The Mosaic law OT.


The book of Jeremiah is explained according to the unfolding of the chapters, for the purpose of unveiling Gods dealing with the people, after the law given to Moses, by which they were instructed to follow. The Mosaic Law became a universal law, were after God eventually will judge Israel as well as the world by his son Jesus Christ who toke all sins of the entire world on the cross.

As Israel so the world 

The book Jeremiah is a powerful prophetic book beginning at 626 BC. 

Jeremiah ministered during 5 kings in a period of 40 years, beginning with Josiah continued with Jehoahaz then Jehoiakim –  Jehoiachin and Zedekiah. 

He is an 11 hour prophet and always struggling between good and evil warning people of destruction, if they did not turn from their evil ways, his life was therefor often full of conflicts. At times God told him to use symbols to illustrate his words. His closets friend Baruch, followed him everywhere, and wrote down his words.

Jeremiah was told not to marry and raise children, because of the divine judgment on Judah that would sweep away the next generation. 

Chapter 1 to 39 contains warnings to the fall and destruction of Jerusalem.

Chapter 1:

Verse 6: I am a youth.

Verse 7 – 10: Gods calling on Jeremiahs life.

Verse 10: I have appointed you this day over nations and kingdoms. 

Verse 19: They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you – declares the Lord. 

The heart of a father towards his children to forgiveness and restoration is also reveled, in spite of many difficult messages.

When God is calling a person to a task, then he will also see to it, that the person can full fill his calling. It is therefor always very vise to ask God for direction in life. By fulfilling a God given task, a feeling of fulfillment takes place in the heart, because it is the will of God himself.

God instructs Jeremiah from the beginning, by reviling the end of time as a testimony, that He is in control over the nations of the earth.   

Verse 13: What do you see – Jeremiah answers – a boiling pot.

Verse 14: Out of the north evil will break fort on all the inhabitants of the land.

Verse 15: I am calling all the families from the north, and they will come, and they will set each one his throne at the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem, referring to the end of time.

Chapter 2:  Verse 7: God reminds the people about theirs past, how he led them through the wilderness and gave them a fruitful land.

Verse 11: Has a nation changed gods when they were no gods.

My people have changed their glory for that which does not profit.

God gave different covenant to the people, first with Abraham and then later with Moses and David. To stay safe and secure in the land, people were obliged to follow the instructions. If they forgot, judgment would eventually happen. Their life where ordained in the covenant to blessings or curses. To keep them informed about his will, God sent one prophet after another to remind them about the covenant.

The first covenant was given to Abraham and is explained in: 

Genesis 17- verse 19: The birth of Isaac is foretold and an everlasting covenant with him and his descendants is promised.  

Verse 19: Your own wickedness will correct you, 

for you have forsaken the Lord.

Verse 22: The stain of your iniquity is before me, declares the Lord.

Verse 35: Behold I will enter into judgment with you, because you say I have not sinned.

Chapter 3: God start to complain about, how they polluted the land with other gods. 

Verse 3: Therefor the showers have been withheld.

From verse 25 and onward – God is pleading with the people for repentance, like a father careering for his children.

Verse 13. Only acknowledge your iniquity, and that you have transgressed against the Lord your God.

Verse 22: Return O faithless sons – I will heal your faithlessness.  

Chapter 5: Verse 1: If there is one who does justice who seeks the truth, I will pardon her. God is looking for righteousness.

From verse 27 to verse 31 a sin is reveled that displease the Lord very much, and causes him to judge. They do not plead the cause of the orphans and the poor.   On a nations as this, shall I not avenge himself declares the Lord.

Chapter 7: Verse 25: Since the day your fathers came out of Egypt to this day, I have sent you all my servants the prophets rising early and sending them. 

Verse 34: Then I will make to cease from the cities of Judah and from the streets of Jerusalem the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride for the land will become a ruin.

