inner eye flew pictures of a wonderful heavenly life. Our heavenly Father wishes to spend time with us. How easily we overlook this blessed part of life and try to fill it with less significant things instead of resting at the doorsteps to heaven.  

When Robert was about 4 years old, he one early morning went into Fritzlis room to fetch some toys. He told us afterwards, that somebody was sitting on Fritzlis bed patting him on his hair, as Fritzli was smiling to him. As he entered the room, the person went over to the window and disappeared. I did have the impression at times, that he had heavenly visitation.    

Lucie kept what she promised now matter what. One day Robert had a schoolmate home for lunch. It so happen, that I was not at home, but I had explained, that she could give them a pizza for lunch. She understood a pizza split for both, even so there were two pizza in the fridge. Robert said they were still hungry after lunch, but she had refused to give them another one, because I had said so.

One day Fritz said: Have you noticed, that she walks exactly like you do. The children say, she also sing for Fritzli like the way you do, when you are not at home, it sounds like a Chinese opera. 

Lucie was good at observing, even thought she did not make long talks. I suspected her to have a pretty good intelligence, because she was the only one over the years that started to understand our Swiss language. 

I noticed one afternoon, as Lucie was feeding Fritzli, that he again had a dry cough, which I absolutely did not like. The doctor had informed me, at the last visit, that if it did not improve, his chances would not be better either. I knew what it meant. Worried I went into the bedroom, closed the door and kneeled beside the bed: Dear Jesus do you help us once more with the cough. Helpless tears rolled down my cheeks. There was nothing I could do besides believing, that he was also being helped once more. The cough was completely gone the next morning, and he did not get ill for full 6 month after this incident. 


Where are we going this summer for holiday? Asked Fritz, and began to talk about a movie he had seen in SATS from Korea. It was supposed to be a very beautiful country: He added. Could I take the chance and leave Fritzli with Lucie? I knew, I could, but if something also happen to her? Not that I thought something would happen, but it is always good to be on the save side. A good friends ahma promised to come to stay with her at nighttime. 

Our first destination was the capital Soul a big city like many others. The unusual about this city is, that there are many underground stairs all over the city. Since only a few spoke English at that time, it was quite difficult to ask somebody about anything. If we stopped too ask about direction, a crowd of people soon gathered around us wanting to practice their few English words with us. Silvia now a pretty teenage girl was openly admired.  

Here we saw only a few tourist, perhaps that’s why we attracted such great attention. We managed to figure out, through a tourist agency, already on the first day, how to get on a local bus that would take us eastwards the country near the border to North Korea. Fritz inquired in the agency, weather it was dangerous to drive so close to the border. The lady shook her head and explained, that it was a very nice trip. The bus drove over mountains and through valleys, starting in the morning and arriving in the evening. Fritz then bought four tickets. He could hardly believe that the cost was only 12 Singapore Dollar for each person and that for a whole days journey. 

We got into a modern bus with confortable seats the next days. Unfortunately something was wrong with our expensive Canon Camera. We had asked in a shop the day before, if it could be repaired quickly, it could not. Robert had taken his small camera along, and I was allowed to borrow it. Near me a young woman in a gorgeous blue dress was sitting with a baby on her back. She leaned forward on the seat to make room for the baby. I quickly pressed the button a couple of times to keep the impression, as she was looking out of the window.

I also want to take pictures: Demanded Robert. Mammi is allowed to take so many pictures, as she want first, decided Fritz. I had been a little annoyed, about Fritz complicated device that would not work exactly now, where we would like to take some pictures, and promised myself to buy a good one back in Singapore. The sky was dark blue without a cloud from early morning. Along the roadside, on both sides, yellow flowers were growing and that kilometer-by-kilometer, it was absolutely verypretty to look at. We drove for hours through the most beautiful mountains scenery from Korea and enjoyed every hour of the trip. The Korean people seems to be diligent and hardworking like the Chinese and the Japanese people. The country was also positioned right between the mighty China and Japan. The fields were well groomed, the houses solid build and well maintained. 

The bus stopped every other hour, giving people an opportunity to visit the toilet and eat something. We were handed a piece of paper each time with the departure time being the only foreigners on the trip. 

Somewhere in the middle of the road soldiers with rifles in their hands stopped the bus and stuck their heads through the door. They chatted a moment with the driver and waved their hands as a sign, the bus could continue. 

We caught a glimpse of deep blue water in a distance towards the evening and assumed soon to be arriving. The bus slowed down, as we drove along the coast to the destination. We noticed steel wire separating the coast from the sea. It is for the sake of the refuge: Fritz commented, in the south they have a much better life as in the north, and many try to escape.

Arriving at the small harbor town, we managed to get a taxi right away. The only thing the driver understood was hotel. He smiled and nodded to all our questions. After about 20 minutes drive Fritz said: Stop, pretty lout. The driver looked over his shoulder, Fritz pointed in the other direction. Smiling and nodding he turned the car around and drove the same way back. We arrived next to the bus stop in front of a nice hotel, were he unloaded our luggage. The hotel looked new and comfortable and had the most wonderful view over the sea. 

We better hurry to see something of the fishing village before it gets dark, we decided. Soon we caught sight of fishing boats that slowly sailed in, in the evening twilight. The boats were full of black glittering eels an unusual sight.  In every restaurant, all over the fishing town, live fish in all size were kept in aquariums. On the roadside dried fish were hung up everywhere. The air was filled with the smell of fresh seawater due to the strong wind, mingled with the smell of fish. Fritz wrinkled his nose, if there is something Swiss does not likes, it is the smell of fish. Not so in Korea, here fish is a very important food supply. A fresh fish is selected, which then is prepared, and served with rice and chim chi just my taste. I became fan of the dish from the first day. On every corner prunes were sold, otherwise the selection of fruit was not very large unlike other countries in Asia. 

What was absent so far was the sight of cows. There seems to be none in the whole country. The restaurants served coffee with milk powder, other countries other customs. Dried fish was everywhere which undoubtedly also is a nutritious calcium supply for the population. Most people looked very healthy unlike in America, here we saw no one looking to fat. Most of them lived on fish, vegetable like champion, cabbage, potatoes, onion and carrots. The cabbage was pickled in a container and served as the famous chim chi, which is very healthy, because the vitamins have not been destroyed by cooking. We continued our journey down the east cost over the next few days. Our goal was the port city Pusan, which is on the same wavelength as Hiroshima in japan. We had been exceptionally lucky with the weather so far. It was not to hot neither to cold. The rainy season should already have started in July, but in addition to heavy clouds hanging in the sky from time to time, we were lucky. It only rained a couple of times throughout the whole trip, otherwise we were blessed with sunshine and blue sky.

Robert was sitting next to a young Korean in the bus, but got up after a moment and looked for another place. I do not know what is wrong with him? He explained, he smiles at me all the time and want me to taste something weird. I did not feel so comfortable, when he started touching me. Perhaps the young Korean also not felt comfortable, because after Robert left the seat, he sank into the chair, and at the next stop, he got of the bus. As was the case throughout the whole trip, we were the only tourists from the western world. It was no wonder that we were a big attraction. Only in Soul did we see a few other foreigners. Korea do have as much to offer as other Asian countries, and is not over populated with tourist. 

Pusan is an old port city with much fishing industry. It has at least one million inhabitants. After several unsuccessful attempts we run into a hotel in the middle of the city with an English speaking person in the reception. We were very relieved and also exhausted. Fritz had come to place a suitcase on my big toe, on our taxi ride around the town. Later he also came to step on it with the result, me losing my temper for a moment. The nail was now split, and the toe began to swell and hurt. 

What we did not realize, when we cheeked into the hotel was, that in the basement a famous nightclub had its business. We were therefor all plate eyed at the breakfast table the next morning. Fritz thought we might as well stay one more night before continuing. The hotel served something that looked like western food in the only restaurant in the lobby. The day was used to get to know the city. Without doubt it was a pretty old town, clearly seen by the many old partly kneeling buildings. We walked the streets up and down, I was hoping to see shops with Korean furniture. I had long wanted to own a piece just a little piece: I explained to Fritz. What we saw was incredibly expensive, and not as nice as I had seen in Singapore. 

Then we decided on the fish market, and it became a real experience. Everywhere fish swam in all sorts of tanks, buckets and containers. I caught sight of a little squid, trying to find its way in the crowd, and felt pity for it. With a vide grin on her face the owner picked it up and put it back in a small bucket. What a stress for a living creature. I almost fainted on behalf of the fish. I regretted afterwards not to have bought it and set it free in the sea. It had tried to find a way out, and it would have been a wonder for it to be set free.

Here also slaughtered fish. Vegetables, strange roots and other undefined things in strange colors were for purchase. Pre cooked dishes were here and there offered, and people hung over the tables entertaining each other. 

Let us take dinner here, we decided. We had discovered small low tables and mats to sit on. To our surprise fish turned out to be very expensive, and that on a marked were fish was all over the place. We tried else where, with no better luck, every were fish was relative expensive. Finally we decided on a lonely fish.

The English speaking person, in the hotel, helped us organize a trip for the next few days. Fritz bought the ticket, at the bus station, as usually. Since no one spoke English, it turned out to be an experience. With the map in one hand and a note from the man in the reception in the other hand, he showed four fingers. After many words, which he did not understood, he got four tickets. I toke the opportunity to look at things in the kiosk in the meantime. A hat of very fine braided bamboo straw had caught my interest and soon it sat on my head. 

After a couple of hours driving we arrived at a place sat up as an ancient old village. A black pig grunted happily in a kind of stone enclosure. It surprised me, because pigs were a scared product in this country. May be the tourist should have the pleasure to see how a pig looked like. 

A huge statue of stone was placed in the middle of an open place, with chairs and tables of stone around it. It seems that people were good at working with that kind of material here.

In the cafeteria we noticed an old-fashioned noodle machine. Fritz made the girls demonstrate it under much laughing and giggling, while I took pictures. Afterwards we all enjoyed a good portion of noodles. 

Our next stop was the famous kings grave from the sixth century. The graves were of an incredible size giving the impression, that life after death was something that had occupied peoples mind. One of the grave chambers was open to the public. The room was furnished with wood and different object arranged among gold crowns, jars, ornaments and things for their horses.

Fritz hurried on us, he did not want to dwell to long with the death. It was true, a strange feeling could be felt on the spot. Robert started to feel bad, and I started to hurt in different places. I prayed quickly, for the blood of Jesus to protect us, for whatever it possibly could be. 

We continue our drive on the road. Real poverty as seen in India and Africa was not seen here. Every one seems to have enough for their daily need. On our 14 days trip we saw nobody begging. This is not the case in North Korea, it should remain us, how important it always is to pray for our government, weather we like them or not. God can give to whom he will, when he will. 

A tourist town, I have forgotten the name of, was another stop. The hotels and houses were professional build of wood with a standard as good as in Switzerland. It seems to be a sleeping city in spite of the nice buildings. The only attraction was a huge Buddhist temple and a tropical cactus garden. A decorative bridge decorated with many dragons run over a small lake. 

Fritz hoped very much, that proper food was served, in this from outside, nice looking hotel. Unfortunately it was the same menu over again. Boiled rice with champion and chicken served with a lot of chim chi. He took the opportunity to check in the kitchen, if it was all they had. An elderly woman with a few teeth in her mouth showed him, with much pleasure, around in the small kitchen. Incredible how simple people live here: He noted. He lost four kilo before our return back to Singapore. 

We arrived, the following day, at the very tip of south of Korea and waited a couple of hours on a ferry that would bring us to Cheju island, also called honeymoon island, because it is a famous place to spend the honeymoon for many couples.  

It had started to knock in my big toe, and it had also gotten increasingly reed and swollen.  Once again someone came to close, this time a handbag was placed just on top of it. I screamed loudly for pine and ordered my ruthless family to take better care.  Every one was looking a bit uncomfortable, it was very unlucky that it did happen again. 

The ferry set of to sail over night, but I could not find sleep, because my toe, was by, now hurting very much. The split toenail pressed into the tender skin, give me a good advice: I desperately prayed. I got out of bed and went up on the deck and ordered some ice cub. I sat on the staircase next to the cafeteria for two hours and cooled the toe continually. Then I gently began, cutting of the tips that drilled into the skin. It did help, satisfied with the result I went back to my dormant family and soon fell asleep. Fritz nicely asked to my toe the next morning. I could show them, that the toe was about to be healed. 

The dominant color of Cheju Island is a rather unusually color, black. It is hard to imaging that something that is black is beautiful. The sand on the beach is black and harmonizes with the blue-green sea. We decided to spend the first day just relaxing in these so beautiful surroundings. What an experience it was to relax on black sand. I put a few black porous stone in my back in memory of the wonderful day. The clear salt water rinsed the last bacteria out of the wounded toe, and it did not swell again. Praise the Lord. 

It was not only the sand that was black on the island, but also houses and roads. We even saw a black church on our city tour. We lodged in, in one of the few hotels in town. As we studied the map of the small island one evening, we noticed something called a riding stable. It sounds interesting, the children commended and began to persuade Fritz for a horse ride. 

We got on an empty bus at the station the next morning and toke the opportunity to take a window seat. Soon one elderly person after another entered the bus, and it did not take long, before we all had an elderly person next to us, even so there were other empty seats available. An elderly woman, next to me, glanced at me with curiosity. She smiled warmly, when our eyes meet, with a toothless mouth and a twinkle in her eyes. She tried to offer me something I could not define from a bag on her lap. I shook my head and waved my hand as answer. Even so she was old, her childish curiosity was very charming. I wondered how old she could be, and why there were so many elderly people on the bus. 

