The Creation -the Giants – the Flood and the redemtive blood on the covenant

The Creation.

The best-proven definition and explanation of the beginning is the bible.

God is the beginning of creation and it cannot be proven that he does not exist.

The earth already existed, when God planned the human race. It was covered with water and everything was a chaotic mass.

God put everything in order with his word. He commanded and made law after which everything was to continue according to his word – Genesis chapter 1.

Later he gave himself as the Word that came to live among us and paid for all the chaos and sin, the human race managed to do and still do – Matthew 27 – 45.


The crown of the work, after everything was created, was Adam. God formed him in his own image and breathed life into him. He gave him Eve as a companion and placed them in the Garden of Eden – Genesis 2.

The human race had now become immortal, because God gave a part of himself,

We became soul spirit and body.

Before God formed Eve, he formed all kind of animals and birds and let Adam name them. God so shared his knowledge with Adam, he must have had a great knowledge, since he was made in the image of God.

Two of the trees in the Garden of Eden were called: Eternal life and death.

Thus man had been commanded to respect and follow God forever, we know it is not so. The serpent seduced Eve and Adam allowed himself to be persuaded, even thought God had forbidden Adam not to taste of the tree of good and evil.


As a result of Adam and Eve sinning, three great sins were born and they still exist today:


1 John 2 – 16: The desire of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.


Sin can influence and seduce, even children must learn to deal with it.

God did not create sinful people, but mankind disobeyed and became sinful.

Adam and Eve had no longer the same communication with God as before.

They still had a spirit, but were separated from God, knowing that they would die later on, when there bodies no longer could exist. God with drove from Adam and Eve, who had to leave the Garden of Eden, otherwise they would have access to the tree of life.

Since God created everything from the beginning and said: It is good,

a plan for salvation was also in Gods mind from the beginning. He chose a person a people and a place for forgiveness at the right time and place.


The Giants.


Genesis 6, 4 – 5: There were giant on earth in those days and also afterwards, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bore children to them, those were mighty men of old. The wickedness of man became great and the very intend of the thought of his heart was only evil continually.


Without doubt giant have existed, because huge skeleton have been found in different places in the world. The angel Lucifer intended to overtake the throne of God. He therefor fell and with him a third of the angels. They rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven.

Today they only have influence on earth and the outer space. They are able to weaken the nations and cause all kind of trouble on the earth. At Christ second coming they will be defined to prison and at the end of the 1000 years set free for a short time. During that time they will again bring nations together for war, God will intervene and eventually, they will be confined to Hell.


Isaiah 14, 12 – 15: How you are fallen from heaven o Lucifer.

It is hard to understand, why Lucifer and the fallen angels chose to fight against God. After they rebelled, God removed a spiritual part from them and they became only evil.

The same is the case with us human beings, we have a choice of good or evil to accept salvation or loose it. If we choose to forsake God, he will eventually remove whatever goodly is found in us, but if we choose to accept his son Jesus Christ,

he will renew our spirit and we will be able to withstand evil.

John 3 -5: Jesus answered Nicodemus: I say to you, unless one is born of water and of the spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.


After the flood King David and Joshua killed many giants according to the word. The fallen angels must have tried to pollute the human race once again.

The book of Enough describe clearly how life was in those days, when the giants was around. The book is not in the bible, but is available from other recourses.


The flood – Ararat means the curse is lifted in the Hebrew language.


It is one of the many signs, the bible give us to convince us of the truth. Many years later at the same time, Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world.

Noah opened the door of the Arch one the first day of the first month, when he was 601 years old. The oldest of his three sons Shem became the ancestor to the Hebrew people of Israel.

According to the word of God, Noah his wife and the three sons and their wife must have been the only living left of the human race on planet earth.

The giants the dinosaurs with other animals with were also eliminated.


In the days of Adam the creation was perfect, likewise there must also have been correct constellation of the sun and the moon. After the flood there became 365 days in a year instead of 360. Somehow the constellation of the sun and the moon changed, because the earth got out of balance, with the result that we started to have spring, summer, autumn and winter.

There where chaos all over the earth at that time, with displacement of land and continents. At the same time poisonous gas start coming out of the deep, and spread into the atmosphere, reducing the age of people step by step.

Genesis 6 – 3: God said: My spirit shall not strive with man forever, his age shall be 120 years. The perfect way of life had been disrupted. We still live in a world of all kind of disasters today.

Genesis 9 – 3: From that time on God told mankind to eat meat without blood.

Exodus 12 – 13: When the Israelites escaped from Egypt with Moses help they first had to slaughter a lam and smear the blood over the door. The angels of the Lord passed by the houses that had blood over the door.


Matthew 27, 50 – 53: Jesus Christ became the firstborn to enter Paradise. At the resurrection many graves opened and the dead arose and appeared 40 days before they where taken op. Thus a door was opened to a fallen human race to eternal life as it was meant to be from the beginning.


There are three wills on the earth Gods mans and the devils. We are born with the ability to recognize the eternal. It total depend on us what we decide in a lifetime. Lucifer and the fallen angels have this realization no more. God has removed his spirit from them because they sinned and rebelled against him face to face. God wants us to seek him by a free will therefor we do not se him. He also wants us to receive forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ and receive his spirit to become an overcomer in life.

Easter is a reminder of the first resurrection of eternal life that was and still is hidden in the blood of Jesus.   Romans 2, 21 – 31.


Jesus was born as a human because his mother was human but the eternal life is in the blood and that is from the Father. God cannot die and he was therefor able to save the human race.


There is a video on you-tube about Ron Waytts discovery of the Arch of the covenant. It was discovered in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Ron Wayett had blood sample taken from the Arch and had it analysed in a laboratory in Jerusalem. The result confirmed that the blood was still alive and had chromosomes from the mother but none from the Father.

Today in Israel they have walled up the Arch were is was found with a large cement wall in the front.


Personally I think the story is truth because I have seen part of the video taken from a pastor who visited the family from Ron Wayett in America.

One glance on the Arch and instantly something confirms that it is the real one from ancient time.