Chapter 9: Verse 11: I will make Jerusalem a heap of ruins a haunt of jackals, and I will make the cities of Judah a desolation without inhabitants.  

Verse 26: Here God point to something important – Regarding Egypt, Judah and Edom and the sons of Ammon and Moab and those inhabiting the dessert, the Arabs and all the house of Israel are uncircumcised of heart.  

Unless they repent and turn to me with all their heart, I cannot bless them, is what God actually is saying, because God does not bless evil. He gave the covenant for the same reason. They follow it and are blessed, or they rebel and sin and are punished.

Chapter 19: The broken jar. Jeremiah deliberately broke a jar of clay in the Potters Gate and used the act to explain to the people their sin and Gods judgment ahead. 

It also signifies breaking away from evil and the joke of slavery to sin.   

Verse 13: The houses in Jerusalem and the houses of the kings of Judah burned sacrifices to the heavenly host on their rooftops, even their own children. 

Something their forefathers newer did, and something God newer told them to do.

Chapter 20:  Jeremiah got persecuted and put in stock for a day after delivering this strong message. In verse 7 he starts to complain to the lord like Job did. 

Verse 14: Cursed be the day when I was born, and the day when my mother bore me. 

His complaint to the Lord is, that his life is only trouble and sorrow.

Chapter 21: The king Zedekiah sent Pashhur to Jeremiah to inquire by the Lord about the situation with Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, who had begun to oppress Judah.

In verse 8 Jeremiah gives a word from the Lord: Behold I set before you the way of life and death. Those who stay in the city will die by the sword famine and pestilence.

Those who falls away to the Chaldeans and go into captivity will save their life. 

We see in spite of judgment the Lord still had a way for escape for his people.

He is still guiding them through difficult times.

Do our government consult with the Lord in difficult times, or do they relay entirely on them self. It is the relaying on self, that the lord will break dawn. It is the sin of Lucifer.

Chapter 22: Behind the rising and falls of the people, God see his son Jesus Christ sitting on the throne of David, he will reign and judge in righteousness forever.

God declare through the mouth of Jeremiah, that he cannot bless unrighteousness.

Verse 17: Your eyes and your heart are intent only upon your own dishonest gain,

and shedding of innocent blood and practicing oppression and extortion. 

In short – they are lead by falls gods – it is incredible the influence it has, when God is not in control. It is the greatest problem all through history for mankind, and it will continue to the second coming of Christ.

Chapter 27: The turning point. God has given the countries Edom, Moab, Ammon Tyre and Sidon into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar for a sudden time. Jeremiah is instructed to send words to those kings and to Zedekiah king in Jerusalem. 

He is to demonstrate the message by putting a yoke and bands on his neck.

Verse 11: The nations, which will bring its neck under the king of Babylon and serve him, I will let them live. 

They were to be prepared to learn to serve the king of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar. The lord wants to break their pride and arrogance in order to teach them thankfulness. They had to learn to yield to the Lord and wait upon him, as they served with faithfulness in an foreign country.

Verse 14: Jeremiah warns the king about those prophets who say: 

You will not serve the king of Babylon, they prophesy is a lie to you.

Chapter 28. Verse 10: The prophet Hananiah takes the yoke from the shoulder of Jeremiah, brake it and said in the presence of all the people:  The lord says – I will within 2 full years break the yoke of king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon from the neck of all the nations. 

As Jeremiah was on his way out, the word of the lord came to him, he went back and told Hananiah. 

Verse 15: Listen Hananiah, the lord has not sent you, and you have made people trust in a lie. Therefor says the lord: I am about to remove you from the face of the earth. This year you are going to die, because you counseled rebellion against the Lord.

Verse 17: So Hananiah the prophet died the same year in the 7 month.

Many people do not understand that God allow evil to be around. The devil Lucifer and the fallen angels also had a choice, like we have to be faithful towards God.