It turned out to be not only one riding stable on the island but many. Here and there we saw small horses with their owners, but we had chosen our destination and carefully followed the route on the map. Fritz thought, after about an hour, that we soon should be there, judging from the map. We got of the bus, like most of the elderly people, and began to walk up to something that looked like a modern large farm. For the first time since we arrived in Korea we saw cows. Large black, white cows grazed on the fields to the left and right side of the road.  Someone must have had the great idea to import cows. 

Arriving at the farm we began to look for a horse stable. To our disappointment the farm did not have one. After looking around we landed in an office and were kindly received by a non and offered a hot drink.       

The non began to explain: The farm was a retirement home founded by a catholic priest from Ireland like herself. It had been his idea to import cows. The farm had many small houses for families working there, as long they took an elderly person into their family, did they lived for free.  As she explained about the farm one elderly person after another passed quickly through the office, while they curiously took a look at us. We were, so to say, the attraction of the day and surely worth looking at. 

My eyes caught sight of a elderly person climbing up on a chair outside, trying to enter through a window, surrounded by other elderly people. The nun quickly got up and went over to find out what was happening. She came back after a moment and explained, that the elderly woman had lost her key and could not get into her room. 

We thanked her for the conversation and the hot drink and start heading for a ride farm close by. Fritz and the children each got a small horse, and it was explained, were they were allowed to ride. I took pictures, as they were riding on the field under the supervision of the owners. 

Every time I had a moment for my self, I prayed for Fritzli and Lucie in Singapore, and for a blessed holiday that was worth remembering. 

Returning to the mainland, we decided to take the train back to the capital Soul in one day. The day flew by it self so to say. People came and went, it was also an interesting experience for us to observe the Korean people at a close distance. Fritz and I started to talk about our youth, and how we came to know each other. There were several stories to tell, and the children listened, laughed and asked us about more details. 

We arrived late Friday night, at the same hotel as we had stayed at the first day. There they informed us in the reception, that there where only one vacant room available, the hotels honeymoon room. We went up to have a first look at it. The children immediately got very excited. It was an excellent idea to stay in a honeymoon suite after being on a honeymoon island. A double bed was made on the floor with soft satin sheets. Two more bed of same kind could easily be prepared, we were told. The room was more like an apartment with an entrance and a living room. Then we try this also: Fritz decided. On our way down to the restaurant, we took a quick look into other rooms were the doors were open, and were surprised to discover, that sleeping on the floor seems to be the custom. 

Since we had returned a day earlier as planned, we decided to take the opportunity to visit the largest church in the world. The largest Protestant and the largest Catholic church exist as well in Soul. We saw many small crosses on the ruff tops on our way back to Soul by train. Are they all Catholic? Asked Fritz. I explained, that the crosses were a sign, for a house bible group.

Fritz suggested, that we better find out, were the church was located, in order to arrive on time too the service the next day. It turned out not to be an ordinary church but a huge building on an island. We took time to look around in the main sanctuary, the church consisted of several floors. A woman was praying heartbreaking loud from above. Something testified to me, that she prayed for such as had a difficult time. We also saw prayer chambers, small chambers were people were praying and seeking God day and night. I had read about this and knew, that they were used extensively day and night. I also knew, that people were praying 24 hours day and night. 

We spent the afternoon looking at shops, but somehow none of us were really in a mod to enjoy looking around. Something had happen in the church, some kind of a burden was placed on our soul. After all I bought one of those kind of coat Korea is famous for selling cheap. I began to feel depressed and pondered if everything was OK with Fritzli and Lucie in Singapore. Silvia also started to look sad, and she to did not really knew why. Fritz would not admit that something could be wrong some where. We called Lucie in the evening, she assured us that everything was in order. I got Fritzli on the line for a moment and said a few words, he answered with ahh, ahh. It felt good to hear his voice. We turned on the television and tried to push the troubled though away that something was wrong somewhere. 

We all felt a bit better Sunday morning, but the mismodious mood from the day before was still present. We arrived on time to the church with a cap. Thousands of people were waiting for the doors to open. The traffic polish had also arrived, making sure every one followed the rules. After about 10 minutes a man approached us. With his hand he waved us through the crowd into the church through a side door. After a moment we were comfortable seated on padded seat on one of the balconies. In front of us were earphones in different language to choose from. After another moment the doors opened, and people poured in like ants to their seat. It is really true, people run to get a seat as fast as possible. It was not long, before the many people 40,000 were seated under the blue roof of the church from were it flashed with many small lights like on the sky. A choir of about 200 people open the service with their wonderful singing. We were later told that there were five choirs of same size a choir for each service on Sunday.           

A roar of praise filled the church from wall to wall, as the choir began to sing. It was impossible to hear what we our self was singing. Then it was time for prayer, and that in a way we newer before had experienced. People prayed with their whole bodies shouting to God and stamping the floor with their feet for about five minutes. The pastor himself doctor Yongi appeared on the podium. He first gave an invitation, to those who wanted to repent and give their life to Christ. In front of us sat a young man and a young girl. The girl patted the young man on his back, and he stood up, I prayed for him as well. The pastor began to preach, the text was taken from Matthew 11- 28: Come unto me all ye that are weary and burdened, I will give you rest. The pastor explained in simple words through a parable, about a woman who stepped into a taxi with a basket on her head. Many of us were like her, we kept our burden, even so Jesus had offered to carry them for us. 

On our way out of the church we discovered, that the burden on our soul from the day before had completely gone. We all felt happy and easy in mind, soul and body. God himself had testified to us his word, not only through the pastor’s word but also by the Holy Spirits confirmation by lifting the burden from the day before.

We followed an American lady with a white flag, like other foreigners, and after a few minutes were comfortably seated in a conference room. The American lady introduced herself as a missionary, who had worked many years for the church. She began to explain the church history by pointing to 100 pictures on the wall. Doctor Yongi had 100 pastors working with him. He spent four hours in prayer daily, because he prayed a lot for his pastors. They had incredibly many house churches, because people were instructed to pray a lot for their neighborhood. If anyone got seek, then they were prayed for by the Christians, and when they were healed, which happen frequently, because they were very strong in prayer, then they invited people to testify in a house church. Most of the time they accepted Christ the second time. The American lady admitted, that it was not possible to know accurately, weather all the members were completely convinced, because the church was so big, but they assumed that 20 % somehow hung in between.   

Doctor Yongis sermons were always recorded on videos and sent to the various churches, because he always had a word directly from God. He himself opposed this custom, but the congregations insisted on hearing him every week.  

Once a week they had all night prayer from evening to early next morning. At 12 o clock midnight most foreigners went home, but the Korean people continued to early morning. The children were put to sleep somewhere on the floor, while the parents sang for 20 minutes, prayed for 20 minutes and listened to Gods word for 20 minutes for then to start all over again. 

The American lady talked about a young man who had been paralyzed for a long time. Suddenly he had gotten out of bed and walked down the road praising and thanking God. A crowd of people had followed him overwhelmed by the great miracle. She continue to explain, that they knew, that there would come a time before Christ second return, were thousand of the chronic ill would be healed. They did not quite know exactly when, but they believed the time was very close at hand. Those words warmed my heart, yes a sense of perfection took place in my inner being. It was, what I had been longing for, for many years.   Fritzli was waiting for us back in Singapore. Already after two weeks I missed him a lot and was happy to find him and Lucie in good health.


Fritzli began to have heavy breathing, especially in the afternoon after lunch and in the evening, when he was resting in the office. His lungs had to work a great deal to pump the necessary oxygen into the blood. There where several reasons for this. First he was almost total paralyzed and had strong medication for his epilepsy. Another reason was his size, he had grown to 1,64 cm. The third and possibly the most important reason the many infection he had over the years. 

Dear Jesus many years ago you gave me a very great promise. I saw Fritzli getting a new healthy body in seconds. Jesus I promised newer to doubt. My family and I still believe, even thought Fritzlis condition has not improved, and it seems his health is going down hill. We thank you for having found our way to you through him. I doubt I would have been able to go trough everything without you. I have always had a great need for you, but I did not know that the answer was you and your love. Neither did I know about the Holy Spirit and his work on earth. Dear Jesus do something for Fritzli. I asked many prayers for him over the next few years. Over the past 20 years since we got Fritzli, many things had happen. The most important thing was the steps the family had taken with Jesus. We prayed for everything and thanked for everything and had also received answer to many things. I could feel that something was going to happen at some point in near future.  

A dream: I was going to start on a mission school, in that context I saw three letters. Had I heard properly? How could I start on a mission school with all the works I had at home, especially in a time were Fritzli had to be taken good care of. 

A dream: My fridge was open, a little white bird was sitting in there. It lifted itself and swung into the clouds. I could not help thinking weather it may mean, that Fritzli was getting tired of it all, and that he only wanted to be free. 

One early morning as I was tiring up the bedroom, Lucie knocked at the door. Fritzli could hardly breath, she explained. I quickly rushed into his room. It was truth, he struggled to get air. First I called the doctor and agreed to, that he should be hospitalized immediately. Then I ordered an ambulance, It took a whole hour before it arrived, because they could not find the place. I could as well have taken a taxi myself. Fritz whom I in the meantime had called arrived at home. Finally the ambulance arrived, when it turned on the road, it banged into a tree. Fritzli laughed at bit, Fritz and I laughed, it was as a little sunbeam came into our heart and ceased away the dark cloud.

Fritzli did not feel god all day long. In the evening he fought hard with a oxygen bottle. I was sitting by the bed praying, but it was not really the right thing, I needed to be alone. My head had started to become heavy, and eventually I got a headache. I told the nurse, I had to go home, because I did not feel well. She promised to call if something happened. As soon as I left the room, tears star flowing down my checks. I took a taxi home, carefully I opened the door, every one was sleeping. I threw myself over Fritzlis bed in his room, and with tears I sobbed for him. 

I called the hospital after about half an hour. They could tell me, that Fritzli had become much better, he breathed normally and was fast asleep, and had come through the crisis. Again I fell to my knees and thanked God from all my heart.

Fritzli spent five days in the hospital. After the doctors advice an oxygen bottle and a device was installed in his room. The doctor had looked straight at , as he said, that this might happen every two weeks. He gave Fritzli half a year. Just as directly I looked back and answered, that I did not think so. 

It was good I had the sucking device, because the following week a lot of yellow mucus came out from his lungs. Lucie learned how to manage it as well. It was very fortunate, that I had such a skilled reliable help at the moment. Two weeks after this incident, something again became hard in his lungs. Again he had to be treated with medicine. I was both sad and disappointed, even thought it was not as bad, as the doctor had promised. God had helped Fritzli through the crisis, so I dared to believe, that he had healed his lungs. I could not really shake the disappointment of me that day. In the afternoon I put Fritzli in his wheelchair and pushed him along the road. I was hoping Ingrid was at home. She lived on the same road was from Austria and also a Christian. In front of the house I slowly turned the wheelchair and went back the same way, I had come, because Ingrid was not at home. I began to tell God, that I was only a human being with feelings like many others, and that I still was able to be disappointed, even thought he had helped us so many times. Furthermore I told him, that I was deeply disappointed, because Fritzli again had problems with his lungs, and I was not able to pray for him at the moment because of my mood. Since I had not meet Ingrid, whom I was hoping to pray with, it was best to send another person to pray for Fritzli, I simply could not do it anymore. Pessimistically I pushed the wheelchair along the road. 

A large school was located on the same road. Every morning and afternoon young people were running on the road. It was part of their daily school program. I noticed a young man behind me coming closer. When he came up beside me, he asked under heavy breathing, if he could pray for Fritzli. He had felt a strong urgency to ask me. I asked if he was a Christian, he nodded as answer. Together we laid our hands on Fritzlis head, and the young man, perhaps 17 years of age, prayed a single prayer, which I knew immediately was received in heaven. It was the Holy Spirit who had guided the young man to pray for Fritzli. The wetter began to change in my heart, I looked up at the sky and thanked the Almighty. Encouraged and with easy steps I walked back home all the while thinking about the benefit young people have, when they know God personally. Thinking back I know I first started to be alive, when I received Jesus in my heart. Of course I was alive before that, but it was, as if there were a shadow on my life until then. We pay a very high price by not taking that step. 

I had a dream a few days later. In my dream I saw Jesus, he told me, that a little bit of white medicine does not really matter. From that time on I did not let it bother me anymore, when I again had to give Fritzli a bit of white medicine, because he again had a dry cough. Jesus had said so, the responsibilities was his. 

 Dreams and visions.

Peter Tan, a young pastor from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, had started teaching at the World trade center every Monday night. First there was praise and prayer for about one hour, followed by a prophetic word and prayer for the sick. Then two hours of intensive interesting teaching.

I started to fast on that day and did not take any food before arriving at home later in the evening. I felt there was a higher level in the Christian faith, and that one can grow through out life and still discover new things. God wants his blessings to be new every morning, but we need to stick to the fire, so that the glow does not demines. I drank thirsty of the new fresh source,  at the same time I began to hear Gods voice more clearly. God has a lot to say to us, but often time we ignore him, and many things in life we take for granted. 

Because I have mentioned dreams visions and signs many times, and it has been important direction in our lives, I feel guided to refer to Zachariah chapter 10 – 2: The speech of the house god is fraud, the visions of truth is glamor and comes with empty dreams, hallow is the comfort they give. Therefor they walk like a flock suffering needs, because they do not know the truth.

