The 2 book of Moses.

The second book of Moses.

The books of Moses are very important books. They clearly describes Gods covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Gods Plan was not only for the people of Israel but also for the whole world, because the Old Testament where to be fulfilled in the New Testament.

At some point in life we all must out of Egypt, out of slavery of the world and into the Promised Land and freedom in Christ. 

God calls us in such a way, that we know, that we need him. He works miracles and wonders in our life. Believers, who are saved, always have a story to tell about Gods Mercy. If we have made a covenant with God, as believers, by saying yes to him, then we also have the Holy Spirit to guide us through life, because Jesus will not live or forsake us unto the end. 

This is so, because Jesus became the slain lamb, that the Israelites ate before they hurriedly left Egypt. The blood of the lamb was smeared over the doorframe, as a sign for the angel to pass by, because the firstborn was slain to the Egyptians in one night. The blood symbolizes the forgiveness of sin and protection against all evil. 

Moses was put in a basket and set out on the river Nile but Pharos daughter saved him.  He grew up in the palace being trained in the customs and rules by the Egyptians. He was aware of his lineage, because his mother nursed him in Pharos house. He might have had connection to his own people.

The Egyptians made the Israeli people slaves. One day Moses witnesses an Egyptian tormenting an Israeli slave. That made him so angry, that he killed the Egyptian, resulting in his own people threatening him to report the matter to the Egyptians. 

He therefor fled into the dessert. There he found refuge with a priest from Median who had 7 daughters. He married one of them Zipporah. They got a son Gershom and lived for many years in Median. 

One day, as Moses was tending the ship in the field, he saw a burning bush near Mount Horeb. There God reviled himself to him as God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He had heard the cry of the people in Egypt and seen the oppression of the Egyptians. On that place Moses got a call to lead the people out of slavery in Egypt. 

The Egyptians gave the people gold and silver, as they left, because they realized, that it was Gods will for them to leave and that the plagues had come upon them for the same reason. 

God further said too Moses: After you have lead the people out of slavery in Egypt, you are to worship me on this same mountain you are standing now. 

This was important, because God wanted to make himself known to the people. Thy where delivered out of slavery by many signs and wonders.

The Israelis were baptized into Christ, when they passed through the Reed See. We also die and rise again to new life in Christ, when we fully understand what baptism is all about, it is more than a procedure done the traditionally way.

The people who still live under the Old Covenant celebrate their deliverance from Egypt every Easter. We, on the other hand, celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter time.

The first baptism was a sign of what was later to be fulfilled at the right time in history.

As the people were wandering around in the dessert, God was with them in a cloud be day and a pillar of fire by night.

In the hour of danger, as they were pursued by Pharaohs soldiers, before they had passed through the Red Sea, the pillar blocked the soldiers until all had passed through the water.

The pillar leading us today is the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Jesus Christ the living Word. Under his guidance, we grow step by step.

Moses received many important commandments directly from God, which he then taught the people. They were strict rule for disobedience. Various sacrifices were necessary for atonement. The commandments were also fundamental for the society spiritually, morally and socially. God knows, that we first must learn to walk the straight pat. The most important thing is, that Jesus blood cover over sins.