We see in the book of Job, that Lucifer had permission to test Job. Lucifer, todays devil, still need to have permission to test mankind. We can unknowingly permit him to test us, by letting sin enter our life. 

There exist nothing compared to the Godhead – the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

They are all knowing, all powerful and omnipresent, they can be everywhere at the same time. They fill the universe and they created everything. 

The problem with the Old Testament people was, that they had not received the Holy Spirit, because Jesus had not jet died on the cross and gone to be with the Father.

Jesus was the first to enter paradise. Those who died before that, had to wait somewhere in another dimension. 

The old kings and prophets had at time the Holy Spirit coming upon them in order to minister to the people. The Holy Spirit was pored out on the believers the day of Pentecost. We need the Holy Spirit in our life to teach us to live according to the will of God. 

Something in us is searching for eternity. If we are serious and do not give up, God will revile himself regardless of the circumstances. 

If we by free will submit to almighty God, a process of circumcising of the heart takes place. We will be given a renewed spirit – a spirit that understands the things of God. 

The resurrection of Christ is the most important act on earth and in the universe.

It is the basis for salvation to eternity for those who past on before the crucifixion and for those who believe after the crucifixion. 

Chapter 29 verse 5:  Jeremiah sends word to the exiles in Babylon encouraging them to build houses, plant gardens and eat there produce 

Verse 7: Seek the welfare of the city and pray for it, for in its welfare you will have welfare. 

Verse 8: They are not to listen to diviners and false prophets.  

Verse 10: When 70 years has been completed for Babylon, then I will visit you and bring you back to this place. 

Verse 11: For I know the good plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope.

Verse 13: You will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart.

14: I will be found by you, declare the Lord, and I will restore you fortune and will gather you from all the nations and from all the places, where I have driven you, and I will bring you back to the place, from where I sent you into exiles.

This important prophetic word is still relevant today. 

Jews from everywhere in the world is returning back to Israel. 

Verse 17 onward: Gods message to those who did not go into exile in Babylon:

I will send upon you sword, pestilence and famine.

Verse 19: Because they did not listen to my word, says the Lord.

Verse 23: They have acted foolishly, committed adultery and spoken words in my name falsely.

God reviles to Jeremiah what will occur ahead in the future to the people.

He cares for them like a father who wants the best for his children – if necessary he also rebuke them in order to bring them back to fellowship with Him.

Chapter 30. Verse 11: I am with you to save you, declare the Lord. 

Verse 17: I will restore you to health and I will heal your wounds declares the Lord. 

Because they have called you an outcast saying: It is Zion no one cares for her.

The nations were he sent them will also be judged.

If the nations to where the people had been sent had treated them good with respect for God himself, they would not have been judged. 

All the way through the bible it is the same principle.

Chapter 31. Verse 31: Behold the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Judah and the house of Israel. Not like the covenant I made with their fathers in the days I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt. My covenant, which they broke, although I was a husband to them declares the lord. 

Verse 33: This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days declares the Lord. I will put my law within them and on their heart I will write it.

I will be their God and they shall be my people. 

Verse 34: They will all know me from the least to the greatest of them, declares the Lord. I will forgive their iniquity and their sin, I will remember no more. 

Verse 36: If this fixed order departs from before, me declares the Lord, then the offspring of Israel will also cease from being a nation before me forever.

Verse 37: If the heavens above can be measured and the foundation of the earth searched out below, then I will also cast of all the offspring of Israel.

All the while God is dealing with the people from Judah and Israel and focusing ahead to restore them again, he is remembering the covenant he made with David

Chapter 33 verse 15 onwards: In those days and at that time I will cause a righteous branch of David to spring fort, and he shall execute justice and righteousness on earth.

Verse 17: David shall newer lake a man to sit on the throne at the house of Israel.

Verse 18: The Leviticus priest shall never lack a man to burn offering before me.

These promises where fulfilled by Jesus who administered a higher and better priesthood.