Joel chapter 3-1: Your sons and daughter shall prophesy. The elders will have dreams and your youth shall have visions. For my part I know, when I have heard from God. The Holy Spirit gives completely conviction.

Silvia was soon finished with her education at the business school. For the social school, which she still intended to continue with, she needed an internship, as it is called in German in some social institution. Because we lived abroad, it was not very easy to help her find something. It was beginning of April, Lucie was on holiday in the Philippines. She had worked for two years and was entitled too a free ticket back home. I was glad, she had decided to stay for another two years. It meant a lot to all of us, not at least for Fritzli who still was happy to have her around. I had just finished giving Fritzli his lunch, and now he was resting on the bed in the office with an oxygen bottle supply for his lungs. I put my legs on a small chair, while I myself had my lunch. A strong feeling began to rise within me. I felt strongly, I had to look in a Christian German heft called Ethos. My eyes felt on an advertisement from Moudon in the French speaking part of Switzerland. A pastor advertised for an aid in the nursery section in an old people homes. Enthusiastic I called Silvia right away and told her, how I had felt guided to look into Ethos and had seen the advertisement. I added: Do not forget to tell the pastor how it happen. She visited Moudon a week later and got the job. Hallelujah God takes care of everything. 

This pastor whom I came to admire a lot was an evangelist in his own way, in the area where he lived. Many German speaking young people travel to the French speaking part of Switzerland, for a short period of time to improve their French, which is the second language in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Under this pastors guidance many young people joined bible groups. They became stronger in the Christian faith and learned the importance of a Christian living. Because most of them stayed only for about a year, many young people came and went. What I admired most about him was, that he took his call seriously, and where he could, he shoved young people important values in life.

Robert had been fighting with someone in the class. In addition one of his best friends had left him for another friend. That made him feeling very lonely at the moment. One evening he wanted to talk to Fritz alone in his room. I knew it was about friendship and did not interfere. He appeared at the breakfast table in good move and smiling the next morning. Spotti the dog had slept next to his bed with the head on his bible the whole night, it had looked so sweet. I said: There you see who is your best faithful friend. Excited and in good move he run up to the bus. Only when he heard the bus stop in front of the house, did he quickly run up to the entrance. One day he slowly came back, the bus had drove past his nose without stopping. Now he watched the clock and was already waiting just before the bus arrived.  

We took a trip to Kuala Lumpur on a Saturday Sunday the two of us, and set out to come to know the city, as soon we arrived. On the airport we right away arranged for a room and bought a city tour. We learned how tin is processed, and how rubber trees are cut. The museum visit was also very interesting, because we learned a great deal about their culture. We walked up and down a big marked Saturday night. Robert got T-shirt and shorts standard dressing in Singapore. I might as well use the opportunity to bay clothing material, it was much cheaper as in Singapore. We ended the day with a really good meal of curry with rice. 

We should make such excursions more often, I thought by myself. Suddenly he has flown out of the nest and is making his own thing. Back in Singapore he thanked me again and again. Is there something more nice, than children there like to be together with us. 

I think Fritzli had long wanted to tell me, how much he appreciated, what we did for him. I woke up one morning with an impression of an unusually dream.  I had taken Fritzli out of the bed and put him on his feet. His arms were around my neck. Suddenly he began to press his arms around med and gave me a big kiss on my cheek. In reality he cannot do this, but he somehow wanted to do so. I went into his room and took his hand in mine. Lovingly I looked him in the eyes, letting him know that I knew, what he was thinking. Was I able to explain to him, how much he meant to us. 

Many thought flew through my head in this special time. What is sown in weakness is raised in power. I had to think of a dream, I had a while ago. In the dream I saw Fritzli next to one kg grain.

Another dream: I saw Fritzli next to a candle. At the same time I read in my dream from the Gospel of John. You are the light of the world. Jesus is the light of the world but we are also called to be light bearers. Matthew 5-14. Did he understood, how much he meant to us, and how blessed we felt to be with him. His relationship with his creator was so intensive that it blessed all of us, because he was greatly comforted by the Holy Spirit. 

God does not look with human eyes but the end result of the inner man for eternity. The greatest satisfaction one can have in life, is to pass on what is given to one self. Many were the times we had been allowed to give and receive from each other in the family.

When Fritz came home in the evening, he first greeted Fritzli, usually he was taken his dinner in his room with the ahma. Then he came out in the kitchen and greeted me. We had dinner together on the terrace, andwhen we were finish, then Fritzli was also finish and laying on the big bed in the office. The office was also television room with a double bed and large pillows, were all of us could be at the same time. Even the cat and the dog enjoyed the cool in the evening in the office.

Often Fritz told Fritzli about his work, while he looked into his big brown eyes after dinner, when booth of them rested on the bed. Fritzli seems to understand everything. How often had Fritz felt uplifted after a day with a heavy workload after chatting with Fritzli. He would, with stiff hand pressure and eye contact, communicate the best he could.  

It took me an hour to put him to bed now, but we both enjoyed it very much. He had lung therapy twice a day, the last time before being nursed to bed. Finally we prayed and sang together. When I closed the door and said: Good night Fritzli, he would make some kind of a happy noise as answer. There were very strong bonds between all of us. 

Occasionally he was sitting with Robert in his room or laying on his bed, while he did his homework. On such occasions he remained calm and still for a very long time so as not to disturb. A sense of coherence could be felt between them. 

Fritz went to Switzerland to attend Silvia’s school graduation. She had past with a good result. At the same time he also had a family gathering, which fit well into his program. Then the whole class went on a trip to Spain. Sunburned, happy and in good move Silvia arrived in Singapore afterwards. 

Gods Blessings are New every Day   

I felt strongly guided to invite my friend Susan to lunch at the Swiss club one day. During the lunch she began to explain about a tour in the Botanic garden, she had joined lately. It had been very interesting to learn about the different plants and how to take care of them. I noted it in my consciousness, may be I would do the same by next opportunity. She did not want to stay for a swim afterwards, because she had to go to the hairdresser, she had an important program on in the evening. I felt right away, that there was something special about it, and asked curiously, what it was about. Susan began to tell. An evangelist Tim Story from America had an evangelistic outreach in a hotel. She was supposed to help selling tapes and books. Again I immediately felt, something interesting was going on, and began to ask were and when. You better come early she explained, because people are queuing up to get in. People even stand in the corridors between the chairs, she explained, or they watch the meeting in a hall nearby. We were there half an hour before time and greeted Susan, before we joined the queue. Soon the doors opened, and people started to pour in. We hurried up to the front and also got a good seat. The music had begun, the leader of the band, who also was the singer, was very talented. Everything was flowing exceptionally easily. The Spirit of God hovered over the heads of the many people, while they raised their hands in worship and praise. 

A dark person small in statue was sitting in the front row. Occasionally he turned and glanced over the crowd, all the while he turned pages in the bible. He was invited up on the podium after a while and introduced as Tim Story. He took the microphone and started to call out for healings immediately. He spoke very quickly and urged people to hurry to come to the front to receive their healings, those who thought it fit to them. 

In the gospels we can read, that Jesus healed the people, often because he felt pity for them. When he sent the disciples out, he gave them authority to heal the sick, cast out evil spirits and preach the word and that is no different today. The Holy Spirit could strongly be felt, and the pastor mentioned it too. The power of God was so strong, that I without wanting it, began shaking a little. I noticed the whole row of people were also shaking. In front and behind people began to fall under the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Young people standing in the corridor between the chairs began falling under the power. An older lady was sitting in front of me. It struck me, that if this lady fall, she fall on me. That’s why I pulled my chair a bit back and watched her. At that moment, to my surprise, the lady fell backwards. Her chair scratched over the floor, we helped her up again. It was obvious, that the Holy Spirit did an inward work in her. Another lady next to started to cry heartbreaking. I put my hand on her head for a moment and prayed for her. The lady sniffed a little and dried her eyes. Really only God himself can be everywhere at the same time, because he is omnipresent. 

Is falling under the power of the Spirit in the bible? It is. When the soldiers came to arrest Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane they all fall backward.

A young man on the podium asked Tim Story, if he could correct his eyes, because we were sitting not to far from the podium, we actually saw, how the eyes to the young man got corrected in the spilt of a second. I was very surprised, it all seams to be so easy, that was also what the pastor kept saying. Everything is very easy, when we let the Holy Spirit be in full control. Occasionally he made fun with it, blow in the microphone and then something happen, that made people laugh. I think we will have fun when Jesus returns as well. 

Tim Story explained, that he went out to those sitting in front of the video screen for a moment. It was, as if the power of God went with him, and the hall became empty. He was back again after a few moments, and with him the power and glory of God. I was very surprised a human being with such a blessings on his shoulder. What did Isaiah experience in chapter 6, where he saw mighty angels praising God. What a powerful song by the sound of it did the temple shake in its foundation. He began to talk about himself. He had grown up without a father. The mother had always to work for both of them. He did not hide the fact, that they had been very poor. The mother had been an inspiration to his faith. As he said: Although Tim is small and dark and comes from poor conditions, he is also called Story, and God will use that name to tell many amazing stories. Later as he studied to be a pastor, he received an invitation to speak to Christian disabled young men at a home. Without making himself to many thought about it, he received the invitation and more and less did his duty. When he had finish preaching, the young men gathered in a circle around him and said they wanted to pray for him. He agreed, as they began to pray, the power of God began to manifest in the circle. It was the first time he experienced God in this way. He said: I was smart, I continued to preach for them every week, as long as I studied to be a pastor, and every time I asked them to pray for me afterwards, and every time the power of God fell greatly in the circle. He said: I asked them to pray for many to repent, when I was preaching and for a lovely wife and a beautiful home. He continued, to day he had been blessed with all that.

Over the door in his little room during the time he studied to be a pastor, he had a paper with two million for Jesus. He also dressed in white shirt and pressed his pants. The other student did not like it. They were wearing blue jeans, and shirt that newer got ironed. One day he got summoned to a meeting with them. He was told, what they were thinking of his white shirt and pressed pants. Then thy pointed to two million for Jesus and made him feel, that he better take it down. In spite of the critic, he did not change, but continued to such in faith for Gods power and believed for two million for Jesus.

He asked God, why his blessings were so strong, when the young men prayed for him. God had showed him, that it was because these young men prayed and seek him all day long. They were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other language.  

Robert started to get uneasy and could sit still on the chair. I am going up to the front, he said, I want to talk to the pastor. Silvia followed, they slowly paved their way through the crowd. I think Tom Story noticed it, because right away he started to ask where people came from. The children waved and replied they where from Switzerland, by that they had reached the podium. Silvia told they had a handicapped brother, whom God had promised to heal. He answered, he had heard that many times before. He asked, if anyone had a handkerchief. A man in the first row handed one, which he blessed and told to put on their brother. The man in the first row wrote a bible verse,, explaining that in the time of the apostles, the same ting was done. Tim Story put his hands on them and blessed them, before they returned to their seats. Silvia said: The floor up their vibrated. Robert continued, and it was very hot too. It felt like the heat was coming in through the feet and went all the way up into the hair. It must have something to do with the power of God, yes I am sure, it was like that. On the way out of the hall he kept talking about it. Yes, it was the power of God, he said again and again. 

Many things happen that night. One thing is certain, God the Father and Son was present, represented through the Holy Spirit, as God has promised us. Arriving at home we sat for a moment in the garden and took a refreshment. It was a pity, that Fritz had not been able to join. He had not come back from work, when we left, and he was fast asleep, when we arrived at home. Robert starred overwhelmed at me from the other side of the table. Then it came: Mamm have you ever experienced something like that before. No I have not: I answered honestly. The power o God was very strong, it is as if a new wave is rising among the Christians. We live in very interesting times, it may not be long, before such services become common. Without a doubt a great deal will happen before Jesus second coming. 

Silvia told, she had asked God, were Fritzli fit in, in an evening like this. She had closed her eyes and waited for an answer. At first she had seen how people praised God also in other language. Again she had asked: Is it right, that they also speak in other language all together. She had seen in a vision, how a white cross came down from above. As it appeared in the crowd, it became black. It was then taken up and came back again white for thereafter to be black again.

Then she had seen Fritzli sitting in a stripped blue white pram, he had in the past. His face was ugly to look at. Horribly masks were removed one after another. Occasionally something inflamed appeared. Eventually no more masks were seen. He had become smaller, but he sat perfectly straight in the pram. Silvia continued: His face shone, yes he looked like a little prince. I nodded in agreement, for sure he was a little prince. I was a little apprehensive about the many ugly masks. It may mean, that a lot of sins, perhaps from generation back in the family, had been placed on him from birth. Jesus is the white cross coming down from heaven to take away the sins from this world. We would all have loved to see Fritzli in a healthy body. 

I went into his room and placed the handkerchief on his chest, stroke him gently over his hair, as I whispered a sweet prayer with thanksgiving for having him among us. In our heart he was very precious. 

Silvia said the next day: I can’t take another evening like yesterday, it is just too much power. She was right, could we handle it, if such power was available every day? I am afraid that being in our mortal body, we would soon start too misuse it. I once heard, another pastor testify about the incredible power of God. He said, God took from him, before he was going to misuse it on people he dislikes. 

The prophet Elisha was mocked from a group of children, he got angry and cursed them. A bear appeared and killed all 45 of them. Still he was used mightily of God after that. We do have a free will to choose between good and evil.  

