Symbols in History

The book of Ester

Gods name is not mentioned in the book of Ester, but the book hide a very important message, concerning the Jewish nation and the church.

When Jesus walked on earth, he would teach people the word by using typology.  He would say: The kingdom of God is like – and so on. Typology is therefor common in the bible.

There is a message for the Jewish nation, and for the church in all the 66 books of the bible. The revelation of booth, Israel and the church is given in this document.

 Ester was the queen to king Ahasuerus of Persia (also known as Xerxes a Greek form of the Persian name) during the time of Nehemiah. At that time an anti-Semitism movement towards the Jews began.

Ester is a type of the church of Jesus Christ.

King Ahasuerus – God him self  (but no type on earth is perfect.)

For every important situation in the bible, God has commanded the day to be remembered with a feast for generations to come.

Every time, something important happen in the book of Ester, a feast was proclaimed. All together there are 10 banquets or occasions for feasting. They come in pairs, each banquets is connected to an important decision from the king.

The Persian kingdom, at that time was great; it stretched all the way to India and Ethiopia.

Chapter 1:  The first 3 banquet.

It so happen, that king Ahasuerus made a feast for all his princes from 127 provinces for 6 months.

Queen Vashi did likewise for the woman.

The first chapter describes all the glory and riches of the kingdoms.

At the end of the 6-month a feast was made for all the people and princes in the palace of Shusan. On the last day, when king Ahasuerus was merry with vine, he sent his chamberlains to get queen Vashti, because he wished to shove her to the people, with her royal crown, for she was very beautiful. The queen refused to come to the palace, which made the king Ahasuerus furious.

Chapter 1 verse 18:  The 4 banquet.

After consulting with his vise men, the king made a degree, that a new queen was to be found, otherwise the rest of the world would hear about it, and likewise refuse him as king.

The Jewish people did not accept Jesus Christ their king, when he came the first time, therefor another bride where to be chosen, the gentiles, because God wanted to save the whole world through his son Jesus Christ.

Romans chapter 11 verse 17.

If some of the branches be broken off, and you being a wild olive tree where grafted in among them, and with them part take of the root and fatness of the olive tree, boast not against it, because you bear not the root.

Chapter 2 verse 17: The 5 banquet.

A new queen is chosen, Ester. She is Jewish and an orphaned and raised by her uncle Mordecai, from the tribe of Benjamin.

She does not make her kindred known, because Mordecai had so advised her. The king loved Ester more than anybody else, and made a big feast for her, the day he set the royal crown on her head.

Mordecai represent the Holy Spirit, who led and guide us throughout life.

 Ester was called to save her people from their enemy, like Moses was called to save the people out of Egypt.

The gentiles do not have a covenant with God like the Jewish people do, in a way they are also like an orphaned people.

The covenant was given to Moses after he led the people out of Egypt. He was adopted by Pharos daughter and educated in reading and writing. He was therefor able to teach the people the law, which he got on mount Sinai, after they came out of Egypt, with great signs and wonder, as described in the book of Exodus.

God in this way made himself known to all Israel, great and small.

The law was given to convince mankind, that thy need forgiveness of sin, and accepting of Christ offer to die for them.

Chapter 2 verse 22:

In those days Mordecai very often came around the gate of the palace to enquire about Ester.

Two of the king’s chamberlain, who kept the door, planed to lay hand on the king. Mordecai came to know about it, and informed Ester of their evil plan. She in turn certified the matter to the king in Mordecais name. Inquisition was made, and the two chamberlain’s where hanged on a tree, and it was written in the book of the Chronicles before the king.

 Chapter 3: After this things,  

attention is required, because change of situation will occur.

After these things, the king Ahasuerus promoted Haman, the son of Hamedata an Agagite, and set him above all his princes.

When he passed by in the gate, all the people bowed before him, because so had the king commanded.

Mordecai did not bow before Haman, which made him full of wrath. He planned to destroy all the Jews throughout the kingdom, and so to lay hand on Mordecai.