Hebrews chapter 5 verse 9 and 10: Having been made perfect he became, to all those who obey him, the source of eternal salvation. Being designated by God as a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.

Chapter 34 verse 8:  The word of the lord came to Jeremiah, after king Zedekiah had made a covenant with all the Hebrew people and officials who were in Jerusalem, to proclaim a release of the slaves, according to the covenant which God made with Israel. 

At the end of 7 year, each male or female servant who were sold should be released. 

All the official and the people obeyed and set free his male or female servant after the covenant God made with Israel, but afterwards they took them back again.

Those servants should have had an opportunity to choose to go into captivity in Babylon, were God had promised to look after them.

Verse 16: Jeremiah speaks a word from the Lord: You have turned and profaned my name. Verse 17: Jeremiah is to pronouns judgment to the people:

The Lord says: I am also to proclaim a realize to you, to the sword to pestilence and to famine. The people had not followed the law to give the land a rest in the 7 the year and setting their slaves free, which they totally ignored for long time.

Chapter 38. Verse 4: The officials went to king Zedekiah, and asked for permission to put Jeremiah to death, because he discouraged the men of war, who were left in the city, and the people by speaking to them words which seems to them harm all of them.

Verse 5: So the king Zedekiah said – he is in your hand for the king can do nothing against you.  Obviously Zedekiah was afraid of the officials in the land.

Verse 6: Jeremiah was let dawn in a cistern in the guardhouse. 

The cistern was without water so Jeremiah sank into the mud.

Verse 7: When an Ethiopian eunuch, serving in the palace, heard what they had done to Jeremiah. Verse 8: He went to the king and reminded him about the situation in the city. A famine had started, and there was no more bread in the city.

Verse 10: The king listened to the eunuch, and ordered him to take 30 men with him, to get Jeremiah out of the cistern, before he died.

God is just – later Jeremiah gave the eunuch a word from God, because he had trusted in God and saved his life.

Verse 17: King Zedekiah called Jeremiah and secretly, asked him of the Lords plan.

Then Jeremiah said to Zedekiah: The God of Israel say: If you will indeed go out to the officers of the king of Babylon, then you will live. This city will not be burned with fire, and you and your household will survive. 

Verse 21 and onward: If you keep refusing to go out, this is the word the Lord has shown me. They will bring out all your wives and your sons, and you yourself will not escape from their hand but will be seized by the hand of the king of Babylon, and this city will be burned with fire.

Chapter 39: Gods word stands, because Zedekiah did not obey. Jerusalem was captured and Jerusalem burned dawn.

Verse 4 and onward: Zedekiah fled with his army but was overtaken by the Chaldeans in the plain of Jericho and brought to king Nebuchadnezzar in the land of Hamath. The king slew the sons of Zedekiah right for his eyes and blinded Zedekiah.

Verse 9: Left over people in the city was carried to Babylon, but the poorest people who had nothing, was given vineyards and fields in the land of Judah. 

Verse 11: King Nebuchadnezzar had respect for the God Jeremiah believed in.

He gave order to the captain of the bodyguard Nebuzaradan not to harm him but to deal with him, as he wanted. Eventually Jeremiah was released from the prisons guardhouse and brought to stay at the house to Gedaliah, who became governor of Judah, after Jerusalem was destroyed in the year 586 BC.

Jeremiah was without doubt the mouthpiece of God himself. Some believed some did not.

Chapter 40. Verse 3: The bodyguard to king Nebuchadnezzar said to Jeremiah: 

The Lord your God has brought this on you, just as he promised, because your people sinned against the Lord and did not listen to his voice, therefor this thing has happen to you. Verse 4: Jeremiah was eventually free to choose were to go.

Verse 6: Then Jeremiah went to Mispah to Gadaliah and stayed with him, and the rest of the people that were left in the land. 