We also had other plans the next day. I had promised Erika from the German bible group to take care of a refugee from Afghanistan who was imprisoned for using false passport. He had been allowed to come out twice a week, when somebody signed for him. He would soon be set free to enter Canada, were his brother lived, with a valid passport. 

Robert was still on fire from the evening before, and the young man from Afghanistan got a strong testimony. He started to confess, he also believed in God, and he hoped to experience God the same way. 

It was the 24 of July Roberts birthday. A few days before it had been Lucie’s birthday, and the first of August was Fritzlis Birthday. We decided to celebrate the birthdays together on the 24 of July. The children decorated with balloon on the terrace. Lucie and I decorated the table, prepared the food and grilled. When the sun shoved the last red rays in the sky and darkness began to fall on top of the peaks, while the birds chirped preparing to rest for the night around seven o clock, we all sat around the round table on the terrace. Fritzli rested on a matrass covered with plastic near the table. For the moment he felt most confortable this way, because he had just finish his dinner. The matrass usually had its place in a corner on the terrace under green plants and trees. 

There was something special in the air that partially evening. It can be felt, when angels gather around an event. I had put fun candles on the birthday cake. Every time they were blown out they turned on again. We sang Happy Birthday several times for every one. There was a lot of laughing. Robert blow several times in an attempt to blow the candles out, while we all were laughing having fun.  I also took snap photos. 

Next to the table was a small bench and there all the gifts were placed. Every one got a gift from Fritz and I. Silvia may as well have hers, because she would not be in Singapore on her birthday. This time it was less expensive gift given, but rather more useful things left behind on the airport, and not picked up. It usually was sold on action once a year. Fritz newer let such an opportunity pass without to cheek, if something could be purchased. Silvia and Lucie each got a bag of cosmetics. Robert got a very good pair of skies. Fritz bought them for a spot price, because he was the only one who beet on them. Robert smiled surprised. He wanted to learn skiing by first opportunities, he told us, it had also been Fritz idea. I got a beautiful red Chinese rug, and a quilt consisting of silk. Fritzli got a parcel of cloth, but it should not be everything. I was going to redecorate his room too the first of August, by hanging up new pictures and bay new tapes for the radio.

Again I took pictures. Spotty jumped up on the bench and smiled with open mouth, with his tongue hanging out of his neck. Robert exclaimed: He also knows he has a birthday. The young people gathered around it, as I took pictures. The dog enjoyed the evening just like the rest of the family. He was a very sensitive dog. He had got biscuits to chew on and small ball to play with. He had clowned around with the balls and expected us to go along with him. It was almost like Christmas Eve. 

Should I ever have an opportunity to recall an event in life, this one will be one of them. It has a special place in my heart. Videos also exist in heaven but in a much intensive format as on earth. I saw it when I fasted for Victory four.  

The teachers in the German school had begun to out pressure on the class. The result was heavy felt for some. For Robert it was the linguistic that was the weak subject. It must be said, that the standard also was very high. Singapore is an important area for business relations with other countries in Asia, and the school endeavored to have a high standard. When someone left the class to continue somewhere else, it was usually not a problem to follow. Robert had learned diligent to a French test, jet he came home with a low result. The test had not been particularly encouraging for the whole class. The teacher had announced, that if it had been possible, then some would have got lower than lower. The class was still an exceptional class, and we mothers still kept abreast with what was happening. 

I was spending some time at the pool in the Swiss club that same week. Quietly I prayed for Roberts French. I tried to listen too, what the Holy Spirit said and it  said: No, I do not improve the result. I saw it clearly in a vision this way: Someone, had an audience with a king, the proposal was rejected. Disappointed I started to pray differently, I prayed for help for him to learn the language. Five minutes later a German lady married to a Swiss came up beside me. She started to ask me, how Robert was doing in the school. It was at hand to tell her about the problem with French. Encouragingly she advised me to let him read aloud too himself every night, by that he surely would improve. Silently I thanked God for this practical advise.  

All the uncertainty in the school made him insecure, and he began to doubt, that he was able to cope with the high school, which would be the best choice in the long run, otherwise he too had to continue in Switzerland or shift to an English speaking school. As he told us a few years later, after he had passed and got a high school diploma, and the language no longer was a problem: I really did not think, I was able to coop, but then I had a dream: I stood by the gate ready to go, then you came out and said encouragingly: Don’t you want to learn some more? I turned around and went back to the house. 

We had reached October, as the custom is in the German club, a feast is organized with German food specialties. My friend Ingrid, who lived on the same road, had asked if we would like to join in the celebration. Why not take the opportunity to swing our legs I suggested to Fritz. As we become older, we tend to forget this kind of pleasure, which every body enjoys. 

Ingrid confidently told me, that she had seen a nice lamp in the club, she had prayed and was sure to vin it on the ticket. We always vin a dinner for two, I said. First there were buffet dinner with German sauerkraut, sausages and potatoes and finally various deserts. During the dance, ticket numbers were announced, and people start flowing upstairs to get their prizes. Ingrid came victorious back with the lamp, she before hand had chosen. She nodded, God is good, he knew how well it fit in the living room. We got dinner for two, I sent a quite thank you to heaven, because it was the 18 of October our wedding day. God had not forgotten. It is a wonderful feeling to get gifts from heaven. I have to admit both of us enjoy a good meal in a good restaurant without having to pay for it.

In the rainy season from November to February many people catch a cold. Unfortunately Fritzli also got infected. I had hoped and prayed, it would not happen, because I intended to fly to Switzerland and celebrate Christmas with the children. Fritz would not be alone, because one of his sisters were to come on holiday during that time. I got this guiding dream: Fritzli coughed a lot, a razor blade came out of his mouth and a paper was wrapped around it, so it did not hurt him. I thanked for the answer, convinced I would be able to live according to schedule, because the cough would not hurt him. Suddenly my foot start  hurting, and that two days before my departure. Again I had a dream: I saw a crack in my foot, the crack was full of water, a bandage got tired around the foot, and the crack was longer visible. As soon I woke up, I wrapped an elastic bandage around my foot, by that the pain was immediately gone and newer came back. If we overlook something, the Holy Spirit who always is around, if we do not refuse him, can draw out attention too – how to solve the problem. Finally I was ready to live, without any other obstacles.

God who knows us best, uses situation well known in our life with pictures and sometimes direct speech. God is concerned about everything that is happening in our life, and he has a plan for each created being. 

There was plenty of snow in Switzerland, when I arrived, and it is a great experience, when it does not belong to every day life. It was very fortunate, that I could stay with Silvia. She had a room with an older couple, where she also was allowed to use a small kitchen and a furnished living room, together with a young girl who worked in the house for the elderly couple. 

At Christmas Eve I cooked and prepared as at home for Silvia, Robert and two other girls. Robert had left Singapore, as soon he got holiday, to help out on a farm in order to improve his French. We were back in Singapore a few days before New Years Eve. It is great to have the advantage of booth continents.

 Dreams and visions: 

Dream: I prepared for a fight, we were few. I was not afraid at all, even so I knew the situation was dangerous. I saw a captain in front of our entrance gate. At first I thought, he was against me, but it turned out too, that he was for me. The neighbor next door walked, with shaking knees, up to a police car. 

Then Peter Than came into the picture. 

I understood absolutely nothing, but felt the dream was very important, and wrote it down. It took a whole year before this incident happen, in the meantime I prayed for, what I did not understood.  

Dream: Fritzli with crossed hands slide to the edge of the bed. 

Dream: I saw Fritzli sitting on a white stone with one leg pulled up. He had nice dark cloths on. His eyes were very lively. 

It felt good to see him this way. Surely Fritzli wanted to get out of his situation.  

Dream: I was in a hospital a doctor sprayed something between my two lower vertebrae in my lower back. Then the doctor, Susan and I drove on a motorcycle from one wonderful cave with precious stone to another. 

The doctor is God himself, I have had difficulties with my lower back for years. I have always been thankful to God to restore me every time.

God is shoving Susan and I the way between all his treasures. Susan has been a guide for me in many of the interesting thing in the Christian area that happened in Singapore.  

For sure Jesus also speaks in parables to day, as he did, when he wandered on this earth. The Holy Spirit testifies, as promised by Jesus himself.  The reason – he once explained to his disciples – was that those who wanted to hear and see understands, and those who were not interested, it was given to them not to understand. 

It is a biblical rule, that when something is first mentioned in the bible it becomes a principle all the way through the scripture, because God newer changes his mind.

Mai 1992. I took a trip to Denmark for a couple of weeks to visit my sister Tove, because she had let me know, that our father’s health was deteorating. 

I was not very surprised, by the news a dream came to my mind: 

I dreamed – a big tree was cut to the ground, next picture – the blood were running out of my fathers body. I understood, that his lifetime was short.

It was a nice, mild spring weather, when I arrived. Trees and flowers were unfolding in all their splendor, when I arrived. The fields were yellow and green and the birds sang and chirped, there was a scent of spring in the air. I could not remember, how many years it was, since I last experienced spring in Denmark. In Denmark I am born it is my home it sounded in my heart. It was as always nice once again to feel my self as Danish. There is something that keeps staying no matter what happen in life. God destines were we are to be born.  

Our father had been hospitalized because of pneumonia, which he seemingly had difficulties to overcome. He looked 10 years older and only answered yes and no, laughed kindly and said he had a good time, when asked how he felt. It was not quite that way, because he could not remember much of the past, and he was sitting in a wheelchair, when he was not in bed. He also did not eat and drink much. One day I decided not to make any conversation with him, to see weather he would start talking about something himself. Occasionally I took a look at the clock. We sat together for about quarter of an hour in silence. Then he asked: Who are we waiting for? I replied: We are not waiting for anyone. Again we sat in silence for about five minutes. 

A man steered straight towards us and presented himself as the hospital pastor. My father put his face in the right folds, I was very surprised. It was obvious that father thought, I had asked him to come by. We talked a little about every thing, as my father sat and looked as kind, as he possibly could. Finally the pastor explained, that the next day Sunday church from the little chapel was transferred into the living room. I promised we would be there to listen to it. The next day we sat by our self in the hospital living room listening to the service from the chapel. I cannot remember what the message was about, only that I thought by myself: It is exactly what he needs to hear. Afterwards I mentioned: Now you know, whom you have to ask for help. I cannot do that: He replied. Again I was very surprised, he was really convinced, he could not ask God to help him. I was surprised, how had he come to believe such a lie. 

I knew, that his interest towards God had always been very much in distance. Sometimes he would talk to missionaries coming by, hiding behind some buildings, were no one noticed him, pretending just to make conversation with somebody.   

Then I shall do it for you: I replied, taking his hands between mine. Tears starts flowing down the lean cheeks. I knew, what God was doing, he softened his heart and let him remember only the essential things. During tears I prayed a very important prayer. Then I said very encouragingly: Now we call Lise in Canada. First I talked a little with her, and then she got father on the phone. I could understand, she asked him about his health. Father straightened up in the wheelchair for a moment and said cheerfully: I am fine, yes I get so may visit. For the third time, in the last couple of days, I was very surprised. Why could he not admit being weak.  After a moment I understood, it had always been like that. He could not afford to show weakness. After all it was through his weakness, that God got access to the most precious in a human being his immortal soul.

Before living I visited the pastor that would conduct the funeral. She promised to visit him and take communion with him. I know from my sister in Canada who came to the funeral, that the pastor had preached, that it was newer to late to return to our heavenly father. It made me feel very good.  

The reason, I did not attend the funeral, was that Robert got scarlet fewer a few days after my father past away. To be honest, I knew ahead, that when that time came, I was to stay in Singapore. Robert was by know fifteen years of age. It was not a very good age to be infected with such a virus. He stayed in bed for a couple of weeks and then it was back to school. He soon became ill again after a few days. Not only did he get fewer, but the bladders appeared again this time worse than the first time. The largest one on his leg measured 7 centimeter. The doctor explained, that it was an allergic outbreak. I have newer seen anything like that before or after. Good advise was expensive, because even the doctor did not know what to do. What are we to do? Asked Fritz and I each other. Finally Fritz said: let us try Kirsch.  It is a snaps made in Switzerland and used for everything inside and outside the body. It is also good in fruit salad, in cake, and in coffee just as it is suited. After my advice we first covered three blisters over night to see weather it would help. We were optimistic, because when I carefully dipped a big red one behind the ear, it became instantly completely white. I was like the bacteria got sucked up by the Kirsch. We were pleasant surprised the next morning, when we removed the patches. The wounds looked 50 % better. Over the next eight days the many wounds were heaped and wrapped twice a day. Robert was kneeling over the bed, biting his teeth together and praying, as I changed the patches. It wasn’t exactly a mild treatment. Over the next eight days the skin drank a bottle of Kirsch. We were all pretty relieved, when the last one was cured. Unfortunately he got scares in his face and on his back and it took some years before they fully disappeared. 

We were very thankful to God, that Fritzli did not got infected. Soon Christmas was approaching, it was very fortunate, that Robert did not have to go back to school before after the Christmas break. It would give him the opportunity to fully recover before returning to school. 