Hamans name, in the Hebrew language, has the number 666.

It is the number of Antichrist according to

Revelation chapter 13 verse 18. 

In the Hebrew language each letter has a number. According to the number of the letter is the meaning of the word.

Haman is a type of Antichrist, who is to come on the world scene at the end of time, according to the book of Revelation, Daniel and other books in the bible.

1 Samuel chapter 15:

Describes king Saul’s fall as king, because he did not follow Gods command, he let king Agab go. The prophet Samuel later executed him. Other bible verses confirm, that still some of the Amalekites manages to escape, and most likely Haman was a relative from king Agab, which explain his hatred towards all Jews.

From a symbolic point of view, one should understand, that the Holy Spirit cannot bow to antichrist.

Mordecai must have understood Haman’s heritage, for the Jews fought many times against the Assyrians.

Still there are roots left over today, who likewise want to destroy the covenant people.

In spite of change of time, it is the same old battle.

This situation give an inside view to, why God, looking down through the generations, wanted to judge those nations long ago.

The book about the prophet Jonah shows us, that God also is a righteous and forgiving judge.

Jonah was sent to Nineveh to warn a very cruel and wicked people to repent, which they did in sack and ashes. God in his mercy spared them, but in the book of Nahum, Nineveh’s complete ruin is described  – it spite of warnings – it did not last. 

Verse 7:

In the 12 year of king Ahasuerus in the first month Nisan, did Haman cast lot – Pur – from day to day until the 12 month Adar, in order to choose the best time to destroy the Jews.

Haman was very careful about choosing the right timing, but who can fight against God himself, when he is standing in for his covenant people.

Interesting to notice is, that the time Haman choose, is close to the time, Moses led the people out of Egypt. 

 Verse 10:

After Haman had convinced the king about the danger, of having another nation living among them, he offered the king the sum of 10000 talents of silver, for the business of eliminating the Jews.

Verse 11:

The king said to Haman: The silver is given to you and the people also. He took of his ring and gave it to Haman, for him, to seal the documents.

Verse 13: 

Letters where sent to all the kings provinces, to kill and destroy the Jews young and old, and to take their spoil on the 13 day of the month Adar.    

Chapter 4: 

When Mordecai heard about the degree, he rent his cloths, put on sackcloth with ashes, and went out into the midst of the city, crying out with a lout voice. When Ester heard about it, from her chamberlains, she became extremely worried.

Verse 5: 

She sent for Hatach to go to find out from Mordecai, what was going on.

Verse 13: 

Mordecai told Hatach all that had happen. He also gave him a copy of the writing of the decree, which was given at Shusan, to destroy the Jews. He charged him to show it to Ester, with the message to go into the king, to make supplication for them and the people.

Ester answered Mordecai with a message, to tell all the Jewish people in Shusan, to fast for 3 days. She and her maidens would do the same. Then she would go into the king, which was not according to the law, and if she perish, she perish

 Chapter 5:  The 6 and 7 banquet.

A Jewish historian, describes the situation like this: Ester stood in the king’s court in her royal garment looking beautiful, leaning to the arm of her chamberlain.

As they approach the king, Ester did almost faint. The king quickly held out the golden scepter toward her. She touches the top of the scepter and is saved according to the kings rule. The king then asks her, what she request, and promise her op to half of the kingdom.

Ester, clothed in her finest robe, represent the church. To give up to self and totally rely on the grace of God, can be a testing experience.

The Holy Spirit likewise cloths us with spiritual gifts, and we are Promised to reign with him one day.

Verse 4:

Ester invites, the king and Haman, to a banquet, which she herself will prepare.

 Verse 8:

The king asks Ester, once again, about her request.

Ester answers: If I have found favor in the sight of the king, and if it pleases the king to grant my petition and to perform my request, let the king and Haman come once more to a banquet tomorrow, which I myself shall prepare.