Verse 11: All the Jews who were in Edom, Moab and Amman and who were in the other countries heard, that the king of Babylon had left a remnant in Judah, and that he had appointed Gadaliah to be in charge of the country. They therefor returned from the places, were they had been driven away and came to Judah to Gadaliah to gather in vine and summer fruit in abundance.  

Verse 14: All the commanders of the forces also came to Gadaliah. 

They warned him about the king of Ammon, because he was planning to kill him through the hand of Ishmael. Johanan therefor suggested to kill Ishmael first. 

Verse 16: Gadaliah said to Johanan: Do not do this thing for you are telling a lie.

Chapter 41: The plot of Ishmael – In the seven months, Ishmael descendant of the royal family of the king of Amman and chief officers to the king, came to Mispah. 

They struck dawn Gadaliah and the officers in charge of the country and cast them in to a cistern.

Verse 11: Johanan, who previously had warned Gadaliah about Ihsmael, heard what had happen in Mispah and together with other people came to recue the rest of the people. 

Ishmael escaped and fled back to Ammon. 

Verse 16: Because Ishmael had struck dawn Gadaliah, the people, the soldiers, the women the children and the eunuchs became afraid of the Chaldeans and planned to proceed to Egypt. 

Chapter 42: They all came before Jeremiah and asked him to make petition for them, that God may tell them which way to go and what to do. 

They even promised to do, as the Lord told them.  

Verse 10: On the 10 day the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah: 

Do not be afraid of the king of Babylon whom you are now fearing, for I am with you 

to save you and deliver you from his hand. I will also show you compassion, so that he will have compassion on you and restore you to your own soil.  

Verse 15: If you really set your mind to enter Egypt and go in to recede there.

Verse 16: Then the sword and the famine, which you are afraid of, will overtake you, and you will die there. Verse 19: Jeremiah pleaded with the people not to enter Egypt.

Chapter 43: As soon Jeremiah had finished the word from God, they all turned against him, accusing him for telling a lie. 

Verse 3: Baruch is inciting you against us to give us over the hand of the Chaldeans.

Verse 7: They did not obey the Lord and they entered the land of Egypt and went as far as Tahpanhes.  

Verse 9: Jeremiah also went to Tahpanthes with the people, all the while he continued to revile Gods plan for them.

Chapter 44. Verse 7: God is asking the people, through the mouth of Jeremiah, why they are doing harm to themselves, by cutting of man, woman, children and infant thereby living themself without a remnant.

Verse 10: God remind the people about the law and statues, that he had set before them and there fathers.

God gave the law and the commandment to the people of Israel through Moses.

The commandments were not only about their relationship with God, it was also about their practical living, what to do and what not to do. 

Moses had so to say the task to educate a whole nation perhaps a population between half to one million or more. Gods plan was to bring them out of slavery, because they had been victimized, and to bring them into prosperity and greatness.

They had to respect a higher authority, given by God by following the law,- which in turn enabled them to have the right mentality and work ethic to build op a country. 

Deuteronomy chapter 2.  Verse 5: Moses told the people – I have told you statues and judgments, just as the Lord my God commanded me, that you should do them, in the land, where you are entering to possess it.

Verse 6: So keep them and do them, for that is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the people around you, who will say: Surely this great nation is a vise and understanding people.

Note God gives wisdom and understanding, when we are obedient to his word. 

They violated most of the commandments and forgot who had blessed them and turned to other so called gods.  

We could argue, that it was difficult for the people to remain steadfast, because God himself was virtually not present. On the other hand those gods whom they worshipped was also not virtually present.

They recognized creation in nature but gave glory to falls gods.  

The fallen nature of man is clearly seen throughout the history of the people from Israel.

God has ordained for man to make a choice to follow their old nature or to turn to him. Because the choice is given, there is also something in mankind that recognizes a holy God. When the people got into trouble, they did remember God and start crying out to him. It happens over and over again. 