Christmas is also rainy season in Singapore, and many people get infected with a virus. At first I got a flue for three months, I almost had no voice. Robert managed to get seek again the week before Christmas. Once again we had to se the doctor, because he still had fewer after several days. It was the day before Christmas Eve, I was shopping in Holland Village. I kept praying, that God would touch Robert and heal him as a Christmas present, all the while I put one and another thing in the trollies. If there was something I really wished for Christmas, then it was that he fully would recover for what had plagued him the last six weeks. Suddenly I felt peace in my heart, my prayer was heard. I hummed Christmas hums and thanked God, as I putted one and another thing in the trollie. Very optimistic I got into a taxi, sure to find Robert free of fewer when I got home. Arriving at home I first inquired about Robert. The fewer was very high by now, I did not understood anything. I quickly got into another taxi with Robert and went of to the General hospital. A young doctor explained, that the medication had not been the right kind. Blood samples had been taken, and with the right kind of medication the fewer should be down already the next day. Why had I not thought about that? Robert felt a lot better the next morning and was able to enjoy Christmas Eve in the family circle. I understood, that the fewer went up, so that he could be  treated properly with the right medication. Thanks be to God. 

Robert still needed some time to fully recover, and therefor stayed home, as we went to church on Christmas day. During the service I thanked and praised God for seeing us through one more time. Great was my surprise, to what he had to tell, when we arrived at home. From the wastebasket he pulled out a large slimy lump the size of a small ball and held it up in front of me. Right after we left, he had to cough heavily, and he had the feeling of not being able to breath for a while. Then this mucus lump came out of his mouth. It was unbelievable, that it had been stuck in his throat. He had kept repeating, that something was sitting in his throat. Thanks be to God that nothing had happened. 

Robert continued his explanation. He had an unusually dream a few days ago. In his dream, he had been asked, if he would give his life to Jesus. Since he did not want to die now, he had said no to the question. The following night the dream repeated itself. This time he understood, that Jesus asked him, if he would belong to him, and in prayer he had fully given his life over to him. 

I stood a moment staring thoughtfully at my half grow son. A bible verse came to my mind. Anyone who tries to save his life will loose it, and the one who give his life to Jesus Christ will keep it. Jesus own words.

Thank you Holy Spirit that you opened his eyes to this so important question. I did not dare too think the thought to an end. I had several times had the feeling, that something evil tried to disturb our family. If we had not know Jesus personally, our life might have become very tragic, and we could in response have reacted with bitterness, even so that Jesus had stood at the door and knocked. There comes a day in each persons life, were God makes us responsible for the direction we take in life with or without his help. 

The year 1993.

Lucie wanted to return to the Philippine after four years in our household, because she missed her family. We made a nice farewell party for her. On her plate we had put an envelope with a check. When she saw the amount, she exclaimed: Why do you give so much. She pressed the check to her chest and laughed loudly and happily. I made sure to keep this happy  moment with the camera. For sure she had earned the money. It would be difficult for Fritzli, he was going to miss her a lot. Lucie explained to him, that she was living, and we could see on his face, he knew. She had become an important person to him.  

In the meantime I had got Jossy number two. She was young and pretty and also a very happy person. She sang, as she worked around in the house and soon found somebody to chat with. Some days she looked completely different and had a strange expression on her face. I noticed, that she also was a very sensitive person. One day I asked her straight forward: What is wrong with you, why do you walk around looking so scared the last couple of days?  Convincingly she explained, that she had dreamed a few days ago, that a cat licked itself, and when someone dreams like that, an accident would happen. At the same time her mother had become ill, and now she was afraid, that she would die. To the best of my ability, I explained to her, that it was superstition, and dreams and visions was rather to support or warn but not to make us afraid.  It became clear to me, she was superstitious like many Catholic from that part of the world. I must admit, I was not to happy about that, especially in a time like this were we had to take good care of Fritzli. It could be an open door for the devil to hurt her, during the time she worked for us. When God is for us, who can be against us, I told myself, and shook the discomfort I felt in that moment of. I did not change my girls without a good reason.   

October 18.

October 18 fell on a Sunday this year. In the Wesly Methodist church we kneeled in front of the altar and thanked God for 25 good years. At the same time we renewed our promises to each other for good and bad for the rest of our life. I had bought new cloth for the occasion, and afterwards we had lunch at the Oberoi Imperial as so many times before. 

We had decided just to celebrate by our self, because we had got another excellent idea. We bought a new bedroom. Singapore has a nice selection of furniture from all over the world. First I went to World Trade Center, the first place I entered was a store with beautiful Italian style furniture. A bedroom caught my interest, it was indescribably beautiful, but it was also very expensive and therefor not for us. I thanked the girl who had shown me around and went to the next store. As I considered the modern bedroom the next place, I came to think of a dream, I had about half a year ago and completely forgot about until this moment. I dreamed, I bought furniture, the pattern on the expensive Italian furniture matched exactly with, what I had seen in the dream. I rushed back to the first store to convince myself of the accuracy. That was the way it was, exactly the same pattern. I stood surprised for a moment, God surely had taste for style and good quality.

That same evening I told Fritz about todays experience and concluded: The bedroom is fine enough for a king, but I rather not mention the cost. You decide weather or not we bay it.  

 Fritz began to be very curious, and the next Saturday morning we drove of too World Trade Center next to the harbor. He immediately became so enthusiastic about it, as I was. It became the most expensive furniture we ever bought for our private use. 

50 years of age.  

In the catering a huge cake was made for Fritz for the occasion. Since we had moved too Oriole Cresent, we had catered to the staff several times in our garden. This year we decided to invite his sous chefs from Imperial hotel. It was a successful evening in the Chinese restaurant same hotel. I did not attend since it was only for his old college. When Fritz came home, he explained that 12 had turned up, number 13 did not come for a good reason. Fritz had once lent him a small sum of money, which he newer repaid. It was a pity he did not turn up: Fritz said. I told the others to great him and say, he should come the next time. It was great to be with them all, he confessed. It was almost like in the old days. Every one is in a leading position, one of them even have a restaurant in Taiwan. Peter made a speech, think he said: I was like a father too all of them. It is you 12 disciples, I said for fun. Fritz also testified of his faith on occasions. It was well know, that we were Christians and went to church on Sundays. 

One day after an unusually busy day, with many food tastings and lack of staff, someone told him, that it was not possible to get through the strict program, without Gods help.

A Captain by the gate.

14 of July. Fritz had left with the children for vacation in Europe. 

I began to think of a dream, I had about a year ago. It was the dream about a captain by the gate and a dangerous situation in the house. I still had not figured out what it meant, but it kept coming back to my mind. I gave the situation, in the dream, over too God and his host of angels who undoubtedly surpasses the number of people on earth. If I needed a captain, he probably already guarded my gate. I sensed an incident was about to happen. I remembered that there was absolutely nothing I needed to do.

On the following Sunday morning I woke up unusually early. The clock, in the living room, ticked exceptionally laud, it was only six a clock. I got up, shock my head trying to figure out, what the dream about the eleven-hour meant. I quietly open the door to Fritzlis room, everything was fine, he slept peacefully and would probably continue to sleep for several hours, because on Sundays he slept longer. It look like nothing unusually was about to happen, but I stayed home the whole day just to make sure. May be it was just in the invisible world something was going on, and I somehow could sense theirs activities. 

The following Monday was the last meeting with Peter Tan in World Trade center. Jossy was feeding Fritzli his dinner, as I said goodbye to them before living. Fritzli had again such a dry cough, it had been common since he had been to the hospital. Two years had past, since the doctor gave him half a year, but God had definitely other plans for him. 

In the auditorium I sat behind a young man who seemed to be spastic which was obvious from his rigid movements. While we were practicing new songs for the upcoming final celebration evening, I occasionally prayed for this young man. Not once did my thought go back to Fritzli and Jossy at home. 

It was later as it used to be, when I finally arrived at home. A large peace of paper was attached to the gate when I arrived with the taxi. In the glow of the street light I read that something had happen to Fritzli, and he had been admitted to hospital, signed by Ann, our new neighbor, from South Africa. I looked over to the house next door, there was still light in the living room. I stuck the key in the lock it rustled, it could clearly be heard, because everything was completely quite. I noticed Ann coming out of the house and waited. With quick steps she came towards me and said: I pick up the car and explain you everything on the way to the hospital. 

Fritzli had got some of the food wrong in the throat. As the girl had explained, he became dark in the face and stopped breathing. She had hurried to drive the wheelchair outside the house, and had shouted as laud as she could help several times. The neighbor had been on a weekend vacation to Malaysia and should not have arrived home before later in the evening. Ann explained: It was good we arrived home earlier, because she needed our help. I hurried over to your gate and asked her to open for me, but she was in such a frantic state, that she did not react to, what I said. I therefor crawled over the fence, Fritzli did not breathe. I knocked him on the chest and did mouth to mouth resuscitation attempts. Because it did not help, I climbed back over the fence once again and rang the bell to the opposite doctors house Nobody answered I therefore crept back and went back to Fritzli. Right then he breathed deeply and opened his eyes. It was a great relief to all of us.  

We thought, it was best to admit him to the hospital, so my husband phoned for an ambulance, and because you were not at home, the police also had to come, so we called them to. She explained how scared they all had been. 

Ann drove me to the hospital and went home again. I found Fritzli laying in bed in a big room with other men. He looked at me with his big eyes, and then to the left and right as was he asking: What have I to do here. He seems to be totally as he used to be. The police came around and asked some question. They wanted to know, weather the girl on purpose had made the accident happen. I explained that it was very difficult to feed him, and I was absolutely sure, it was pure accident and it could have happen to me to, with that I put my signature on the police rapport. 

Since I could not take him home before the next day, because of some test they wanted to do, I went home to sleep for a few hours. Jossy sat in the corner on the bed in the office looking very scared. I said: I know, it was not your fault, it could have happen to me too. I do not accuse you of anything, you better hurry to get some sleep, it was fortunate, that God helped you. 

Honestly she explained the course of the happening. From the time Fritzli colapsed, and too he started breathing again, she estimated seven minutes. Fritzlis lively eyes told me, that he had not been hurt by the accident. Thanks be to God, who had prepared me a year ahead to pray for the accident, yes he had even prepared a captain by the gate. May be he helped Ann to climb over it, because it is quite high. I cannot imaging, how she managed. Who knows, what Fritzli had experienced during those minutes? Perhaps he had felt easy and free and had been able to move around.  I felt asleep with a big thanksgiving in my heart.

I took Fritzli home the next day. For the first week I feed him all three meals a day my self. Then I explained to Jossy, that if she still wanted to work for us, we had to share this work. She did not object, I noticed, she handled the feeding very carefully.

The doctor living opposite our house also had an ahma. I suppose, Jossy had told her what happen the past Monday evening. When she returned home the following Sunday evening, she had a long story to tell. She had been to church together with the neighbor’s ahma. At church she had spoken and prayed together with the pastor for a very long time. Afterwards there had been lunch with a lot of other young people. She continued with shinning eyes, even the young men helped to clean up afterwards. I always placed a bible in the room, when I got a new ahma. When they left, they were allowed to take it with them. Now the bible lay open the whole day on the table, and on every free moment she had, she went into her little room and read it. She seemed to be a whole new person from one day to another and newer walked around anymore with a scared expression on her face.

Thanks be to God, who knows everything. It was good, I did not understood, what the dream meant, just prayed and trusted, his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Could God have prevented it? I do not have the answer. 

Ephesians 6- 13: Therefor put on the full armor of God, that je may be able to resist in the evil day, after having done everything to stand firm. There will be evil days, and our faith will be tested.  

I feel guided to continue the story about Jossy. She became the one of my girls, whose heart became really good soil and bore much fruit for Jesus. She worked actively along in the Methodist church, when she was free on Sundays. She also took part in the many courses offered by the church. Once a year she traveled to the Philippine and did actively mission work among her own people. I wonder how many times, she told the story about Fritzli that made her accept Jesus according to his word. See John 3 – 18.

Only God in his wisdom could before hand know, how an unhappy situation could turn out to be a big blessing. Jossy stayed for several years in Singapore continuing in other jobs. The time we talked, after she left, she said with a big smile: I meet Jesus in Singapore. I smiled back, gave her a big hug and said: I know you did.  

My Mission School.

In the two years Peter Tans meetings had been on, another course had been offered by the entrance door. I had for a long time felt strongly attracted to it, but decided to finish one before I got started on another. It took place twice a week in the evening for two month. Then there was a two months break, and it started again. This repeated itself three times, by that the seminar ended. 

It was not for new Christians, there had to be a good knowledge of the bible as well as being convinced been baptized in the Holy Spirit with other language. 

It was also a commitment to be present every time, and there was homework to do.   

Fritz drove me to the meeting the first time. It was a pity, he could not attend some of all these so interesting meetings.His Work  was very strenuous and took most of his energi from Monday to Friday. For the most part he was tired when he arrived home in the evening. One most take into account, that the climate is subtropical.   

Deeper Life seminar as the course was called, turned out to be my mission school. It came to my mind after some time, that the letters DLS was the letters I dreamed about quite some time ago and actually had forgotten about until then.

Pastors, missionaries and others, from other countries as well, came for a short visit to teach about their experience. Also this was very interesting. We were divided into small classes that run parallel to each other. 

I was the only foreigner on those courses, and it was a bit of an ordeal in the beginning, but it went on very well. I even came to be very good friends with some of them. It was founded by an American couple with Asian descent. They taught not only in Singapore but also in other Asian countries. Many people were thereby richly blessed. The purpose of the course was to build people up to be active Christians. Booths of them were prophetically very gifted, and I think most of us got helpful directions about, what God had for us in the future. To be a Christian is a process, God want us to be like his son for we are his children. There will be a day were we will see him face to face. See John 3- 2 then we shall be like him.