Proverbs 21 verse 1:

The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord as rivers of water, he turns it, as he will.

Verse 2

Every way of man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord ponders the heart.

Chapter 6:

The king could not sleep that night. He commanded the book of the chronicles to be brought before him.

Verse 2: 

It was found written, that Mordecai had reported, that two of the king’s chamberlain’s, the keepers of the door, had sought to lay hand on him. He then asked what honor and dignity had been done for Mordecai.

At that moment a servant told the king, that Haman had arrived, and that he where standing in the court.  

What a coincident.

Haman was called on. The king said to him: What shall be done to the man, whom the king delight to honor.

Thinking the king wants to honor him, Haman answers the king: Let him wear the king’s royal apparel and let him ride on the kings horse with the kings royal crown upon his head.

Verse 9:

Let this apparel and horse be delivered to the hands of the kings most noble princes, to bring him on horseback through the city, proclaiming: So shall it be done to the man, whom the king delight to honor.

Verse 10:

Then the king said to Haman: Make haste and take the apparel and the horse as you have said and do so, to Mordecai the Jew, that sit at the kings gate, and let nothing fall short of, what you have said.

It was an honor, at that time, to wear somebodies coat.

Elias inherited Elisa’s coat.

Before Christ second return, many coats will be given to Gods people, for the last and final revival of the out poring of the Holy Spirit. 

 Verse 11:

Haman had no choice but to follow the king’s command.

Verse 13:

Haman thereafter went home, and told Zeresh his wife, and all his friends, what had happen to him.

His wife said, in a way prophetic: If Mordecai be the seed of the Jews, before whom you have begun to fall, you shall not prevail against him, but you shall surely fall.

 Zeresh may have had heard about the God of the Jews

Chapter 7:

At the second banquet Ester reveals to the king, Haman’s evil plan. By that Haman falls into the pit, he dug for Mordecai. He was hanged on the gallows, he had prepared for Mordecai.

Chapter 8: 

Mordecai came before the king instead of Haman. The king gave him his ring, the same one, which he had taken back from Haman.

Ester made petition for her people, and asked the king to reverse the decree.

 Verse 11:

In the second decree, the king granted Jews everywhere to stand together and fight for their life, and to slay all the powers of the provinces that would come against them. 

Verse 12 In all the provinces of king Ahasuerus, namely on the 13 day of the 12 Month Adar, the Jews were allowed to avenge themselves against their enemy, for one day. Ester got the kings permission to ad one day more, for the Jews to avenge themselves.

 Chapter 8 verse 17: The 8 – 9 and 10  banquet.

In each and every province, where the kings decree arrived, there was gladness and joy for the Jews and a feast and a holiday.

Chapter 9 verse 3:

All the rulers of the provinces and the officers of the king helped the Jews, because they feared Mordecai, for he was great in the king’s house, and his fame went throughout all the provinces.

75000 were slain in the provinces and 800 in Shusan, but the Jews did not lay hand on the prey.

 Verse 26: 

The Jews made the 13 and 14 of the month Adar a holiday to be remembered until today. It is called Purim after Pur which means to cast lot. 

The attempt to eliminate the Jews, at that early point in history before Christ was born, point to the final destruction of all powers, which is to come against the Jews and all believers at the end of time.

It should therefore be a serious warning, that it is impossible to fight the creator of the universe and our planet.

The last attempt to fight Gods saving plan for mankind, will be the battle of Armageddon in Israel.

See: Revelation chapter 16 verse 16.

Zachariah chapter 14 gives a short and clear account of the horrible war, that ever has and will happen to all generations.

Why does war and fighting happen ? Good and evil exist in the world since the creation of Adam and Eve. Evil will be done away with one day. God has set a day and a time for this happening to occur, through his son Jesus Christ.

It would be so much easier, if mankind would turn to God, repent of sin, accept Jesus Christ as savor, and then live by the greatest command the bible give:

Love thy neighbor as thy self.