What do we worship today in the 20th century – evolution and mankind as a descendant of a monkey. Still today God is not getting all the glory he deserves. There are many people who call themselves Christians, but in reality they do not know much about Gods Word. Jesus Christ gave himself for our sin to restore us into fellowship and eternal life. It is also a choice to day, and God is long suffering and patient. 

Chapter 45, Verse 5: Jeremiah gives Baruch ( The writing pen for Jeremiah ) a word from the Lord. You are seeking great things for yourself, do not seek them, for behold I am going to bring disaster on all flesh, declares the Lord, but I will give you life as a booty in all places where you may go. What a great promise, whatever happens God will protect him.

Chapter 46. Verse 2: In the fourth year of king Jehoiakim Nebuchadnezzar defeated the army of Pharaoh Neco king of Egypt. That was before Zedekiah became king of Judah.

It was therefor easy for Nebuchadnezzar to enter Egypt once again.

God is eventually, after much warning, going to enter into judgment with Judah and Egypt as well as the surrounding countries. There was no way to flee for the people of Israel. The only door open was to go into captivity in Babylon, which they refused. In all other countries including Egypt, they would meet their end. 

When the people of Israel were to return back to their country before last world war, they did not recognize the open do0r, and Gods plan for them. The result was catastrophic.

Chapter 46. Verse 13 and onward: This is the message, which the Lord spoke to Jeremiah: Nebuchadnezzar is coming and there will be a day of slaughter.

Jeremiah was preserved in Egypt, because he was not a captive.

Verse 26: I shall give them over, to the power of those who are seeking their life, even into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon.

Verse 28: I will correct you and by now means leave you unpunished.

However afterwards Egypt will be inhabited as in the days of old.

In the messianic age  Egypt would again be restored. 

Egypt represent the bondage and the slavery of the world. 

The people of Israel were slaves in Egypt.

Verse 27: In spite of all calamities God still remember his covenant with the people, and promise to bring them back from captivity one day. Jacob will return and be undisturbed with no one to make him stumble, referring to Israel. 

They had to return to Judah in preparation for the birth and crucifixion of Christ.

Later there would be a second coming back in he last days, before the second return of Christ to the Jewish people – that happen in 1948 under dramatic circumstances.

Chapter 47:  Prophesy against Philistia. 

Verse 4: The Lord is going to destroy the Philistines.

There is no promise for restoration in the latter days.

People left over will be subject to the people of Israel.

Chapter 48: Prophesy against Moab.

Verse 2: Come let us cut her of from being a nation.

Verse 7: Because your trust in your own achievements and treasures.

Verse 11: She has not been emptied from vessel to vessel,

and has not changed and matured.  Moab was noted for her vineyards.

Verse 13: She will be ashamed of Chemosh – a god they worshipped.

Verse 29: Moab is judge for her pride and

Verse 42 for her arrogance toward the Lord.

Verse 47: In the latter days declare the lord, will I restore the fortunes of Moab.

Chapter 49: Prophesy against Ammon.

Verse 3: Malcam, a false god, will go into exile together with his princes and priests.

Verse 4: Ammon trust in his treasures.

Nebuchadnezzar conquered Ammon in his 23 year of his reign and destroyed almost the county totally.

Verse 6: Afterwards I will restore the fortunes of the sons of Ammon declares the Lord.

Chapter 49: Prophesy against Edom.

Verse 10: God is judging the descendants of Esau – brother to Isaac who became Jacob,

sons of Abraham and Sarah.

Verse 16: They are judged for their arrogance – Their heart had deceived them.

The famous rock Petra in todays Jordan was a spectacular mountain stronghold, for which the people from Edom were noted.

Verse 11: God will care for the poor people left behind.

Verse 22. He will swoop up like an eagle against Bozrah – It may be Nebuchadnezzar.

There is no restoration promised to the people of Edom in the latter days.

Verse 19: His offspring will bee destroyed along with his relatives and neighbors.

Moab, Ammon and Edom are todays Jordan.

Prophesy against Damascus.