That autumn we had lot of smoke over Singapore because of forest fire in Indonesia and Malaysia. It had happen several times before, that it came out of control. It usualy helped, when the rainy season started. It was pretty bad this auctum, the smoke plagued us all beyond normal. For me it showed with headaches and irritated eyes. I was still on the last course in DLS. Just coming from the outside  into the hall and starting to praise God was very uplifting. So to speak it was very regenerating, and in such moment I thanked God from all my heart, it was just what I needed. Newer before or after have i been blessed so much as in time like this. God knew in advance, why when he gave me the dream of atending a three letter mission school. 

This time we had a very good referent from Johore Malajsia to teach. We could understand, he was a pastor for a very lively church, were Muslim people of high rank got converted to the Christian faith. It was not totally harmless for those concerned. It was therefor no wonder, that he had much to say about how people put pressure on others. As he said, i told my family, that if I some day do not come home, it is because I have to drink tee with others. 

Jesus is well informed about those situations and is walking closely to such people. He was one of those we all like the most, because he was so anointed by the Holy Spirit. It was not hard to imaging that around him stod migthy angels, and that Jesus personally spoke to him.

One evening he urged us all to pray strongly for the smoke to disappear. We all stood up from our chairs and prayed loudly. The pastor ordered the smoke to disappear already the next day. Eventually he said, that we would get evidence. To my and others great surprise, the smoke was on retur the next day without help from rain, and soon we were smoke free. As so often before in those meetings, I wondered how willing God is to respond to prayers, if only his children will stand together in unity and the same faith. 

The year 1994.

Fritz and I celebrated Christmas alone with Fritzli this year. Robert had left for Switzerland to do skiing together with Silvia in Brunwald, were she worked in the bookkeeping in a home for elderly nuns for the time being.

Fritzli had always been very thin, but lately he seems to have become even thinner. The many infection, he had the last few years, had taken their tool on him, it was visible now. He also felt more tired and slept longer in the morning. It was, as if we were walking a very significant road together, a road that would not repeat itself. 

I woke up on December 29 with a very unusually dream. Fritzli died, and I had to arrange the funeral, for that I had to call Dagmar, a lady from the German bible study group, but she was not at home. Fritzli was covered, I lifted the blanked, and saw he had become smaller. I said: That is what Silvia saw in the vision in Tim Stories meetings some time back. I thought a lot about this dream, but did not understand anything. 

Jossy had left us, and in her place Rohini from Shri Lanka had taken over. She was about 30 years of age and a very mature person. She was well rooted in the Christian faith, and I think the most mature person of all my girls. She was very fond of animals, and the cat soon became her child from the beginning. It crept in and out of her window, as she liked.  

Dream from January 8: Fritzli was laying on his bed, he slowly got up, I knew this was the moment for his resurrection to a healthy individual person, as he got in sitting position. Suddenly he became small again, anyway I took him to church and started to tell people his story, because nobody knew it. 

I wrote the dream dawn and wondered a lot. 

Dream January 17: A child was born, it belonged to me. I saw big pieces of paper.

Again I wondered a lot about, what it meant.

On February 10 – I had three different dreams about Silvia in the same night.

I knew, when God say something three times, it is related to now.

This is consistent with examples from the bible. I knew I had to call her quickly.

I asked: Do you have a friend Silvia? Surprised she replied: Mammi how did you know? I explained about the dreams I had the past night. I had seen two papaya trees. Each tree had a large papaya, below stood a man and tried to take booth papaya down. I continued: I do not think, he is the right one for you. She confessed, she actually knew it. She had noticed the day before, that he was lying. Who is it? I asked. She explained, that she was doing a lot of skiing at the moment, and he was a ski instructor. I could see it for my eyes, a charming ski instructor who tried to impress young girls. Silvia was random there, but so was the Holy Spirit, and he knew whom to call on.

Roberts dream 11 of April. He was lying together with Frizli on his bed, as they sometimes used to do. Suddenly he knew, the time had come for Frizzle to get healthy, and it was important that he believed. Slowly Frizli got up sat on the edge of the bed, and suddenly he stood on the floor. The next scene the two of them strolled together down Orchard road, the main road in Singapore. Robert asked him, how he liked the food I prepared for him. Frizli answered, he liked the food, but he did not like, what I mixed in his lunch. 

I understood it right away. Friztli had recently had stomach problems, I removed the cereal I used to put in his fruit, and shortly after was his stomach OK.  

My dream June 9: I examined if the grapes were ripe.

A special time had begun. The Holy Spirit had guided me very strongly for the past six month. 

I woke up one morning, after Fritz had left, by being surrounded by the power of the Holy Spirit, in a way I newer before or after have experienced. If I had not had a taste of his incredible power a few times before, I would have been scared of that powerful shell that surrounded me at this very moment. To describe him I have only the following words: He knows everything and can everything; there is absolutely nothing that can be measured to him. It is a power that fills the whole universe. I knew, he had a special reason to introduce himself this way, he is the strong helper.  

After having had a shower, I stood in front of the mirror and kept repeating over and over again, as I separated my hair in the middle. I will walk the straight road and follow in your footsteps. I did not say so, because I thought I should say so, but because it was my deepest and earnest desire that came from within, it was also Jesus desire. 

In the middle of June Fritzli again got a fewer, then Rohini got it. On the 17 Fritzli became ill again. One morning, as I was about to feed him, I noticed that his fingernails were blue. I went into the living room and called the doctor. We agreed about, that he should be hospitalized, and he urged me to be strong. By this words I broke down, I knew, there was not much hope for him now. I called Fritz, he was there in half an hour. We decided to take him to the same hospital, were he had been hospitalized the previous time. 

I was with him day and night and slept on a small bed next to him. Unfortunately I too got a fewer and had to be treated. Fritzli responded to the medication and the fewer went down after a few days, and yellow mucus emerged from his lungs. He was very weak this time, but it had been like that lately. On Sunday we agreed with the doctor to take him home on the 27 of June the following Tuesday.  The doctor explained, that his condition now was so bad, that he did not get enough oxygen and that it was necessary for him to be on an oxygen bottle most of the time. 

Rohini came Sunday morning with flowers for Fritzli and a hamburger for me. With tears in her eyes and in a crying voice she said: May God help you Fritzli. In the afternoon. He did not slept well,the night to Thuesday, occasionally he moaned. In the morning he struggled to get air, from then on it went downhill. This time there was not much I could do. I called Fritz and said: I do not think there is much hope now. Can you come right away, he answered: It cant be true. I just said: I will try to call Silvia and Robert at the school. Shortly after Fritz and Robert arrived, Silvia would come the next day from Switzerland. The next couple of hours we sat by his bed and saw, that he became weaker and weaker. His big brown eyes was fixed on us, as his chest raised strongly for each breathing. Half an hour before his breathing stopped, the expression in his eyes became very strange, he was not there any more in the last painful moments. The doctor had come and gone a few times. We fell on each other neck. Fritz kept repeating: It can’t be true. I put my arms around him and pressed my head to his chest. Eventually he was free it was June the 27, 1994. 

There were so many things to do now. After all we were not prepared, because my be he make it just once more. With that we had tried to encourage him and ourselves. It is painful to describe what happen the next few days and weeks, but it belongs to the memories, even thought I have to dry my eyes once in a while. It would have been easier to conclude with: At last he is free. Fritzli is not out of our life, even so he has gone home to his real father, where he belongs the most.

We picked Silvia up at the airport the next day. Clinging closely to each other we walked to the car. She described the events of the last few days. She had to think about Fritzli all the time, did he live or not? At the railway station she called, and it was me who gave her the sad news. I apologized: I am sorry you come to know it this way. In front of the telephone cabin she had broken down. She also had to coop with the disappointment, because we actually believed on his healing, because of the very strong vision I had years ago. At that moment a young girl came towards her and asked: What has happen? The young girl had put her arm around her, as Silvia explained: Her brother had just died. She also told the young girl, that for many years we believed for his healing. The young girl had taken time to consider the situation. Eventually she had sincerely said: May be it was what God meant. Furthermore the girl said: I am also a Christian and have lost somebody I love.

We followed the custom in Singapore, and had Fritzli embalmed. He was thereafter brought to our home. He had spent a big part of his life in the house on the terrace and in the garden, and it was here the service was to be held, we decided. Once in a while I went to the coffin and looked at him. He looked very nice now with white shirt and a tie and long pants. The eyes with the long lashes were tightly closed, he looked, at if he were sleeping. I stroke his forehead and cheeks and whispered loving words. The skin was white and wax like. I knew he no longer lived there, but it was the closest I could come in those moments.  I thanked God for a son, I loved so much, and for all he had meant for us. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday many people visited especially from the catering. We had plenty of cold drinks in the fridge, and entertained us all day long with the visitors, in a way it was good.  A Christian lady on the road, whom I did not know, also came by and wanted to talk to me under four eyes. It was sweet of her, we prayed together, it was good, to know that other Christians lived on the same road. 

The service was held Wednesday evening, the house was full of flowers inside and outside and around the coffin. I could not help thinking, if only Fritzli could see all those wonderful flowers. We had rented chairs and put them up on the terrace and in the garden. Fritz had made sure it came in the newspaper, and I had called around to places, were I knew, they would like to know. By doing this, I discovered that Dagmar had left on holiday, the day Fritzli went home. By that I remembered the dream, I had about Dagmar. Fritzli had past on, and I called her, but she had left for holiday. I had asked a lot for Fritzli, and God had answered with signs, even so I only understood something of it afterwards. Today I am convinced, he was called home the day and the hour chosen by God himself. The vision I had many years ago is not forgotten. I have the impression, that Jesus will call many believers home, before the last seven years of the reign of antichrist.

It could very well be in our time. See 1 Corinthians 15 – 51. I newer stop wondering, about how God exactly knows everything, and for the mighty intelligence and personality he must be. 

The service was held in the evening, as the sun was setting over the housetops and trees. Also Fritlis close friends was there the cat and the dog. Rohini distributed the songs, as people kept coming. The service was not sad but rather with a light atmosphere. Silvia stood up and testified to her faith, and what Fritzli had meant to her: Quietly I thanked God for the work, he had done in her the last few days, she had taken big steps. The pastor’s wife song: It is well with my soul – the song entered the heart of people and tears were wiped away. Then Fritzlis favorite song: Footprint in the sand – faded out in the garden from a stereo set inside the living room. A song he had listen to very often, and I think, he also identified himself with.

The pastor explained afterwards, that it was the most successful funeral so far. A young girl who worked at the hospital, where Fritzli had been admitted, also came to the service. She cried tears in streams and was very touched. My friend Susan followed her, as they left. She called afterwards and explained, that she had been in a situation, were she did not knew which faith to follow Muslim or Christianity. Fritzlis funeral had convinced her to be a Christian.  

Fritzli was cremated as is the custom in Singapore. A few from the management turned op. There was a short sermon and then it was down in the crematorium. 

It was with mixed feelings, we realized, that from now on we would have to live without him. Silvia said: He must have felt behind in life compared to us, and he probably wondered why many a time. Now he is ahead of us and newer need to die again. Perhaps he discovered things about us, he did not knew before, because with God there is no secrets and limits. One thing is for sure, he can move, talk, feel and taste. He is not alone, he also sees the Trinity of God. He lacks nothing, and God will wipe away all tears. Did Jesus not say: I go ahead to prepare a home for you, so that you can be were I am: I would not tell you so, if it was not truth.  I had to think about the many dreams I had concerning Fritzli. God told me most things in advance, even so there were things I first understood later on. 

It was fortunate, that the school holiday was due by then. A few days after the cremation, we packed out suitcase and went to Switzerland. I carried the ashes with me in Roberts bowling bag. 

I had to think about the dream, I had were Fritzli past on. I wanted him buried in Spiez, Fritz in Kølliken. When the day came, I knew what to do. The last and third funeral was done in Fritz hometown Kølliken. A lot of people might not have heard our testimonies, had he been buried in Spies. As so many times before I had to wonder – in truth God is interested in everything we do.

After the third and last funeral we wondered how Fritzli might look like in heaven. His back must be straight, may be he is also taller. We discussed about among our self. Fritz said thoughtfully: If only God would allow us to see him like on a video, would it not be wonderful. The Holy Ghost transfers our hearts desire. I dreamed the following week. Fritzli was laying on his bed in white cloth, Rohini was standing next to me. I put a finger to my mouth as a sign, that she should remain silent. I said: His body is ashes, but here he is. Slowly Fritzli opened his eyes and got up. He was taller and wider over the shoulder as we knew him. His face shone like a little sun, he looked very happy. He took me by the hand, and together we walked a little. Suddenly he lifted himself, and I saw him descend upwards from behind. I told my family about my nightly vision. Fritzli had chosen the best part, and we had too allow him so. 

 Rohini had been alone in the house with the cat and the dog during our holiday.

It was strange to return to Singapore, when Fritzli was not there any more. For so many years he had been waiting for us, when we came back from somewhere. He belonged to our life, and now he was not there any more. The house was like empty without him. 

I have something very important to tell you about Fritzli, I said to Rohini, as soon as we arrived. I do to: She replied. I told her about my nocturnal vision, where I had seen Fritzli rise from the bed, how we walked together, and how he ascended.  

She continued: I also had a dream about Fritzli, I saw Fritzli laying on the bed, and I, not Rohini, dressed him in white looked at him and said: Are you alive Fritzli? He opened his eyes and smiled at me. 