The prophesy concerning Damascus before the first as well as the second coming of Jesus Christ is not good. Damascus is also not given a promise of restoration in the latter days. 

Isaiah chapter 17 – describes the complete fall of Damascus.

Verse 1: Damascus is about to be removed as a city and will become a fallen ruin.

Since it has not happen jet, we should keep in mind, that when Damascus fall, it might be a sign to the second coming of Christ.

Verse 10: You have forgotten your God and have not remembered the rock of your salvation. Jews were living in Damascus even Paulus preached there.

Prophesy against Kedar and Hazor:

Kingdoms of Arab nations, which Nebuchadnezzar defeated.

Verse 31: Nations that are at ease and live securely. 

Verse 33: They become a desolation no one will live there forever.

Prophesy against Elam – part of todays Iran opposite the Persian gulf.

The word of the Lord to the prophet Jeremiah in the beginning of the reign of king  Zedekiah.

Verse 36: I will bring upon Elam the four winds and scatter them and there will be no nations.

Verse 38: Then I will set my throne in Elam and destroy out of it king and princes. 

Verse 39: It will come about in the last days, that I will restore the fortunes of Elam.

Note: Destroying kings and princes – Iran have many underground Christians.  

One day the Lord himself will reign over Elam.

The book of Daniel records in chapter 2 the dream of Nebuchadnezzar.

Daniel interpreted the dream after fasting and prayer. 

The king was shown from the beginning, that different kingdoms were to follow his reign.

 They are listed as a lion Nebuchadnezzar thereafter a bear the Persian kingdom a leopard the Greece and a dreadful terrifying beast the Romans.  

Nebuchadnezzar eventually did came to acknowledge God as the only true God of all kingdoms, before he died.

Chapter 4. Verse 30:   In a moment of pride he lost his mind so to say, and lived like an animal for 7 years. 

Verse 34: In the end of the 7 years period Nebuchadnezzar raised his eyes towards heaven and blessed the most high God and praised and honored him forever.

Daniel might have been in charge of the kingdoms during that time. 

Jeremiah chapter 51.  Prophesy against Babylon.

Verse 7: Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the Lord intoxicating all the earth. The nations have drunk of her vine and therefor gone mad.

Verse 8: Babylon is fallen and broken.

Verse 11: The king of Medes, todays Iran, has taken over.

Verse 24: I will repay Babylon for all her evil, she has done in Zion before my eyes.

It is difficult to understand, that God uses one nation to judge another, and there after also judge the first nation. It should make us to fear God, knowing that he has the whole world in his hand, unto all evil is destroyed, and a everlasting kingdom perfected.

Revelation chapter 17. Verse 5: Babylon the great was judged. Verse 6: She was drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. 

This scripture is a mystery. Somehow evil have originated from there and spread into the whole world. God dealt firmly with Nebuchadnezzar, but after him other kingdoms followed.  Daniel was a man of fasting and prayer. He had dreams and visions and angelic visitation. He received revelation, through angels, about the history of his people up to first and second coming of Christ. 

Jeremiah chapter 51. 

Verse 28: Consecrate the nations against Babylon, the king of Medes their governors and all their prefects. 

Verse 45: Come forth from her my people, and each one of you save yourselves from the fierce anger of the Lord.

Verse 47: Days are coming when I will punish the idols of Babylon.

Verse 60: Jeremiah wrote in a single scroll all the calamities that would come upon Babylon that is all these words, which have been written about Babylon.  

Verse 61:  Jeremiah said to Seraiah: As soon you come to Babylon, then see that you read all these words aloud.

Verse 62: and say – you o lord you have pr omised, concerning this place, to cut it off so that there will be nothing dwelling in it, weather man nor, beast but it will be a perpetual desolation.

Verse 62 – refers to the end of time. There is no coming back for Babylon she will forever be destroyed. 

Chapter 52 – is a resume of judgment upon Jerusalem Judah and Israel.