Rohinis dream was the beginning of mine. She had the first part, and I the second.

God has unusually ways of affirming something. The dreams were not just dreams, they were true witness from above, given to us by angels. Angels are very often messengers, I have seen and heard them a couple of times. It is completely biblical. 

It was the first of August, Fritzli was 26 year old now  – in heaven we are always young. On this special day, the Swiss national day, things were not the same, because something was missing. We had not changed anything in his room, since he passed away. The day after the first of August, I made up my mind, it had to be done, because the room could be used for something else. Fritz office had been television room so far and would from now on only be his office. Fritzlis room was to be converted into a television room. There were plenty of space for every body even for the cat and the dog, when we occasionally gathered there in the cool air conditioning. 

The day I cleaned up, something very unusually happened. A black dove came flying into the living room and landed behind Fritz big chair. There it began to shiver strongly. I took it in my hand and began gently to stroke the feathers. Together with the children we prayed for it and put it in a basket with a bottle of lukewarm water covered with a cloth. We tried to give it some water, despite all our efforts, it died later in the afternoon. This gave us all an uneasy feeling, because it happen on the day Fritzlis things was moved out of his room.  

I wondered weather it had a meaning in the spiritual realm. We are not superstitious, but could it be, that it was a sign from above. Perhaps Fritzli looked down and was allowed to give us a sign – may be he wanted to say: I got wounded.

We all had to coop with the disappointment and the loss of a loved person. 

Silvia immerged herself in her studies. Fortunately she attended a good church which also offered courses in bible study. The courses went very deep and was a good comparison to much, of what she studied at the social school.

She also got guided to an extra job beside her studies. A doctor, attending the same church, had been injured in the military service and had to be operated on with the result, that he became paralyzed from the neck down and had to use a device to breath. At the hospital he had come to know a nurse whom he married and moved together with. Because of his condition it was necessary, that he always had someone around him. In the church Silvia came to know, that they were looking for an extra help, she applied and got the job. 

Once a week she went there after school and stayed to the next morning. One day I visited them and immediately recognized the extra gift his wife had received from above to look after him. I have always known, since I myself took the step, that there was an extra power, assigned to those who in the name of Christ take such an task upon them. I also sensed the burden the doctor lived under, I had felt it with Fritzli. 

I like to conclude, it is possible to live with a burden in the power of the Holy Ghost, one does not have to live a unhappy life.

Robert is a fighter, he told me after a few years, that one evening, shortly after Fritzlis going home, that he walked up and dawn in the garden talking to the devil. He promised him eternal enmity, because he had dared to interfere with his brother’s life. He, the devil, would regret that many a time. This is a truth statement, if the devil knows, he is the loser, he might as well consider. We do have an adversary, but we also have the gift of over coming.  

What Robert decides, he does on the spot. I think, God had prepared him for that the last few years. He had pulled him away from bad influence, filled him with his Holy Spirit and revealed his word to him. Further more he said, he often had to think about Fritzli, especially the times he had taken him out on a stroll, and the things he had told him. Then he wiped a tear away and said: Can we talk about something else. 

On the American Flag day some students gathered in the school to pray for it. When some noticed it was seriously meant, they disappeared to the football field.

Some thought that it was better first to ask a pastor weather it was right to pray that seriously. Remaining in the group were those from the mission home, Robert and a few others. They agreed to meet once a week after school. A letter was written to the school principal for permission to use a classroom after school every Wednesday. The Principal gave the permission, and the German pastor, a lady by now, visited a couple of times to see how it went on. Robert took the led, because nobody else wanted.

The following year another group for the younger student was organized. A German missionary couple saw it as their task to start a group for the very young ones. A German lady from the German bible group began with a Christian kindergarten. 20 small children turned up the first time. She had to find a place outside her home and somebody to help with the children. 

In the school Robert made sure, that to be a Christian got more attention. In the lunch break the Christians had their own table, were they also read the bible. When the older student disappeared into their smoking corner, the Christians disappeared to their corner and prayed together. Occasionally a teacher dropped by to see, what was going on. Faith became a topic in the school. Of course it happen they got attacked by other students and some teachers. Robert saw it every time as a challenge and was newer slow to rise his hand, during the class hour, asking for permission to explain a Christian stand point. He often testified to other student during the breaks. He sometimes mentioned, that there had been a hard discussion in the school about faith. Just practice with words, I replied, it will benefit you one day, because God will use it. When I myself need an answer to a difficult question, I sometimes resorted to him and was often surprised by his answers. 

Life always goes on. I think it took about two years for all four of us to make some distance to Fritlis departure. 

For Fritz it happen in a different way. It was God himself that gave him the key to overcome. He had asked me for sometimes what to do with all the papers from the invalid insurance. Since Fritzli became 20 years of age, he was not insured any were, if he became ill. In Singapore they refused to insure him, because he was to ill. Switzerland also refused to pay any bills, because we lived abroad. Fritz had sent the bills from the hospital to the insurance that newer got an answer. Fritzlis monthly allowance since he became 20 years of age was 1600 CH, which after two years was increased to 2200 CH. From that amount all bills had to be paid for like his wheelchairs and medication. The insurance had paid a few 100 CH, something like 3 – 400 CH it varied according to his age plus other expenses monthly before that time.

Fritz spent two hours going through all the papers from the invalid insurance for in the end to trove them away. With a heavy heart he came into the bedroom. I had just finished reading a Psalm from the bible, and I read it allowed for him: It does help to weep over your children because they are Gods inheritance. Those words became alive to us in that moment, something happened to us. From that day on grief was out of the house. Looking back I know, God wanted those papers to be removed, because Fritzli is healthy now. God is not interested in invalid insurance for those in heaven. I am also convinced that we will not need such in the millennium kingdom. 

 Preparation to return Home.

A bit of everything thing happen the following year. I took several courses at the British Counsel, something I long had wanted to do, but did not really had time for, because there were a lot of homework to do in those courses. Between the courses I was so unlucky to get a fewer that turned out to be dengue fewer. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and is a virus that cannot be treated. It is said that the largest part, of the population, have had it in some milder or stronger form. I became very ill and had to be admitted to the hospital for a week. Blood test confirmed dengue fewer. I do not want to elaborate on all the symptoms here, only that the suffering is worse than malaria. The inner thirst and the headache every day for weeks is pulling one down. It took a month to get over it and a few months for my nerve system to recover.

I pulled my self together one morning and went to the German bible study group for ladies. I asked them to pray for me, the fewer and headache did newer return from that day onward.  

Fritz and I went on a trip to South Africa the folowing year. Fritz had been invited with a group of other chefs by the airline. The reason – they wanted to improve the airline and airport with new ideas. Fritz also took some extra days of, so that we could experience the country as well. It was great to set food on African soil again. Africa is special, it has to do with the country and its people. The biggest difference between the hectic Singapore and Africa lies in the fact, that time is running twice as slow in Africa. 

In Johannesburg Fritz and I got invited on a tour in the famous Soweto, with a local who took the opportunity to give us his insight into his political attitude. We got a first hand explanation on how deep it is in the mind of the African people.

Thoughtfully I considered the dark eyes in the dark face who wanted to be understood. Fritz gave the right answers, as we past through the city which did not seems to be anything special. 

I was standing on the furthest part of Cap Town on my birthday. The strong wind blow the smell of seal fish on shore. We could observe, a little further away, seal fish playing together. I let my mind fly with the strong wind, as I wondered what was going to happen to us in the future. How long would we stay in Singapore? Something new would have to happen over the next few years. What signs would the angels give us, and what would we do with them.

In Cap Town City we had a room high up in a hotel. The wind was blowing heavily the first night. I looked out of the window, the streets were empty and the strong wind played with small pieces of paper and other things it could get hold of. One would think people kept inside doors scared to go out. One also got the feeling, that the buildings could collapse every moment. I called the front desk and asked if it always was blowing so strongly and weather it was dangerous to be on the streets in the evening. I got a yes to both issues. 

This is Africa, good and evil stand close and visible next to each other. We turned on the television, an evangelist gave us the word of God. Truly, today his word is very close to be heard in every part of the earth.  

We had, in the meantime, moved out on the east cost. Robert got a driving certificate and drove to school in Fritz old car, because otherwise he would have to spend hours in the traffic. He was in his last year before graduating and was busy with his studies. 

That year an unknown virus ruled the country. We woke up every morning with headache for several months. Fritz became so sick, that he could not work for a week and was just laying in bed staring out in the air. After a few months the headache slowly diminished for eventually slowly to disappear. 

A friend of mine even got a epileptic seizure and had to be hospitalized. I assumed, that at least a third of the population was affected this time.

Close to were we lived, a home for disabled was located. I had been praying very sincerely for a sign were to do voluntary work preferable with handicapped children. The place was revealed to me in a dream. I saw the same person who warned me, at the time when Fritzli could have died because his head had dropped over the edge of the plaster bed, and he could not pull it back. 

That same person lead me through a gate, in the dream, making me aware that that place had a good prospect. I was also shown, that the children were not totally disabled but could use arms and legs. I visited the home, it was true, all of them could use their arms and legs. 

What puzzled me was, that on top of the home was a buddist temple. I analyzed the dream a couple of times and also visited the home a few times. Eventually I was convinced, God had clearly spoken. 

I started by visiting the home once a week to play with the children. The conditions was far from good. They had nothing to occupy themselves with, and beside the necessity thing to be feed and washed, nothing was done for them the rest of the day, also not Saturday and Sunday. Most, but not all, visited some kind of a half-day school. It was told me, that most of them had epilepsy and were mentally handicapped. Some of them were also a bit physically handicapped.  

I bought a cabinet and also various kinds of toys and started with trying out what was possible for them. I had this dream of pushing the tables together in the hall. It was a good idea, because it enable me an overview of what they all were doing. The last hour of the afternoon before dinner were used to different ball play outside in the fenced compound.

I was aware of, that this was not a place were the Christian faith could be demonstrated openly. It did bother me in the beginning. Had I not been convinced, that God had given me a sign, I might newer have started something in that place. I began to pray for a sign, as to weather I might have some opportunities to share the gospel. One afternoon, on my way to the home on my bicycle, I said straight out in the air: If you give me a sign today, when we sit around the table drawing, painting and playing, then I know I can. Johnson a Malay boy of 15 years said quite naturally, as we were sitting around the table: I have been in paradise, I meet God, therefor when something is wrong here, I ask God for help. Surprised I glanced a moment at him, I had received my answer. I bought books with children bible stories illustrated with pictures. After finish sport outside I sat down on a bench a bit far away from the home, and told them bible stories while showing them the pictures and always assuring them, that is was true stories. It did not take long before I noticed, that it was popular to be a Christian among the children. For such moments I thanked God for showing me the place. The children had with different religions background, but there was a temple on the top of the house and the monks turned op regularly. 

Most came from difficult family relationship and every one had a sad story to tell what only a few did. From the nurses and the doctor I gradually learned something about them. I was also told, that I was the first to endure others only came 2 or 3 times. I some time listen to the nurses about all the problems going on there. The doctor gave me an explanation as to why the situation in the home was so difficult. One important reason, those children who were too difficult for other homes landed there. At home I brought the situations for the throne of God. I thereby learned a great deal myself.

I have newer learned so much about people as in this place. 

In Singapore every teenager must, for a sudden time, serve voluntary in some kind of institution every week. It is attached to their education in the school system. Many continue to do voluntary work after their education, because to help others is a blessing in itself. Something we all should learn to appreciate. 

It is not uncommand for a family to do a children birthday party in a children home. One can learn a lot from the practical Chinese who see it as an honor to serve their country.  At about the same time I also began to write my biography. A lot of things had happen since Fritzli left. 

After visiting the home for about half a year I thought the situation in the home stable enough to ask some ladies to help out with the children. Soon we were a small group of Christians ladies. Gaby, Renate, Irmgard, Helga all German speaking and Patricia from Spain. Anjana and others joined after some of us left the countries. 

God not only blessed my friends, he also gave them talents. Something began to change in their life in different ways. Gaby became more interested in the German bible group. She had an innate gift of passing on Gods love. The children loved her, and she them. When she looked at a child with love, one could observe how the child took it in. Renate discovered, that she had a talent in painting, that she even was so good at it, that she started to take professional lessons. She is still painting today after many years. 

Helga discovered, that she could draw completely professional. One day I asked her, where she had learned it. To my great surprise she answered: I have discovered, that I can draw by working with the children. 

Love and joy came into the life of Patricia. No one does God a favor without feeling his blessings in some way.  

After some time a teacher, from the children half-day school came to visit and to see, what we were doing. Together we got a good insight into each others work. It felt good to know, they liked to cooperate in understanding each other’s work.

A lot had happen to the children, since we started to visit the home regularly. The children had moved into the center of the daily life in the home.  

Robert surprised me one day by saying: I dreamed of you this night, you were pregnant, out of your stomach came children. You said: Give me some more of those frozen children. I said: Don’t you understand? He did and my- be not, because he said: In your age mammi, do you still want children. He learned that day, that when God give us something new, he does it by giving a dream of birth. As he did his homework, when I was at the Moral home, urgent prayer of frozen children rose to the throne room of God. 

We made a disco party at the Moral home one afternoon. I always had my little radio with me, when I went there. This afternoon it got turned on with full power and noisy music. The children were allowed to dance and jump. There were popcorn and coca cola. Helga painted the children’s face with color in many interesting ways. I can still see the surprise in the face of the strict nurse, who had the leading position in the home, when she came to work that afternoon. For the first and only time I saw her smile.

A big boy sat with crossed legs for hours without moving or communicating. If we came to near, then he quickly got up and fled. Only when food was served on the table, did he sit next to the others, as long he was eating. It went on for a long time like this. After a year of regular attempts to get close to him, did he began to show interest. The day I could sit beside him on the couch and were allowed to hold his hand for a moment and saw a fleetingly glimpse of: Do you like me? Became one of my greatest victories in the home. By and by he started to join the other children in playing at first with the very young ones. What background did he have and what had happen to him?   

Then there was the heavy Indian girl who mostly sat leaned to a pillar and shoved the white in her eyes as water dripped out of her mouth. One day she put her hand on my arm, I got shocked, because her hand became like glued on my arm, heavy like iron. I observed that if it happens to the children they would just stand still until she had removed her hand. We started teaching her to forgive and establish peace. A miracle happen, she became a different person like one big heart and did not need so much medication anymore. Also the supernatural dark force disappeared, so that we newer noticed it any more. She wanted her books as soon we arrived and learned to write a little. It surprised me a lot, that unforgiving can be such an extreme force in a negative sense. I learned a lot here and could and could continue to tell many a story.

Then there was the girl who as an infant was thrown down a waste pipe.

She was unusually good looking and lively in personality, but had been brain damaged in the fall.

A big teenage boy got admitted to a psychiatric hospital because of difficult behavior. I visited him and got invited to talk to the doctor. I could understand they wanted to keep him there. I had been looking around on the ward and knew this was not a place for him. I therefor strongly advised the doctor to send him back, reasoning that this was not where he belongs. Finally the doctor said: Because you say so I will do it.

Every time I came to the home thereafter, the boygreeted me with bright shinning eyes, a big smile and a big smash on my cheeks, which I had to put up with it.

Every one had a reason for being in the home. They were children and young people nobody wanted. They had their first language Chinese, Malaysian or Indian depending on their background. Beside that they spoke a little English just enough for us to communicate with them. At that point of time in the history in Singapore, English had gradually become the first language for every body.

Only a very few did not speak at all, and only a very few did need help from one place to another. 

We had an outing with a group of some of the best to manage one afternoon. We discussed weather we should go to the see side or do a city tour. We decided on a city tour. It was good for the children to see something else to feel the pulse of life by being in a crowd and to eat ice cream. It did not occur to me that some would run away which did also not happen but when we arrived back to the home it was like the staff was high alerted and observing if every body was there. 

Irmgard had moved to Johor, which is part of Malaysia, next to the border to Singapore. At first she was not too happy about it, because only crossing the border to Singapore was associated with long waiting time. After a wile she found a Catholic home for handicapped and began spending much time there every week. Before I left, we as a group visited her, and on this occasion she showed us the home. It was a regular house for a regular family with living room downstairs and four bedroom upstairs. The cooking was done outside in a tent, as well as bathing and washing. All over beds was put on top of each other. Next to the house a few container were placed. One was for the big boys, and the other was used as a work room for activities. 

The amazing thing was, that on this small spot, which was intended only for a ordinary family, 70 disabled children in all sizes lived. It was just as unusually, that a peaceful good atmosphere prevailed in the home. At this moment I had to compare the place with the Moral home and knew, that the devil had, had a big foot inside. 

A big project for a new home, 20 km from Johor, was in planning. We looked at the miniature home set up in a small office upstairs. I felt very happy for Irmgard and remembered, that I once dreamed, she would begin with the same thing as I did – taking care of disabled.

Gaby continued to stay in Asia for some time with her husband. I know she to continued to work with the disabled in other countries.

I newer stop wondering, how God exactly can know everything about every body. The recipe is to dedicate our life to him, and let him guide us step by step. If we neglect doing that, then we might be left on our own and instead of thanking God, we accuse him of letting bad things happen. 

The truth is – life is a choice.

After Fritzli went home I called the Red Cross home, and asked if they were interested in wheelchairs. All ready the very same day an ambulance arrived to pick up the wheelchairs. When we came back after our summer vacation, I again visited the home and discovered, that a lot of new wheelchairs in all different sizes like those Fritzli had, stood side by side in a room downstairs. Interested I asked about the cost to make one like that. I was told, it was very expensive a few hundred dollar each. In Switzerland the cost is a few thousand each.   

I had the opportunity to start with a new group at the Red Cross for handicapped before we left Singapore in the year 1999. Also this work I enjoyed very much. Most of the people stayed in bed and were difficult to handle. As in the moral home, only the necessary care was given. I had been so fortunate to meet a few German ladies, who had experience in this area and would be interested to do some voluntary work. After a conversation with the leader of the home, a room was given, where we were allowed to deal with some of the best in whatever way possible. The rest we visited in their room. 

We visited once a week, usually when we arrived, a group of handicapped was already waiting for us outside in their wheelchairs. I never thought that Fritzlis wheelchairs would be such a blessing to other handicapped. 

It was here I meet Robert, a young man one of the first times, I visited the home. He sat in his wheelchair in a room, he shared together with nine others very disabled people. He was the only one in the home, who was able to conduct a normal conversation and express him self clearly. He acted very angry, because he had been placed in a place, were he in his opinion did not fit in. He felt unfairly treated, and rebelled by turning half away from God who had promised to heal him. He complained about everything and spoke badly about every one. 

Many years ago he had a dream, were he had seen himself in a white robe, healthy and in front of a crowd of people, praising God in the spirit. I took a deep breath, looked him straight in the eyes and said: Robert the white cloth we get in paradise. My be you have a job to do here. My be you have been called to be wheelchair evangelist among 50 other disabled. That’s way allowed you are placed here. You should thank God for that.

One day the phone rang, it was Robert from Red Cross. He had been very ill and had been hospitalized. He was back in the home again. He felt better, even so his health was not as good as before. He apologized for not always being so kind and to have said less nice thing. He was going to change from now on. He had come back to God and had started to read the word again, yes he had newer felt so happy as now. If God wanted to heal him it was good, if not then he also agreed with him. I promised to pray for him, in my heart I was not entirely convinced about his second conversion. Only when I visited the home and had talked to him, was I convinced. Robert was dear to God, he involved himself with the other handicapped and witness about his faith. He planed his day with bible reading and prayer. He studied the word intensively, and then he wheeled around to the different people and ministered to them. There was a peace over him, he said he had stopped to pray for his own healing. I could hardly believe it was truth. He had become an entirely different person to talk to, and he evangelized what God had called him to do in the first place. He carried the glory of God between those who need it very much. The disabled also need to know Jesus personally.  

For sure there will be praise in heaven, when the handicapped have been restored to their full potential.

I was sitting in the garden with Me Me, an invalid young girl at my last visit to the Red Cross, before living. She had a cross around her neck. Are you a Christian I asked? She shook her head as an answer. I started to tell her, that there would be a day, when she would be able, to do all that others could do. How long it would take, I did not know, but the day would definitely come. I told her about Jesus who died for us and rose on the third day, so that we could live forever in a healthy body. Do you want to be a Christian I asked? She nodded with her head and shoved me all her teeth in a strained smile. I put my arms around her, as I prayed a very important prayer. You are a Christian now I said. It is enough you have said yes to Jesus, and it is you who decide, what you want to believe. She leaned her head a little bit too much backward, while she serious listened to me. I put my arms around her once more, knowing I would miss them all a lot.

It is true, I and others, who left Singapore for good, missed the disabled children afterwards. Gaby and Helga who left shortly after I left said: We did not think, we were going to miss them so much. An invalid person can give much and is not less worth in Gods eyes. The bible says, that we should serve one another, and appreciate other higher than one self, and that the weak has the greatest importance. It will be exciting, the day we get to see, how Jesus justifies lived life.

The Philippe letter says among other things in chapter 3 -10: I want to be with him Christ, by having part in the same suffering as he, so that I can share in the resurrection of the dead.

We visited Singapore two years after we left. Fritz was a judge at Food Asia, and I had time to visit the Moral home. The moral of the Moral home had become even better. On the open space in the middle of the home, a kind of playground had been made. The walls had been decorated with landscape paintings. It was tee time, all the children were standing in a row stretching out their hands to receive the afternoon biscuits and tee. Then a young nurse came around and made some dance therapy with them. I was amazed, at how well they all followed. At three o clock the ladies group arrived. As in my time the children gave them a stormy heartily welcome. Tables were put together, and toys came out of my cupboard. It was definitely a blessing to see, that our work had continued. What a different from my beginning there. 

Pleasantly surprised by the change I expressed my self to an older nurse, whom I knew from my time. She pulled me into the office and called the doctor. Soon I had him on the line. I congratulated him to the positive changes in the home. He thanked me, I replied, but you have done most of it yourself. He said, I had shown them the way. God really was right, when he shoved me, that the place had good prospect. He looks into people’s heart and knows their thoughts. Unfortunately I did not came to visit the red Cross. 

We left Singapore, because Fritz got a sign from above, that it was time for a new episode in our life. Since we had learned, that the Almighty knows what is best, we followed the advice and moved back in the year 2000. When we look back, we also know, that it was the right decision at the right time. 

We have settled down in the same place, were we converted many years ago and began our journey out in the world. We have come back with a life full of experience and a thankful heart. Our heart contains something of the different continents with the different people that made life meaningful for us. 


I like to write a short resume, of what happen to all four of us, after we returned to Switzerland. Fritz got an offer from an airline as consultants, were he worked for some years. He planed menus at home and then traveled to different countries for food tasting.

We did a few mission trips to east Europe and bought an old house in Romania were we renovated a few rooms. Twice a year we travelled by car, full packed with cloths, and stayed between 6 – 8 weeks at the time. Fritz did some voluntary upgrading in a hotel and a restaurant. I visited a children home and a hospital on a regular basis. After some years, we sold the house to a Swiss lady, who also visited the same place in Romania a few times a year voluntary with cloths.

Let me elaborate some more on our voluntary work in Romania. We bought the house just before Romania entered the EU. It was quite an experience because of the complicated procedure in the different offices. After the country entered EU, rules became better observed. Our house was located seven km from the town Tirgu Mures in a village. 

Romania has missionaries in most part of the country, and we became friendly with the Swiss, American, Dutch and local missionaries. At times we wittness with our testimonies in small gatherings. Romania represent the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant faith.  

Fritz worked of and on in a newly established hotel in the middle of the town Tirgu Mures. He wrote menus and demonstrated them as well. The time was right, people was very eager to learn new things. 

He also went to Sibiu a couple of times to upgrade a newly established restaurant. Sibiu had by that time had a facelift like many other old cities in Romania.  Once he was invited to be a judge in a goulash competition in a village. It was interesting to see the woman cooking in the big pots outside in the open. 

We usually went to a German speaking village every autumn to bay honing to take along back home. On the way we used to stop in a village, were we knew many Romans were living, to distribute cloths. I learned from experience how to handle the situation. I sorted out the cloths before loading the car and put it in plastic bags. When we arrived in the village, people would come running, as soon we stopped the car. I then pointed out one of the biggest gays, and explained as good as possible in my broken Romanian languish, that I wanted him to make people line up in a row to receive a bag of cloths. Usually we also took bread and fruit along to distribute. Fritz would keep sitting with hands on the stirring wheel in the meantime. Should the situation run out of control, then he would drive of waiting for me ahead of the road, it did happen a few times.  

As the highways got restored, modern shopping centers shut up every were near the cities. Every one believed in better times for the country, resulting in townhouses popping up every were and renovating of old houses.  It was an exiting time, because every time we arrived, something new had happened.

I began visiting a home for HIV children and young people. I had this dream  about an umbrella – by that I knew, I had not to be afraid about being infected, I was covered, God is very practical. 

It was here I meet a Dutch retired nurse, who had been working in Tirgu Mures for several years. We had lunch together ones, were she told me her story. She described, how the situation had been in the hospitals and homes, before Romania got accepted into the EU.  In the hospitals left over children so to say grew up in their beds. Their health became affected, so that they became handicapped in different ways. Often they got infected with HIV, because the nurses were not carefully with handling the needles.

She managed to rent a place near the hospital, were she could work with the children. The opposition from the leading nurse was very strong. She then went to an important person in the city, one who had a say and got a permission in this way. Later on those children got placed in homes after EU rules. 

It is interesting to observe, how God often use just one person for a break through. The Dutch nurse later was honered with  a price for her work.

The situations in the hospitals had become better, children were taken out and entertained but still they spent much time in their beds. What disturbed me a lot by those visits to the hospital, where children mostly from Roma families born through incest and  badly handicapped.

We spent over years abroad because of Fritz work. Those trips to Romania was a good alternatives for a change in lifestyle. I think we needed it in the beginning of our settling down in Switzerland. Looking back it was also worth it.  

Silvia became a social worker and after a couple of years married an American who has German descendants and speaks German. They lived in San Francisco for a few years, where she studied art and made a master degree in art. Today they live in Switzerland and have two children. 

Robert studied international agronomy and is married to a Swiss. They have four children. They stayed 12 years in China, were Robert worked for a big Swiss firm. Today they are back in Switzerland. Robert still works for the same firm.  

May those who read this be blessed with the same blessing, we were blessed with, described in Roman 8 – 14: For all who are led by the spirit of God are the children of God. Lead by the Spirit of God means to be in line with the written word.

Jesus said: If you love me you keep my word.